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Shake by LegalShield
Shake Inc
Shake by LegalShield has been featured in theNew York Times, the LA Times, TechCrunch, Forbes, Above The Law,and VentureBeat to name a few.ABOUT SHAKE BY LEGALSHIELD Shake by LegalShield combines thesimplicity of a handshake with the security of a legal contract.The convenience of easy to access online forms with the assuranceof a high-quality, full service law firm. Use Shake by LegalShieldto quickly and easily create, sign and send legally bindingagreements.With a LegalShield membership, you have access to all forms andquestionnaires and you have your LegalShield provider firmavailable to answer any legal questions you may have.STEP 1 - CreateChoose a contract template or upload your own. Enter yourLegalShield membership number to access additional forms. Customizethe document by answering a few easy questions.STEP 2 - SignElectronically sign your agreement on either your smartphone ortablet.STEP 3 - SendSend your agreement to another party/other parties to sign, or ifyou're together, have them sign on-the-spot.STEP 4 – ConsultLegalShield members can consult with their Provider law firm ifthey have any questions about choosing or filling out a form.KEY SHAKE BY LEGALSHIELD FEATURES• Pre-installed library featuring templates for freelancing jobs,NDA's, loaning money, bill-of-sales, and renting/lendingitems.• Additional templates can be added at for free at• Supports both in-person and remote signing options• Receive notifications when agreements are completed• Electronic audit trail for all contracts• Get waivers and releases signed anytime, anywhere• Access the camera to easily add a photo to your model/imagereleases• Use your LegalShield membership to access all forms and consultwith a lawyer on any questions you may haveWHY YOU'LL LOVE CREATING CONTRACTS WITH SHAKE BYLEGALSHIELD• Quick - Create contracts in a matter of seconds.• Simple - Shake agreements are written in plain English.• Convenient- Shake by LegalShield is free! Additional forms andlegal consultations are included with a LegalShield membership.For more information about Shake by LegalShield, please visit Shake by LegalShield - CreateContracts, Legal Documents, NDAs, Releases and moreWhat's New in Version 3.2.0Shake by LegalShield now gives LegalShield members accessto:- Share completed agreements as PDF downloads.- A few minor cosmetic tweaks for a better user experience.
Dr Power energy -Battery saver
Doctor Power Energy (Battery Saver) is thebestbattery saving app which is capable of extending your batterylife.Main features of this battery plus include power saving mode,smartsaving, toggle control, power testing and fast charging ,etc. Neverworry about finding a charger in the middle of the dayagain!We have introduced this application to save battery smartlysothat runs longer than usual and increase life. and has aspecialbattery saving mode option. This mode will extend life whendeviceis switched on .“Memory Boost” is the icon on your menu screen apart fromDoctorPower Energy (Battery Saver) icon. This button helps you tokillunwanted process in one click and make your phone faster.Itreleases RAM from your devices by killing unwanted processes.---------- FEATURES ----------- Task Killer – releases RAM in one click and make yourphonefaster- Widget that improves battery performance with personalizedUIdesign- Very easy and attractive user interface- Indicates how much battery power will be extended if youshutdown WiFi, Bluetooth,etc- battery consumption optimization in just one click- Smart battery save- Charging Maintenance to help keep the charging process safeandhealthy
Send Anywhere (File Transfer)
Estmob Inc.
Send Anywhere: Easy, quick, and unlimitedfile sharing▶ Features• Transfer any file type without altering the original• All you need is a one-time 6-digit key for an easy filetransfer• Wi-Fi Direct: transfer without using data or the Internet• Easy link sharing via all Social Media and Messenger Apps• Reinforced file encryption (256-bit)▶ Wi-Fi Direct- With nearby Android devices, you can use Wi-Fi Direct to sendfiles• WITHOUT using data or an Internet connection• Via a 4-digit key or QR code OR• Send to nearby devices directly via search functionality▶ When to use Send Anywhere!• When moving photos, videos, and music to your PC!• When you need to send large files but you do not have mobile dataor you have difficulty connecting to the internet• Anytime you want to send files in an instant!* While using the application if an issue or error arises, pleaselet us know by clicking “Send Feedback” under Settings-APK File• The copyright of applications sent through Send Anywhere belongto the application’s developer. If sharing an APK file conflictswith current copyright laws then all responsibility falls upon theuser.• Typically, you will not be able to share APK files between OS andAndroid. First check with application’s developer beforecross-platform transfers.Video Files• Depending on the video type received, the video may not be pushedinto the phone’s gallery. In this case, using a file managementapplication will play the video.• If you can’t play the videos received, download a different videoplayer that is compatible with the video format.-To best use Send Anywhere’s convenient file sharing service, we askuser’s permissions listed below• Write External Storage : To store files that are received throughSend Anywhere in external storage (SD Card).• Read External Storage : To send files stored in external storagethrough Send Anywhere.• Access Coarse Location : To find different devices running SendAnywhere are on the same network(This will make nearby sharing alot easier, without using the six-digit key to send files).• Record Audio : To recognize a sound wave and receive files.• Get Accounts : To set default profile name when using SendAnywhere for the first time.• Read Contacts : To send contacts stored in your phone.• Camera : For being able to receive files via a QR Code.
MS-Excel Shortcuts
Application is a compilation of the individual keyboard shortcutsavailable in Excel.If you don't remember Microsoft Excel Commands/Shortcuts, you canuse this App.Note Shortcut keys mentioned in the Help topics, menus, and dialogboxes refer to the U.S. keyboard layout. Keys on other layouts maynot correspond exactly to the keys on a U.S. keyboard. If you areusing a different language keyboard layout from the version ofExcel you are using, you may have to make adjustments when usingshortcut keys.
