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Drug Information FlashCards
----------------------------- This is an ADsupported version-------------------------------------------------Pharmacy Top 200 Drug Information Flashcards provides you withconcise but pertinent information on common prescribed drugs. Theflashcards are grouped in chapters based on the drug class.The followings are covered for each drug:• Name• Class• Indications• Dosage Range• Memorable side effects• Metabolism• Interactions• Contraindications• NotesAlso provided in the appendixes are QT prolongation causing drugs,CYP450 enzymes inhibitors and inducers, and contraindications forestrogen therapy.
EMC mobile
Médecins, chirurgiens et professionnels desanté, téléchargez gratuitement EMC mobile, la référence médicaleet paramédicale pour Android.Tous les articles des incontournables traités EMC en accèsdirect.EMC mobile, c’est :■ Plus de 10 000 articles de référence et plus de 100 000illustrations issus des prestigieux traités EMC■ Un moteur de recherche précis qui vous permettra de filtrer lesinformations recherchées par domaine ou par traité■ Au choix, une recherche transversale sur plusieurs disciplines ouciblée par spécialité■ Un accès direct dans chaque article au plan interactif, au résuméet, à tout moment, à la table des matières du traité■ Des annotations sur vos articles favoris et la possibilité de lesconsulter sans connexion internet■ Pouvoir synchroniser tous vos contenus sur l’ensemble de vosappareils compatibles.Adoptez dès aujourd’hui l’application EMC mobile, l’outilindispensable pour votre pratique au quotidien !Les traités actuellement disponibles dans l’application :■ AKOS (Traité de médecine)■ Anesthésie-Réanimation;■ Angéiologie■ Appareil locomoteur■ Biologie médicale■ Cardiologie■ Cosmétologie et dermatologie esthétique■ Dermatologie■ Endocrinologie – Nutrition■ Gastro-entérologie■ Gynécologie■ Hématologie■ Hépatologie■ Kinésithérapie – Médecine physique – Réadaptation■ Maladies infectieuses■ Médecine buccale■ Médecine d'urgence■ Néphrologie■ Neurologie■ Obstétrique■ Ophtalmologie■ Orthopédie dentofaciale■ Otorinolaryngologie■ Pathologie professionnelle et de l'environnement■ Pédiatrie - Maladies infectieuses■ Pédopsychiatrie■ Pneumologie■ Podologie■ Psychiatrie■ Radiologie et imagerie médicale : abdominale – digestive■ Radiologie et imagerie médicale : cardiovasculaire – thoracique –cervicale■ Radiologie et imagerie médicale : génito-urinaire –gynéco-obstétricale – mammaire■ Radiologie et imagerie médicale : musculosquelettique –neurologique – maxillofaciale■ Radiologie et imagerie médicale : principes et techniques –radioprotection■ Savoirs et soins infirmiers■ Techniques chirurgicales - Appareil digestif■ Techniques chirurgicales - Chirurgie plastique, reconstructriceet esthétique■ Techniques chirurgicales - Chirurgie vasculaire■ Techniques chirurgicales - Gynécologie■ Techniques chirurgicales - Orthopédie – Traumatologie■ Techniques chirurgicales - Tête et cou■ Techniques chirurgicales - Thorax■ Techniques chirurgicales - Urologie■ Urologie■ VétérinairePhysicians, surgeons andhealth professionals, download free mobile EMC, medical andparamedical reference for Android.All items must-treated EMC direct access.Mobile EMC is:■ More than 10,000 reference articles and over 100,000illustrations from the prestigious EMC treated■ A specific search engine that will allow you to filter theinformation sought by area or by treaty■ Alternatively, a cross-search multiple subjects or targeted bySpecialty■ Direct access to every item in the interactive map, abstract andat any time, the contents of the Treaty■ The annotations on your favorite items and their availabilitywithout internet connection■ Power synchronize all your content on all your compatibledevices.Adopt EMC today's mobile application, essential for your dailypractice tool!Treaties currently available in the application:■ AKOS (Treaty of Medicine)■ Anesthesiology;■ Angiology■ Musculoskeletal■ Medical Biology■ Heart■ Cosmetology and aesthetic dermatology■ Dermatology■ Endocrinology - Nutrition■ Gastroenterology■ Gynecology■ Hematology■ Hepatology■ Physical Therapy - Physical Medicine - Rehabilitation■ Infectious Diseases■ Oral Medicine■ Emergency Medicine■ Nephrology■ Neurology■ Obstetrics■ Ophthalmology■ Dentofacial Orthopedics■ Otorinolaryngologie■ Professional Pathology and environment■ Pediatrics - Infectious Diseases■ Child and Adolescent Psychiatry■ Pneumology■ Podiatry■ Psychiatry■ Radiology and Medical Imaging: Abdominal - digestive■ Radiology and Medical Imaging: Cardiovascular - Thoracic -cervical■ Radiology and Medical Imaging: Genitourinary - obstetricgynecology - Breast■ Radiology and Medical Imaging: Musculoskeletal - Neurological -Maxillofacial■ Radiology and Medical Imaging: Principles and Techniques -Radiation■ Knowledge and nursing■ Surgical Techniques - Digestive■ Surgical Techniques - Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic■ Surgical Techniques - Vascular Surgery■ Surgical Techniques - Gynecology■ Surgical Techniques - Orthopedics - Traumatology■ Surgical Techniques - Head and Neck■ Surgical Techniques - Thorax■ Surgical Techniques - Urology■ Urology■ Veterinary
