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Zueiras - Imagem, Vídeo e GIF
7 Mobile
Aqui você encontra:• Muitas imagens engraçadas;• As melhores imagens para Whatsapp!• Muitos vídeos engraçados para você rir muito e compartilhar noseu Whatsapp :)• GIFs e animações hilários para Whatsapp.Eles estão aqui no aplicativo Zueiras. O Brasil inteiro está usandoe rindo junto.Os vídeos e imagens engraçadas chegam primeiro aqui noZueiras.Faça o seu grupo no Whatsapp rir com as imagens e vídeos maisengraçadas do momento.O Zueiras é atualizado diariamente com imagens engraçadas e vídeospara Whatsapp sobre temas atuais.O aplicativo Zueiras conta com milhares de vídeos e imagensengraçadas para Whatsapp com piadas e muita zoação.Vídeos engraçados para baixar e compartilhar. O Zueiras vai fazer oseu Whatsapp bombar!Imagens engraçadas para compartilhar no seu grupo!GIFs para Whatsapp que farão todo mundo rir muito!Você fará muito sucesso em seus grupos e conversas.Compartilhe várias Zueiras com seus amigos.Envie suas Zueiras para que o Brasil todo compartilhe.Este aplicativo permite o compartilhamento de vídeos e imagens nasprincipais redes sociais disponíveis para android.Denuncie conteúdo indevido em: ou através domenu de denúncia dentro do app. Basta pressionar e segurar umapostagem e selecionar no menu seguinte a opção "Reportar conteúdoindevido".Atenção* O conteúdo deste aplicativo é fruto do compartilhamento deimagens para Whatsapp e vídeos engraçados entre usuários em nossosite oficial.* Conteúdos pornográficos, ofensivos, racistas ou qualquer outraforma de intolerância não serão aceitos.* Evite compartilhar fotos pessoais. O conteúdo deste aplicativodeve ser meramente fantasioso.Here• Many funny pictures;• The best images to Whatsapp!• Many funny videos for you to laugh a lot and share in theirWhatsapp :)• GIFs and hilarious animations for Whatsapp.They are here in Zueiras application. The whole Brazil is using andlaughing together.Videos and funny pictures come first here in Zueiras.Make your group Whatsapp laugh with images and funniest videos ofthe moment.The Zueiras is updated daily with funny pictures and videos forWhatsapp on current issues.The Zueiras application has thousands of videos and funny picturesfor Whatsapp with jokes and lots of teasing.funny videos to download and share. The Zueiras will make yourWhatsapp pumping!funny pictures to share in your group!GIFs for Whatsapp that will make everyone laugh a lot!You will make a lot of success in their groups andconversations.Share several Zueiras with your friends.Send your Zueiras for all Brazil share.This application allows you to share videos and images in the mainsocial networks available for android.Report improper content: or through the complaintmenu within the app. Just press and hold a post, and select fromthe following menu the "Report inappropriate content".WarningThe content of this application is the result of sharing images toWhatsapp and funny videos between users on our officialwebsite.* Pornographic, offensive contents, racist or any other form ofintolerance will not be accepted.* Avoid sharing personal photos. The contents of this applicationshould be merely fanciful.
Plume for Twitter
Plume is a beautiful and completelycustomizable Twitter app that will revolutionize the way you useTwitter! Brought to you by the authors of the popular BeautifulWidgets, Plume is one of the best Twitter clients for Android!(Plume was formerly known as Touiteur)- Colorize your timeline/friends from Twitter- Multiple twitter accounts support- Scrollable widgets to display your twitter timeline on yourhome- Lockscreen widget (Android 4.2+)- Mute twitter users, word or applications- Facebook timeline & posting- Live Streaming in app- Picture preview in timeline, large view of images with pinch tozoom- Twitter geotagging- Swipe scrolling- Very customizable- Internal browser- Autocomplete twitter hashtags and username- Share photo with Twitter, Twitpic, YFrog, Mobypicture, support for your URLs- Inline twitter conversation- Display replies to a tweet- Display twitter profiles- Pull to refresh- a lot more!Plume is a beautiful, highly customizable Twitter client, whichwill change the way you feel about Twitter!