Merge +
Merge+ helps you easily find & mergeduplicate contacts.With Merge+, you can join duplicate contacts in your Android phone& Tablet with only three clicks:1. LAUNCH Merge+ to find duplicate contacts2. REVIEW merge suggestions and mark who to merge3. MERGE your selected duplicate contacts★ New: Android Wear support! ★★ Use voice command "Start merging" or receive a merge notification(when duplicates are identified)★ View merge suggestions on your Android Wear device★ Select "Merge all" on your Android Wear device or review eachmerge suggestion on your Android deviceNote: Merge+ can also be found as an integrated feature inContacts+. Please make sure that you review all duplicates andbackup your contacts before activating the merge option._____________CONTACT US:We’re always happy to get your feedback and answer any questionsat: info@contactspls.comFacebook:* Using Merge+ is subject to the Terms of Use in this link:
Scanbot - PDF Document Scanner
doo GmbH
Scanbot is the best document to PDF scannerapp and very easy to use. Already 7 million people on Android andiOS use Scanbot to scan their documents, receipts, whiteboards, QRcodes or bar codes. The scanner app already won numerous awards andachieves a satisfaction rating of 98%.HOW IT WORKSSimply hold your smartphone or tablet over a document and Scanbotwill automatically scan it. The scanner app will then crop thedocument and optimize the colors. Save your scan as PDF or JPG withone tap.FEATURE HIGHLIGHTS- PDF documents and JPG- QR Code scanning- Bar Code scanning- Multi-Page scans- Automatic upload- Editing and annotations- OCR text recognition- Full-text searchTHE BEST DOCUMENT SCANNERScanbot scans everything from business cards to whiteboards. Whenyou scan a document, Scanbot makes hundreds of decisions to capturethe document perfectly, crop the document, straighten it and applythe filter.SCAN QR CODESInstantly scan QR codes to save a business card, show a location,open a website or connect to a WiFi network.SUPPORTED CLOUD SERVICES- Dropbox- Google Drive- OneDrive- Box- Evernote- Shoeboxed- Yandex Disk- WebDAV- MagentaCloud- Amazon Cloud Drive- Slack- TodoistWORK WITH DOCUMENTSEasily work with your PDFs after you have scanned them. Highlighttext, add notes, draw on the scanned pages or add your signature.Scanbot features all annotation tools you need to edit your scans.Existing scans can also be easily modified and corrected by moving,deleting or adding pages.EDUCATIONScanbot is the perfect tool to manage all your documents in schoolor university. Learn all about it here: IN TOUCHScanbot has a 98% satisfaction rating for its support. We reallylove to hear from you. So if you have any questions or feedbackplease contact us directly in the app (Settings, scroll down andtap on Support) or via We will get back to youas fast as possible.Plus us on Google+: us on Twitter: us on Facebook: more: https://scanbot.ioPERMISSIONSScanbot (optionally) uses permissions for your calendar andlocation to provide you with intelligent names like „Scan from»Planning Meeting« at »Tech Advisory Partners Office«“.Please note that we need access to your contact details to restoreprevious purchases.More details on our FAQ page and in ourprivacy policy
NFC TagWriter by NXP
The NFC TagWriter by NXP stores contacts,bookmarks, geo location, Bluetooth Handover, SMS, Mail, textmessages and many more to any NFC-enabled tags as well as to itemslike posters, business cards, watches and many more containingNFC-enabled electronics. Once data has been stored the applicationallows also reading and viewing the programmed data includingoptions to launch applications automatically based on the containeddata.NOTE: Installing TagWriter on a non-NFC enabled phone is enablednow but it does of course not allow you to actually program tags.Anyhow, you can now prepare NFC data sets e.g. on a large screendevice and then share them with an NFC enabled handset to actuallymake use of them. Besides that you can catch a pre-view on what youcould do with a handset supporting NFC.Please contact us at if you have problems.We will continue our efforts to add new features for your benefitsand we work hard to provide a feature rich application ahead ofother apps available in the market.Advanced Features: Features:- Extended support for NXP NTAG 21x Tags – UID mirror, CounterMirror and Password Feature- WiFi Pairing for handsets supporting this feature- Bluetooth pairing for all NFC enabled Android versions- Application launching with optional data handover- Easily create tag content from your contacts and bookmarks- Create new content with the included NFC data set editor- Convert QR Codes into NFC data sets- View the existing contents of a tag- Export, import and share NFC data sets- Manage your own history of tags viewed and written- Tap to Launch feature to execute content of NFC tags with asimple tap- Backup the contents of a tag before writing it- Erase the contents of a tag- Insert increasing counter values when writing NFC data sets- Write-protect a tag- Write multiple tags in sequence- Write multiple Datasets in CSV format on multiple tags insequenceSemicolon separator: separator: to the creation and storing of NFC data sets the NFC TagWriterby NXP also allows to automatically launching applications based onthe data read from NFC-enabled tags and items containingNFC-enabled electronics.The following NFC data sets are supported to launchapplications:- Contact (vCard) to import data into the address book(Contacts)- Bookmarks (URL) to open a given web address- Plain text to display simple messages directly on thescreen- SMS (SMS URI) to create a new message- Mail (Mail URI) to create a new mail message- Telephone number (TEL URI) to start a call- Bluetooth to pair and connect devices- WiFi to connect to WiFi Networks- Geo location to open a given destination- File URI to open a fileon the device, including file picker UI- URI to create any kind of URI, also those not directly supportedby the NXP TagWriterIt supports a series of configuration options adapting theapplication to your own needs and preferences.The application fully supports the NFC Forum Type 1 Tag, Type 2Tag, Type 3 Tag as well as Type 4 Tag portfolio. This includes awhole range of NXP and third party NFC-enabled contactless ICproducts like MIFARE Ultralight, MIFARE Classic, MIFARE DESFire,NTAG 21x, NTAG I2C, ICODE SLI & many others.TagWriter supportsany NDEF pre-formatted tags for all NDEF operations but formatingto NDEF feature is limited only to NXP Tags.Please help us to improve and provide “crash report” and/or contactus via This helps us to detect, analyze andprovide fix for the ICs that have not been verified to work and somay cause problems or unexpected behavior on use.
