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Weather Timeline - Forecast
Sam Ruston
Weather Timeline is a simple weather app thatfocuses on summarising the next hour, the next 48 hours and thenext week so you don't have to. It presents the forecast in atimeline to help you quickly glance and digest the information andhas a strong focus on color to outline the weather conditions. Theapp includes current weather alerts/warnings for your chosenlocations.Features:. Simple, elegant design. Bold use of color to increase legibility. Watch Face. Timeline forecast so you can easily glance at theinformation. Local weather alerts front and centre. Multiple weather provider options. Great theme customisation options (choose colours). Easy to understand graphs and charts of temperature, rainetc.... Android wear support. Table layout. Multi language support. Multiple weather providers
WeatherRadar - Live weather
Real-time weather at a glance forEurope.Clouds, rain, lightning, temperatures.Current weather and forecasts.Free for all.What will the weather be like? Cloudy or sunny? Rain or snow?How warm is it? Will it get stormy?WeatherMaps provides an easy answer to all these questions with arain radar, satellite image and storm info on one map.WeatherMaps offers you these advantages:- Data updates every 15 minutes- Loop 1 hour back and 1 hour forward- 24 hour forecast- Various zoom levels- Location detection- Automatic updatesWeatherMaps Premium is available if you want to zoom in evencloser. WeatherMaps Premium lets you track clouds, rain and stormseven more precisely.WeatherMaps Premium offers you these advantages:- Zoom in even closer- 1.25 miles resolution- Data updates every 5 mins instead of every 15 mins- No ads- Can be used on up to 5 devicesWeatherMaps Premium can be activated in the app.No automatic extension. No subscription.WeatherMaps Premium is free for WetterOnline Premiummembers. created the app for you!That's why we'd love to hear your comments and suggestions.Please email us at:[email protected] look forward to hearing from you.Your WetterOnline Team.
ASUS Weather
ASUS Weather is more than just another weatherapp – it’s the weather app with RealFeel® outlook!In addition to accurate real-time prediction relating to the chanceof rain, expected precipitation depth, humidity levels and windstrength, ASUS Weather’s powerful RealFeel feature tells you whatall the information means with a simple figure that shows you whatthe temperature actually feels like.ASUS Weather also integrates seamlessly with ZenUI What’s Next, soyou’ll be informed via the lock screen both about your day aheadand how best to prepare for the weather you’ll encounter.You can even add the ASUS Weather widget to your home screen andeasily customize its view to show the weather where you are, whereyou’re going, or where you dream about going — anywhere on theplanet!Key features- RealFeel temperature guidance with daily charts- Daily temperature predictions, with daily highs and lows- Precipitation depth- Humidity levels- Sunrise and sunset times- Ultraviolet (UV) index- Wind speed and wind direction- Current weather condition and 7-day forecast- Search and add cities worldwide, quickly and easily- Choose your preferred temperature unit — Celsius orFahrenheit- Automatic location detection means accurate weather wherever youare- View hourly forecast of the day- View more details of the day or night weather forecast andtemperature- Taiwan/China regions: Includes Air Pollutant Standards Index(PSI) with real-time data on PM2.5 and other pollutants- Severe weather alert which includes notifications and alerts forhigh winds, heavy rain, heavy snow, sandstorm, haze, amongothersTips1. To add the Weather widget on the Home screen, tap and hold thewidget then drag and drop it to the Home screen.2. To show the 7-day forecast or PSI (Pollutant Standards Index)information, simply follow tip 1 then select the 4x2 weatherwidget.3. To edit or remove locations, tap the menu button (three dots atthe top right) and tap Edit.4. Change the update frequency and temperature and wind-speed unitsby tapping the menu button then tap Settings.5. Fit an ASUS Cover to your device to see the latest weatherthrough the viewing window.6. Select a city or adjust background opacity by pressing thewidget for 2 seconds and drag it to Edit on the top of thescreen.NotesFor accurate and up-to-date weather information, ensure that youare connected to Wi-Fi or a mobile data network when using ASUSWeather. Also, enable your device’s location-detection feature toreceive the local weather information.More informationFor more product information and videos, check out and suggestionsWe’d love to hear from you!Send us your feedbacks via: [email protected]
Vaavud Wind Meter
NOTE on 0.4.0: Sony device owners, please notethat due to Sony's special hardware configuration, the SleipnirVaavud device will not work with your phone, and inserting theSleipnir wind meter may cause the app to crashTurn your phone into a high-tech meteorological tool with theVaavud app and the Vaavud wind meter.No more looking-at-the-trees-and-waves guesswork. Make a precisemeasurement of the wind no matter where you are and what you are upto.If you are into sailing, windsurfing, kite surfing, kite boarding,land yachting, balloon flying, paragliding, hunting, kite flying,kayaking, drone flying, hiking, golf, biking, etc., etc. - Or ifyou are just plain curious about the weather around you - thenVaavud is for you!The app requires the Vaavud wind meter for smartphones, which canbe bought on The Vaavud wind meter is a patent pending,electronicless cup anemometer, which utilizes the sensors in yourphone, and an advanced set of algorithms to measure the exact windspeed.Current features include:• Current, average, maximum wind speed and wind direction ( onlywith Sleipnir device).• Graph with current and average wind speed• Ability to scroll and zoom on the graph• Ability to choose unit (m/s, knots, mph, km/h, bft)• Wind range: 2- 25 m/s• Resolution: 0.1 m/s• Accuracy: +/- 4% or +/- 0.25 m/s• Live map of wind measurements• Measurement historySend us a note on [email protected] with any questions or commentsyou may have. We would love to hear from you!