Designed with the healthcare professional’sclinical workflow in mind, Omnio gives you quick and easy access toimportant and relevant medical information.// What users have said about recent Omnio updates• “Well done people. Really I am so satisfied from the new changefrom the previous interface. Good job.”• “Latest update is a massive improvement…interface is a lot moreuser friendly. Don't have to go too deep to search for information.Great job.”• “This is really good, I love it. It’s my companion.”// Features• NEW! Favorites: Keep your most important resources one tapaway• Drug Guide: Comprehensive database of US brands and generics,with formulary from 7,000 health plans• Disease Guide: Free access to The Merck Manual, the world’sbest-selling medical textbook, fully integrated for seamless usewith relevant drug information and calculators• Calculators: Contain intuitive indices with an easy-to-useinterface• Newsfeed: Be the first to know the latest through curated newsand ideas for your specialty• Also included: Interaction analyzer, pill identifier, and dosingcalculatorsAccess essential, free specialty resources from trustedsources:• American Diabetes Association• National Comprehensive Cancer Network• And moreVisit our in-app store that offer 300+ premium resources in 35+medical specialties, integrated into a seamless, cross-indexedlibrary
Micromedex Drug Interact
Buy Micromedex® Drug Interactions for only$9.99 per year. You will be prompted to purchase the app after yourinitial download. If your institution already subscribes toMicromedex then Drug Interactions is FREE.With Drug Interactions, clinicians can check a patient’s entiremedication list simultaneously for potentially harmful interactionsand view severity ratings that range from contraindicated to minor.This app provides insight into:•Why the drugs in question interact•How the results of those interactions will present in thepatient•Recommendations for monitoring patient outcomes.Drug Interactions is a reliable resource for on-the-go access tothe industry’s most trusted clinical reference information,providing users with more informed treatment decisions at the pointof care. An internet connection is not required, allowing you tomake decisions with confidence at anytime, from anywhere.Not sure if your institution subscribes to Micromedex via theinternet? Check with your Chief Medical Officer, Director ofPharmacy, Medical Librarian, or anyone else at your facilityresponsible for clinical reference information.If the facility you work at subscribes to Micromedex via theinternet, follow these instructions to obtain a password:1.Login to Micromedex through your subscribing facility2.Click on the “Download Center” link near the top of theapplication3.Refer to the detailed downloading instructions, which includeyour password for activating the application at no charge.If you cannot locate the “Download Center” link please contactsupport:•Email: [email protected]•Online:
Key Features & Benefits:1. Drugs details (Indications, Dosage & administrations,Contraindications, Side effects, Precautions & warnings, FDApregnancy category, Therapeutic class, Pack size &price).2. Search Drugs (Search by Brand name, Generic name orCondition).3. Drugs by Brands (A-Z brands).4. Drugs by Generics (A-Z generics).5. Drugs by Classes.6. Drugs by Conditions.7. Favourite Drugs (Bookmark any brand names).8. Medical events (Information of international medicalevents).9. Feedback (Can directly post your valuable suggestion, advice& comments).10. Advance search (Can choose different search categories).DIMS (Drug Information Management System) is the premier mobiledrug index apps of Bangladesh for instant clinical drug informationreferences. It is developed by "ITmedicus". DIMS is the mostcomprehensive, advanced and up-to-date information source onavailable and recent drug products to serve the healthcare &pharmaceutical professionals in the country. DIMS deliversfrequently updated, comprehensive, practical information on over20,000+ brand name and 1400+ generic