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Media Player: movie&music
FY MediaTeam
Media Player: movie&musicA powerful media player, free to play all the video and audio,music files.FY media player for Android can play all video files, and networkstreaming and DVD ISO files, comes with multimedia codecs, to bringyou top quality movie.FY media Player for Android is also audio player that has acomplete database, equalizers and filters to play all audio andmusic formats.FY media player for everyone, is completely free, designed to allowthe majority of multimedia enthusiasts own a useful video and musicplayer.Features--------*** Android can play most of the local video and audio files, andnetwork flow (including adaptive streaming), DVD ISO file.*** Hard decoding and soft decoding core, so that HD video qualityclearer, smoother playback.*** All video formats are supported, including MKV, MP4, AVI, MOV,Ogg, FLAC, TS, M2TS, Wv, rmvb, 3PG, mpg, etc.*** Supported audio and music formats including: MP3, OGG, WAV,AIFF, MIDI, AAC, 3GP, XM, IT, S3M, MOD, MTM, UMX, MO3, M4A, OTA,etc.*** For Android with audio and video file media library that allowsdirect browsing folders.*** Has a multi-track audio and subtitles support. It supportsauto-rotation, aspect ratio adjustments and gestures to control thevolume, brightness and pursuit.*** Unique audio control interface, support for audio headsetcontrol, cover and complete audio media library.*** Beautifully produced video and audio dual-channel design allowsyou to watch video and listen to music by your heart.*** Takes up little memory, simple operation, start fast, smoothplayback support--------FY Media Player is absolutely the best partner with you whichcan enjoy movies and music at the time! Free download.If you like our media player, please rate us 5 star for praise.Your support is the driving force of our progress, the applicationis constantly improving, give us feedback, we will listencarefully. FY Media Player for free. Thank you for sharing.
TV Novo Tempo
TV Novo Tempo chegou no Android. Agora você pode curtir aprogramação! Assista seus vídeos favoritos quantas vezes quiser e aqualquer hora.keyword: tv,novo tempo,tv novotempo,tv novo tempo,nuevotiempo,tv nuevo tiempo,tv nuevotiempoNew TVTime arrived on Android. Now you can enjoy the programming! Watchyour favorite videos as many times as you want, anytime.keyword: tv, new time, NOVOTEMPO tv, new time, nuevo tiempo,tiempo nuevo tv, tv nuevotiempo
محاضرات الشيخ محمد العريفي
محاضرات الشيخ محمد العريفييتميز البرنامج بحجمه الصغير لتشغيل الدروس عبر الانترنت بشكلمباشر إي لا حاجه لاستهلاك مساحة من النظام وسرعة تحميل الدروس وبدقةصوت عاليةيحتوي البرنامج على اكثر من طريقة لتشغل الدروس من نص و صوت ومقاطعفيديوبعض فصول البرنامجلَا تَحْزَنْ إِنَّ اللَّهَ مَعَنَاقصص منوعةمن صور السخاءماشطة بنت فرعونرحلة مشتاقأعمى يسدد الهدفالدعوة إلي الله بغير لحيةماذا يفعلون هناك ؟كنت في بلد أوروبيالمشتاقون إلى الجنةدمـــــوع المــــــــآذنLectures Sheikh MohammedArifiThe program is characterized by its small size to run lessonsonline directly No need for space consumption of the system anddownload speed voice lessons and accurately highThe program contains more than one way to occupy the lessons of thetext and sound and video clipsSome chapters of the programDo not be sad that God is with usStories varietyPhotos of generosityHairdresser of Pharaoh girlMushtaq tripBlind reimburse goalCall to God without the beardWhat are they doing there?I was in a European countryAlmstaqon to paradiseTears of minarets
You can access the video live from your Phoneanywhere in the world instantly. There's no limit to where and howyou view your video.