Météo Marine
METEO CONSULT, the leading independent weatherforecast provider and marine weather specialist, provides freeforecasts developed and controlled by experiencedmeteorologists.Whether you are a boater, skipper, surfer, kite surfer, diver or afisher, you will find all the forecasts you need in this app!• FORECASTS Live forecasts and 15-day forecasts over a dozenparameters>> Thousands of zones and spots in France and Europe: coastalareas, ports, anchorages, gliding spots, beaches and coves, divingand fishing spots and interior spots. Choose yours!>> Compare the forecasts of the most visited weather sourcesin France to help you decide>> Compare the weather of several spots if you are not sureabout your destination>> Create your own spots and share them with your friends andfamily• TIDES Easily consult the coefficients, heights and times of thetides• INTERACTIVE MAPS with forecasts and warnings in case of gales andstorms• SEMAPHORES and REPORTS>> Hour-by-hour survey of more than 300 buoys and beacons inFrance and Europe>> Are you at sea? Share your observations with other membersof the community• FAVOURITES access your favourite marine zones and bulletins witha single click, and synchronize your favourites with the ones youhave on the METEO CONSULT Marine website.• NOTIFICATIONS : set custom alerts via notifications• VIDEOS>> Bulletins updated up to three times a day and commented byour expert forecasters>> Satellite animations and precipitation radars
DMI Weather
Danish Weather with an Eye for theWorld.
Fox 2 Weather
FOX 2 Detroit is proud to unveil the latestupdate to our mobile Weather Authority app.  Daily and hourlyforecasts, detailed interactive radar maps, customized locationsettings and severe weather alerts from the National WeatherService, all in the palm of your hand.  Take the Fox 2 WeatherAuthority with you wherever you go! The Fox 2 Weather Authority Mobile App includes:• Access to station content specifically for our mobileusers.• Option to enable specific geolocation tracking for preciselocation-based weather data and advertisements (review our PrivacyPolicy for more information on our use and sharing of locationinformation)• An interactive map optimized for both in-network (3G/4G/LTE) andWIFI performance .• 250 meter radar, the highest resolution available.• Future radar to see where severe weather is headed.• Regional lightning data.• High resolution satellite cloud imagery.• Current weather updated multiple times per hour.• Daily and Hourly forecasts updated hourly from our computermodels.• Ability to add and save your favorite locations.• A fully integrated GPS for current location awareness.• Severe weather alerts from the National Weather Service.• Opt-in push alerts to keep you safe in severe weather.We may work with mobile advertising companies and other similarentities that help deliver advertisements tailored to yourinterests. For more information about such advertising practices,and to opt-out in mobile apps, see You may also download theApp Choices app at
Weather Services PRO
★ NEW → Add-on app:FlipClockDesigner(FREEin PRO version)★ NEW → WEATHER RADARS★ NEW → WEATHER MAPS ZOOM★ NEW → GEOGRAPHICAL MAP OF LOCATIONS★ NEW → ADD ANY LOCATION ON EARTH FROMMAP,CUSTOMLOCATIONNAME★ NEW → WEATHER ALERTS★ NEW → HOURLY FORECASTS ANDDETAILEDCHARTSinclCLOUDINESS★ NEW → WEATHER ICON PACKS (installWeatherServicesIconpackadd-on application first)★ NEW → METEOGRAM and CHART CHIDGET (all in onechartalsoindesktoop widget)For more details, check our new website: the latest current conditions, forecasts,weathercharts,forecastmaps, webcams and more with largestnetworkofprofessional weatherstations all over the world in agreatlookingstyle!FEATURES, or what makes this a FULL PACKAGE:======================================◆ CORE FUNCTIONALITY:- Live and detailed local weather conditions and forecasts- HOURLY weather data including details asCloudiness,Humidity,Feelslike, Air pressure, Wind, % chance ofrainandprecipitation- Millions! of locations around the world- Exact dynamic and automated current locationsearchwith'MyLocation' functionality- 8 desktop weather widgets with (Flip Clock I &II4x2,Forecast4x2, Large 4x2, Forecast 4x1, Clock 4x1,Mini1x1,Chartwidget)- Notification bar icon witch temperature and weather details- Weather alerts in USA- Up to 10 active locations- Geographical map of locations◆ COOL FEATURES:- Live Webcams for every location to see therealweatherconditions(largest webcams network)- Forecast Charts forTemperature,Precipitation,Humidity,Cloudiness- Weather Forecast Maps for precipitation,clouds,temperaturesandwind (also in HD available)**- Choose weather data provider which fitsyourlocationbest(OpenWeatherMap or YR.NO)- Dual Clock – select from System, GMT or Location time- Moon phase, Sunrise, Sunset- App Hints screens◆ MAKE YOUR APPLICATION UNIQUE:- THEMES - customize your app by one click or create yourown!