Carbon for Twitter
dots & lines
Carbon experience for Android Smartphones. No Tablet support yet.Simple, Dark, and a dash of elegance for your Twitter day-to-daypleasure.Carbon is a Twitter client, but unlike other Twitter clients.All of your Twitter content on one screen. A screen that doesn'tget you drilling down to many other screens to reach to what youwant. Timelines, Lists, Favourites, Searches, Trends, Profiles, allthere.- Fresh new Design & Interface- Brand new Timeline design & aesthetics- Swipe-able Timeline, @Mentions, and Messages on Home.- Quick Timeline, one Timeline for Searches, List, Favourites onyour Home screen.- Don't Disturb Mode- Oxide Mode for Grayscale Timeline experience- Power Scroll: Scroll/Swipe up or down using Two fingers to jumpto top or bottom of Timelines- Tweet Quick Actions- Configuratie Tweet Font Sizes- Retweets Timeline- In-App Browser- In-App YouTube Player- Vine Previews & Playback- Previews- GIF, Twitter Video, and Multiple Images- Rich Timelines with full inline images and videos- Rich and elegant style for User Profiles- Rich Conversation View- Threaded Direct Messages- Background updates with quick actions for Jelly Bean, peraccount- Username Autocomplete- Mutes/Filters for Hashtags, Users, and Keywords- People Search- Obviously Multi-account with simultaneous accounts tweets- Profile Editor
Pit Crew Rescue
Pit Crew Rescue is a licensed non-profit501(c) (3) organization focused on saving lives, bringingawarenessand speaking for the voiceless!!! PLEASE VISIT OR EMAIL US AT pitcrewrescue@gmail.comTo bring awareness on the Pit Bull breed and help save anyofGOD'S creatures one life at a time! WE ARE HERE TO SPEAK UP FORTHEVOICELESS!
Forum Reelz
#205 Studio
A discussion forum on Malayalamcinema,politics, technology, and culture.
Небесна сотня
Небесна соотня — прийнята в Українізбірнаназва загиблих учасників акцій протесту (Євромайдану) угрудні 2013— лютому 2014 року. Це мирні протестувальники, якімалибезпосередній стосунок до ідеї та акції Майдану (щододержавнихслужбовців — див. «Список загиблих силовиків під чассутичок уКиєві»).21 лютого 2014 року офіційна влада України юридичновизналажертвами загиблих мітингувальників Майдану. Цього дня наМайданівідбулось прощання із загиблими повстанцями, яких вжалобнихпромовах назвали «Небесною сотнею». Під час прощання ззагиблимилунала жалобна пісня «Гей, пливе кача…»Celestial sootnya-adopted in Ukraine collectively killed protesters (Euromaidan)inDecember 2013 - February 2014. This peaceful protesters whoweredirectly related to the ideas and actions of the Maidan(ofgovernment officials - see. "The list of dead securityforcesduring clashes in Kiev").February 21, 2014 the authorities of Ukraine legallyrecognizedvictims killed protesters Maidan. This day was held onthe Squareparting with dead insurgents, which in mourning speechescalled"Heavenly hundred." During the farewell to the victimsoflamentation was heard "Hey, floating duck ..."
SS Twitter App
David B Simon
SS Twitter App is the simplest, easiest touseTwitter app client around. Supports Timelines, Mentions,DirectMessages, Followers, Following, Public tweets andSearch.From Simple Simon Software
I'm here
I'm here is simple app to show you location tofriends. When party or when coffee or the secret space. I hope myapp help you fun.+ Function:- Share current you location with Facebook, Messange, Viber, Line,Email or Note- Find to shortest way from current location to other has showaddress.- Using google map to navigation.
venkateswara sata namavali
god stotras
SRI VENKATESWARA ASTOTRA SATA NAMAVALI :thisis a app for all your daily needs. now a days all are usingandroidsmart phones. so this is your innovative idea to send allstotrasin all languages. so every peoplecan read any stotra by using this app. so we offeringthisapp.
Taag offers an organized and personal way totag friends in articles.-- Easy & elegant way to share articles from any browser orapp.-- Ability to share reactions and comments to articles. Add yourcomment or reaction to the article.-- Dedicated Inbox and Outbox to keep users' articles organized.Even know when your friends have read the articles you sentthem!If you have any suggestions for us, we'd LOVE to hear them. Emailus:
Highlight - People nearby
Featured by hundreds of publications around the world!Who's nearby? (Now with more login options!)Highlight is a fun, simple way to meet interesting people nearbyand see how you’re connected to the people around you. If someonestanding near you also has Highlight, their profile will show up onyour phone. You can see their name, photos of them, friends andinterests you have in common, and any other information they’vechosen to share.Highlight works with you wherever you go. At the office, itmight notify you that a nearby coworker knows your close friend, orthat a client you're going to meet has similar interests in music.When you’re socializing, it helps you remember people’s names andknow who to talk to at a conference or meet up.As you walk around town, the app runs quietly in the background,finding connections you have to others nearby. If your friends areclose by, it will notify you so that you can meet up with them. Ifinteresting people are around, it will tell you why they’reinteresting, and what connections you have in common with them. Ifsomeone close by has similar interests or close friends in common,it will notify you.Highlight gives you a sixth sense about the world around you -showing you interesting friends nearby and allowing you to connectwith and meet similar people around you.With Highlight, we hope you find that your days are more fun,the places you visit are more interesting, and the friendconnections you make are more memorable than ever!PLEASE NOTE: We use Facebook and LinkedIn as our login systemsbecause we think this makes for a better user experience by helpingus notify you about the common friends and similar interests youshare with people close by. We know that not everyone has aFacebook or LinkedIn account, so please let us know if you'd liketo see other login options. You can reach us anytime at to Highlight!