QS Add-On: Samsung
THIS APP IS AN ADD-ON TO THE TeamViewerQuickSupport APPPlease do not download this app by itself. On supported devices,this Add-On will be available for download through “TeamViewerQuickSupport” automatically.
Auris Mobile 3
Auris Mobile es una aplicación móvilquepermite la gestión de ordenes de trabajo en terreno de tu equipodetrabajo. Todo coordinado desde un sistema central.Auris Mobile permite:- Creación de formularios personalizables- Generación de Ordenes de Trabajo en terreno- Monitoreo Georefenciado del personal en terreno- Operación Offline sincronizada hacia un servidor central- Integración con sistemas legados de la empresaSi deseas probar Auris Mobile visitanos enwww.aurismobile.clAuris Mobile is amobileapplication that allows order management fieldwork your team.Allcoordinated from a central system.Auris Mobile allows:- Create customizable forms- Work Order Generation field- Monitoring of field workers Georefenciado- Offline Operation synchronized to a central server- Integration with legacy systems companyIf you want to try Auris Mobile visit
Memory Booster - RAM Optimizer
Memory Booster aims at enhancing system speedby resolving memory issues on Android devices with★ Real-time RAM usage★ Speed Booster(Original Task Killer)★ [NEW]Startup Boost★ Cache Cleaner★ Garbage Collector★ Auto Boost (in pro version)★ Whitelist/Ignore list★ System infoSupported languages: English, Korean, Japanese, TraditionalChinese, Simplified Chinese, Italian, French, Russian, Spanish,German, Turkish, Polish, Arabic, Greek, Indonesian, Slovak,AlbanianMemory level status and memory usage graphFree memory level is the main factor that affects how fast systemruns. Memory Booster shows you real-time free memory level, andprovides a live chart to demonstrate how memory changes.One-tap Quick BoostQuick Boost recovers memory by killing running tasks, cleaningcache and system garbage. It rescues your phone from running slowand behaving abnormal in no time.Speed Boost - the Optimized Task KillerRunning apps keeps restarting themselves after being killed. Toresolve this issue, Speed Boost provides a Super Boost feature tostop most running apps from restarting by using Accessibilityfeature in system settings.Startup BoostSome apps automatically start themselves when device reboots.Startup Boost shows all these apps and helps to prevent them fromauto-starts.Customizable Auto Boost FeaturesTo make memory boosting easier, Auto Boost can be set at differentboost levels (General, Optimum and Ultimate boost) with multipleboost strategies: auto boost at regular interval, or when memorydrops down to a certain level or when device is locked.Whitelist Manager/Ignore ListWhitelist Manager protects fatal system processes from beingkilled. And it allows you to add favorite apps or removeunnecessary apps from the list.Homescreen widgets, shortcuts and status bar icon(optional)Homescreen widgets, shortcuts and status bar icon provide memoryinfo and boosting options outside the main app. With these,monitoring and handling memory issue becomes easy and handy.Facebook:
Unlock & Win! by Perk
Win points, tokens, and prizes by unlockingyour phone! Discover new brands, products, apps and designsdelivered right to your screen! Simply swipe left or right for achance to win. Every time you unlock your phone, you couldwin!Perk is the #1 Mobile Rewards Program with more rewards, more appsand more giveaways than anyone!✔ Free to Join✔ 100’s of Gift Cards from Amazon, Walmart, Gap, Starbucks, Target,and many more✔ Unlimited airline miles from Delta, US Airways, Alaska Airlinesand others✔ Donate to over 1,000 charities including Autism Speaks, WoundedWarrior Project, American Cancer Society and more✔ Tablets, Headphones, Laptops, Pecan Pies (yes, pies!) and othergoodiesPerk members can enter daily, weekly and monthly giveaways withPerk Sweepstakes!Need help? Got a suggestion? We would love to hear from you! Youcan reach Perk support at support@perk.comVisit PerkFacebook:
Easy Uninstaller App Uninstall
Easy & Fast & Handy uninstall tool forandroid, remove apps by several taps. Clean up storage and free upmore spaces.■ Feature-----------------------------• App remove• Batch uninstall• AntiVirus - Virus Scan (Trustlook Supported)• Battery Usage Tracking• App Usage Tracking• Batch uninstall• Fast uninstall by one click• List all installed apps• Show app name,version,update time,size• Search app by name• Various sort mode• App share• Launch app• Cached app list• Search in Google Market• Support Android 1.6-4.x• Support App2SD• Uninstall History (Recycle Bin)• Uninstall Reminder■ Description-----------------------------Easy Uninstaller is a tool to uninstall apps for android phones. Itis quite easy to use, you can select multiple apps that you want touninstall, and click "Uninstall Selected Apps" button to uninstallthem.Easy Uninstaller also supports app search & sort. Type keywordin the textbox on the top to search the app that you want touninstall. Click "Menu"->"Sort" to sort the apps in many sorttypes.Long press specified app, a context menu will pop up and providemore options. You can view app details by clicking "ApplicationDetails". You can share apps by clicking "Share", and you cansearch the app in the Google market by clicking "Search in GoogleMarket".Easy Uninstaller cannot uninstall pre-loaded or pre-installed appsin the system because it is limited by the system mechanism.■ FAQ-----------------------------Q: How to uninstall android app?Check the apps that you want to uninstall, then tap the uninstallbutton.Q: Why can't it list pre-loaded apps?A: Pre-loaded apps cannot be uninstalled, only if your phone isrooted, you can search "root uninstall" in Google market.Q: Why are some apps not on the list?A: Try to click "Menu"->"Refresh" to clean the cache and re-loadthe app list.Q: Why can't I close the app?A: The notification bar icon is used for quick start of the app. Ifyou don't want the notification bar icon shown after you exit theapp, you can just disable it in the settings. Click"Menu"->"Setting", uncheck the "Notification Bar Icon"checkbox.