- Fully graphical customizable (font types,backgrounds,colors,textoutline …)- Fully customizable app settings(units,startup,updates,notification bar…)- ICON PACK themes PREMIUM CONTENT available(installWeatherServicesIconpack add-on first)◆ OTHER USEFUL ATTRIBUTES:- One of the best battery consumption application ontheMarket- Quick access to your prefered clockandcalendarapplication(configurable)- Option to display locations time on widget- Cached weather data for offline viewing- Easy use and high-impact visual eye candy views- Broad OS compatibility: Android 1.6+,QVGA,WQVGA400/432,HVGA,WVGA800/854And there is more to come, we develop andimproveourappcontinuously.If you like Weather Services-RATE US. Thank you and enjoy!IMPORTANT==========If you are experiencing any issues, please makesureyourdataconnectivity is up & running. Vast majority ofourlowratingsare because of local issues, please contact us andletushelp youfirst:Contact: [email protected] NOTES==============If you have any ideas, how to improve our application,pleaseletusknow.4.0NEW: Hourly forecast widget (resizable, variouswidgetlayouts)NEW: Support for Google payments (J&P gold) - if youneedanyhelpwith Google Wallet payments, please contact usSmall UI changes for better app performance.Small fixes - thanks to all reportersanduserscontactingsupport3.8+3.9Faster weather data refresh.3.7Fixed: Google Wallet J&P gold credit topupfixedonsomedevices... and more (v3.6-v1.0)** we provide Forecast Maps, which are not Live Radars,assomemayexchange this expression. Live Radars are beingdevelopedandwillcome soon
Meteo in Diretta
Con l'applicazione di MeteoInDiretta hai sul tuo smarphone lewebcam e le previsioni meteo per l'Italia, per le regioni e pertutti i comuni.In particolare puoi consultare gratuitamente:Previsioni meteo per l'Italia, mappe pioggia, neve, temperatura,venti e visibilitàPrevisioni per tutte le regioni con relative mappe meteoPrevisioni per tutti i comuni e località di rilievoWebcamMappe meteo ad alta risoluzioneImmagini satellitariSegnalazioni meteo in tempo realeL'applicazione è in grado di determinare automaticamente la tuaposizione.With theapplication of MeteoInDiretta you have on your smartphone webcamsand weather forecasts for Italy for the regions and for allmunicipalities.In particular, you can consult for free:Weather forecast for Italy, maps, rain, snow, temperature, windand visibilityForecasts for all regions and related weather mapsForecasts for all common and important placesWebcamWeather maps at high resolutionSatellite ImageryReports real-time weatherThe application is able to automatically determine yourlocation.
WBTW Weather
Never let the weather catch you by surpriseagain. The trusted weather experts at StormTracker 13 Weatherdeliver Myrtle Beach, South Carolina's most accurate hour-by-hourforecast for the next day and for the week ahead. Unlike otherweather apps, you'll get a local forecast that is customized foryou.Download the WBTW Weather app for fast, accurate local and nationalweather at your fingertips. With its personal alert notifications,you'll know when significant weather is heading your way and whento take cover. And when you are traveling, use WBTW Weather to getreal-time weather forecasts, interactive radar and currentconditions for anywhere in the U.S.The WBTW Weather app utilizes the most advanced radar maps, weatherand digital technology available. With its easy to use interactiveradar, you can take control and see where the storm is now andwhere it is tracking. Then, set customized alerts to keep you andyour family informed and safe.Features:- Live interactive radar with many layering options lets you trackthe storms around you- Alerts for severe weather go to your home screen and cue an audioalert- The most accurate hour-by-hour forecast for the next day and weekahead for Myrtle Beach, Grand Strand, and Pee Dee areas- The latest video forecast from the StormTracker 13 weatherteam- Current weather conditions for Myrtle Beach, Grand Strand, andPee Dee areas and anywhere in the United States- Share the weather conditions via text message, email, Facebook orTwitter- You can set multiple custom locations to track forecasts, alerts,radar, and more- Weather blog from StormTracker 13
Weather - Clima
It is a simple application, with which you can quickly get theweather of the city you want.Include the following information:* Temperature (Celsius or Fahrenheit).* Current Condition.* Humidity.* Wind (KHPM or MPH).* Extended forecast.
From the creators of WindAlert, the highly rated wind findingapplication, Radar by WeatherFlow supports the theme of BetterData, Better Decisions by simply providing High definition weatherradar around you.Easily animate or pause the radar to see what precipitation isheading your way. Pan and zoom to your exact area and the app willremember where you are.Whatever your activity, Radar by WeatherFlow is a critical toolfor seeing where the Precipitation is and where it is going.While the application is in beta mode it is free to download anduse. Enjoy and let us know how we can improve the application tosuit your needs.Radar covers the Continental United States, Hawaii, Alaska,Guam, Puerto Rico, and USVI.