SKOUT - Meet, Chat, Friend
Skout Inc.
SKOUT connects you with new people nearby orall over the world! Download the free SKOUT app to meet and chatwith men and women based on search parameters that YOU set. Chatwith new friends, give gifts, share photos and more! Skout matchesyou with people you want to chat with, whether they’re nearby or ina city you want to visit.Download the largest app for finding new friends nearby!
Love Art - Emoji Keyboard
Love Emoji Art for Emoji,Emoticons andSmileys Keyboard . Please install Emoji Keyboard fromEmoji Keyboard -Cute,Emoticons.Emoji Keyboard is a free, smart and colorful EmojiKeyboard for Android that help you to fast input over 3000emoji, emoticons, smiley, sticker and text face convenientlyeverywhere including message, text, email and chat with social appetc. It’s the best Emoji Keyboard for Android with over 100beautiful themes, smart gesture type and auto correct, highlycustomization with color, layout, font and over 55 languagessupport.Highlights of Emoji Keyboard► OVER 3000 EMOJI & EMOTICONS- Fast input emoji in message,text,email,note and chat with socialapps- Smart emoji prediction to match emoji for your words- Text face including ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), (ʘ‿ʘ)► FAST & SMART INPUT- Top row number input- Gesture Typing with dynamic floating preview- Auto correct and smart next word suggestion- Over 30 dictionaries for different languages► BEAUTIFUL THEMES- Over 100 beautiful themes- Continue to increase► HIGHLY CUSTOMIZATION- Resize and split layout as you wish- Customizable key press sound- Customizable keyboard color, font and wallpaper► OTHER ADVANCED FEATURES- Copy,cut,paste and arrow key- Clipboard for fast copy and pasteJoin our Facebook: us on Twitter: more information, please refer to ourFAQ:https://emojikeyboard.uservoice.comWant to help in our localization efforts and please contact Thanks!
vDownloadr (for Vine video)
Moloko Team
◦ By choosing vDownloadr from sharing buttonof Vine app, user can save favorite video for later offlinewatching.◦ A looping video player is built in app, which helps userscontinue to enjoy looping feeling from original post.※ It is recommended to save files to Internal Storage, insteadof SD-Card ! ! !◦ In app also contains:→ A mini tutorial showing steps how app works.→ List of videos that downloaded.→ App is listed in sharing list.※ Not guarantee video quality when re-uploading.※ This app is only a plug-in but not an official app.
WhatsStickers Stickers for WhatsApp isanstickers app.How to use:-Open Stickers Application.-Choose the one by slide and click to share.-Share to your friends.Have fun every day with Stickers for whatsapp.★ Collection of 2000+ Funny Stickers to use on Whatsapp,Facebookand other apps.Features★ 9 Categories Animals, Cartoons, Characters, love emoji,Meme,Smiley, Love and Favorite★ Add a Sticker to favorite and use it later.★ Share on WhatsApp, Facebook and all other Social Apps★ Add image to favorite for quick share.★ Save Images to SD card or Internal Memory .★ No Internet Required, all images are offline.★ Regular UpdatesHighlights:★ High quality stickers★ Playful High definition stickers★ Single tap easy sharing★ Ultimately easy to share on every social siteHow to use1. Open the App.2. Select a Category.3. Share image or smiley on WhatsApp or Facebook
Family Locator & Safety
Familonet is a free Locator App that lets youstay connected with the people who matter to you most: your family& friends★ Real time location tracking on a map – you can always see whereyour child or partner is★ Automatic push notifications when a family member arrives at orleaves a place such as school. home or office★ Enhanced safety through the integrated panic button includinglocation sharing★ Private chat function★ Locate lost or stolen phones★ Low battery consumption★ Very easy to use for childrenINTELLIGENT PLACES: Automatic notifications when family members,like children, grandma or grandpa safely arrive at and leave theirdaily places - such as school, work or home.CHECK-IN: Share your location with your group membersREAL-TIME LOCATION SHARING: Share your location and locate /track others in real-time. You choose when and for how long!MULTIPLE GROUPS: Create individual groups for all the people inyour life: Family, friends, roommatesCHAT: Share messages and images with your group members at highestdata security standardPANIC BUTTON: Enhanced safety – send your group members yourcurrent location so they