TV Ukraine
Program for viewing TV programs include a lotof Ukrainian and Russian TV channels. You can view the dailyprogram of each channel, add your favorite channels to favorites,and you can set a reminder for each channel separately, so as notto miss your favorite TV shows, TV series, the movie. Reminder istriggered by a notification 5 minutes before the start of theprogram. Application does not have neither a televisionbroadcasting, and is intended solely for viewing the TV Ukrainskiand Russian channels.Visit
قناة الأقصى - البث الحي
Zaid Sultan
البث الحي والمباشر لقناة الأقصى الفضائيةLivebroadcasts and direct-Aqsa satellite channel
Tune in to where technology comes is an award-winning, online video network made possible bythe members of IEEE. We produce and deliver special-interestprogramming about technology and engineering for the benefit ofmembers and the general public.Our growing library of programs includes videos on subjects likethe Internet of Things, biomedical engineering, wearabletechnology, nanotechnology and many others. New titles addedweekly.
أناشيد وكرتون وأغاني أطفال
أناشيد وكرتون وأغاني أطفال هادفة ومتنوعة، محبب لدى الصغاروالكبار.من أقوى التطبيقات المتوفرة التي تعنى بأناشيد الأطفالمن ميزات التطبيق:- فيديوهات بدقة عالية.- اكثر من 100 فيديو.- من أشهر الأغاني والأناشيد.- يحتوي على تصنيفات (طيور الجنة (محمد بشار، عمر الصعيدي، لين، ديمة،وليد مقداد)، كراميش، المجد، سنا، سبيستون (مودا مودي)، متفرقات، حلاالترك)).- التطبيق يتطور بشكل مستمر.وبدعكم لنا عن طريق التصويت بخمسة نجوم، سيتم الاستمرار بتطويروتحسين التطبيق وإضافة المزيد من الفيديوهات والخدمات إليه.في حال وجود أي مشكلة في تطبيق (اناشيد وكرتون واغاني اطفال) يرجىمراسلتنا عبر البريد الالكتروني.Chants andsongs and cardboard children meaningful and varied, with likableyoung and old.Of the most powerful applications available that deal with chantsof childrenFeatures of the application:- Videos with high accuracy.- More than 100 video.- Of the most famous songs and jingles.- Contains rankings (Birds of Paradise (Mohammed Bashar, OmarSaidi, Lin, Dima, and Walid al-Miqdad), Karamish, glory, older,Spacetoons (Moda Moody), Miscellaneous, solution Turk)).- The application evolves continuously.And Bdekm us by voting five-star, will continue to develop andimprove the application and add more videos and services toit.If there is any problem in the application (chants and songs andcardboard kids) please contact us by e-mail.
قصص وحكايات من القرآن الكريم
قصص وحكايات من القرآن الكريمقصص النساء، وقصص الحيوان والإنسان للأطفال، وقصص الأنبياء، وغيرذلك، كله تجدونه ضمن هذه الباقة المميزة.مشاهدة ممتعة.Storiesand tales from the KoranWomen's stories, and the stories of the animal and the rights ofchildren, and the stories of the prophets, and so on, all accessedwithin this distinctive bouquet.Fun to watch.