Weather Temperature
Simple weather app that displays temperature in Fahrenheit andCelsius of any city. It includes weather forecast for the next fewdays, and requires only internet access permission - no access toyour personal calls, or private info! It is very easy to use andtakes tiny bit of space on your device.Enjoy :)
Cool Weather Clock Widget
Super Widgets
★ Cool Weather Clock Widget★ is the coolest widget for your homescreen. Looking for cool widget clock? Look no more! Here you willget a collection of cool and funny clock designs for your homescreen. Apply cool digital clock and make your screen even morebeautiful! Download “Cool Weather Clock Widget” as soon as possibleand have fun. Cool and pretty, just like a clock should look!10 digital clocks, 5 unlocked and 5 locked.Every day new clock is available.Put wonderful clock widget on your home screen.Top widgets of different sizes and shapes.Easy to use for adults and children.Add widgets to beautify your screen.Widgets are interesting features for mobile phones. Choosecute clocks with original design for your screen. You maychoose both unusual or the classic designs. They can be used todress up your Android™ device home screen! Add a spark to yourphone. Make it special and more interesting. In only a few secondsan amazing “digital clock” is ready, absolutely free. Perfectwidget is a click away from you. Just select your favorite designand get an awesome digital clock for your new Samsung Galaxy phone.You will have an amazing clock widget on your phone! Download ★Cool Weather Clock Widget★ and have the coolest look of yourscreen. Your phone will look even more beautiful!This cool widget offers you not only the digital clock but theweather forecast in Celsius and in Fahrenheit. No need to watch theweather channel, you will know the weather conditions on yourscreen. Is it raining or snowing, it will be shown on your screen.If you want to see weather temperature just download this coolwidget and see whether outside is dry, sunny and worm or rainy,windy and cold. World weather and local weather will be displayedon your screen. The only thing you need to do is to choose thelocation and you will see the information about humidity, pressure,cloudiness and wind speed. Cool “weather widget” is ready for freedownload.Best clock widgets are extremely useful and great decoration foryour screen. Download cool digital clock and start the fun now. Ithas many interesting functions and it is very easy to use. Set dateand time display and change the text color and font. With freewidget you will have cool digital clock for your phone. Enjoy“clock widget” with this cool app! No matter which phone or tabletyou’re using ★ Cool Weather Clock Widget★ is perfect for you. Aclock widget that displays the time, the date and even the dayoffers different color themes to choose from. Want to have cool clock on your screen? Free “digital clockwidget” is waiting for you. Get the best “widgets for Android™”device and enjoy in cool clock! ★ Cool Weather Clock Widget★ allowsyou to quickly beautify your phone screen! This is the best widgetever! Small and simple, with essential features! New designs areadded every day!★ Cool Weather Clock Widget★ lets you add clocks to your screen. Itis available in different sizes and the background is transparent.Cool widgets to cover your home screen are a click away from you!They have a lot of different sizes and shapes,different colors and designs. Cool top widgets and digitalclocks should find home on your phone screen.*Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc.*This app is not affiliated with or endorsed by Samsung.
WBAY RADAR - StormCenter 2
Never let the weather catch you by surpriseagain. The trusted weather experts at StormCenter 2 deliverNortheast Wisconsin's most accurate hour-by-hour forecast for thenext day and for the week ahead. Unlike other weather apps, you'llget a local forecast that is customized for you.Download the WBAY StormCenter 2 On the Go app for fast, accuratelocal and national weather at your fingertips. With its personalalert notifications, you'll know when significant weather isheading your way and when to take cover. And when you aretraveling, use WBAY StormCenter 2 On the Go to get real-timeweather forecasts, interactive radar and current conditions foranywhere in the U.S.The WBAY StormCenter 2 On the Go app utilizes the most advancedradar maps, weather and digital technology available. With its easyto use interactive radar, you can take control and see where thestorm is now and where it is tracking. Then, set customized alertsto keep you and your family informed and safe.Features:- Live interactive radar with many layering options lets you trackthe storms around you- Alerts for severe weather go to your home screen and cue an audioalert- The most accurate hour-by-hour forecast for the next day and weekahead for Northeast Wisconsin- The latest video forecast from StormCenter 2- Current weather conditions for Northeast Wisconsin and anywherein the United States- Share the weather conditions via text message, email, Facebook orTwitter- You can set multiple custom locations to track forecasts, alerts,radar, and more- Closings and delays for Green Bay and Northeast Wisconsin- Live streaming video from Action 2 News
Geen zin om zelf steeds de buienradar techecken? Buienalarm waarschuwt je voor naderende buien, gebaseerdop jouw eigen locatie of ingestelde locaties! Zo kun jebijvoorbeeld je was zorgeloos buiten laten hangen of op tijdschuilen in een tent op een festival voordat er geen plek meeris.Buienalarm is verkozen tot de Nederlandse Android-app van 2011!Versie 3.0 is een volledig vernieuwde versie van Buienalarm.Daarnaast vind je nu op nu ook een versie vanBuienalarm voor je browser met dezelfde bekende grafiek!Werkt in Nederland, België en delen van Duitsland.Do not feel like myselfalways check the rainfall radar? Showers Alarm warns you ofapproaching storms, based on your particular location or locationsyou set! For example you can hang out you were careless or takeshelter in time in a tent at a festival before, there is noplace.Rainfall Alert has been voted the Dutch Android app of 2011!Version 3.0 is a completely revamped version of Rain Alarm.You can also find now now also a version of RainAlarm your browser with the same familiar graphics!Works in the Netherlands, Belgium and parts of Germany.
