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Road Signs Eye
***Please try Road Sign Recognition our new app:***This application is an help for drivers, it highlights roadspeedlimits signs by using the device camera.This application is unique in offering these features onasmartphone.The purpose is to increase safety while driving.The sign limit recognition accuracy may changed withlightcondition, cpu device speed and windshield cleaning state.Warnings:-this program is only able to work for speed limit signs with aredcircle-this is a time critical application, it may not run in slowdevice,it has been tested on Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9. If it doesnot work onyour device, please ask us we will refund theorder.
MBTA T Times
This app uses the official data feeds from theMBTA and presents the real-time schedule data in a convenientmap-based table. Includes Red, Green, Blue, and Orange lines.
Any tablet can navigate with Bluetooth!BT GPS is an Android tablet app that receives GPS data viaBluetooth.It lets any tablet become navigator right now.☆The app is specifically designed for large phone andtablet.☆Turn on Bluetooth, GPS , Audio volume and launch map app in onetouch.☆Many tablet has been tested. This app is compatible with most ofthe CPU,for example, Allwinner A10/A13, Rockship RK3066,Amlogic AML8765...☆In a file /system/build.prop to change a line: gps.enable=falseon gps.enable=true if tablet's CPU is Amlogic, such as Aniol fire,W22 Pro.☆This app receives NMEA data from the other Android phone thatinstalled "GPS Share BT"( Android phone must support GPS and Bluetooth.☆This application can also receive NMEA data from an externalBluetooth GPS module, such as MOTO T805, Holux.☆Support three NMEA output format:GPS, Russian GLNOSS and ChineseBeidou (BD2).We welcome to get feedback from our customers. If you have anissue or suggestion,please send us an e-mail to . or G+ me by
How app helps me?• Order a ride without cost for a phone call• Use locate button to easily locate the addresses• Follow the arrival of vehicle in real timeBesides free ordering, app has numerous advantages over"classical order ". Its functionality provides comfort and ease ofuse. Ordering via internet will save your money spent on phonecall, locate button will allow easy retrieval of addresses. Theoption of monitoring arrival of the vehicle in real time will helpyou better planning of time while you waiting.
Total Traffic
Save time, save gas, save yourself from thehassles of traffic jams with Total Traffic -- right from your phoneor tablet.TOTAL TRAFFIC FEATURES:* Real-time traffic map* Extensive traffic camera network* 24/7 speed, accident, & construction coverage* Unmatched traffic detail with just a tap of the map* GPS integration for hands-free operationTotal Traffic offers its uniquely simple and powerful service inmore than 75 metropolitan areas across the United States.The Total Traffic Android app is simple to use, but packed withinformation:*** MORE THAN JUST RED/YELLOW/GREEN -- Total Traffic offersincredibly detailed speed information. You’ll know when traffic ismoving 25 miles per hour and when it's moving 40 miles perhour.*** CONTINUOUSLY UPDATED REPORTS ON ACCIDENTS, CONSTRUCTION, ANDTRAFFIC JAMS -- Our 24/7 coverage of road conditions comes fromhundreds of professional traffic reporters stationed instate-of-the art data centers across the United States.*** THE BEST TRAFFIC CAMERAS IN THE BUSINESS -- Total Trafficfeatures the most extensive network of real-time traffic camerasavailable. You can see actual traffic conditions along your routeright now.CITIES COVERED:Albany | Albuquerque | Allentown | Atlanta | Augusta | Austin |Baltimore | Baton Rouge | Birmingham | Boston | Boulder |Bridgeport | Buffalo | Cape Cod | Central Jersey | Charleston |Charlotte | Chattanooga | Chicago | Cincinnati | Cleveland |Colorado Springs | Columbia SC | Columbus | Dallas | Dayton |Denver | Des Moines | Detroit | Durham | Fairfield | Flint | FortWayne | Fresno | Ft. Myers | Gary | Grand Rapids | Greensboro |Greenville | Harrisburg | Hartford | Houston | Indianapolis |Inland Empire | Jacksonville | Kansas City | Lancaster | Las Vegas| Long Island | Los Angeles | Louisville | Madison | Manchester |Memphis | Miami | Milwaukee | Minneapolis-St. Paul | Nashua |Nashville | New Haven | New Orleans | New York | Norfolk | NorthJersey | Oklahoma City | Omaha | Orange County | Orlando |Philadelphia | Phoenix | Pittsburgh | Portland | Portsmouth |Providence | Pueblo | Raleigh | Richmond | Rochester | Sacramento |Salem | Salt Lake City | San Antonio | San Diego | San Francisco |Scranton | Seattle | Spokane | Springfield | St. Louis | Syracuse |Tacoma | Tampa | Toledo | Tucson | Tulsa | Washington, DC | WestPalm Beach | Westchester | Wichita | Wilkes-Barre | Winston-Salem |Worcester, and more!