TV Sat Info Armenia
With this app you will receive importantinformation about how to set up the receiver and assigning thecorrect satellite.You want to align a satellite dish quickly and successfully?What information do you need this?Answers to these and other questions you will get with thisapp.For example, you taught this app on behalf stations, satellites,positions of the satellites, frequencies, the level ofPolarization, symbol rate and FEC settings."What's New" as Favorite function, transmitter search functionand language function.Here you will be informed about possible satellite frequenciesand satellite channels. To rapidly find these channelssorted alphabetically.Channel List:Armenia 1 TV SatelliteArmenia TV EuropeArmenia TV SatelliteKentron TV InternationalShant TVUsarmeniaYerkir Media TVfurther TV sander from A - Z ...*****Do you have questions or suggestions for our app?Then send us your feedback and use the following contactdetails:Support, Contacts, Contact:Saeed KhokharE-mail address: [email protected]
Summer Link
The Summer Link WiFi APP requires the purchaseof a Summer Link WiFi Camera giving you audio and video via 3G/4Gor WiFi networks for in-home and away from home monitoring.Download our APP and login with your unique user name andpassword and you’ll have live viewing access of your loved ones onyour phone or tablet!FEATURES:-EASY SETUP – QR Code in app walks you through simple camera setupand activation-VIEW and HEAR the camera in your home from wherever you are-PAN AND SCAN – remotely move the camera up and down, or left toright, to view the whole room-MULTI-LEVEL ZOOM – get a closer view, up to 3 x closer, onscreen-TWO-WAY COMMUNICATION – talking to your loved ones is easy –simply by speaking into your digital device, your voice isprojected through the camera-ADD CAMERAS – up to 4 cameras work on your Summer Link WiFisystem-SPLIT-SCREEN – with the addition of cameras, split-screentechnology is enabled and you can see from 1 to 4 rooms on screenat the same time.-SNAPSHOT allows you to take a picture anytime while watching livevideo. Snapshots will be securely stored on your phone ortablet.-RECORD allows you to record a video anytime while watching livevideo. The recording will be securely stores on your phone ortablet.-SHARE secure username and password login with family and friends.**note: max of 3-users allowed at one time
ROK TV - Live
Prestigio Remote Control (PRC)
EShare Tech.
Prestigio Remote Control (PRC) is a multi-screen interactionapplication for smart phone or tablet to interact with Prestigio TVbox or dongle. Features of PRC● Stream any file (audio, video, photos, ms-office documents, txt,pdf, apk…etc ) from android devices to TV.● Use your android devices as touch mouse, air mouse, keyboard,touch pad and remote controller of TV.● Stream camera and micphone of android phone or tablet toTV.● Mirror TV screen to smart phone or tablet and touch the screendirect to control TV.● Real-time scale, rotate or slide picture on android mobile deviceand show it on TV.● Support any DLNA certificated client, such as imediashare,BubbleUpnp…etc.
Aks TV
AKS TV, TÜRKSAT 1C Uydusu aracılığı ile 4 kıtada, yaklaşık 100ülkede izlenebilmektedir. Bir başka deyişle, Dünya nüfusunun üçteikisi, AKS TV kapsama alanında bulunmaktadır.AKS TV, Türkiye’nin ilk ve Tek Bölgesel Haber Kanalı olmaözelliğinin yanı sıra, RTÜK’ten yayın lisansı ve yayın izni alan veyayınına başlayan, Samsun’un da ilk ve tek uydu kanalı olmaözelliğini taşıyor.TÜRKSAT 1C Uydusu, 12130 V(dikey) 27500 S/R 5/6 FEC frekansındanyayın yapan AKS TV, bünyesinde barındırdığı en son teknoloji ürünüyayın ekipmanları ve her biri amatör ruhla çalışan profesyonelkadrosu ile haber odaklı yayıncılık yapmaktadır. Gün boyu canlısunulan haber bültenleri, Konusunda uzman konukları, telefonbağlantıları ile zenginleştirilen konuları, aktüel programları ilesadece Samsun’un ve Karadeniz’in değil, ulusal gündemi de sürekliolarak izleyicisine aktarmaktadır.AKS TV ayrıca, Türkiye’de kendi sınıfının en donanımlı CANLIYAYIN ARACI’nı da bünyesinde bulundurmaktadır. Orta ve BatıKaradeniz Bölgesi’nde ilk ve tek olan Canlı Yayın Aracı, 10.000/1kontrast oranı ile çalışmakta, bu da görüntü kalitesini HD (yüksekçözünürlük) seviyesine çıkarmaktadır. Bu özelliği ile bölgedekaliteli yayın aktarım hizmeti konusunda da bir ilke imza atan AKSTV, bölgede meydana gelen her türlü olayı ve etkinliği, eş zamanlıolarak Dünya’ya duyurduğu gibi ulusallar da dahil, talep eden tümyayın kuruluşları ile kamu ve özel kuruluşlara da kiralama yöntemiile hizmet vermektedir.Atatürk' ün '' 19 Mayıs, işte benim doğum tarihim'' dediği vemilli mücadeleyi başlattığı bir kentte yayın yapmanın anlamını vehassasiyetini bugüne kadar olduğu gibi bundan sonrada sürdürmeyekararlıyız. Yaptığımız programlar ve yayın akışımız