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花パズル APK
Senken, Inc.
一見スマホにありがちなパズルゲームに見えますが、このゲームが他と違うのは「対戦型」だということです。普通のパズルゲームは自分だけが消すものですが、花パズルは「相手も同じパズルを利用」してくる、まるでチェスのような対局になります。自分と相手が交互にパズルを消していくのですが、このゲームはお互いにライフゲージが設定されており、それを削り合うというのがこのゲームの醍醐味です。コンボをつなげば高威力の攻撃になるので、プレイ開始序盤は割と簡単かな?と思う節もあるのですが、回を追うごとに敵キャラクターもタフになっていくのがやみつきになります。それにもかかわらず、直感的に操作できるゲーム性は抵抗なく入り込めるので、なんら難しいことはありません。「花パズル」はSENKENで遊ぶことができますので、皆様もぜひ。---「senken」で検索すれば他のゲームも出来るよ!(www.senken.jp)スマホ対応のゲームが君を待ってるよ。It looks to the puzzlegame inherent in smartphone at first glance, this game differs fromother it is that it's "play against type".Puzzle games of the ordinary thing that only you can turn off, butthe "other party also utilize the same puzzle" come in, flowerpuzzle will be opposite station, such as a chess like.Opponent and myself is going to erase the puzzle alternately,but this game is set is life gauge to each other, it is the bestpart of this game is that each other's shaved it.And since the attack of high power if connect the combo, startplaying early wonder if comparatively easy? Is there also sectionsthat I think, but it is addictive to the enemy character is alsogoing to become tough with each passing times.In spite of it, the game of being able to intuitive becauseHairikomeru without resistance, it does not in any waydifficult."Flower puzzle" so that you can play with SENKEN, everyone also byall means.---Can also other games if you search for "senken"!(Www.senken.jp)Game of smartphone support is waiting for you.
サッカー APK
Senken, Inc.
誰でも、手のひらで手軽にサッカーゲームができたらいいのになあとは思いますよね。そんな時こそズバリ「サッカー」で遊べばいいのです。「サッカー」はリアルタイムサッカーシミュレーションなのですが、これがまた良く出来ているゲームです。スマートフォンのゲームですから、なるべくシンプルな操作で遊べなければいけませんが、この「サッカー」は十字移動とシュートだけに絞って機能を搭載したことによって、どこでも手軽に遊べるサッカーゲームを実現しています。操作性はシンプルですが、現状で最適な選手にすぐ操作が移ったり、油断しているとあっという間にボールを敵に奪われてしまうなど、かなり高機能なゲームプレイを体験できます。これで、通勤中など無性にサッカーゲームで遊びたくなっても、困ることはありませんね。---「senken」で検索すれば他のゲームも出来るよ!(www.senken.jp)スマホ対応のゲームが君を待ってるよ。I'll think anyone, soccergame and I wish I wish I can easily palm.And should I play fittingly in "soccer" Only when such."Soccer" is the real-time soccer simulation, but it is a gamethat you are well done again this is.Because it is a game of smart phone, must be able to play simpleoperation as much as possible, by which is provided with a functionto focus on only shoot and cross movement, this "soccer" we haveachieved a soccer game anywhere play easily.Operability is simple, such as would have been taken by theenemy the ball quickly operation or moved immediately to the bestplayers in the current situation, and off guard, you can experiencethe game play fairly sophisticated.Now, even if wants to play in a soccer game Mushoni such ascommuting, I do not have to trouble.---Can also other games if you search for "senken"!(Www.senken.jp)Game of smartphone support is waiting for you.
スロット APK
Senken, Inc.
いつでも手軽にできるスロットゲームの決定版!家にいながら、通勤途中に、ちょっと空いた時間に、さくっとできるギャンブルゲームで遊んでみたいと思ったことはありませんか?そんなときには、この「スロット」です。ゲームスタート時の手持ち金は1000コイン。その中からお好きな分だけベットして、あなたのツキを試しましょう。手持ち金がなくなってしまう? この「スロット」に限っては、そんな心配をする必要はありません!例えばすべての手持ち金を賭けてしまって、1コインもリターンがなくなったとしても、このゲームはやり直すことができるのです。つまり、スロットゲームで遊び放題!今すぐこのアプリをダウンロードして、お気の済むまでスリーセブンを狙ってください!---「senken」で検索すれば他のゲームも出来るよ!(www.senken.jp)スマホ対応のゲームが君を待ってるよ。Definitive edition of theslot game that can be easily at any time!Have you thought that you're in the house, the way to work, in hisspare time a little, you want to try playing in the gambling gamethat can be Sakutto?At such times, it is this "slot".Hand gold of the game at the start of 1000 coins. You can bet asyou like from the minute, let's try the month of you.Hand gold is lost? It is only this "slot", you do not need to makesuch a worry!For example, gone bet the hand of all gold, 1 coins as well asdeceased return, this game is to be able to start over.In other words, all you can play the slot games!Download this app now, please eyeing the Three Seven until need ofevery other!---Can also other games if you search for "senken"!(Www.senken.jp)Game of smartphone support is waiting for you.