drugs to help you findcomplete & recent information about drugs at the ease of yourfingertips.DisclaimersDIMS is an mobile drug index apps, to be used only as a referenceaid and educational purpose and is not intended for medical advice,diagnosis or treatment; neither intended to be a substitute for theexercise of professional judgment and should not be relied uponsolely for final treatment decisions.The clinical information contained in the information is intendedas a supplement to, and not a substitute for, the knowledge,expertise, skill, and judgment of physicians, pharmacists, nurses,or other healthcare professionals involved in patient care.We used reliable & authentic data sources and companyliteratures. Although great effort has been made in compiling andchecking the information contained in this apps to ensure that itis accurate, the publisher, the authors, editors and their servantsor agents shall not be responsible or in any way liable for thecontinued currency of the information or for any errors, omissionsor inaccuracies in this website whether arising from negligence orotherwise howsoever, or for any consequences arising therefrom.A LICENSED MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL IS RESPONSIBLE FOR INDEPENDENTLYREACHING ANY MEDICAL JUDGMENT, AND FOR ANY RESULTING DIAGNOSIS ANDTREATMENTS, NOTWITHSTANDING ANY USE OF THE CONTENT BY SUCH MEDICALPROFESSIONAL. BY USE OF THIS APPS YOU ACKNOWLEDGE AND AGREE THATTHE INFORMATION ON THIS APPS MAY CONTAIN INACCURACIES AND OTHERERRORS.
Diabetes Connect
With Diabetes Connect you have your diabetesunder control at all times, regardless of where you are. Simplysign in and your documentation is a snap!By diabetics - for diabetics.Now you can record all your diabetes-related data fast and easy andcreate all your documentation with just a few clicks. Blood sugar,meals, insulin injections, medication and many more can be trackedwith Diabetes Connect while all your data is always in your pocket.Everything you don't need can be turned off, so everything staysnice and neat.Your values can be synced over multiple devices, handing you an upto date documentation - wherever you are. You can also access yourdata over our web portal and create your exports and statisticsthere.Nice and clear graphics and statistics help to get a perfectoverview of your current diabetes therapy.For your next doctor's appointment, your values can be exportedinto a well-formed PDF-file.Functions:- Administer all your diabetes-data- Suitable for Type1- and Type2-Diabetics- Support for mg/dl and mmol/l- Track your meals as bread units, carbohydrate units orcarbohydrates- Get important medical staticstics right in the app- Synchronisation over multiple devices
Antidepressants Dictionary
Antidepressants Drugs Dictionary
Urology Board Review Manual
Prepare for ABU certification/recertificationin Urology on the go with the help of the Hospital PhysicianUrology Board Review Manual (BRM) app. This mobile app gives youfull-text access to the Hospital Physician Urology BRM on yourAndroid® device, allowing you to read and prepare wherever youare.Each issue of the Hospital Physician Urology BRM consists of apeer-reviewed clinical review article on a topic essential to thecurrent practice of urology and board-style study questions forself-assessment.With the free Hospital Physician Urology BRM app, you will:- Receive free access to all issues in the current volume- Receive alerts when a new manual is available- Be able to share board review articles with your colleaguesHospital Physician has been publishing the Hospital Physician BoardReview Manual series of specialty journals for over 18 years,making it a proven and trusted source for board review studymaterial.This application is powered by GTxcel, a leader in digitalpublishing technology, provider of hundreds of online digitalpublications and mobile magazine apps.
Cellulite Treatment + Removal
Text Examples
Get rid of cellulite today! You’re tired ofseeing your great bikini body damaged by a few blotches of “cottagecheese” thighs. You’re exhausted of always covering up your lowerlegs because of cellulites. If you want to find the ideal cellulitetreatment options or hope to discover the best cellulite cream onthe market, this app is for you.From user tips on the best home remedies for cellulite removal todoctor-recommended cellulite exercises, you’ll discover tips, useradvice and even dieting options. We’ve even compiled the mostcommonly asked questions, like “What causes cellulite?” or “Whatare the best cellulite treatments?” to help everyday users repelthose nasty “cottage cheese” thighs.