içerisinde buhassasiyetimizi görebilmek hiçte zor değildir. Bu anlamda 19 Mayısruhunun bir meşalesi olarak aydınlığa katkımızı sonsuza deksürdürmeye kararlıyız.Güçlü kadro, çağdaş yayıncılık anlayışı, modern teknik yapılanmave ilkeli - seviyeli - objektif yayıncılığın; sorumluluğumuzungerektiği şekilde yankı bulunduğu her geçen gün artarak çoğalanizlenme oranının sonuçlarından çıkarmak mümkündür.AKS TV,Turksat 1C satellite through 4 continents, can be traced inapproximately 100 countries. In other words, two-thirds of theworld population, are located in AKS TV coverage.AKS TV, Turkey's first and single feature of being a regionalnews channel, as well as from RTÜK broadcasting license and beganbroadcasting licenses and broadcasting fields, Samsun, also has thedistinction of being the first and only satellite channel is.Turksat 1C satellite, 12130 V (vertical) 27500 S / R 5/6 FECfrequency broadcasting from AKS TV, incorporating the latesttechnology product releases equipment and each amateur spiritworking with professional staff news-oriented publishing operate.Presented live news bulletins throughout the day, our expertguests, enriched with telephone connection issues, current programsand not only in Samsun and the Black Sea, the national agenda iscontinuously transferred to the audience.AKS TV also top of its class in Turkey also incorporates vehicleis equipped LIVE. Central and Western Black Sea Region, which isthe first and only Live Broadcast Tool, 10,000 / 1 contrast ratioworks with, that the HD image quality (high resolution) is toremove level. With this feature, in the area of ​​high qualitybroadcast transmission services in a pioneering AKS TV, regionoccurred in any event and activity simultaneously announced to theworld as a national, including requesting all broadcastingorganizations and public and private organizations renting methodserves.Ataturk,'' May 19, here'' said my date of birth and nationalstruggle began to broadcast in a city where the meaning andaccuracy in so far as it was then determined to continue. We dothis in our programs and our sensitivity to see the broadcaststream is not difficult at all. In this sense, the spirit of May 19as a torch to light forever committed to continue ourcontribution.Strong staff, understanding of contemporary publishing, moderntechniques and principles of structure - level - the objective ofpublishing, which echoes our responsibility as needed proliferatingday by day audience share of the results is possible toextract.
Tv Sweden
Sweden Tv channels guide. Tv Sweden includelots of Sweden Tv channel daily guide. You can see daily guide ofeach channel, now and next list of all channels. You can definefavorite list by select channels. Also you can set up reminder forprograms. Reminder work as notification before 5 minutes to programstart. This application is not a tv broadcasting application, itonly contains Sweden tv channels guide.*You cannot watch tv by this application. Only list tv channelsprogram*All listings taken from:
TurboTube (A YouTube Player)
TurboTube does not cache videos, supportoffline playback, or support background audio as these featuresviolate YouTube Terms of Service.TurboTube is currently in BETA release. Please use the "SendFeedback" button within the app settings menu to submit asuggestion or report a performance issue (your assistance is highlyappreciated!).Meet TurboTube, the YouTube player that makes video streamingbetter - instant start with dramatically less stalling /buffering.TurboTube leverages all of the content features and userpreferences of YouTube such as your Subscriptions and Playlists,along with Popular, Trending, Suggested videos, and search. ThenTurboTube takes it a step further by aggregating YouTube videoshares from your Facebook and Twitter social networks into oneconvenient social feed. TurboTube green videos are primed forinstant playback in high quality, with dramatically less stalls –even when you're outside of WiFi zones. Play music videos from yourfavorite playlist, access game and movie trailers, and other topcontent. The Turbo Tube recommendation engine learns what you liketo watch, and keeps your queue stocked with videos so you can enjoystreaming when and where you want to. TurboTube never collects orreports any of your personal information or preferences.Features:- High quality streaming- Instant start (green videos)- Almost never stalls (green videos)- Social feed (for YouTube videos shared in your Facebook / Twitternetwork)- YouTube subscriptions- User configurable queueYou acknowledge and understand that certain Services or aspectsof the App require and utilize data access capability. Carrierrates for data usage may apply and you are responsible for any suchcharges. TurboTube is available for both Android and iOS operatingsystems.