OneSync v1
====This is the legacy version of OneSync. New users should installthe new OneSync v2 app. OneSync v1 will stay in Google Playand will get bug fixes. If you are satisfied with v1, you don'thave to switch to OneSync v2.====OneSync lets you automatically sync and share files and folderswith Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage and with your other trusteddevices. Sync and share any files! Photos, videos, documents, PDF,MP3, ebooks, backups,...New files in your device are instantly uploaded to OneDrive. Newfiles in OneDrive are automatically downloaded into your device. Ifyou delete a file on one side, it will be deleted on the otherside. It works across multiple devices (your phone and yourtablet). If their folders are synced with the same OneDriveaccount, they will be kept in sync with each other.
Naver Calendar
* An updated version of ‘NAVER Calendar’- A simpler and refreshing design.- View schedule in a view-type of your choice- Experience an easier registration feature for schedule, to-do andanniversary- 700 free stickers.- Weather information and more.※ Updated Calendar app (v.3.3.3) is available in Android OS 4.0 andafter. * Schedule management never stops wherever I am.A smarter NAVER Calendar app, ensures you not to forget importantschedule with pre-alerts, not to mention appointment, holiday andlunar calendar management!Lose yourself in the fun of decorating your calendar with cuddlystickers but never lose important appointment! Check the scheduleregistered on PC even on your mobile and input new schedules andappointment on the go.[Key Features]1. Schedule, anniversary and to-do, managing all at once!Easily manage your daily to-dos, let alone the schedules that youneed to keep track of. Don’t be stressed out about confusing lunarcalendar anniversary that changes every year. Leave everything upto NAVER Calendar!2. Alerts that ring at the right time & momentRegister easily-forgettable anniversaries to your calendar and itwill help you to keep track of lunar calendar anniversaries on theright day.3. Single touch to compose schedule!Tap and hold dates on ‘View by month’ to register schedule, to-doand anniversary.4. View schedules in a view-type of your choiceFix your schedule to a ‘list-view’ to have a big picture of yourentire schedule and ‘time-view’ when you wish to manage yourschedule per time.5. Shifting calendarSwipe vertically in calendar to move to a desired month. If youalso want to check the last and first day of the month, swipe tomove without detaching your fingers from the screen.6. Exciting stickers and category settingYou can categorize each schedule/ anniversary type with differentcolors for a convenient use and give uniqueness to your schedulewith various stickers.As many as 700 stickers are provided to you for an ultimateexcitement of decoration.7. Check schedules right away through Widget on your phoneWith today/calendar/list/to-do type Widget, you can simply checkevery day schedules even on your smartphone. .Adjust transparency and select among 6 different styles ofWidget.8. Weather informationCheck weekly weather forecast in monthly view and see currentweather condition in daily view.9. Manage to-dos simply with checklistSwipe to right to handle a to-do as completed and left to delete!You can easily create to-do group as well!10. AnniversaryDon’t forget approaching anniversary with D-day. Your everyday willbecome more special.11. Managing together: shared calendarYou can co-manage your calendar with members including yourfriends, lover, family members and colleagues by sharing.12. Time-tableTime table is a must-have item for students and moms. Have yourtime table on Widget and view schedule all at a glance.13. Easy-sync with other calendarsYou can simply import schedules in default calendar of your phonewith a single click.14. Import Facebook friend’s birthdayCheck the birthdays and anniversaries of your family and friends on‘Anniversary’ tab and send congratulatory message!15. Support different time zonesWhen you are abroad or scheduling with friends in overseas, you cansimply adjust the time zone to register the schedule.■ Permission details- Calendar: You can import events saved in the device and save themto NAVER Calendar.- Location: Depending on your current location, you can use theweather function at monthly view and weekly view.- Phone: You can make a call to invitees.- SMS: You can send SMS to invitees.- Storage: You can save the attached file to Events or screenshotthe Timetable.Should you face any problem or inquiries while using the app,please contact NAVER Calendar Customer Service Center(
Jimdo - Create Your Website
Jimdo GmbH
Build your own website with the Jimdo websitebuilder for Android! With the Jimdo app you can create a freewebsite, blog, or store—no coding or technical skills required.Just use the app to edit your website anywhere and from any device:mobile, tablet, or desktop.More than 15 million websites have already been created withJimdo’s do-it-yourself website builder. Just sign up and create anew website directly from the app. This is the fastest and easiestway to get your new site online: select a template, enter a webaddress, add texts and images—done! All Jimdo websites areoptimized for mobile devices and look great on a desktop aswell.Jimdo app features include: editing store orders, search engineoptimization, adding a contact form and more.With Jimdo for Android, you can:Edit your site structure:Edit your site’s navigation and create new pages. You can alsohide, rename, rearrange, and delete pages within the app.Add content for your website:Create a gallery, add text, call-to-action buttons, or videos. Takea photo with your smartphone or tablet and upload it directly onyour website. Insert individual photos or create a gallery withmultiple images. Then edit and crop images directly in the Jimdoapp.Check the statistics of