Human Body Facts
Human Body facts brings about 400 of interesting facts concerningyour body.-400 facts-Intuitive UI-Next/Previous fact-Random fact-Email/SMSNote1! Ad supported!Note2! Mail us about incorrect facts.Disclaimer: This application is not meant as medical advice.
Inspira for fathers & mothers
Inspira for fathers and mothers: children'shealth and environmentImprove your children’s welfare with rigorous and qualitativeinformation based on scientific information. Acquire a healthylifestyle with the preventive advice we offer. Access the articlesand news of Fundació Roger Torné and join the activities wepropose. A unique app to take care of your sons.The English version of this app includes News, Advice,Activities and customizable alerts.
Online Care Anywhere
American Well
See a Doctor 24/7 at your convenience on yourphone or tablet with the Online Care Anywhere app. No appointmentneeded. Receive medical advice from a U.S. Board-certified doctorand even get a prescription with this convenient mobile clinic fromBlue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota.You can also visit us on the web at for moreinformation.No insurance is necessary to use Online Care Anywhere. Visitscost $45 or less and may be covered by your health insurance. Checkwith your insurance provider to see if you are covered for OnlineCare Anywhere.Online Care Anywhere can be used to diagnose and treat manyhealth issues. Below are just a few examples of why patients useOnline Care Anywhere:• Cough, cold & flu• Sinus, ear & eye infections• Headaches• Depression, anxiety, trouble sleeping• Acne, skin conditions• Stomach ache• Allergies• Urinary tract and bladder infections• Medication advice / refills (non-narcotic)
T-ECG User Telephonic ECG
T-ECG Telephonic ECGT-ECG (Telephonic ECG) is a mobile application for mobile devices.It replaces the remote central program for demodulate the audiosignal produced by trans-telephonic ECG devices and, displays,analyzes and archives the resulting chart.Mobile trans-telephonic devices usually record 12 lead ECGs andtransform the original electrical signals of the heart in a FMaudio signal that can be transmitted over normal phone lines.T-ECG converts the acoustic analog signal produced by thetrans-telephonic ECG devices in a digital representation and storesit in your mobile.Functions1 - Demodulates the audio FM signal produced by the ECG device andstores digitally the signal;2 - Reconstructs the original analog signal and play it ifnecessary;3 - Displays the complete ECG chart on the screen;4 - Displays a detailed view of any single lead;5 - Creates a patient record with basic information (Name, age,sex, etc.);6 - Sends by mail the digital version in XML format to other devicerunning T-ECG;Compatibility- Aerotel HeartView® LIIx10+12x2,5/4- Cardiette Microtel® 12x2,5/LIIx10- Cardiette Microtel® 12x10Heartview, Aerotel, Cardiette and Microtel are registeredtrademarks of their respective owners.For compatibility with other models you can contact us sending yourdevice characteristics via e-mail at [email protected]
Baby Care - track baby growth!
Track baby feeds, baby sleeps, babypoops(pees), baby growth and more, support multiple reminders tohelp parents/caregivers remember to take care of the baby whenbusy.Also can use this tool to write baby's diary, add baby's photo,voice record and share with friends.FEATURE LIST:.Support multiple babies.Support to create multiple widget for each baby in your homescreen.Support user defined baby icon.Track baby mood, breast feed, bottle, solid, sleeps, pee/poop,health, hygiene, vaccination, medicine, teeth and more.Track baby growth(weight, height, head circumference) .Trackpumping milkSTATISTICAL CHART.Breast feeding/Bottle/Solid/Diaper/Sleep/Wake/Pumping milkchart.Schedular chart.Temperature chart.Teeth ChartPERCENTILE CHART.Height/weight/head circumference percentile chart by DOB/DueDate(for premature child)Compare your baby's growth data with CDC/WHO guidelines.OTHER.Baby Calendar.Daily stats.Compare today's stats with last 7 days.Diary book.History view and Timeline view.Photo gallery.Baby's voice record.Multiple/multi-type reminder.Share baby's daily activity with your friends viaSMS/Facebook/Twitter/Email etc.Share baby's growth data.Share baby's diary.Share baby's photo and voice record.Back up data to SD card.Restore data from backupFor my lovely son, Lucky.***PLEASE READ***This is a free version, and we are using Ads to monetize it so wecan keep developing more great apps. We are also using theAnalytics to get data about app usage to improve userexperience.All permissions added are completely harmless and at no point do wecollect or store any personal information!Advertising: AdMob, Millenialmedia, etcAnalytics: send data about app usage to improve userexperiencePermissions:- ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION: Required to get adverts in the rightlanguage for the ad-supported version and for also for analyticse.g. so that we can see which languages we need to localisefor.- INTERNET: Used to retrieve ads- READ_PHONE_STATE: Used to obtain a unique device identifier.Wealso have a donate version( no ads nor permissions at all. Thanks!Find us on facebook and get latest updates:
MAG Medical Abbreviations
IPIX s.c.