Luceverde Regione Lazio
Luceverde Regione Lazio per traffico e viabilità in tempo realepresenta le info più complete grazie alla collaborazione fraRegione Lazio, ACI, Polizia Stradale e Polizie Municipali.Facile da usare, con tante opzioni per avere le ultime notiziesu eventi, traffico e trasporto pubblico nella tua regione, e conla possibilità di condividere via email con i tuoi amici leinformazioni che ritieni più interessanti.Ora è inoltre possibile inserire, in determinate posizioniscelte dall'utente, delle "sentinelle" della viabilità. Questafunzione permette la segnalazione da parte dell'App di eventitraffico nell'area circostante la posizione della sentinella.In questo modo è possibile essere sempre aggiornati in temporeale sulla situazione della viabilità nei dintorni delle posizioniscelte dall'utente.Con Luceverde Regione Lazio hai a disposizione:• news in tempo reale• mappa interattiva• notiziario audio dalla Centrale Operativa LuceverdeLuceverdeLazio Region for traffic and road conditions in real time presentsthe most comprehensive info through the collaboration of the LazioRegion, ACI, Traffic Police and Municipal Police.Easy to use, with many options to get the latest news on events,traffic and public transport in your region, and with the abilityto share via email with your friends information you deeminteresting.Now you can also put in certain positions chosen by the user,the "guardians" of the road. This function allows the reporting ofevents from the App traffic in the area surrounding the location ofthe sentinel.This way you can always be updated in real time on the trafficsituation in the surroundings of the positions chosen by theuser.With Luceverde Region Lazio have available:• news in real time• interactive map• news audio from the Central Office Luceverde
Where(Show & Send Address)
LSH Corp.
You can use GPS or net location toidentifyyour current location, address, latitude andlongitude ,and it also can query the nearby road , weather andotherinformation.You canput latitude and longitude , address , address hyberlink ,streetview hyberlink sent to yourfriend.Your friend can use the google map to quickly findyou.#######################################################################When you do not know where I am, or when you in foreign country ,donot know where I am,to run the program , you can know where I am.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------To identify the address, it should use the network. If itdoesn’topen network , you can notfind the map and address.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------There are four icon to choose.From left to right are: ( Figure1)1.Map type.2.Send data.3.Street view.4.The location moved to center of the map .-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Map View Icon(Figure 2 )1.Road map2.Satellite map3.Road and satellite4.Ups and downs map.5.Weather map.Press the zone name , you can see moredetailedweather profiles.6.Traffic map.7.Transportation map-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Send Data Icon(Figure 3)1.Send latitude and longitude2.Send address3.Send Map hyberlink4.Send street view hyberlinkSelect the data type to send, you can send the APP thatyouinstalled APP.( Figure 4)Result of the send data.(Figure 5)-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Send the maps hyberlink, your friend can use google map toopen.Your friend can easilyfind your location.Send street view hyberlink, your friend canusethe explorer to open.Your friend can know your street view. ( Figure 6,7)-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Street View Show Icon:When you pressed, it will show the location of street view.(Figure8 )-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Move map central location Icon:When you press , the center of the map , is your location!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!After installation, go to Device Settings - Location Services-Access My Location(set to allow programs to access),then restart the device.!!!!!!!!!! NOTE: Connection Log in different countries intheregion, access to my position willbe set to not allow. !!!!!!!!!!