どらポン APK
Senken, Inc.
「どらポン」は飛んでくる卵を食べてドラゴンを育てていくという、アクション要素のある育成ゲームです。どんなゲームかなと思って開いてみると、普通の卵、金の卵に加えて太陽や月や星など、様々なものが飛んできててんやわんやします。プレイを始める方はぜひスタートから油断しないように取り組んでくださいね。このゲームの楽しいところは、なんといっても卵を取るとドラゴンがむくむく成長していくところですね。初めのうちは身体が小さいので障害物も避けやすいのですが、順調にドラゴンを育てていくと身体が大きくなっていくのでだんだん避けにくくなってきます。とてもよく設計されたゲームで、このポイントをどうクリアするかが、このゲームの鍵となるでしょう。避けながらアイテムを拾っていくという、シューティングゲームにも似た構造が得意な人におすすめのゲームです。---「senken」で検索すれば他のゲームも出来るよ!(www.senken.jp)スマホ対応のゲームが君を待ってるよ。And that foster a dragonto eat eggs that flies, "Dorapon" is a training game with actionelements.When I open curiously game to hectic and the moon and the stars andthe sun, various flew In addition eggs usually, to a golden egg.Please do working so as not to be vigilant from the start by allmeans If you start playing.Where fun of this game, it is where the dragon grows MukumukuTaking the egg than anything.It is easy to also avoid obstacles body is small at first, but ithas become difficult to avoid because the body gradually becomeslarger and gradually raising dragon smoothly.In the game that has been designed very well, is how to clearthis point, it will be the key to this game.That will pick up the items while avoiding, structure similar toshooting game is a game is recommended for a good person.---Can also other games if you search for "senken"!(Www.senken.jp)Game of smartphone support is waiting for you.
テニス APK
Senken, Inc.
「テニス」をやってみてまず始めに受ける印象は、思っていた以上に選手のアニメーションがぬるぬる動くことです。テニスですから、選手が上下左右に動き、ラケットを振る方向も様々ですが、そのすべての動作においてよく選手のアニメーションが動いています。これだと、プレイしている側としてもかなり心地の良い操作感を味わえます。相手の選手もかなりデキる設定になっているので、スポーツゲームに慣れている人にとっても白熱できる難易度になっています。実際にテニスをしている人にとっても戦略的な遊び方ができますし、かなり遊べるコンテンツなのではないでしょうか。---「senken」で検索すれば他のゲームも出来るよ!(www.senken.jp)スマホ対応のゲームが君を待ってるよ。Impression received FirstTry doing "tennis" is that the animation of the players moves slimythan I expected.Because it is tennis, players move up, down, left and right,direction of swinging the racket is also different, but theanimation of the players are moving well in the operation of all ofthem.When is this, you can enjoy the operation feeling comfortable muchas a side you are playing.Other players also because it can be set to become pretty, ithas become a difficulty that can be incandescent also for those whoare accustomed to sports games.How to play a strategic can also for those who have a tennisactually, and I would not be of a content that can play fairly.---Can also other games if you search for "senken"!(Www.senken.jp)Game of smartphone support is waiting for you.
すごろく APK
Senken, Inc.
ルーレット APK
Senken, Inc.