MAG Medical Abbreviations is a free and easyto use dictionary of most popular English medical abbreviations andterms. This comprehensive offline reference for commonly usedmedical acronyms gives you easy access to thousands of medicalterms with their full meanings, optionally expanded by mostreliable on-line resources (Wikipedia, acronym databases). Weupgrade both abbreviations as well as their descriptions regularly,making sure they are most accurate and up-to date.Our app lets you discover medical abbreviations and terms found inhealth records or medical documentation, medical prescriptions,descriptions of health conditions, treatments, diseases orsurgeries.Discover full meaning of English medical abbreviations like:CBC, Rx, Fx, EtOH, HDL, LDL, GOT, GPT, Ig, IgA, IgG, HBV, HCV, ACL,PCL, ECG, EEG, EKG.MAG Medical Abbreviations app not only brings you reliable andaccurate search function that gives you quick access todescriptions of abbreviations found in our glossary, but it alsolets you find matching abbreviations for a given description.Decide whether to display search results for both abbreviations anddescriptions or narrow them to abbreviations only by switching thesearch option accordingly. The powerful search function implementsyour device’s latest voice recognition features and its languagesettings for user-friendly, localized interface (English, German,Spanish, French, Italian, Russian and Polish).Its intuitive interface and no need for internet connection orlogin makes it one of a kind. If you are however unable to findwhat you are looking for, you may choose to be redirected on-lineto most reliable sources helping you complete your task.MAG Medical Abbreviations is a trusted guide of medicalabbreviations and medical terms that can by useful for Doctors,MDs, Physicians, PAs, NPs, nurses, paramedics, chiropractors,medical school students, other healthcare professionals, those inclinical practice or anyone seeking medical knowledge.MAG Medical Abbreviations – our trusted and up-to-datecomprehensive abbreviations glossary that can also be used asmedical terms dictionary, includes entries on:◦ Allergology◦ Anesthesiology◦ Cardiology◦ Dermatology◦ Diabetics◦ Diagnostic Imaging◦ Emergency Medicine◦ Family and General Practice◦ Food Safety◦ Gastroenterology◦ Geriatrics◦ Internal Medicine◦ Internal Disorders◦ Mental Health◦ Neurology◦ Nutrition◦ Obstetrics & Gynecology◦ Oncology◦ Orthopedics◦ Orthodontics◦ Osteoporosis◦ Pathology◦ Pediatrics◦ Preventative Medicine◦ Psychiatry◦ Radiology◦ Sports Injuries◦ Sports Medicine◦ Surgery◦ Medical Research◦ Public HealthThis app is also available on other platforms – for more info go to
Dianthus Medical Group
This app provides comprehensive medicalrecords, ultrasound images and utilities for patients/pregnantwomen who are under Dianthus clinic care.
LactMed, part of the National Library ofMedicine's (NLM) Toxicology Data Network (TOXNET®), is a databaseof drugs and other chemicals to which breastfeeding mothers may beexposed. It includes information on the levels of such substancesin breast milk and infant blood, and the possible adverse effectsin the nursing infant. Suggested therapeutic alternatives areprovided to those drugs where appropriate. All data are derivedfrom the scientific literature and fully referenced. Data areorganized into substance-specific records, which provide a summaryof the pertinent reported information.
How To Lower Cholesterol
How To Lower Cholesterol app gives you qualityhelp about how to reduce cholesterol and lowering cholesterol.Content includes:10 Easy Tips To a Low Cholesterol DietCheck your health, learn about cholesterolFind out more about Statin DrugsGetting Low Cholesterol AdviceHow to lower cholesterol through your dietReducing Cholesterol the Natural WayTips On Lowering CholesterolUnderstanding Bad CholesterolWhat Increases & Decreases Good & Bad Cholesterol?and moreThis is a great app and is full of information. How To LowerCholesterol is free - download it now.