UX 4 Weather Icons for Chronus
UX 4.0 Theme is an add-in Weather Icon Set for Chronus, Crius andthe CyanogenMod cLock Widgets.Installation1. This icon set isn't a standalone weather widget, make sure youhave at least one of Chronus/Crius/cLock installed before usingthis weather icon set.2. UX4.0 Weather icons are only supported on OS 3.4 andlater.Credit Chronus: Home & Lock Widget is a free app on PlayStore. All credit goes to DvTonder for his great widget.
L’application Météo-France, compatible avecvotre montre connectée Android : l'application météo deréférence.NOUVEAU :* Devenez acteur de la météo avec l'observation participative etsuivez le temps qu'il fait !* Zoomez sur la carte de vigilance et identifiez rapidement lesphénomènes dangereuxEt aussi :* Ajout d’éphémérides avec heures de lever et coucher du soleil(Métropole).* Indice UV, accessible par un tap sur le pictogramme central* Possibilité de zoomer l’image du jour, les animations radar etsatellite* Lecture directe du vent sous la température de chaqueéchéance* Nouveaux widgets qui fonctionnent aussi engéo-localisation.LES FORCES DE NOTRE APPLICATION- Design moderne et épuré- Ergonomie simple- Prévisions météo complètes sur la France métropolitaine,l’outre-mer et des villes du monde entier- Avec l'application de Météo-France, personnalisez votre paged'accueil :* Accès direct aux prévisions météo sur une des villes que vousavez choisies en favori* Géo-localisation active en France métropolitaine et àl'étranger.* Sélectionnez les informations météo que vous souhaitez voiraffichées à l'écran pour chacune de vos villes favorites.Sélectionnez les blocs à afficher avec le bouton + en bas à droitede l’écran, pour chacune des villes enregistrées dans vos favoris :Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Toulouse, Bruxelles, Londres, NewYork…- Personnalisez vos prévisions météo pour les villes de Francemétropolitaine :* Pluie dans l'heure (selon couverture territoriale)* Prévision par ville pour les 10 prochains jours* Cartes de prévisions sur la France ou votre région* Bulletins Montagne pour les Alpes, les Pyrénées, et la Corse avecles informations Neige et Avalanches* Bulletins Marine et sécurité pour les zones côtières* Animations radar et satellite sur 3 heures.* Image satellite du jour, commentée par les spécialistes deMétéo-France et zoomable* Carte nationale de vigilance. En cas de vigilance, un clic sur lacarte donne accès au bulletin national et à la liste desdépartements en vigilance (jaune, orange ou rouge). Par cetteliste, accédez aux bulletins départementaux de vigilance.Vous êtes averti dès que le niveau de vigilance orange est atteintsur le département choisi via le menu « notifications »* Exclusif : La notification Inondation.Elle apparait sur votre écran si l’une des villes en favoris estconcernée par un risque d’inondation dû à un épisode pluvieuxintense ou à un phénomène de ruissellement ou de débordement. Sil'application est lancée et que vous avez accepté lagéo-localisation, elle apparait également pour le lieu où vous êtesgéo-localisé. Il existe 2 niveaux de notification : « Risqueinondation » et « Inondation » qui donnent accès à 2 niveaux deconseils de comportement.* Widgets Météo-France :Créez et configurez le widget de votre ville favorite (inclutgéo-localisation).- L’application de Météo-France est compatible avec les montresconnectées Android : Consultez les prévisions toutes les 3 heurespour les 12 prochaines heures ainsi que la pluie dans l’heure pour4 favoris + la géo-localisation.- Quelques astuces pour profiter au mieux de votre applicationMétéo-France :* Balayez verticalement l’écran pour faire défiler les tuiles* Cliquez sur le pictogramme principal pour obtenir l’indice UV etles probabilités de pluie et de gel* Changez de jour en balayant horizontalement ou en cliquant surles chevrons* Choisissez le créneau horaire ou le jour d’un clic, il devientpictogramme principal au centre de l’écran.* Accédez à l’ensemble des fonctionnalités de l’application par lemenu principal en haut à gauche.* Gardez le doigt sur une tuile pour la déplacer et réorganiservotre affichage* Mémorisez vos villes favorites, modifiez votre écran d’accueil ouconfigurez votre widget grâce à l’étoile en haut à droite.* Contactez-nous via la rubrique « Vos remarques » du menuprincipal. Vos retours nous aident à améliorer votreapplication.The applicationMétéo-France, compatible with your Android connected watch: thereference weather application.NEW:* Become a part of the weather with participant observation andfollow the weather!* Examine the vigilance map and quickly identify hazardsAnd also :* Added ephemeris with sunrise and sunset (Metropolis).* UV, accessible by a tap on the central pictogram* Ability to zoom the image of the day, the animated radar andsatellite* Direct reading of the wind in the temperature of eachmaturity* New widgets also work in geo-location.FORCES OF OUR APPLICATION- modern and sleek design- Easy Ergonomics- Complete weather forecast on mainland France, overseasterritories and cities around the world- With the application of Météo-France, customize yourhomepage:* Direct access to weather forecasts on one of the cities that youhave selected favorite* Active Geo-location in France and abroad.