your website:As a JimdoPro or JimdoBusiness customer, you can see the mostimportant statistics for your website directly from your Androiddevice—like visitors, page views, and more.Experience a responsive design on every device:The design of your Jimdo website is responsive and automaticallyoptimized for smartphones, tablets, and desktops.Create, edit, and publish blog posts:Write and publish blog posts by creating text, photos, or gallerieson your mobile device or tablet. Add categories to your posts,choose which posts to display on different parts of your website,then share them.Manage your store:View the list of orders and order archives. Mark orders as paid /delivered, add notes, and keep up-to-date with new orders via pushnotifications.We are constantly updating our Jimdo app and will regularly add newfeatures. We look forward to your website!Feedback:Do you have any ideas or suggestions to improve our app? Feel freeto write us an email at Thank you foryour support!Stay informed: The Jimdo blog gives you all the news and tips onyour website: Terms of Business: Policy:
Easy Emoji Keybord - Lollipop
Easy Keyboard is a free, rich emoji Keyboard. It helps you inputEmoji icons in everywhere such as email, twitter, sms, facebook,whatsapp together with gesture typing English keyboard which makeinput Emoji more convenience.Highlights:- fast and smooth!- Input emoji in any everywhere such as email, twitter, sms,facebook, whatsapp- Full Emoji, Smiley,Emoticon and text face display- Multiple themes support - Lollipop, Kitkat and even IOSiphone keyboard theme, ios7 keyboard theme, KitKat keyboardtheme- Gesture Typing with dynamic floating preview- Voice Typing- Next word suggestions and current word completions- Support all Kitkat keyboard feature
Můj Vodafone
Aplikace Můj Vodafone vám umožní jednoduchýpřístup k vašemu účtu. Stačí se přihlásit svým telefonním číslem aheslem a informace máte jak na dlani.**Vítěz ankety Aplikace roku 2014 a 2016 v kategorii Klientskýservis a absolutní vítěz roku 2016**Tato aplikace není určena pro OneNet, zákazníci s OneNet řešením simohou nainstalovat aplikaci OneNet CZ na Aplikaci najdete:Můj Tarif - informace o tarifuChytrý přehled - informace o útratě za služby VodafonuČerpání minut, SMS a dat - informace o čerpání hlasového, SMS adatového balíčkuVyúčtování a Informace o kreditu - posledních šest Vyúčtování ajejich stav včetně přehledného grafu, stažení Vyúčtování v PDF(tarifní zákazník), výše kreditu a jeho platnost (zákazník spředplacenou kartou)Detail Vyúčtování - podrobnosti o posledních šesti Vyúčtováníjednoduše a přehledně (tarifní zakazník)Možnost platby Vyúčtování nebo dobití kreditu platební kartouSpráva více telefonních čísel bez nutnosti odhlašování a zobrazeníjména v menu Správy více SIM (u uživatelů s více SIM na jednomzákaznickém účtu)Možnost přidání widgetu s čerpáním volných jednotek (tarifnízákazník) a základních informací o kreditu (zákazník s předplacenoukartou) na plochu telefonu (aplikace musí být nainstalována vtelefonu, nikoli na paměťové kartě)Aktualizace widgetu probíhá ručně nebo automaticky - lze změnit vNastaveníRuční aktualizace - volba se zpřístupní vždy po určité době poposlední aktualizaci. Jakmile je možné widget znovu aktualizovat,naskočí místo zelené fajfky dvě zatočené šipky.Automatická aktualizace - widget se automaticky aktualizujeněkolikrát během dneMoje zprávy - zprávy o všem důležitém z Vodafonu. Nové služby,speciální nabídky, soutěže nebo rady (pouze v české verzi)Moje požadavky - přehled řešení požadavků na vašem telefonním čísles předpokládaným datem vyřešení (pouze v české verzi)Seznam prodejen Vodafone - vyhledání konkrétní prodejny na mapě,kontaktní údaje a seznam všech prodejenRoamingová kalkulačka - výpočet útraty za používání mobilníhotelefonu v zahraničíCentrum péče - nejčastější dotazy a témata, vyhledání odpovědi navše, co se týká služeb Vodafone (pouze v české verzi)Dobití kreditu kupónem - možnost navýšení kreditu pomocí dobíjecíhokupónuInformace o smlouvě (pro nefiremní tarifní zákazníky) - zobrazeníměsíčního plnění v aktuálním účtovacím období, informace o trvánísmlouvy a historie Minimálního měsíčního plnění, přehled o VodafonesplátkáchMožnost nákupu nové SIM nebo zařízení přímo v aplikaci (pouze včeské verzi)Mapa pokrytí - vždy víte, kde se připojíte k našemu 4G LTEinternetuVylepšování sítě funkcí NetPerform - pro více detailů navštivtestránku to nejdůležitější nakonec - aplikace Můj Vodafone je zcela zdarmav České republice i v zahraničí. Při jejím používání ani nečerpátedata ze svého internetového balíčku.K čemu potřebuje aplikace konkrétní oprávnění:Úložiště (úprava/smazání obsahu na kartě SD) – ukládání dataplikace do telefonu nebo na paměťovou kartuVaše poloha – určení polohy pro nalezení nejbližších prodejenVodafonuSíťová komunikace (přístup k internetu) – načtení aktuálních dat zesystémů VodafonuSíťová komunikace (zobrazení stavu sítě) – umožnění aktualizacewidgetuSíťová komunikace (zobrazení stavu Wi-Fi) – vylepšování sítě funkcíNetPerformVaše účty (konfigurace služeb Google) – přístup k internetovýmslužbám Google (např. mapy)Systémové nástroje (automaticky spustí po spuštění) - vylepšovánísítě funkcí NetPerformSystémové nástroje (načíst spuštěné aplikace, zabránit telefonu vpřepnutí do režimu spánku) - vylepšování sítě funkcíNetPerformOsobní informace (číst citlivá data protokolu) - vylepšování sítěfunkcí NetPerformTelefonní hovory (číst stav a ID telefonu) - vylepšování sítěfunkcí NetPerformFotoaparát - možnost načtení čísla SIM karty fotoaparátem přiaktivaci LTE SIM kartyThe My Vodafone willallow you easy access to your account. Simply log in with yourphone number and password information as you have on hand.