StreamNation turns your device into a mediacenter that lets you access your photos, videos, movies, TV showsand music everywhere and share them easily. Upload all your mediaon your Desktop and StreamNation will convert them for a perfectexperience on your smartphone, tablet or any browser.Features:- Access and stream all your photos, videos, movies, TV shows andmusic albums, artists and playlists from any devices, whatevertheir original format- Borrow movies, TV shows and music from your friends- Download any media for offline viewing or listening- Stream your videos and music with Chromecast even when the app isin background- Image format supported: arw, .cr2, .dcr, .dng, .eps, .erf, .kdc,.nef, .orf, .pef, .raf, .rw2, .sr2, .x3f, .bmp, .dpx, .gif, .jpg,.pdf, .png, .ps, .svg, .tif- Video format supported: .asf, .avd, .avi, .cdg, .divx, .dv, .evo,.flc, .flv, .lvf, MPEG, .m2ts, .mts, .mkv, .mov, .mp4, .mxf, .nsv|.nut, .ogv, .pss, .rm, .streamdump, .tp, .ts, .VOB, .wmv,3GPP- Music format supported: mp3, ogg, m4a, wav, flac, aiff, aif, aac,wma- Support for .srt subtitlesUse StreamNation to store your photos, videos, music and sharethem. If something ever happens to any of your devices, your mediawill be safe in StreamNation and at one-click reach!Get started immediately with 20GB cloud storage absolutely free.Subscriptions are available for storage needs of any size.Talk to us at [email protected] the press says:“The Verge”The service handles just about any file type you can throw at it,stores it all in the cloud, and then transcodes and streams it toany device you're using. It's part Photo Stream, part Dropbox.“Mac|Life”We're always on the hunt for new, cost-effective ways to store ourphotos and videos in the cloud, and [StreamNation] seems like justthe ticket!What our customers say:“Awesome media center - Love the simplicity and the design.Uploaded our videos and photos and we can now access/stream them onall our devices independently of the format. Awesome!”“Amazing app! 1000x better than Dropbox - I absolutely love thisapp, and I will be using it from now on instead of dropbox. Thestorage is unbelievably affordable, the staff is super helpful andresponsive whenever I have questions, and the interface is sleekand easy to use. Can't wait until everyone starts using this appboth for storage and video sharing!”“The Best Way to Sync My Photos - Love this app and have beenusing it to sync my favorite photos across my devices. Along withthe app, the staff and team is wonderful!”“Beats all other streaming apps - This app is really useful, ithas completely changed the way that I consume media. The offlineaccess is the killer feature for me.”“Best media storage app. EVER! - I have been using this app forquite a while, and on top of the service/ app changing my entireapproach to video, their updates, and stability areincredible!”