MRCP Part 1
With 3000+ MCQs you can take numerous Quizzes, Revise, view FlashCards anytime, anywhere without the need of Internet. Keep track ofyour whole progress drilled down to each category and quiz with asingle tap.Features:• 20+ Categories• 3000+ Questions, more than any other app• Unlimited Bookmarks• Quiz mode• Quick review mode• Flash cards mode• Check answer mode( ability to check your answers atruntime)• On-line dictionary Integrated( tap on any word to look it up in dictionary)• Stunning UI• On-line leader-board to compete and share sores with yourfriends• Adjustable font sizes• Super convenient sliders to navigate through questions and otherfunctionalities• Full-screen/ normal screen mode• Easy to attempt quiz with swipe-able questions• Variable quiz sizes• Mini graph in each category to keep track of progressindividually• Detailed analyses of a finished quiz in graphicalrepresentation• Track your time after each quiz• Option to review a finished quiz and bookmark incorrectanswers• Bar graphs to compare categories' progress• Line graph to track overall performance• Bookmarked quizzes• Built-in notes• History of recent quizzes of individual category• Beat your own scores by re-attempting a quiz• Share any question any time through messaging or export it toother supported appsFollow us onFacebook : : :
ENLUXTRA "ANY Wound" dressing
Let us take your hurdles away - for free!You: a doctor, a nurse...a geek.Your hurdles are endless but you use the award-winning Enluxtradressing to treat your patients. This means you have already takenthe most important step towards simplifying your life as a woundcare professional.And now there is an Android app to help you even better!Download the Enluxtra “Any Wound” dressing app and have all theanswers right in your pocket.What is in the app:- A built-in calculator for determining correct dressing size- Step-by-step instructions on how to use Enluxtra- Information on insurance reimbursement codes- Tips and tricks to enhance treatment results- Specific information on certain wound types- Details on how to buy Enluxtra- Links to instructional videos- Troubleshooting tipsThe app will help you to avoid most common human errors and togive your patients the best treatment possible.Just whip a phone out of your pocket and let your patientsadmire the cool pro that you are!
MoodTools - Depression Aid
If you are feeling sad, anxious, or depressed,lift your mood with MoodTools! MoodTools is designed to helpyou combat depression and alleviate your negative moods, aiding youon your road to recovery.MoodTools contains several different research-supported tools. Theyinclude:Thought Diary - Improve your mood by analyzing your thoughtsand identifying negative / distorted thinking patterns based onprinciples from Cognitive TherapyActivities - Regain your energy by performing energizingactivities and tracking your mood before and after, based onBehavioral Activation TherapySafety Plan - Develop a suicide safety plan to keep you safeand utilize emergency resources during a suicidal crisisInformation - Read information, a detailed self-help guide,and find help with internet resourcesTest - Take the PHQ-9 depression questionnaire to track yoursymptom severityVideo - Discover helpful YouTube videos that can improveyour mood and behavior, from guided meditations to enlightening TEDtalks------MoodTools was designed in collaboration with multiple mental healthprofessionals. MoodTools is free, contains no advertisements, andis a purely non-profit venture aimed at helping people sufferingfrom clinical depression. Thank you for supporting our efforts withyour positive ratings and reviews. Please send any requests,questions, or feedback via email to [email protected] we will be sure to respond to each one.Disclaimer: This mental health application is not intendedto be a replacement for treatment nor any sort of medicalintervention. Treatment is, by far, the best way to overcomeclinical depression or other mental illnesses. Therapy andantidepressants have been shown to effectively treat clinicaldepression and anxiety. This application will only aid you on yourpath to recovery from depression or anxiety. In addition, if youare not in treatment, talk to your doctor or therapist or use thisapp to find resources that can connect you to treatment.While MoodTools is designed as a self-help mental healthapplication to help people suffering from clinical depression, itcan also assist people without mental illness or people sufferingfrom other mental disorders / mental illnesses such as anxiety,post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), bipolar disorder, seasonalaffective disorder, dysthymia, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD),panic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, orschizophrenia.Privacy Notice: This app uses Google Analytics to anonymously trackusage data. Exactly what information is tracked is available in theprivacy policy.