can find and help you. Lets parents givetheir child more freedom and allows the elderly to feel safePHOTO ALBUM: All your pictures at a glance – save every momentshared in your group in a photo albumAll benefits at a glance:★ More freedom and less worries for your child, parents and theelderly★ Locate / track / find lost phones via the GPS tracker★ Messaging and sharing according to highest standards of datasecurity★ Allows parents to feel close to their child★ Children and teens are happy not having to call their parents allthe time★ The elderly feel safe and independent★ Couples can stay connected thanks to GPS phone tracking★ Enhanced safety, easier communication, and more freedom!★ Location-sharing technology made in GermanyEASY DAILY LIFE ORGANIZATION AT IT’S BESTEnhances daily communication of your family: Parents, children,grandma, grandpa. Also great for couples, friends or roommates.To function properly Familonet needs access to:In-app purchases - In-app billing of premium subscriptionsIdentity - Managing your Familonet user accountContacts - Adding other users to your groupsLocation - To share your location with your group membersSMS - Send invitation SMS to your group membersPhotos/Media/Files - Send photos and create your profilepictureWi-Fi connection information - Check whether you are connected tothe internetDevice ID & call information - Verification of your phonenumber during registration
مليون رسالة حب رومانسية متجدده
يقدم البرنامج رسائل الحب لكل العشاق ...رسائل حب مصرية وسعودية وخليجية متجددة دائما لخدمة كل العشاق 2014...الرسائل متجددة يومياً ...ونعمل حالياً على تطوير البرنامج بشكل كبير ...اذا اعجبكم البرنامج لا تنسوا التقييم لدعمناThe program offers bothlovers love letters ...Love Letters Egyptian and a Saudi and Gulf renewed always toserve all the lovers in 2014 ...Messages renewed daily ...We are currently working on the development of the programdramatically ...If you like the program do not forget to support assessment
MeowChat is a fun place to chat and meet newfriends. Chat instantly with new people nearby or around the world.If your friends aren’t on MeowChat, there are millions of people onMeowChat that want to chat with you.Not comfortable chatting with new people? No problem! We haveprivacy settings that allows only your real life friends to be ableto find and message you.MeowChat is about making new friends, penpals and exploring theworld. There are interesting people to chat with all over theworld!Got questions? Email us any time at
Adult Social Network
ASN Networks
Adult Social Network (ASN) is social networkstrictly for adults. You need to be 18 years or older to join.Adult social network is intended for adults to meet each other,chat, become friends, spend quality time together, go on dates,date, hookup with each other, have romance find love and much more.ASN is a fun way to meet new people.Join now and start meeting people in your area or from all over theworld. No matter if you are a guy or a girl, if you are gay,lesbian, bi, bi-curious or straight, everyone is welcome to join.Start meeting new people today, join now!You must be 18 years old or older to join. Please do not post nudeor vulgar pictures of yourself. Respect each other and each othersopinions. Soliciting and spamming is strictly forbidden andviolators will be banned from using ASN.Make some new friends, join NOW!
캐시슬라이드-안 밀면 손해
NBT Inc.
★ 캐시슬라이드는 어떤 서비스인가요? ★1,700만이 선택한 1등 잠금화면, 캐시슬라이드!캐시슬라이드는 캐시 적립부터 나에게 딱 맞는 콘텐츠까지! 한 번에 확인할 수 있는 잠금 화면 어플입니다!★ 캐시슬라이드는 어떻게 사용하나요? ★1. 잠금화면에서 최신 뉴스부터 나에게 딱 맞는 정보까지 만나보세요.2. 간단히 캐시가 적립되고, 적립된 캐시는 문화상품권, 틴캐시 구매도 구매할 수 있고, 현금처럼 사용가능해요.3. 실시간 날씨부터 자주 사용하는 앱까지! 잠금화면에서 편리하게 확인하세요.안 밀면 손해! 캐시슬라이드로 모든 모바일 혜택을 시작하세요.★ 적립한 캐시는 어디서 사용하나요? ★1. GS25, CU, 세븐일레븐 편의점에서 기프티콘으로 사용하세요.2. 문화상품권(문상)과 틴캐시로 교환하면 유료아이템을 구매하여 게임을 즐길 수 있어요.3. 롯데리아, 버거킹, KFC, 죠스떡볶이 등 프랜차이즈에서도 사용 가능해요.4. 도미노피자, 미스터피자, BHC 치킨 등 배달음식도 시킬 수 있어요.5. 커피 전문점, 기부 단체 등 그 외에도 다양한 곳에서 캐시를 사용해보세요.★ 캐시슬라이드 유저 혜택! 게임슬라이드를 통해 인기 게임 유료 아이템 받아가세요! ★1. RPG 게임도 이제 모바일로 즐기세요. 여명 사전예약하고 유료 아이템 받아 가세요.2. 실존 전함부터 가상 전함까지 직접 플레이 하라! 태양 사전예약하고 스페셜 패키지 받아 가세요.(게임은 상시 변경됩니다.)★ 구글 플레이 댓글에 닉네임을 적지 마세요! ★1. Google play 댓글 출시 정책(에 위반되는 앱리뷰에 대한 모니터링이이루어지고 있습니다.2. 추천인 닉네임 노출과 홍보는 Google play 앱 리뷰를 제외한 블로그, 카페, 웹사이트 등을 이용해 주세요.또한 음란, 사칭, 허위홍보, 저작권을 침해하는 콘텐츠 유포 등 반사회적인 방법을 통한 홍보활동을 하는 경우 캐시슬라이드이용약관 제11조에 의해 이용제한조치가 취해질 수 있습니다.