PhotoFrame free
Turn your phone into a Digital Photo Frame. Decorate your desktopwith beautiful pictures.It runs automatically when the phone is connected to a powercharger or cradle. Simply put on charge and enjoy theslideshow.Features:- Use as screensaver- Orientation sensor active- Animations- Date & time display
InstaDownloader for Instagram
InstaDownloader - a free app allows to download pictures and videosfrom Instagram for offline view.* How to use InstaDownloader?=> only 3 steps:1. COPY share url of video or picture (from Instagram)2. PASTE share url (into InstaDownloader)3. DOWNLOAD & VIEW offline video and picture* What are features of InstaDownloader?- You can download Instagram pictures and videos- Instagram upload for pictures (not for videos)- View offline videos and pictures- Share with other social networks: Facebook, Twitter,Youtube...* Why to use InstaDownloader?:1. No login required2. Totally FREE app, NO in app-purchase3. Fast and Easy download4. Free Instagram upload for picturesJust Install and Enjoy! If you like InstaDownloader, feel freeto share your friendsIf you get any trouble with InstaDownloader, send us a message toan email below.
Yamgo Free Mobile TV
Yamgo TV
Yamgo TV - Watch news, sports, movies, music,Bollywood & entertainment.Watch free live TV on your Android device.The world’s most popular TV on the go.No registration or login required, simply download the app andinstantly access Live TV.The Yamgo TV app is free to download and offers the choice of awide selection of TV channels including news, sports, movies,music, fashion, Bollywood and entertainment. Once the app isdownloaded all channels are free to view and there are no limits tohow much TV you can watch.Download the Yamgo TV app and enjoy:• Free and unlimited access to TV• Live TV on any Android device• 24 hour news• Exciting sports• Music videos• Bollywood movies• Entertainment shows• Sharing with your friends on Facebook & Twitter• TV anytime, anywhereThe Yamgo TV app utilises unique dynamic bit rate adaptiontechnology to deliver live optimised TV no matter what your networkspeed, allowing you to enjoy live TV everywhere.
* If you have problems , please uninstall and re-installdiceplayer.* If you have no speed control bar , change "Settings->SelectPlayer" for your file extensions to "Default".HW Accelerated Video Player with Playback speed control andNetwork support.Features* POP-UP Play* Network Support : Windows Share / FTP / HTTP / WebDAV* Multiple audio track* Multiple subtitle track : external sub also suppoted.* HW Accelerations : no limitations like a network ,containers.Formats- AVI,MOV,MKV,FLV,AVI,3GP,3G2,ASF,WMV,MP4,M4V,TS,MTP,M2TSPlayback speed control- up to x2.0 ( on HW )- audio pitch correction supportSubtitle format- SSA,SMI,SRT, VoBSub (beta)- MKV/MP4 embedded subtitle supported- Unicode/Multibyte charset supported.Transport- HTTP- RTP/RTSP- HTTP Live Streaming- FTP- Windows Share(SMB)Unsupported devices* Allwinner based devices* Amlogic based devices* Rockchip based devices=> Use Stock player options on "Settings" menu* ST-Erricson NovaThor ( U8500 / U9500 )=> Need ICS updateLimitations* Video capability depends on your devices HW video decodes'capability.- Email address has been changed. If you have questions orsuggestions, please contact [email protected]
Official Atv & Aplus Entertainment Channel Application.Watch Live Streaming & Latest Episodes of Morning With Farah& Meri Subah Haseen Hai .Experience High Quality Dramas on your phone and tablet withAplus Application live 24x7 and full-length Episodes.Now you never have to worry about missing your Favorite show onTV
Television Dominicana
Disfruta de canales de televisión de RepúblicaDominicana totalmente gratis en tu teléfono o tableta Android,canales nacionales y locales. Con esta aplicación podrás ver loscanales dominicanos con sus logos, nombres y frecuenciasdisponibles en streaming para Android.NOTA: Esta App funciona solo con Internet, recomendamos usarWi-Fi.Enjoy TV channelsDominican Republic totally free on your Android phone or tablet,national and local channels. With this application you can see theDominican channels with their logos, names and frequenciesavailable in streaming for Android.NOTE: This app works only with Internet, we recommend usingWi-Fi.