カジノゲームの中でもかなりポピュラーなものがルーレットですが、まさにそれが手のひらで遊べる「ルーレット」がゲームとして遊ぶことができます。このゲームはカジノにあるルーレットと同様、自分の賭けたいところにベットして、ルーレットの出る目を待つというものです。ゲームセンターのメダルコーナーなどにもよくありますが、ゲームセンターのメダルは実際の現金で換金しなければなりませんから、一日中ルーレットで遊んでいるなんてことは難しいですね。その点、この「ルーレット」は基本無料でプレイできますし、オンラインでランキングを競うこともできるさらに楽しいコンテンツになっています。スタート時に与えられる10ドルを、10回のベットでどれだけ増やせるか、そのベストスコアは実際にランキングに登録することができるので、ぜひ1位の記録を塗り替えたいところです。---「senken」で検索すれば他のゲームも出来るよ!(www.senken.jp)スマホ対応のゲームが君を待ってるよ。Something quite popularis roulette in casino games, but you can play the game as it canplay in the palm exactly "roulette".This game is similar to roulette in the casino, bet on the placewhere you want to apply their own, of waiting eyes get out ofroulette.It is well to such medals corner of the game room, but the medalof the game from center must be redeemed in cash of fact, it is!Playing all day roulette It is difficult.That point, you can play a basic free this "roulette", and it hasbecome even more fun content that can also compete for rankingonline.How much Fuyaseru in bet 10 times, the $ 10 given at the start,its best score since it is possible to be registered in therankings in fact, it is where you want to repaint a record of firstplace by all means.---Can also other games if you search for "senken"!(Www.senken.jp)Game of smartphone support is waiting for you.
サイクリング APK
Senken, Inc.
新しいタイプの横スクロール自転車アクション。それが「サイクリング」です。このゲームは女の子の乗った自転車を操り、障害物の置かれた道をアクロバット走行して駆け抜けろ、というものです。一体何が新しいのかというと、障害物に対してただジャンプをして乗り越えるのではなく、前後のキーを駆使してバランスを取らなければいけないということです。こうやって文字にして説明しているだけでは簡単そうに思えるかもしれませんが、実は結構な繊細プレイを要求されます。障害物も1種類ではないので、その状況に合わせた臨機応変な対応が必要です。見た目はシンプルになりますが、ひとつ間違えれば自転車が転倒してしまいゲームオーバーになってしまう一触即発の面白さ、ぜひあなたも味わってみませんか?---「senken」で検索すれば他のゲームも出来るよ!(www.senken.jp)スマホ対応のゲームが君を待ってるよ。Side-scrolling action ofthe new bike type.It is the "cycling".This game is what puppet bicycle riding girls, that, Kakenukerowith acrobatics traveling on the road placed obstacles.Well, what's new on earth, it is that rather than overcomeagainst obstacles just to jump, and that must be balanced by makingfull use of the key of the front and rear.It may seem easy likely you're just described with a character thatis doing this, but in fact you are required to play a prettydelicate.Obstacle is not the one, you must have corresponding ad hoctailored to the situation.Look will be simple, fun touch-and-go that the game becomes overbicycle would be overturned if a single misstep is taken, Why donot you taste all means?---Can also other games if you search for "senken"!(Www.senken.jp)Game of smartphone support is waiting for you.

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Do you want to know if your Access Point isvulnerable at the WPS protocol?Wifi Wps Wpa Tester is the app that you need!With this app, you can test the connection to AP with WPSPIN.PINs are calculated with many algorithms:-Zhao-TrendNet-Dlink-ArrisAnd others default PIN of MANY Access Point.Then NOT ALL AP ARE COMPATIBLE WITH THIS APP.App needs root permissions for devices with Android version <5.0 ( LOLLIPOP ).For devices with Android >= 5.0 you can test the PINs with thisapp and you can connect, BUT YOU CANNOT SEE WPA ( OR WEP ) PASSWORDWITHOUT ROOT PERMISSIONS.Use this app only with your own AP for do not go against thelaw.
WordPress 6.0 APK
WordPress for Android puts the power ofpublishing in your hands, making it easy to create and consumecontent. Write, edit, and publish posts to your site, check stats,and get inspired with great posts in the Reader. What’s more? It’sopen source.WordPress for Android supports WordPress.com and self-hostedWordPress.org sites running WordPress 3.5 or higher.Visit the forums to get help with the app:http://android.forums.wordpress.org
WPS Connect 1.2.2 APK
REQUIRED TO BE ROOT !!!!With this app you'll can connect to WiFi networks which have WPSprotocol enabled. This feature was only available in version 4.1.2of Android.App developed with educational purposes. I am not responsiblefor any misuse.WPS: http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wi-Fi_Protected_SetupWPS Connect is focused on verifying if your router is vulnerableto a default PIN. Many routers that companies install ownvulnerabilities in this aspect. With this application you can checkif your router is vulnerable or not and act accordingly.Includes default PINs, as well as algorithms such Zhao Chesung(ComputePIN) or Stefan Viehböck (easyboxPIN).Tested on:- LG G2- Nexus 5- Samsung Galaxy S3IMPORTANT!!Prior to an assessment, understand that it serves theapplication.