Busway Cambridge (Beta)
Halcien Labs
Timetable correct for 3rd December 2012 print** Important**:Currently only the Busway stops are covered. Inc Central Cambridge,rail station and Addenbrooke'sMore stops coming every day.Monday to Saturday only at the moment.More stops added:* Rail station* Addenbrooke's* Trumpington Park and Ride* Central CambridgePlease send support email from app if you have and queries.Thanks.Features:* busway time table for routes A & B (for Busway only)* large route icons to easily indicate route* no internet connection required to read timetable* tap time to see additional informationFeedback* if you are experiencing problems, please send me a supportemail from the app* Please rate the app in the market
Valet remembers where you park so you don'thave to. Set parking meter timers and street sweeping alarms. Neveragain get a parking ticket or forget where you parked your vehicle.** Now utilizing new Google Play Services location API's toenable our unique automatic parking sensor! **--- Reviews! --Lifehacker - - App of the Day - - -* Enable our parking sensor or use Bluetooth or Car Docks toautomatically set your parking location* Remember where you parked with our Find My Car feature and getturn by turn directions back to your vehicle* Save yourself a parking ticket with the built in parkingtimer* Set meter, time limits, and street sweeping reminders (by hour,daily, weekend, monthly)Also great for remembering the location of your bicycle,motorcycle, hotel, camping spot, or any other location you wouldlike to easily return to later. Popular to use in massive airportparking lots, at the mall, or when parking downtown. Tell the appto "park my car" and it does the rest!----------Promotional images available at http://valetapp.coDesign and Development by courtesy of*** ROOTED PHONE USERS ***Valet requires Google Play Services. If you rooted your phone andblocked or removed Google Play Services the app will not work. Ifyou email me I can help you fix things but the app will not bedesigned for devices that are not compatible with Google Play sincethe app is distributed on Google Play.
Приложение поможет найти и оплатить ближайшую свободную парковку вМоскве. А если вы только выезжаете — предложит проложить маршрут довыбранной парковки в Яндекс.Навигаторе.Вы можете оплатить место на нужный вам период времени прямо вприложении — банковской картой, Яндекс.Деньгами, со счётамобильного телефона или городского парковочного счёта.Яндекс.Парковки заранее предупредят, когда парковочное время будетподходить к концу, чтобы вы успели продлить его или вернуться.Приложение также покажет, где вы оставили машину и как до неёдобраться.Сейчас в приложении доступно более 6000 парковок Москвы —муниципальных, коммерческих и бесплатных — с данными о стоимости иналичии мест. Информация о загруженности парковок обновляетсякаждые 10-15 минут. Данные о муниципальных парковках предоставленыГКУ «АМПП».The appwill help you find and pay for the nearest free parking in Moscow.And if you are traveling alone - will offer a route to the selectedparking in Yandeks.Navigatore.You can pay for a place on the desired period of time directly inthe application - by credit card, Yandex.Money, from the account ofa mobile phone or city parking account.Yandeks.Parkovki forewarned when parking time is coming to an end,so you have time to extend it or get back. The app also shows youwhere you left the car and how to get it.Now applications are available more than 6,000 parking Moscow -municipal, commercial and free - with data on the cost andavailability. Information about parking congestion is updated every10-15 minutes. Data on municipal parking provided MAS "AMPP".
Locate Family
A whole new way to keep your family safe andsound.- Locate your family at any time- Set a flag for the positions, and you'll be notified if yourfamily leaves or arrives this place.
Neil Boyd
MySpeed will alert you when you're near aspeed camera.It can record your speed and location to a log file.What users are saying about MySpeed:"Tried all the free speed apps...this is the best!""One of few that run and warn in the background :)""Turning map is great :-)""Works GREAT, I use this to keep a log of my speed, helpful forfighting inaccurate speeding tickets."MySpeed is a free app supported by adverts.keywords:osm open street map gps tracking routing navigation poi speedcamera safety cameras traffic enforcement camera's speed trappolice radar speeding ticket speed limitpoiplaza scdb flitspaal pocketgpsworld maparadar adivorradardroid opensatnav radalert blitzer trapster flits alert
CCE Dealer Locator
Pitts US
The Capital Construction Equipmentdealerlocator finds your closest New Holland dealer, givesdirections toCCE and provides contact number and otherinformation.