قناة السعيدة
التطبيق الرسمي لقناة السعيدة الفضائية ، والذييقدم لمشاهدي القناة الكرام مجموعة متنوعة من الخدمات التي تمكنهم منمتابعة برامج ومسلسلات القناة والتواصل معها مباشرة من خلال هواتفهمالذكية ، يقدم التطبيق مجموعة من الخدمات من أهمها خدمة البث المباشروخدمة المشاهدة عند الطلب لأهم برامج ومسلسلات القناة مباشرة منتطبيقهم وعبر إتصالهم بشبكة الإنترنت ، كما يقدم التطبيق خدمة عرضجدول بث البرامج لجميع أيام الأسبوع حتى يتسنى للمشاهد الكريم معرفةمواعيد بث البرامج والمسلسلات ومواعيد إعادتها وأيام بثها .وإستطاعت قناة السعيدة بنغماتها وأحاسيسها ، وبتنوع برامجها ،وبحبها وعشقها ليمن المحبة والتاريخ والحضارة أن تكسب لقب القناةالجماهيرية الأولى لدى المشاهد اليمني في الداخل والخارج . تحاكيالمشاعر وتخاطب العقول وتبحر في القضايا والهموم المرتبطة بحياة الناسوهمومهم وإحتياجاتهم . تتجول بكادر متميز وإمكانيات متميزه لتبحر فيالسهول والجبال والوديان والمراعي والحقول والمدن و القرى والأرياف بلوفي كافة أرجاء الوطن اليمني الواحد ، لتنقل روائع السياحة والتراثوالحضارة اليمنية العريقة . تداعب الإبداع والمبدعين ، وتبرز مواهبهموتتابع عطاءاتهم وإبداعاتهم الرائعة والمتميزه لتسجل أروع صور في أغلىوطن ولأغلى مواطن . تسابق الزمن لتقدم كل جديد وفي مختلف برامجهاالثقافية والإجتماعية والكوميدية وبما تقدمه من مسلسلات وبرامج متنوعةتخاطب كافة فئات المجتمع وتحقق رغباتهم وتحلق بهم في سماء الإعلامالحر المتألق . تتواجد في مواقع الحدث بمراسليها وعدساتها لتنقل أروعالصور الحية وفي قالب إعلامي متميز وبمصداقية ومهنية وإحترافيةعالية.The official applicationHappy satellite channel, which offers viewers valued channel avariety of services that enable them to follow-up programs andseries channel and communicate with them directly through theirsmartphones, the application range of services of the mostimportant of the live broadcast service and viewing upon request ofthe most important programs and series channel directly from theoffers and their application through their connection to theInternet, the application also provides display broadcast programsfor all days of the week table service so that the viewer decentknowledge of programs and soap operas and dates of return and thedays of broadcast broadcast dates.And it was able to channel Bengmadtha and happy feelings, andthe diversity of its programs, and her love and passion for lovingYemen, history and civilization to win the first title of the masschannel Yemeni viewer at home and abroad. Mimic the feelings andspeak to the minds and sailing in the issues and concerns relatedto people's lives and their concerns and needs. Roam cadre distinctand distinct possibilities for navigating in the plains andmountains, valleys, pastures and fields, cities and villages andrural areas but also in all parts of the Yemeni homeland one, forthe movement of the masterpieces of tourism, heritage and ancientcivilization of Yemen. Caressed creativity and creators, andhighlight their talents and pursue their bids and their creationsbrilliant and distinguished record of the finest pictures in themost expensive and the most expensive national homeland. Racingagainst time to provide all new programs in different cultural,social and comedy series, providing a variety of programs andaddress all segments of society and achieve their desires andflying them in free media brilliant sky. Event sites are located inBmrusselaha and lenses for the movement of the coolest live imagesin the media template distinct and credible, professional and highprofessional.