★ 캐시슬라이드 연락처 ★개발자 연락처 : 1644-1859주소 : 서울시 서초구 1341-7 조이빌딩사업자등록번호 : 211-88-83652* 캐시슬라이드는 스마트폰 사용에 최적화되어 있으며, 일부 태블릿에서는 정상적으로 작동하지 않을 수 있습니다.Is caches ★ slide whichservices? ★1700, only one selected, such as lock screen, slide thecache!Slides from cache to cache fits me perfectly content to earn! Thelock screen apps you'll find at once!★ How do I use the cache slide? ★1. Meet at the lock screen to just the right information, from thelatest news to me.2. The cache is easy to earn, earn a cache can also purchase giftcertificates culture, tinkaesi purchase, you can use likecash.3. to your favorite apps from the real-time weather! Check handy onlock screen.No damage slide! Sign up Cache slide starts all mobilebenefits.★ you have earned the cache is used where? ★1. Use a GS25, CU, Gifticon at 7-Eleven convenience stores.2. Cultural Exchange with vouchers (condolences) and tinkaesi youcan enjoy the game by purchasing a paid item.3. I'm also available for franchise Lotteria, Burger King, KFC,etc. Jaws rice cake.4. Domino's Pizza, I can also Mr. Pizza, BHC Chicken such as fooddelivery.5. In addition, coffee shop, donors try to use the cache in variousplaces.★ slide cache user benefits! Go through the game Slide Populargames get paid item! ★1. RPG game now enjoy mobile. Pre-booking people and earn paiditems.2. Be a real battleship play directly from the virtual to thebattleship! Solar reservation and earn special package.(The game is constantly changing.)★ do quite a few nicknames comment on Google Play! ★1. Monitoring of the app review comments that violate the Googleplay market policies( hasbeen made.2. Referred nickname exposure and publicity, please use the blog,cafe, website, etc. except for the Google play app reviews. You canalso be taken obscene, impersonation, false advertising, if thepromotional activities such as distributing content throughantisocial way that constitutes copyright infringement, Article 11of the cache used by slide Terms limited action.Contact caches ★ ★ slideDeveloper Contact: 1644-1859Address: Joey Building 1341-7 Seocho-gu, Seoul, KoreaBusiness Registration Number: 211-88-83652* Slide cache is optimized for smartphone use, some tablets may notwork properly.
Doonglle - Meet New People
Our app name has changed from ePenpal toDoonglle.Find Foreign & Global Friends, Chat on Map, Pen pals(penpal),Snail Mail friends.Experience new cultures, languages.Exchange your language, find your language exchange partners.✧ Meet, Share, and Chat with people all around the world.✧ Check online users on the map, and chat real-time✧ Find your matches based on your profile information andlocation✧ Share your stories to let others know who you are.✧ Write a random letter online by simply choosing country andgender.✧ Send a real hand written letter(Snail Mail) by simply requestingtheir physical addresses.✧ Find people by Simply choosing cities on the map before you go ona trip✧ Translate text into your language realtimeDownload the best app for finding new people all around theworld.
Amino para Sims em Português
Amino Apps
Fãs de Sims, uni-vos! Entre para a comunidadede Sims que cresce mais rápido na internet! Conheça outrosjogadores e fãs, discuta jogos, truques e personagens. Compartilhee descubra criações de fãs! Amino para Sims em Português é como umfórum, chat e comunidade de fãs, tudo em um lugar só!- CONVERSE com outros fãs de Sims e faça novos amigos ao redor domundo- DESCUBRA novas trívias e fanart de Sims- RECEBA as últimas notícias e novidades sobre novos jogos- COMPARTILHE suas resenhas de jogos, recomendações, e criaçõesoriginais- APRENDA com e CONTRIBUA para o nosso catálogo de Sims - umaenciclopédia para tudo sobre SimsEste é um aplicativo não oficial para fãs de The Sims discutirem ojogo; ele não é de forma alguma afiliado ou recomendado porElectronic Arts Inc., nem permite que você jogue o jogo emsi.Fans of The Sims, unite!Join the community of Sims that grows faster on the internet! Meetother players and fans, discuss games, tricks and characters. Shareand discover creations fans! Amino for Sims in Portuguese is like aforum, chat and community of fans, all in one place!- CONVERSE with other Sims fans and make new friends around theworld- DISCOVER new trivia and fanart Sims- GET the latest news and updates about new games- SHARE your game reviews, recommendations, and originalcreations- LEARN with and CONTRIBUTE to our Sims catalog - an encyclopediafor everything about SimsThis is an unofficial app for The Sims fans discuss the game; it isnot in any way affiliated or recommended by Electronic Arts Inc.,or allows you to play the game itself.