Lab Values + Medical Reference
**The lab reference app with by far the most features on the appstore!**Now available for Android!** 3 in 1: Lab Values, Abbv, Prefix/Suffix is the premiumresource for all healthcare professionals and students. Inside thisone app you’ll find Lab Reference Values, Medical Abbreviations andMedical Prefix/Suffix, all at hand and ready to use, anytime,anywhere.You’re a busy healthcare worker on the go, seeing patients,helping people. You need answers and references fast, so you cankeep the flow going and get to as many patients as you can. That’swhy you need 3 in 1 Lab Reference on your iPhone, iPod touch oriPad.This is really three medical apps in one. Lab Reference Values,Medical Abbreviations, and Medical Prefix and Suffix, are allinside this amazingly helpful application.Everything you need for fast reference is in here – 265 labvalues organized into 16 classic categories as well as 12 commonpanels categories with links to Google, Clinilab Navigator, LabTests Online, Medline Plus, and WebMD for more information.Thousands of commonly used abbreviations. More than 400prefixes/suffixes with the meaning, origin language, etymology, andexamples. Vast resources and examples are right at your fingertips,ready for whenever or wherever you might need them, as reminders oras an educational tool.What separates us from the rest of the Lab Values apps? Our appis fully customizable. All of the data contained in 3 in 1 LabReference if fully editable, so go ahead and customize it to suityour needs or add notes to an entry.Look at the indispensable features you get in 3 in 1 LabReference:* Simple and easy to use interface* 3 apps in 1* 265 Lab Reference Values in 16 different categories* "Common Panels" section to look up lab values organized bycommonly ordered lab panels* Labs values are presented in SI or US units* Thousands of medical abbreviations* Over 400 prefixes/suffixes with origin language, etymology, andexamples* Only medical reference app with fully editable data!* Links to important resources including Google, Wikipedia, MedlinePlus, Clinlab Navigator, Lab Tests Online, and WebMD* Recently viewed section, Favorites section, and powerful searchfor fast retrieval of data* The perfect reference tool for healthcare professionals andstudentsLab Value categories include:* Cardiac Labs (12)* Renal Labs (6)* Urinalysis (14)* Electrolytes (19)* Acid/Base Balance (8)* Iron Studies (9)* Pancreatic Disease (5)* Liver Disease (13)* Tumor Markers (9)* Hematology (38)* CSF Analysis (11)* Lipid Panel (8)* Drug Levels (27)* Toxicology (7)* Endocrine Labs (38)* Immunology Labs (23)Common Lab Panels include:* Acute Viral Hepatitis Panel* Arterial Blood Gas* Basic Metabolic Panel* Coagulation Panel* Complete Blood Count* Complete Metabolic Panel* CSF Analysis* Iron Studies* Lipid Panel* Liver Function Tests* Thyroid Function Panel* UrinalysisInformation included for Lab Values includes:* Reference Values (SI and US)* Critical Values* Lab Description* Differential diagnosis for elevated values* Differential diagnosis for low values* Container information* Personal comments* Additional information section with links to Google, ClinilabNavigator, Lab Tests Online, Web MD, Medline Plus, andWikipedia* Related Labs sectionIf you are in the healthcare industry, this app is the one tohelp you heal others and get through your day productively.
Insomnia, or sleeplessness, is a sleep disorder in which there isan inability to fall asleep or to stay asleep as long as desired.App describes the causes, symptoms and treatment options.
Weena is a mobile application for website and helpsthose in need of blood with blood donors using Android phones. Youcan register as blood donor, search for blood donors and getnotified when someone needs your blood donation.
Clinical Case Simulation Tools
A collection of interactive case simulationtools based on New York State Department of Health AIDS Instituteguidelines.