BusLoc Admin Edition
BusLoc Team
BusLoc Admin Edition
Star Transportation
Limo Anywhere
Star Transportation now makes taking careofyour ground transportation needs more convenient than ever withourstate of the art mobile app.With the Star Transportation mobile app, you can:- See ride prices and book and pay for rides with just just afewtaps- Receive live notifications about your driver's status, trackyourdriver on a map, and call the driver directly from theapp- Manage account preferences like pick-up and drop-offlocation,forms of payment, and vehicle preference- View and manage upcoming reservations
L & S Auto Transport, LLC.
Limo Anywhere
L & S Auto Transport, LLC. now makestakingcare of your ground transportation needs more convenientthan everwith our state of the art mobile app.With the L & S Auto Transport, LLC. mobile app, you can:- See ride prices and book and pay for rides with just just afewtaps- Receive live notifications about your driver's status, trackyourdriver on a map, and call the driver directly from theapp- Manage account preferences like pick-up and drop-offlocation,forms of payment, and vehicle preference- View and manage upcoming reservations
Velib Direct
This app is for finding the station of Velibin paris, it can display the stations which are around you and showitinerary.
Xpert Dispatch
Xpert Dispatch
Dortmund S Bahn Map
Transopolis 2
Dortmund S Bahn Map: A very simple showcase ofDortmund S Bahn stations and connection. Aside from info ontransportation you can also find recommendations for restaurants,popular tourist, sites, as well as some interesting facts aboutDortmund.
FREE TAXIMETER VERSION=======================================Main taximeter abilities:1. Creation of its own tariffs (any number)2. Calculation of orders in distance and timing (it’s possible acombine using with speed account)2. Creation of tables for meeting at airports and railwaystations3. Conversations recording in a cabin during taximeter using(activate in settings)4. Quick navigation start
Portal de Trânsito - JP
Portal de Trânsito da cidade deJoãoPessoa.Neste aplicativo você conseguirá ver as imagens das câmerasdemonitoramento da cidade, além de receber em tempo realasinformações de fluxo das principais vias.Portal Transit cityofJoão Pessoa.In this application you will be able to see the images fromcamerasmonitoring the city, and receive real-time information flowof themain routes.
Metro Salerno
Metro Salerno app allows you to browse easily MetroSalerno'stimetable directly from your smartphone or tablet.Metro Salerno app allows you to browse through trains in realtimein railway stations connected to the Metro service, to controlallconnections with regional and national trains.Thanks to the "nearest station" functionality , you can easilyfindthe station of the Metropolitan of Salerno near you - evengettingdirections to get there.
Autostradale per l'italia
Semplice e leggera applicazione che consentedi calcolare la tariffa per il pedaggio autostradaleitaliano.Simple and lightweightapplication that allows you to calculate the rate for the Italiantoll motorway.