* Select the weather information you want to see on the screen foreach of your cities. Select the blocks to be displayed with the +button at the bottom right of the screen for each of the citiessaved in your Favorites: Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Toulouse,Brussels, London, New York ...- Customize your weather forecast for cities in mainlandFrance:* Cloudy within one hour (according to territorial coverage)* Forecast city for the next 10 days* Forecast cards on France or region* Mountain Bulletins for the Alps, the Pyrenees and Corsica withSnow and Avalanche Information* Marine and Security Bulletins for coastal areas* Animations and radar satellite to 3 hours.* Satellite image of the day, commented by experts fromMétéo-France and zoomable* National watch map. If vigilance, clicking on the card givesaccess to the national ballot and the list of departments invigilance (yellow, orange or red). For this list, access todepartmental vigilance bulletins.You are notified as soon as the orange alert level is reached onthe chosen department via the menu "notifications"* Exclusive: Flood notification.It appears on your screen if one of the favorites in cities isconcerned with a risk of flooding due to intense rainfall event ora phenomenon runoff or overflow. If the application is launched andyou have accepted the geo-location, it also appears to where youare geo-located. There are two levels of notification, "Flood Risk"and "Flood" that give access to two levels of behavioralcounseling.* Widgets Meteo-France:Create and configure the widget from your favorite city (includesgeo-location).- The application of Météo-France supports Android watchesconnected: Check forecasts every 3 hours for the next 12 hours andrain in time for 4 favorites + geo-location.- Some tips to make the most of your Météo-France app:* Scan vertically screen to scroll the tiles* Click on the main symbol for the UV index and rain probabilitiesand gel* Change day by scanning horizontally or clicking on therafters* Choose the time slot or day of a click, it becomes the mainsymbol in the center of the screen.* Access to all features of the application by the main menu on thetop left.* Keep your finger on a tile to move and rearrange yourdisplay* Memorize your favorite cities, change your home screen or setyour widget with the top right star.* Contact us via the "Feedback" on the main menu. Your feedbackhelps us improve your application.
Earthquake Alerter Free
Josh Clemm
Get push notifications and alerts ofearthquakes worldwide! Free version alerts quakes only above a 3.5in magnitude.* This is a companion application to Earthquake Alert! *It uses push notifications to alert you when an earthquake occursthat match any predefined filters.Create as many filters as you want to monitor earthquakes all overthe world. Create a filter for smaller earthquakes near yourlocation, or one to filter very large quakes worldwide, or create acustom location and radius - it's up to you!Push notifications use Google's GCM technology and thereforerequire Android 2.2.Again, this is a companion app for Earthquake Alert!. Once you haveboth installed they work together seamlessly.
Real weather wallpaper
Creative work
Weather today and tomorrow on yourscreen.In the settings, enter the name of your city, or if you can notfind the coordinates for the city name, manually enter them.From left displays the text with the weather today, right -tomorrow.Background will vary depending on the weather today.Displays the following information:- The temperature in the morning, in the afternoon, evening,night- Humidity- Pressure- Wind speed
Quick Weather
Newman Apps
Quick Weather provides easy access to theNational Weather Service and Weather Underground Websites.Information found at these sites should satisfy the weatherenthusiast as well as the casual weather observer. In addition,7-day forecasts are available from Weatherbug. Quick Weather alsocontains several helpful tools.Quick Weather features these tools:-Temperature convertor-Wind chill calculator-Weather alerts provided by Weatherbug-Current conditions, 10 day forecast, radar, and satellite fromWeather Underground-24 hour forecast from WeatherbugFeatures from the National Weather Service:-Local forecast data-Regional radar data-Storm Prediction Center convective outlooks-Watches, Warnings, and Advisories by state-Surface observations-Tropical weather discussions and maps-Marine and Tide forecastsFeatures from Weather Underground:-Numerical weather prediction models from the GFS and NAM-Surface maps including: fronts, temperature, heat index,windchill, humidity, dew point, wind, visibility, visiblesatellite, jet stream, and precipitationHealth maps including: UV, flu, and air quality-Forecasts for the United States and around the worldYour feedback can help improve this app. Please send suggestionsto [email protected]