ROOT REQUIREDXPOSED FRAMEWORK REQUIREDIF You dont know What is XPOSED Framework then do not try thisapplication (it wont work)Hi Guys,I read about the Xposed framework in xda and other websites.somewebsites have really good tutorials about it.So what I understandis that we can modify a function and its return values using theXposed Framework.I have created and Xposed Module For Changing (MASKING) the IMEINo of the PhoneChange Means How Other Application gets the IMEI No of the deviceusing below codeAs you all know,The Value is not permanent as it is an XposedModule :)XDA-Developers Threadhttp://forum.xda-developers.com/xposed/modules/xposed-imei-changer-t2847187Pro version :https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vivek.imeichangerproStepsInstall appEnable module in xposed frameworkCome back to app and enter new valuePress ApplyGo to xposed moduleOpen framework pageDo a soft rebootOpen the appAnd you can see new valuecheck the value by dialing *#06#, you can see the new value
Administrator 1.3 APK
Simple app that lets you control your wirelessconnections ANDROID device.Features:- Turn onTurn data connection, WIFI and BLUETOOTH.- See the list of the connected BLUETOOTH devices withinreach.- Multi-language: Spanish and English.
WiFi Master Key - by wifi.com 4.1.39 APK
With a hundreds of millions of free Wi-Fihotspots shared by our users globally, you can connect to freeWi-Fi with WiFi Master Key (by en.wifi.com - LinkSure Singapore)!Search & connect to shared WiFi hotspots indicated by a BlueKey. Easy and safe.THE WIFI MASTER KEY EXPERIENCE- Cost Savings: Save data costs by connecting to free sharedWiFi hotspots.- Easy and Fast: just search for the blue key and tap to connectWiFi!- Safe and Secured: All shared password are not revealed. It isencrypted to protect sharer’s privacy and security.- Easy to understand in your own language: Available in 19languages across 223 countries and regions.English,Thai, Bahasa Indonesia, Malay, Vietnamese, SimplifiedChinese, Traditional Chinese TW,Traditional Chinese HK, Japanese,Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Arabic,Turkish, Hindi,French, Italian, German...more languages coming soon.Disclaimer: WiFi Master Key is not a hacking tool. It does notassist in unlocking passwords of Wi-Fi hotspots that are not sharedby the users. Hacking is illegal.With our growing community of over 900 MILLION users (Chineseand Global version combined), we aim to build a trusted platformfor everybody to enjoy the Internet. So, come join the world’slargest WiFi sharing community today! If you don’t find sharedhotspot yet, don’t worry, give the community some time to grow. Weare handling over 4 BILLION connections daily and the number isgrowing rapidly. There will be more and more shared WiFi to helpyou get connected online and surf the Internet free!Rate us to show us your love! It means a lot to keep usgoing!Have a question? Wanna leave a feedback or suggestion? Sure,we’d love to hear them— tell us here or on our Facebook page!https://www.facebook.com/wifimasterkey.Spread the word, and keep sharing WiFi!
Choki-Choki AR Boboiboy 19.0 APK
Temukan 50 Gamecard karakter BoBoiBoy TheMovie setiap pembelian Choki-Choki bertanda khusus, dan mainkankartunya dengan aplikasi “Choki Choki AR BoBoiBoy".Temukan juga Gold Card (Kartu Emas) yang dapat ditukarkan dengantiket menonton BoBoiBoy The Movie di bioskop-bioskop terdekat.Choki-Choki akan hadir perdana dalam film layar lebar “BoBoiBoyThe Movie”.Untuk menambah keseruannya Choki-Choki memberikan gamecard secaragratis dan bisa dimainkan dengan teknologi Augmented Reality yangbisa membuat karakter menjadi hidup.BoBoiBoy The Movie bercerita tentang petualangan seru BoBoiBoydan teman-temannya di pulau misteri tempat tinggal Klamkabot sangtetua pembuat Sfera Kuasa.Di pulau misteri ini BoBoiBoy akan bertemu musuh terkuatnya,yaitu Borara seorang pemburu alien yang mencari kekuatan SferaKuasa untuk menguasai seluruh antariksa. Saatnya pertarungan antaraBoBoiBoy dan alien terkuat seantariksa demi melindungi Sfera Kuasadan teman-temannya.Kumpulkan dan mainkan seluruh karakter baru BoBoiBoy dan paramusuh yang belum pernah dilihat sebelumnya.Feature:• 50 karakter BoBoiBoy & Friend• Lebih dari 