** Winner of applications in 2014 and 2016 in the category ofclient service and overall winner 2016 **This application is not intended for OneNet customers with OneNetsolution can install the application on OneNet CZ application includes:My fare - fare informationSmart overview - information on spending for servicesVodafonePumping minutes, SMS and data - information on the utilization ofvoice, SMS and data bundleBilling and credit information - the last six bills and theirstatus, including a clear chart, download the PDF bill (postpaidcustomer), the amount of credit and its validity (prepaidcustomers)Bill Detail - details of last six Bills simply and clearly(postpaid customers)Bills payment option or recharge credit cardManaging multiple phone numbers without checking and displaying thenames of the menu managing multiple SIM (for users with multipleSIM on one customer account)The possibility of adding a widget to the drawing vacant units(postpaid customer) and basic information on credit (prepaidcustomers) on the desktop phone (application must be installed onyour phone, not memory card)Widget to update occurs automatically or manually - You can changethe settingsManual updates - the choice is always made available some timeafter the last update. Once the widget can be updated again, jumpsinstead of a green checkmark two curved arrows.Automatic updates - widget is automatically updated several times adayMy reports - reports on everything from Vodafone. New services,special offers, competitions or advice (only in Czechversion)My requirements - overview addressing the requirements of yourtelephone number to resolve the expected date (only in Czechversion)List Vodafone stores - find a particular shop on the map, contactinformation and a list of all storesRoaming Calculator - calculation of spending for using a mobilephone abroadCare center - frequently asked questions and topics, find answersto everything that concerns the service Vodafone (only in Czechversion)Recharge coupon - the possibility of increasing credit recharge viacouponInformation on the contract (for non-business contract customers) -the monthly payment in the current billing period, information onthe duration of the contract and the minimum monthly paymenthistory, an overview of the Vodafone installmentsThe possibility of buying a new SIM or device directly in theapplication (only in Czech version)Map coverage - you always know where you join our 4G LTEInternetImproving network functions NetPerform - for more details visit the most important thing - My Vodafone app is completely freein the Czech Republic and abroad. When it is used or not receivingdata from your internet package.What specific application needs permissions:Storage (edit / delete content on the SD card) - storingapplication data to your phone or memory cardYour location - locating to find the nearest stores VodafoneNetwork communication (Internet access) - retrieve the actual datafrom VodafoneNetwork communication (display status) - allowing the widget toupdateNetwork communication (view Wi-Fi) - improving network functionsNetPerformYour accounts (Google service configuration) - Internet accessGoogle services (eg. Maps)System tools (automatically start after start) - improving networkfunctions NetPerformSystem tools (retrieve running applications, prevent phone goesinto sleep mode) - improving network functions NetPerformPersonal information (read sensitive log data) - improving networkfunctions NetPerformPhone calls (read phone status and ID) - improving networkfunctions NetPerformCamera - possibility to read the SIM card number when activatingthe camera LTE SIM card
BIMx - BIM eXplorer
Graphisoft SE
GRAPHISOFT’s mobile BIM communication tool,BIMx, is the ultimate BIM project communication app. It featuresthe 'BIMx Hyper-model', a unique technology for navigating theintegrated drawing sheet and 3D building model, and for displayingbuilding component information. The BIMx Hyper-model offersextremely smooth handling and outstanding performance, even forprojects with complex 3D models and extensive 2D documentation.BIMx allows project stakeholders to access the completeconstruction documentation of buildings with the tap of a finger -even on the job site.If you are an architect using ARCHICAD, BIMx is the perfect tool topresent and/or share your designs with clients and contractors. Inaddition to making the entire workflow virtually hassle-free, BIMxwill save you considerable money and the misery that comes withprinting plans. You can unlock the additional BIMx PROfunctionality for all of your current and future projects in onestep – all for the price of printing one complete documentationset. If you are not an architect but are involved in a constructionproject, just ask your architect to share the project’s BIMxHyper-model to your mobile device.Features include:- BIMx Hyper-model- Superfast 2D documentation viewer- Fly & Walk mode- Gravity & Egress recognition- Hyperlinked 2D & 3D- Access to any building component-related BIM information- Real-time 3D cutaway- Trace 2D drawings on 3D- Photo-realistic mode- Stereo 3D mode- Google Cloud Print support*- Finger controls (zoom, pan, rotate)- Option to access a Hyper-model element from outside of theapp*- Location feedback during navigation- Google Cardboard VR support on phones* Note: To access this additional productivity feature of the BIMxapp, you must purchase the 'BIMx PRO' function pack which isavailable as an in-app billing option inside the app. With BIMxPRO, you will gain access to these features of all yourprojects.You can explore the advanced features of BIMx PRO for free eitheron the built-in demo model or on the model featured under thefollowing link:
Groups & Pages Manager