Pal+ offers opportunity for like-minded peopleto become everyday pals!Do you enjoy sharing or discussing topics that you love withothers? Pal+ is a forum-based app that offers wide varieties ofdiscussions for like-minded individuals to participate in.Find what you are passionate about on topics such as life,entertainment, games, animation, etc. Favorite or share articleswith friends instantly. Discover what Pal+ has to offer today!Highlights:* Rich forum/article contents to explore* Auto recommends trending articles* Instant notification as user interacts* Discover new pals who share your interests* Offer complete chat solution within the appCome say hi:Facebook: /PalPlusApp.zhTumblr: @PalplusAppHelp us translate Pal+!
Follower Tracker for Instagram
Social Star
Follower Tracker for Instagram is THE greatest follower tracker onInstagram, with all the cool tools you need to know everythingabout your Instagram account.  With Follower Tracker for Instagram, you can find out whichfollowers have blocked you, unfollowed you, forgotten to followyou, or are ghost followers. Buy Follower Tracker for Instagram and get these amazingfeatures!- See who your new followers are, and who has unfollowedyou. - Find out who your best followers and ghost followersare. - See who forgot to follow you, or didn’t follow youback. - Track who has unfollowed you.- Find out which friends are your secret admirers.- Discover users posting new photos nearby.- Check important stats like average likes per photo and your framevalue.- And much more!For the ultimate tool to keep track of all your Instagramfollowers and get more likes, just buy Follower Tracker forInstagram. Keep track of which friends are following your Instagramaccount, find out what your followers want, and get morelikes! Track important stats like frame value and averagelikes per photo, and see which photos your friends like the best.Next time you want to who’s following you, who has unfollowed you,who your ghost followers are, just buy Follower Tracker forInstagram. Buy today and get the data you need to get morefollowers, more friends, and more likes! Do you want morefollowers? Do you know you are unfollowed? Do you like followingothers, and like when your friends follow you? Do you know who hasblocked you? Who is your ghost follower? Want to know who’s alreadyfollowing you and who isn’t following you yet? Buy Follower Trackerfor Instagram now! Knowing who has blocked you? Being blocked bysomeone? Make it clear who is ghost follower! Note: You need an Instagram account to use this app. This app is not affiliated with Instagram.
Просмотр сайта 4pda
Новое приложение без рекламы:Популярный форум, каталоги приложений для различных мобильныхОC. Крупнейший тематический ресурс в рунете.Проект 4pda основан в 2005 году и пользуется огромной популярностьюсреди владельцев мобильных устройств.Неофициальное приложение.The newapplication without advertising: forums, directories, applications for various mobile OC.The largest thematic resource in RuNet.Project 4pda founded in 2005 and is very popular among owners ofmobile devices.Informal application.