The M-Sight app provides a powerful mobilesurveillance tool that enhances security by providingadministrators the flexibility to monitor the live video from theIP camera via wireless network. It’s a video management system thatworks with the IP cameras to provide video monitoring. Theinterface is simple and intuitive, with easy access to the mostcommon activities, such as viewing live video, recorded videoplayback. It’s able to integrate with other devices through ONVIF.Moreover, the M-Sight app is free and available through IOS andAndroid devices.Feature Highlights:Support up to 32 channels playing simultaneouslyFull screen for single or 4 channels playing synchronouslySupport digital zoomSupport to playback with SD card filesMultiple play status displaySupport image capture/video recording functionsFile managementH.264/H.265/MJPEG/MPEG-4 video compressionSupport dual-streamSupport multiple PTZ control protocolsSupport ONVIFSupport IOS and Android handheld deviceSupport WIFI/3G/4G networkSupport P2PWith the M-Sight app, users can quickly and easily see theircameras feed from anywhere even if they don’t have access to acomputer. Thanks to this app, Milesight customers are able tomonitor on-the-go and there will be no more guessing about what’sgoing on in the house or office while they’re away. The launch ofM-Sight demonstrates Milesight’s commitment to providehigh-performance products as well as world-class solutions toexisting and future customers.
دكتور سعد الدين هلالي
نقدم لكم في تطبيق الاستاذ الدكتور سعد الدين هلالي استاذ الفقهالمقارن بجامعة الازهر الشريف كل لقاءاته التلفزيونية والاذاعية وكذلككل كتابات فضيلة الدكتور سعد الدين هلاليOffer youin the application of Professor Dr. Saad Eddin Hilali, a professorof comparative jurisprudence at the University of Al-AzharAl-Sharif each of his meetings television and radio, as well as allthe writings of the virtue of Dr. Saad Eddin lunate
محاضرات الشيخ راتب النابلسي
مكتبة دروس ومحاضرات للدكتور الشيخ محمد راتبالنابلسييتميز البرنامج بحجمه الصغير لتشغيل الدروس عبر الانترنت بشكلمباشر إي لا حاجه لاستهلاك مساحة من النظام وسرعة تحميل الدروس وبدقةصوت عاليةيحتوي البرنامج على اكثر من طريقة لتشغل الدروس من نص و صوت ومقاطعفيديوبعض فصول البرنامجافلا تبصروناسماء الله الحسنىآيات خلق الإنسان وتكوينهصلة الرحمعلاقة الإنسان بأسرتهالأعشاب الطبيةالإنابة ما هي و مـا خصائصهاعوامل استمرارالزواجالترغيب في الإحسان إلى الأهلالترغيب في التسبيح والتكبير والتهليل والتحميد على اختلافالترغيب في التسمية قبل الطعامالترغيب في الرحلة في طلب العلمالترغيب في العلم وطلبه وتعلمه وتعليمهالترغيب في القرض وما جاء في فضلهLibrary lessons andlectures, Dr. Shaikh Mohammed Nabulsi salaryThe program is characterized by its small size to run lessonsonline directly No need for space consumption of the system anddownload speed voice lessons and accurately highThe program contains more than one way to occupy the lessons of thetext and sound and video clipsSome chapters of the programDo you not seeNames of AllahVerses of the creation of man and configureKinshipMan's relationship with his familyMedicinal herbsWhat is the representation and what characteristicsFactors AstmraralzoajEncouragement to charity to parentsEncouragement to praise and zooming in and cheer and tahmeeddifferentEncouragement to the label before eatingEncouragement to journey to seek knowledgeEncouragement of science and application learning andteachingEncouragement to the loan and what came in the bounty
دمج الصور و تجميع الصور
اجمع اجمل صورك بخلفيات رائعة ومخصصة لتجميع الصوريمكنك جمع اكثر من صورة بخلفيات رائعةتستطيع اضافة صوررمزية رائعةتستطيع اضافة نص بضل والوان رائعةتستطيع حفظ ومشاركة الصورة.Collectthe most beautiful photos and wonderful backgrounds dedicated tocollect imagesYou can more than superb image backgrounds collectionYou can also add a wonderful SourrmazihYou can add text and brilliant colors BdilYou can save and share the image.