*********************** PLEASE READ**************************This is a a bit buggy app, try it :)If it works for you, great!if not, Soooorryyy :(We are working on a new stable version with many morefeatures!**********************************************************************Feeling tired of posting the same thing over and over onFacebook? Wished you had an easier way? You got it!*With GPM (Auto Post) you can post to all of your groups (youreadmin of) on Facebook at once !*Select how many posts and how much time between posts !*Use GPM (Auto Post) to advertised and sell products on Facebook!*Create as many posts as you want !*Edit and cancel posts !*AutoPost (Auto Post) and forget about it ! GPM (Auto Post) willnotify you about everything !*Simple and quick interface, smooth experience!*Choose you Facebook groups pages (youre admin of) or feed, writeyour post, choose details and post It ! (Auto Post)Tags: auto posting, Autopost,post,facebook,pages,groups,autopost,postauto,manager,gpm
Turbo Editor ( Text Editor )
Simple, Powerful and Open Source Text Editor for Android. Builtfollowing the latest Android Guidelines to make the experience themost intuitive on the Store, also on Tablets!REVIEWS∙ Turbo Editor Supercharges Your Device’s Text EditingFunctionality- XDA∙ Turbo Editor Is a Powerful Text Editor With SyntaxHighlighting-∙ Turbo Editor gives file editing a much needed boost-∙ Turbo Editor App Fits Your Text Editing Functionality onSmartphone and Tablet-∙ Mächtiger Text Editor für Android im Material Design-∙ Turbo File Editor für Android bietet Syntax-Highlighting undmehr-∙ App Turbo Editor promete otimizar a edição de arquivos noAndroid-∙ Turbo Editor: Um dos melhores editores de código paraAndroid- FEATURES★ Completely Open Source text editor★ Super cool theme with Material Icons★ Optimized for both Smartphones and Tablets★ Support for every type of text files★ Root features★ Syntax Highlight for HTML, XHTML, CSS, LESS, JS, PHP, PYTHON andmany other languages★ Support for Undo & Redo★ Go To Line★ Line Numbers★ The Encoding is Auto-Detected but you can also edit it★ Option to wrap the content if text is too large★ Auto save mode to save files as you leave the application★ Read only mode★ Create files and folders a inside the app★ Search files and folders★ View the result on a web browser★ Markdown Viewer integrated★ Translated in many languages (a special thanks to all thetranslators!)★ Movable on the SD card★ Samsung Multiview supportAnd much more!CONTRIBUTE∙ Report an Issue on the Github page∙ Translate the App∙ Be a part of the Turbo Text Editor community∙ Do you like the app? Please comment and share on Twitter,Google Plus or wherever you like. Thanks!FOLLOW US∙ Me on Google Plus∙ Me on Twitter∙ Maskyn on Google Plus∙ Maskyn on Twitter USEFUL LINKS∙ XDA-Developers thread∙ Reddit
Wunderlist: To-Do List & Tasks
Wunderlist helps millions of people around theworld capture their ideas, things to do and places to see. Whetheryou’re sharing a grocery list with a loved one, working on aproject, or planning a vacation, Wunderlist makes it easy to shareyour lists and collaborate with everyone in your life. Wunderlistinstantly syncs between your phone, tablet and computer, so you canaccess your lists from anywhere.“The best to-do list app.” - The VergeWunderlist has also been featured in The New York Times,Lifehacker, TechCrunch, CNET, The Guardian, Wired, and Vanity Fair,just to name a few.Key Wunderlist Features:• Create all the lists you need and access them from your phone,tablet and computer• Easily share lists and collaborate with family, friends andcolleagues• Start conversations about your to-dos• Attach photos, PDFs, presentations and more• Share the work and delegate to-dos• Setting a Reminder ensures you never forget important deadlines(or birthday gifts) ever again• Organize your projects for home, work and everywhere in betweenwith FoldersWunderlist is free to download and use. Wunderlist Pro upgradesyour experience and gives you unlimited access to Files, Assigningand Subtasks to help you accomplish even more for $4.99 a monththrough an in-app purchase.Our Terms of Use: Privacy Policy: more about Wunderlist at
Digify: Self-Destructing Files
Digify Inc
Secure file sharing for professionals andbusinesses. Retain control and gain insight over sent files onmobile, desktop or on the web.Winner of the RSA Innovation Sandbox and numerous other awards,Digify provides simple controls to copy-protect, encrypt, andrestrict access to your files, then track and self-destruct themafter sending.Features include:• Copy protection - Prevent files from being copied, printedor downloaded• Authentication - Make sure only the right people can seeyour images.• Self-Destruct - Set a timer for sent files to bedestroyed• Watermarking - Uniquely identify every copy you send outby overlaying the recipient’s email address • onto yourdocuments.• Passkey Encryption - Encrypt files with a passkey of yourchoosing• File Tracking - Know when someone has viewed your filesand for how long• Screenshot Protection - Use the full extent of Digifyprotection to prevent screenshots from being taken• Connectivity - Seamless sharing from Dropbox, Box andGoogle DriveDigify is free to use, with an upgradable subscription plan forextended functionality including greater storage space, DWG supportand multi-file uploads.“Digify demonstrated it was the most innovative by highlightinga simple and inexpensive way to address a recurring challenge ofcontrolling and protecting ideas and information.”- Herbert Thompson, head judge, RSAC 2014.“Sometimes you'd like to share a file without actually lettingsomeone else have access to it permanently. Digify steps up,letting you give others temporary access to files–including thosein Dropbox–that automatically expires.”- Eric Ravenscraft, Lifehacker
To Do Reminder with Alarm