QQ HD(平板专用,Pad也能视频通话、语音对讲!)
QQ HD是腾讯公司专为AndroidPad设计开发的一款即时通信软件,让您在平板电脑上获得功能丰富的畅聊体验。QQHD适合分辨率大于1024*600的机型使用,例如华硕eeepad、三星7500/7510、三星7300/7310、MOTOXOOM。大屏高清的体验带给您简洁清新的聊天环境。视频会话互通让您和QQ好友之间即刻相见,语音对讲让你从此解放繁琐输入的双手,QQ空间、QQ音乐、QQ浏览器、QQ阅读、QQ邮箱、腾讯微博、腾讯新闻的整合让您充分享受一站式互联网服务,图片涂鸦、换肤、自定义表情让您的聊天充满乐趣。QQ音乐、QQ阅读等应用的整合让你的平板更加多彩,让您的指尖在平板上滑出从未遇见的QQ!QQ HD 3.01、支持与PCQQ同时在线,支持QQ HD在线状态2、高清动态趣味表情3、支持群消息记录漫游4、空间支持照片上传5、支持更换QQ头像6、全新的夜间模式,支持亮度调节7、支持多终端在线状态管理8、天气资讯城市选择增加自动定位9、支持图片转发10、程序流畅性以及稳定性优化QQ HD 2.11. 全新登录界面2. 程序主界面视觉风格优化调整3. 程序竖屏界面结构优化调整4. 程序设置项优化调整5. 程序在七寸设备上的字体大小优化6. 修复天气预报窗口无法关闭问题7. 修复点击天气插件引起的程序崩溃问题8. 修复QQ邮箱无法打开问题9. 修复图片保存后无法实时通过系统图库查看的问题10. 提供全新的五张壁纸QQ HD 2.01 支持空间加密相册查看2 支持好友空间留言3 完善天气资讯4 对程序界面进行优化QQ HD 1.9.8 plus 此版本修复了1.9.8版本在部分机型上过暗、过亮和无法调整亮度的问题QQ HD 1.9.8性能优化版,新增8项功能,多达30项更新1. 新增插件自定义模块,还您一个简洁界面;2. 新增离开状态时自动回复;3. 新增自定义回复内容;4. 新增夜间模式;5. 新增群消息接收/屏蔽集中管理模块;6. 新增登录界面设置是否接收群消息;7. 新增程序缓存图片删除;8. 新增分享桌面功能;9. 优化图片查看界面按钮排版;10. 优化多图连续查看过程中进度指示;11. 优化好友列表协议,拉取速度更快;12. 优化Wifi下聊天窗口内图片接收机制,更快体验更流畅;13. 优化3G下图片接收策略,节省更多流量;14. 优化程序升级模块;15. 优化程序设置功能项排版,更简洁更实用;16. 优化群资料卡消息接收/屏蔽设置;17. 优化从群成员列表中添加好友的流程;18. 优化群成员昵称显示策略,直接显示群名片;19. 优化聊天窗口界面视觉效果;20. 优化群列表显示,已屏蔽的群位于列表底部,未屏蔽的群位于列表上部;21. 优化聊天窗口内涂鸦发送机制,大大降低误操作概率;22. 优化聊天窗口消息显示机制;23. 优化Qzone详情页评论、转发和分享按钮;24. 优化好友列表视觉效果;25. 优化内置浏览器兼容性;26. 优化QQmail兼容性;27. 优化程序刷新机制,更加省电;28. 优化网络环境变换时登录策略,Wifi/3G下自动切换;29. 优化图片工具栏交互动画;30. 优化最近联系人列表显示,按时间分类;31. 优化涂鸦机制,降低涂鸦造成程序崩溃的概率;32. 优化意见反馈功能;33. 优化好友分组人数显示;34. 优化程序在android 4.1.1系统下的适配性;35. 优化由离线状态到离开状态的上线过程;36. 优化程序登录后界面;37. 解决程序后台运行时任务栏消息提示数不准确的问题;38. 解决在部分三星Note/i9220/N7000机型上程序崩溃的问题;1.9更新特性1、自定义皮肤,DIY个性QQ HD2、临时会话,陌生人之间轻松畅谈3、找群加群,找到属于你的组织4、细节持续优化1.8修复版非常抱歉1.8版本在部分平板设备上后台使用时会引起程序崩溃,目前这一问题已经被修复,大家可更新1.8修复版。对此给您带来的不便,希望您能谅解,QQHD依然需要您的支持。如果对于版本有什么建议或问题,欢迎反馈。可通过以下途径:1、关注QQ HD腾讯微博,直接@QQ_HD进行问题反馈2、程序内意见反馈渠道,设置-〉关于QQ HD -〉意见反馈1.8版本更新特性1、程序内聊天窗口、Qzone、新闻等场景图片可连续查看2、聊天记录导出,留住精彩回忆3、内置应用宝,精品平板应用触手可得4、增加去市场评价功能,喜欢QQ HD就推荐给好友吧1.7版本更新特性1、空间好友主页全新升级,好友动态尽在掌握2、新增自定义表情模块,让聊天更加生动3、图片查看功能继续强化,可分享图片至空间或微博4、Android 4.0系统适配,5、程序性能优化QQ HD 1.6贺岁版更新时间:2012-01-09主要功能:1、QQ好友资料卡全新呈现2、支持图片多点触控任意查看3、根据Pad特点,优化了QQ HD性能和细节体验QQ HD 1.6更新时间:2011-12-23主要功能:1、增加QQ阅读模块2、视频通话体验优化(支持pc、pad、手机之间互通)3、文件传输体验优化(支持pc、pad、手机之间互通)4、根据Pad特点,优化了QQ HD性能和细节体验QQ HD 1.5更新时间:2011-11-24主要功能:1、整合腾讯视频(QQlive)2、加入语音对讲功能3、视频会话时可多方聊QQ4、实现最近联系人漫游5、支持隐身登录6、根据Pad特点,优化了QQ HD性能和细节体验QQ HD 1.4更新时间:2011-11-01主要功能:1、支持横竖屏切换2、新增涂鸦功能3、gif动态图片支持4、增加新闻频道分类5、其他功能细节优化6、根据Pad特点,优化了QQ HD性能和细节体验QQ HD 1.3更新时间:2011-09-15主要功能:1、全新操作体验2、QQ空间信息浏览3、更多资讯获取4、QQ音乐随心而听5、贴心天气关怀6、多种皮肤更换7、根据Pad特点,优化了QQ HD性能和细节体验QQ HD 1.2更新时间:2011-08-1主要功能:1. 视频、语音会话(支持pc、pad、手机之间互通)2. 文件传输(支持pc、pad、手机之间互通)3. QQ好友、QQ群图片接收与发送4. 拍照分享5. 随便听听QQ音乐6. 未读QQ消息盒子7. 根据Pad特点,优化了QQ HD性能和细节体验QQ HD 1.1.2更新时间:2011-05-1主要功能:1. 