In-počasí je oblíbená česká aplikace, kterázobrazí aktuální teplotu venku a předpověď počasí. V aplikacinaleznete bohatou nabídku widgetů zobrazující informace o počasípřímo na ploše vašeho mobilního telefonu. Ve widgetech si můžetezobrazit také aktuální čas nebo svátky a je tedy praktickýmrozšířením plochy. Údaje jsou aktualizovány každých 30 minut zhusté sítě meteorologických stanic po celé České republice aodpovídají tak vždy skutečným naměřeným hodnotám v danémmístě.Widgety na plochuAplikace nabízí celou řadu widgetů na plochu vašeho telefonu (vevelikostech 4x2, 4x1 a 2x1 a také widgety na zamykací obrazovku).Díky widgetům se dozvíte nejen aktuální teplotu venku a předpověďna další dny, ale i aktuální datum, svátek a čas. Největší formátwidgetu zobrazuje hodiny, aktuální teplotu, svátek, datum, počasína dnešní den a aktualitu. Malé widgety zobrazují předpověď na dvadny nebo aktuální teplotu ve vámi zvolené lokalitě. Informace opočasí budete mít vždy po ruce.Předpovědi tvořené českými meteorologyPředpovědi jsou pravidelně aktualizovány (každých 30 minut) apřipravovány meteorology z portálu In-počasí. Data pro aplikaci takvznikají přímo v České republice a jsou pravidelně kontrolovány.Aplikace využívá hustou síť meteorologických stanic po celém našemúzemí. V jejich blízkém okolí se v aplikaci zobrazuje aktuálníteplota venku na desetinu stupně přesně.Podrobné předpovědiNa 48 hodin dopředu v aplikaci naleznete podrobné předpovědi potřech hodinách, které nabídnou ucelený pohled na očekávané počasí vnejbližší době (zahrnují předpověď stavu počasí, teploty, úhrnusrážek a větru). Nechybí samozřejmě ani předpověď na další dny, alejiž jen v souhrnném stavu pro celý den.Numerický modelV aplikaci naleznete předpověď srážek, teplot a oblačnosti přímo nasnímcích z numerického modelu, a to až na následujících 6 dní.Nabízí se tak pohled nejen na počasí ve zvoleném městě, ale v celénaší republice a blízkém okolí. Snadno tak poznáte, odkud přijdousrážky a kam se případně vydat na výlet.Meteorologické centrum ve vašem telefonuAplikace se může pochlubit kompletním meteorologickým servisem.Vedle předpovědí nechybí v aplikaci klimatické údaje pro vybranéstanice, přehled rekordů, časy východu a západu Slunce a Měsíce,webové kamery nebo textové předpovědi.In-weather favorite Czechapplication that displays the current temperature outside and theweather forecast. In the application, you will find a richselection of widgets displaying weather information right on yourdesktop to your mobile phone. The widget can also display thecurrent time or holidays and is therefore a practical expansion ofthe area. Data are updated every 30 minutes of a dense network ofmeteorological stations throughout the Czech Republic and alwayscorrespond to actual measured values ​​locally.Widgets on the desktopThe application offers a wide range of widgets on the desktop ofyour phone (in sizes 4x2, 4x1 and 2x1, as well as widgets on thelock screen). Thanks widgets will learn not only the currenttemperature outside and the forecast for the next few days, butalso the current date and time to feast. The largest widget formatdisplays hours, current temperature, the feast, the date, theweather for the day and news. Small widgets display weather for twodays or the current temperature in your chosen location. Weatherinformation you'll always have on hand.Forecasts formed Czech meteorologistsForecasts are updated periodically (every 30 minutes) and trainedmeteorologists from the website In-weather. Data for applicationand originate in the Czech Republic and are regularly inspected.The app uses a dense network of weather stations throughout ourterritory. In the vicinity in the application displays the currenttemperature outside tenth of a degree accuracy.Detailed forecast48 hours in advance for detailed predictions after three hours,which offer a comprehensive view of the weather expected in thenear future (forecast includes the weather conditions, temperature,rainfall and wind). There is of course no forecast for the nextdays, but only in the general condition of the day.Numerical modelIn refer to forecast precipitation, temperature and cloud directlyon the pictures of the numerical model, not only for the next 6days. This offers a view of not only the weather for the selectedcity, but throughout our country and the surrounding area. Youeasily recognize where they come rainfall and where possibly go ona trip.Meteorological Center on your phoneApplication boasts a complete meteorological service. Besidesmissing in predictions of climate data for selected stations,summary records, the times of sunrise and sunset and the moon, webcam or text prediction.
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"A picture is worth a thousand words". Acomplex weather data can be conveyed easily with an image map. Byobserving the Cloud formations around your City, you can easilypredict whether the day is going to be Hot or Rainy/Cloudy.It is very well equipped with data caching capabilities and willnever download duplicate data from the server. The downloadedweather maps will stored locally and can accessed offline.This application fetches the weather maps directly from IndianMeteorological Department ( and CIMSS [USA]( I really don't have control on the missing north indian regionof some map types because they are provided by USA MeteorologicalDepartment.This is an Open Source Application: free to contribute!