10 musuh baru• Pertarungan seru antara BoBoiBoy & Friend dengan musuh-musuhbaru** Minimum Requirement : OS Android 4.4 (Kit Kat), 2GB RAM** Facebook Page :https://www.facebook.com/chokichokiindonesia/Discover 50 Gamecardcharacter BoBoiBoy The Movie Choki-Choki every purchase ofspecially marked, and play cards with the application "Choki ChokiAR BoBoiBoy".Discover also Gold Card (Gold) can be exchanged for tickets towatch BoBoiBoy The Movie in theaters everywhere.Choki-Choki will attend a movie premiere in "BoBoiBoy TheMovie".To add Choki-Choki have fun giving gamecard free of charge and canbe played with Augmented Reality technology that can make thecharacters come alive.BoBoiBoy The Movie tells the story of an adventure BoBoiBoy andhis friends on the island mystery Klamkabot residence elderAuthorization Sfera maker.In this mystery island BoBoiBoy will meet strongest enemy,namely Borara an alien hunter who sought the power Sfera power tocontrol the entire space. It's time to fight between BoBoiBoy andaliens strongest seantariksa to protect Sfera Authorization andfriends.Collect and play BoBoiBoy whole new character and the enemy whohas never seen before.feature:• 50 characters BoBoiBoy & Friend• More than 10 new enemies• intriguing battle between BoBoiBoy & Friend with newenemies** Minimum Requirements: OS Android 4.4 (Kit Kat), 2GB RAM** Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/chokichokiindonesia/
Sing! Karaoke by Smule 4.0.1 APK
Sing your favorite hits with audio effects.Sing video duets with featured artists like Jessie J, Jason Derulo,and Linkin Park. Share your covers with our 50M+ global audienceand get fans!Featured by Google Play as Best Apps 2014.-----------Features- Self-recording option with video**- Sing like a star with audio effects!- Share on our global platform - get discovered!- Duet with featured pop artists - Jessie J, Jason Derulo, KylieMinogue, X Ambassadors, OMI, Carly Rae Jepsen, Charlie Puth,Silento and many more**Video availability on different Android devices will beincremental over several weeks. When available onyour device model, video option will appear with no additionalupdate required. Please see the Sing! Android FAQ for theinitial list of devices that offervideo. http://www.smule.com/support/sing#android-----------------------------------------------------New songs added every day. Current most popular on Sing!:** All of Me - John Legend** Flashlight - Jessie J (from Pitch Perfect 2)** I'm Not the Only One - Sam Smith** Like I'm Gonna Lose You - Meghan Trainor, ft. John Legend** All I Want For Christmas is You - Mariah Carey** I'm Yours - Jason Mraz** Thinking Out Loud - Ed Sheeran** Dear Future Husband - Meghan Trainor** When I Was Your Man - Bruno Mars** Let It Go - Idina Menzel (from Frozen by Disney)** Cups ("When I'm Gone") - Anna Kendrick** Stay - Rihanna ft. Mikky Ekko** Love me Like You Do - Ellie Goulding** The Way, Break Free - Ariana Grande** Anaconda, Pound the Alarm - Nicki Minaj** I Won’t Give Up, I’m Yours – Jason Mraz** Happy - Pharrell Williams** Eye of the Tiger - SurvivorWant a song that's not yet available? Suggest songs on Smule’sFacebook page: www.facebook.com/smuleWant a song that's not yet available? Suggest songs on Smule’sFacebook page: www.facebook.com/smuleCONNECTING THE WORLD THROUGH MUSIC™ - JOIN THE KARAOKEPARTYFind and follow your friends in Sing!, and meet incredible singersfrom all over the world. Sing your heart out on Solo songs, or joinup with others in Duets or Group songs. Keep up with your friendsand favorite singers, and love and comment on performances to showyour support.BE DISCOVERED! GET FANS!Lots of talents get discovered through our Sing! Karaoke platform.Show off your talent in front of 50M+ global audience and getfansSOUND LIKE A STARSound amazing every time with Sing!’s voice enhancement technology.Use special voice filters to spice up your performance even more.Sing! is a supportive, joyful community where music-making at alllevels is encouraged and appreciated.http://www.smule.comhttp://plus.google.com/+smulehttp://www.facebook.com/smulehttp://www.youtube.com/smulehttp://www.twitter.com/smuleHave questions on a particular permission?http://www.smule.com/support/sing#android