- Medicalcul est un calculateur médicalpermettant de calculer différents scores et formules (clearance dela créatinine, score d'Apgar, surface corporelle brûlée... vouspouvez voir la liste complète sur Une fois installé, lelogiciel vous demande de faire une mise à jour afin de récupérerles données du site Une fois ceci fait,vous pourrez utiliser Medicalcul hors-ligne, sans avoir besoin d'unaccès réseau. Le logiciel vérifie régulièrement la présence demodifications et vous avertit si une mise à jour est disponible,afin que vous puissiez relancer l'importation des fichiers. Afind'économiser les données de votre forfait, vous pouvez choisir defaire la mise à jour lorsque vous disposez d'une connexionWifi._- Il est bien évidemment possible de rajouter des scores ouformules, et vous pouvez me contacter à dessein. Si vous disposezde références bibliographiques pour les nouveautés que voussouhaiteriez voir ajoutées, merci de me les communiquer afin degagner du temps dans mes recherches._- Medicalcul n'est disponible qu'en français. Information spécialepour le Maghreb (Maroc, Algérie, Tunisie) : Selon votre opérateurréseau, il se peut que ayez des difficultés à importer les donnéesdes serveurs, voire que ne puissiez pas du tout les obtenir. Eneffet, une grande partie des fournisseurs Internet du Maghreb sontblacklistés en France pour des problèmes de piratage. Essayez àpartir d'une autre connexion, cela peut marcher, mais l'utilisationde ce logiciel dans ces pays n'est pas garantie.- Les mobiles Samsung sont affectés d'un bug qui fait qu'ils nedisposent pas du point nécessaire pour entrer un nombre décimal surleur clavier. Pour palier ce manque, l'icône de droite de la barrede raccourcis permet d'entrer le point._- Dr P. Mignard, P.H. service Urgences/SMUR, C.H. Marne-la-Vallée(77) -- Medicalcul is a medicalcalculator for calculating different scores and formulas(creatinine clearance, Apgar score, body surface area burned can see the complete list on ). Once installed, thesoftware asks you to do an update to recover data Site Once done, you can use Medicalculoffline, without requiring network access. The softwareperiodically checks for changes and notifies you if an update isavailable, so you can restart the import files. To save the data ofyour package, you can choose to have the update if you have a WiFiconnection._  - It is of course possible to add scores or formulas,and you can contact me on purpose. If you have references for newreleases that you would like added, thank you to communicate to meto save time in my research._  - Medicalcul is available only in French. SpecialInformation for the Maghreb (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia): Dependingon your network operator, it may have trouble importing dataservers or that do not can get them at all. Indeed, much ofInternet Providers Maghreb are blacklisted in France for piracyproblems. Try from another connection, this can work, but the useof this software in those countries is not guaranteed.  - The Samsung mobile is allocated a bug that they lackthe necessary point to enter a decimal number on their keyboard. Toovercome this deficiency, the right icon of the shortcut bar toenter the point._     - Dr. P. Mignard, P. H. EmergencyService / MUG, C. H. Marne-la-Vallée (77) -
Knight Li
养生宝典是一款包含大量养生知识的手机养生软件.1.丰富齐全的分类,包含养生基础、经络养生、体质养生、气功养生、运动养生等等共20个大类,总能找到你想要了解的养生之道.2.中医养生的方法简单明了,容易操作.3.界面简单直观,操作方便.4.这个随手机携带,会给你带来帮助的.Health isa book that contains a large number of health care knowledge phonesoftware.1 rich range of categories, including health foundation, meridianhealth, physical health, Qigong, exercise regimen, and so a totalof 20 categories, can always find what you want to knowregimens.The method of TCM is simple, easy to operate.3 simple and intuitive interface, easy to operate.4 carry this over the phone, give you help.
عالج نفسك بالطب النفسي
تطبيق عربي جديد للطب النفسي اصدار 2015, عالجنفسك بالطب النفسي موسوعة شاملة للطب النفسي والامراض النفسية والثقةفي النفس, الكثير من المواضيع النفسية مرتبة حسب التصنيفات التالية:امراض الاكتئاب و الامراض العصابية والامراض الدهنية والصحة النفسيةللاطفال و الادمان و الاقلاع عن التدخين والمخدرات و الثقة بالنفسوالضغط النفسي والكثير من الامراض النفسية...اضغط على التصنيف المناسب لتجد المراضيع المخصصة له مع امكانية نشرهااو حفظها في المفضلة.التطبيق سهل الاستخدام وبواجهة أنيقة يمكن للجميع الاستفادةمنه.Arabic implementation ofa new psychiatric issue in 2015, Treat yourself psychiatrycomprehensive encyclopedia of Psychiatry mental illness andself-confidence, a lot of psychological topics arranged by thefollowing categories: depression diseases and neurotic illnessesand diseases, fatty and mental health of children and addiction andquit smoking, drugs and confidence self and psychological pressureand a lot of mental illnesses ...Click on the appropriate classification assigned to find him withthe possibility of Almradia published or saved in myfavorites.The application is easy to use and elegant interface that everyonecan benefit from it.