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Get real-time local forecasts from our trustedmeteorologists. Explore interactive maps, receive severe weatherwarnings and important updates, and share your weather photos withthe CBS Baltimore newsroom.Features:* Hourly, Daily, and 10-Day Forecasts* Customizable Layered Maps* Hi-Res Satellite Imagery* Exclusive videos and stories from WJZ-TV Experts
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Never let the weather catch you by surpriseagain. The trusted weather experts at First Warning Weather deliverAustin and central Texas' most accurate hour-by-hour forecast forthe next day and for the week ahead. Unlike other weather apps,you'll get a local forecast that is customized for you.Download the KXAN Weather app for fast, accurate local and nationalweather at your fingertips. With its personal alert notifications,you'll know when significant weather is heading your way and whento take cover. And when you are traveling, use KXAN Weather to getreal-time weather forecasts, interactive radar and currentconditions for anywhere in the U.S.The KXAN Weather app utilizes the most advanced radar maps, weatherand digital technology available. With its easy to use interactiveradar, you can take control and see where the storm is now andwhere it is tracking. Then, set customized alerts to keep you andyour family informed and safe.Features:- Live interactive radar with many layering options lets you trackthe storms around you- Alerts for severe weather go to your home screen and cue an audioalert- The most accurate hour-by-hour forecast for the next day and weekahead for Austin and central Texas- The latest video forecast from First Warning Weather- Current weather conditions for Austin and central Texas andanywhere in the United States- Share the weather conditions via text message, email, Facebook orTwitter- You can set multiple custom locations to track forecasts, alerts,radar, and more- Weather blog from First Warning Weather
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This clock and weather app with widget ishere waiting for you!This widgetis a full featured, completelycustomizabledigital clock and weather forecast widget. With it, you can getclock and weather information conveniently It providesaccurate local weather information like highest/lowest temperatureand current weather conditions.Features of this weather widget⛅This daily weather app can display current temperature, daily andhourly forecasts, sunrise and sunset time, humidity, wind speed,air pressure and UV index⛅Live weather background wallpaper⛅Severe Weather Alerts: Informing the real-time weatheralerts and weather warnings. Rain, storm thunder and lightningalerts will be received as weather notifications.⛅ Precipitation Forecast, tells you when will be an umbrellaweather.☀️ Many beautiful weather skins live widgets to choose from.⛅ World Weather App: It’s not only a weather detector foryour own location, but also a global weather tracker that you cansearch world weather and temperature. We support weather andtemperature checking in cities like New York, New Dehli, Chicago,Las Vegas, Hawaii, Sydney, Perth, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Ottawa,Toronto, etc.☀️ Multiple Language Support: weather forecast,天气预报,天氣氣象預報,prévisions météorologiques, Wettervorhersage, previsioni del tempo,天気予報, 일기 예보, previsão do tempo,прогноз погоды, pronóstico deltiempo, Cuaca,прогноз погоди, พยากรณ์อากาศ, dự báo thời tiết,النشرة الجوية, etc.⚡ Notice: ⚡This weather widget only support basic weather feature. If you wantmore features like extended weather forecast, simple moon phasecalendar, moonrise & moonset, AQI etc, please upgrate to ourAmber Weather Elite (our Weather App Pro). We believe our weatherapp pro version will become your weather tracker and personalweather station.Stay in touchIf you would like to help with the translation and localization,please write to: [email protected]
Most weather apps available today just giveyou the forecast for a select city or cities. The ALERT FM App canpossibly help save your life.The ALERT FM App integrates the critically acclaimed iMap WeatherRadio with the reliability of ALERT FM’s state and local citizennotification. Before, during, and after a critical event receivetimely localized emergency information- everything from weatheralerts to available shelter locations- delivered right to yourmobile device.ALERT FM is used by a rapidly growing number of state and localofficials to notify their citizens about emergency situations. TheALERT FM App provides users with weather forecasts, currentconditions, radar updated every 5 minutes, and advisories/ watches/warnings for both your preset and current locations across theUnited States. Additionally, you can receive information fromfederal, state and local emergency officials such as stormprecautions and evacuations, hazardous chemical spills, majoraccidents, Amber Alerts, and more.The ALERT FM App is free to download. The emergency alerting andbasic weather functionality is available for free and there is anIn-App Purchase option for upgraded weather functionality.What you get for Free?*Emergency information sent from federal and state sources for thejurisdiction that you registered for when you downloaded the app-are received on your phone through push notifications (alerts sentto your phone even when the app is closed) and appear under “TextAlerts” in the app.*Over 100 types of weather advisories, watches, and warnings plusforecasts and radar updated every 5 minutes are available for up to5 saved locations and your current location using your phone’sGPS.*Weather advisories, watches, and warnings are available by openingthe app and clicking on the badge next to the selected location(push notifications for weather are available for $9.99 - seebelow).*A badge indicates you have an active alert. The number next to thebadge indicates how many alerts are in effect.NOTE: Custom Alerts, found under SETTINGS, can only be selected forPush Notifications. This setting allows you to select whatadvisories, watches, or warnings that you want pushed to yourphone. Although the alerts read "disabled" with the free features,you will receive all advisories, watches, and warnings for yoursaved and current locations as stated above.Upgrade to a Weather Radio for $9.99 and receive….*Push Notifications (alerts sent to your phone even when the app isclosed) for weather advisories, watches, and warnings.*Voice Audio- spoken weather forecasts, watches and warnings.*Map Overlay- additional display layers on the radar map, includingwarnings/watches, hurricane tracks, and more.* The $9.99 is a one time purchase*National Weather Service data and alerting available for theUnited States only*Continued use of the GPS running in the background candramatically decrease battery life******International Users*******The weather RADAR and weather alerts are US-based. ALERT FM doesnot yet include most international locations RADAR data orinternationally issued weather alerts.