清新界面和全新交互2. 接收和发送图片3. 快速定位QQ好友、发起聊天4. 未读QQ消息便捷处理5. 视频会话(支持pc、pad、手机之间互通)6. 根据Pad特点,优化了QQ HD性能和细节体验QQ HD 1.0 Beta1更新时间:2011-1-18主要功能:1. 支持QQ好友聊天和QQ群聊天2. 查找QQ好友、添加QQ好友、删除QQ好友3. 查看QQ好友资料和QQ群资料4. QQ群消息接收与屏蔽设置5. 一键查看QQ空间和腾讯微博关键词Qqhd qq hd pad padqq pad qq for pad HD qq hd1.4 qqhdminihdmini平板电脑QQ qqmini 平板qq 平板电脑 高清 MSN QQ浏览器 腾讯 uc浏览器 手机微博 QQ农场 QQ牧场QQ偷菜 手机QQ mobile QQ QQ音乐 QQ阅读 QQ空间 Qzone QQ输入法 通讯录 QQ通讯录 QQ安全助手ucweb 天天浏览器 遨游浏览器 Opera迷你浏览器 QQ浏览器 天天 微信 人人 地图 音乐 空间 腾讯微博 新浪微博 客户端平板应用 HD软件 邮箱 QQ邮箱 腾讯新闻 QQ新闻 QQ输入法 自定义皮肤 聊天软件 即时通讯 微信 米聊 社交 交友 视频聊天视频软件 视频互通 语音通话 mobile qq mobile qq hd mobileqq mobileqqhd 高清平板
الدارمي العراقي (شعر شعبي)
الدارمي العراقي عبارة عن قصائد شعبية منتشرةومتداولة في جنوب العراق تكتب بسطر واحد او سطرين بصورة جذابة واحيانابطريقة سؤال وجواب .. ويشمل مواضيع متنوع وكثيرة :منها الغزل ( حب ) و العتاب و الشوق و المدح.برنامج الدارمي العراقي افضل تطبيق اشعار عراقية ، انه شبكة اجتماعيةلنشر الابيات والقضائد الشعرية .. صنف وبوب هذه القصائد "الـ دارميات, ابوذيات " مع ادراج صور رائعة وجميلة ليتداولها الناس في مواقعالتواصل الاجتماعي.ومن مميزات البرنامج :- نشر ابيات الدارمي او الابوذية ومتابعة الاصدقاء الذين ينشرونالابيات .- تستطيع مشاركة القصائد التي اظهرت اعجابك فيها مع الاصدقاءوالاقارب.- بالامكان اضافة ونشر ابيات الدارمي من خلال التطبيق.- اضافت تعليقك والتفاعل مع مستخدمي البرنامج.- مراسلة والدردشة مع الاصدقاءك في الشبكة.- حفظ الابيات في المفضلة.- اضافة اعجابك للأبيات.- خاصية البحث في الابيات.- مشاركة الابيات على شكل رسائل - مسجات SMS او رسائل مصورة MMS او منخلال وسائل التواصل الاجتماعي مثل الفيسبوك ، واتساب ، فايبر وغيرها .كما يمكن تعديل الابيات وتغيير التصميم حسب الذوق.Recaps of Iraq is awidespread and popular poems in circulation in southern Iraq towrite one line or two lines are attractive and sometimes way Q& A .. and covers topics varied and many:Including spinning (love) and the admonition and longing andpraise.Recaps the Iraqi program best application Iraqi notice, it's asocial network for the dissemination of poetic verses and Alqdhaid.. class and Bob These poems "The Darmyat, Aboveat" with theinclusion of a wonderful and beautiful pictures of peoplecirculated in social networking sites.The advantage of the program:- Publication of verses recaps or Alaboveh and follow-up friendswho spread verses.- You may post poems that showed much you like them with friendsand relatives.- You can add and publish verses recaps through theapplication.- Adding comments and interact with users of the program.- Messaging and chat with Alasedkak in the network.- Save favorite verses.- Add much you like the verses.- Search feature in the verses.- Post verses in the form of letters - Msjat SMS, picture messaging(MMS) or through social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, Viper andothers. The verses can modify and change the design according totaste.
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KhalijTel FZC
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