Такси Союз Краснодар
Приложение для заказа такси в Краснодаре вдиспетчерской службе Союз, Везунчик, Альянс, Комфорт, Бюджет."Это самый простой способ заказать такси одним кликом прямо свашего смартфона, где бы вы ни находились. Нажмите кнопку, иближайшее такси тут же отправится к вам. Не нужно никуда звонить потелефону и ждать, теряя время. Следите за такси в режиме реальноговремени на карте и получайте полную информацию о машине, водителе истоимости. Приложение позволяет заказывать машину заранее. Простонастройте поездку на необходимую вам дату и время, и такси будет увашего подъезда в нужный момент. Кроме того, вы можете оставлятьотзыв о качестве поездке, ставить оценку водителю, смотреть всепредыдущие поездки в журнале прямо в приложении.Нам дорог каждый пассажир!В остальном мы стремимся работать также четко, надежно и безопаснокак большинство лидирующих фирм такси города Краснодара.Мы предлагаем воспользоваться следующими услугами:- Обслуживание свадеб и других мероприятий- Доставка и закупка продуктов питания, цветов и т. д.- Такси Бизнес Комфорт и Эконом класса.- Перевозка животных- Грузоперевозки- Услуга «Прикурить автомобиль»- Подача иномарки- Перегон автомобилей по городу и краю- Междугородние поездки- Помощь на дорогеМы надеемся, что наша служба такси вызовет у Вас приятныевоспоминания, и Вы откроете приложение ещё, чтобы сделатьзаказ.Такси Союз - Ваш надежный союзник!Application for taxi inKrasnodar in the control service of the Union, Lucky, Alliance,Comfort, Budget."This is the easiest way to order a taxi in one click directlyfrom your smartphone, wherever you are. Press the button and thenearest taxi immediately sent to you. You do not need to make phonecalls anywhere and wait for wasting time. Watch out for a taxi inreal time on the map and get full information about the car, thedriver, and cost. The application allows you to book a car inadvance. Simply adjust ride you need the date and time, and taxiswill be your entrance at the right time. In addition, you can leavea review about the quality of the trip , make an assessment driverto watch all the previous trip to log directly into theapplication.We care for every traveler!For the rest, we are committed to work as clearly, safely andsecurely as most taxi firms leading the city of Krasnodar.We offer the following services:- Maintenance of weddings and other events- Delivery and procurement of food, flowers, and so on. D.- Comfort Taxi Business and Economy Class.- Transport of animals- Moving- The service is "a light car '- Submission of foreign cars- Driving of vehicles in the city and the edge- Long distance trip- Help on the roadWe hope that our taxi service will cause you great memories and youopen the app more, to make a booking.Taxi Union - your reliable ally!
Bangkok Buses
BANGKOK BUSES - YOUR ONE STOP INFORMATIONCENTER REGARDING PUBLIC TRANSPORT IN BANGKOK.An overview of buses in Bangkok, Thailand. It includes the busnumber, operating hours, type of bus (ordinary, air-conditioned orboth) and destination information.
ترايت تطبيق مترو الرياض
تطبيق تفاعلي لخريطة النقل بمدينة الرياض عام2018 والتي تشمل المترو والباصات كما يستعرض طول المسار والزمنالتقديري.كذلك يتيح التطبيق البحث عن أقرب محطة أو البحث بالعناوين.يهدف لتسهيل تصور مشروع الملك عبدالعزيز للنقل بمدينة الرياض عنطريق تطبيق يسهل للمستخدم معرفة النقاط ،المسارات و التوقيتاتالمتوقعة.الخواص:- البحث بالموقع الحالي.- البحث بالعناوين.- تفعيل خريطة المترو فقط.- تفعيل خريطة المترو و الباصات.- عرض المواقف الخاصة بمحطات الحافلات أو المترو.- تعديل خواص المسار المعروض على الخريطة.- عرض احصائيات المسار.- عرض المحطات و المسافة و الزمن.- إمكانية مشاركة المسار من خلال رابط قصير.An interactive mapapplication for transportation in Riyadh in 2018, which includesthe metro and buses will also review the length of the track andthe estimated time. Well as application enables search for thenearest station or search titles.Aims to facilitate the perception of King Abdul Aziz in Riyadhfor transfer by applying easy for the user to know the points,tracks and times are expected.Properties:- Search the current site.- Find addresses.- Activating the only subway map.- Activating the map metro and buses.- Display positions own buses or subway stations.- Modify the properties of the path displayed on the map.- View stats track.- Display stations and the distance and time.- The possibility of the participation path through the Shortlink.
Мобильный водитель
Мобильное приложение для водителей позволит не тратить драгоценноевремя на звонки в центр логистики. Вы сможете выбирать заказысамостоятельно прямо на экране мобильного телефона или планшета.The mobileapplication will allow drivers to avoid wasting precious time oncalls to the logistics center. You will be able to choose their ownorders directly on the screen of a mobile phone or tablet.