To Do Reminder- “Make life easier”No Stress, Feel Relaxed. It will remind youeverything!!Memory like a sieve? Now there’s no need to remember all thosethings that you have to do, because To Do Reminder will do that foryou! It’s quick and easy to use; you can set a task in the reminderlist in mere seconds. It's a best reminder app with alarm.App can helps you to remind - Daily Todo Tasks, Meetings, Homeworkand Assignments, Business Appointments, Taking Medication/Pills,Paying Bills, Policy renewals, Important Calls, Birthdays,Anniversaries and many more.It has following key features- Easy and quick to set reminders.- Customise your reminder in your own way with repeat optionsminute, hour, daily, weekly, monthly, weekdays, yearly.- Can set in-advance alerts for Reminders.- Can choose reminder alert as Notification or Alarm.- It will remind you with alarm notification with your favouritesound.- With Speech-to-Text, no need to type to create an Reminder.- Can smartly handle your reminder notification in case of DrivingCar etc for your safe drive.- Synchronise birthdays and anniversaries of your friends fromFacebook, Phonebook, Google Calendar, or add them manually.- Post birthday wishes with lovely cards on your friends Facebookwall or send them Wishes by Gmail, SMS, WhatsApp.- With Backup & Restore, you can save all your reminders toSDCard, as mail attachments or upload to Drive.- You can see all reminder notes on home screen using appwidget.- Can choose Day or Night theme for good visibility.Important Note - Please make sure that you don't prevent thealarms from working with a battery saver app, a task killer app.These apps always have an option like "Ignore list" or "whiteList".You have to add app into it to allow app to work. Why does the app ask permissions to access personaldata?Contact access - It allow the app to sync birthdays from phonebookand show that on Birthdays screenPhotos / Media / Files- It allow the app to take backup or restorethe tasks and birthdays.Got a question or suggestion? Just email us, and we will be happyto help.YOU CAN HELP! BY* Give Rating and comment on Google Play.* Like us onFacebook* Join us on Google+page* Share and join on Facebook, Google+ or twitter using thislink will keep us motivated to work on new features.You can contactwith us at support@todoreminder.comThanks :)
Maestre Manteca
Maestre Manteca APP es una aplicacióndondepodrás conocer de una forma diferente y novedosa todosnuestraempresa por dentro.Además podrás pedirnos presupuesto sin ningún compromiso,recibirinformación y ver todos nuestros trabajos, aprovecharte denuestraspromociones, conocer nuestras redes sociales y muchomás.Maestre Manteca APP isanapplication where you can meet a different and novel way allourcompany inside.You can also ask for a budget without obligation, toreceiveinformation and to see all our work, take advantage ofourpromotions, meet our social networks and more.
GT Trash - RecycleBin,Undelete
GT Trash is a good tool for smart phones withAndroid system to recover accidentally deleted data quickly,completely eliminating the need to constantly backup yourdata.GT Trash works just like the recycle bin on your mac, linux orwindows desktop computer. Besides, data recovery is provided torecover data which are deleted before trash installed.If you have any questions or suggestions when using GT Trash,please feel free to tell us:Email: help@bihu.mobiForums:• Save deleted files in the trash, you can recover them anytime youwant.• Data recovery is provided to recover deleted images, videos,audio, documents, SMS, contacts and more even through they were notin the trash.• Uninstall apps, including user apps and system apps.• You can erase deleted data to protect your privacy.• Preview images, videos, audio and archives before they arerecovered.• Sort and search recovered files.• No network connection, safe and easy to use.• No need to root your phone, if your phone has been rooted, youcan enjoy a better experience.
Battery Power Saver
Battery Power Saver is one of the bestbatterysaver app which saves battery life by reducingresourceconsumption. Best part, this is free.Highlights are:* Smart : Depends on mode, it help save power by reducingbatteryusage at different unwanted places.* Simple : Very simple to configure and start using.* Effective : This is really effective in giving your phonerealpower.
WiFi Barcode Scanner
Barcode Automator turns your smartphone intoawireless barcode reader.Thanks to this App your smartphone becomes a remotebarcodereader.This app is targeted to developers, as it enables you to quicklyandseamlessly integrate barcode reading with other components,such as:web services, CMSs, desktop applications, ...You will be able to create action chains that users'smartphoneswill execute, for example reading a barcode,interrogating a webservice using the previously read data, openinga web page.Would you like to read barcode sequences and send data tomultipleweb servers? No problem: with this app it's you, thedeveloper, whodecides what the users' smartphones will do.It supports various transmission protocols such as TCP/IPsocket,WebSocket and GET and POST call.Supported languages:EnglishItalian
Mention is used by more than 200,000professionals to manage their online presence.Create alerts on your company name, your brand, your competitor, beupdated in real-time about the most relevant mentions over the weband react, get statistics, collaborate with your teams aroundthem.

- Media and social media monitoring: Monitor in real-timemillions of different sources not to miss anything mentioning yourkeywords
- Anti-noise management: Turn on our smart anti-noise technology,sentiment analysis and priority inbox not to waste time with thenoise.
- Smart actions: Connect your social accounts and react to anymention the smart way. Retweet a tweet that mentions you, share onfacebook any positive article about your company 
- Team working: Share your alerts, assign tasks to the mostrelevant person in your team and manage the activity ofeveryone.
- Customized stats: Analyze your online presence and the impact ofyour actions to finally make your communication data-driven.

Choose the plan that fits your need, get a 14 days of free trialand start changing the way you manage your online presence.