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1 Pics 1 Word: Animals Game
This game is a game for everyone. Whether theadult child can load games to be played in family relationships.Forpeople who love animals. And challenging puzzle on the photo. Youcan find it. play with your friends and kids! Amazing and one of akind word game!
Word Rider
Vroom! Find the maximum number of words fromthe given letters to race your bike to victory. The game has threelevels each level little more complicated than the last.ONE OF THE MOST DOWNLOADED GAMES ON NOKIA APPSTORE WITH NEAR 4MILLIONS OF DOWNLOADS!
Что за слово?- 4 фотки 1 слово
4 фотки 1 слово - угадай какое слово!★ Все загадки на русском! Не автоперевод! ★Русская версия лучшей игры для iOS "What's the word" (4 pics 1word) теперь доступна для Android! Каждая загадка - это 4 фото,объединенные какой-то идеей. Можешь понять, что между нимиобщего?Попробуй и пойми, почему мир влюбился в эту игру!Без регистрации и мудреных правил, просто играй и получайудовольствие! Более 300 заданий не дадут тебе заскучать, анекоторые из них, возможно, сведут тебя с ума, но оно тогостоит!Головоломка - это самый умный способ убить время!Начни играть!4 photos 1 word - guesswhat a word!★ All puzzles in Russian! Taxpayers do not! ★Russian version of the best games for iOS "What's the word" (4 pics1 word) is now available for Android! Each puzzle - is 4 photos, ajoint idea. Can you understand what they have in common?Try and understand why the world fell in love with this game!Without registration and intricate rules, just play and have fun!More than 300 jobs will not let you get bored, and some of them mayhave will drive you crazy, but it's worth it!Puzzle - this is a smart way to kill time!Start playing!
Crush Letters - Search Word
Crush the letters and beat 200 word puzzles!Find a word, swipe the word and crush the letters. EveryTimeafter you find and swipe a word, the grid is reorganized toform anew one. With all the letters on board crushed, the puzzleissolved. Intuitive, challenging, addictive, educational, big fun-that’s all about Crush Letters.FEATURES√ Easy and fun to play, but a challenge to master√ Eye catching graphics and colorful effects√ Over 200 addictive puzzles√ More than 20 themes: fruits, animals, sports, holiday, etc.√ Hints to help you through tough levels
Colorina Guess The Color
Let's tickle your brain!Colorina Guess The Color will test your skill to determineaccurately which answer is correct between words and color.here's how to play :- in the game there will be colored word spelling a name of acolor- check out the word "COLOR" and "TEXT COLOR"- when it says "COLOR" you must answer with the color spelled bythe word.- but if it says "TEXT COLOR" you must answer the color of the textitselfso is it RED or BLACK? don't be wrong!note :this game inspired from a psychological phenomenon called StroopEffect/"In psychology, the stroop effect is a demonstration ofinterference in the reaction time of a task. When the name of acolor (e.g., "blue," "green," or "red") is printed in a color notdenoted by the name (e.g., the word "red" printed in blue inkinstead of red ink), naming the color of the word takes longer andis more prone to errors than when the color of the ink matches thename of the color." - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stroop_effectHave Fun! ;)
Scrabble Expert
Enhance your word skill by building your ownword lists, and win your games.Scrabble Expert is an anagram tool for word games like Scrabble,Wordfeud, WordSmith or Words With Friends.If you are a tournament player or anyone who loves word games, youwill love Scrabble Expert.Features--------- Quick search- Support multiple search modes* Anagram* Pattern* Word Builder* Starting with* Ending with* Containing* 2 letters words* 3 letters words* Q without U* Contain Letters* Bingo Formula* Vowel-Heavy words* No-Vowel words- No internet require (offline search)- Word definition lookup- Display a hundred words in single page, less scroll.- Pinch zoom- Wildcard search (blank tile)- Can install in SD Card- Supported dictionaries:- TWL/OWL (Thailand, USA, Canada)- SOWPODS/CSW (UK and Other country)- ENABLE (Words With Friends)- YAWL (Wordsmiths)- OSPD (Official Scrabble Player Dictionary)Pro version (available via In-app purchase)------------ Search word up to 15 letters- Unlimited wildcard search- No adsfacebook:http://www.facebook.com/pages/Scrabble-Expert/177874215627053If you like this app, please rate and comment.Your feedback and suggestions are welcome.
Spell it right! - FREE
Improve your spelling with Spell It Right! Thegame contains hundreds of the most misspelled words! Play a FREEPLAY mode or CHALLENGE mode in which you are playing on scoreagainst people all around the world!How to play: There will be shown 2 words on the screen, choosethe correct one!Features:- Great tool to improve your spelling!- Hundreds of words!- 2 Game Modes!- Global Leaderboards!- great educational tool!- learn new vocabularies!Have a nice time playing our game Spell It Right and if you likethe game and want to support it please leave a review and rate thegame. Thank you for your support!If you find any bug, please let us know at littlebigplay@gmail.com, wewill be very happy to fix it!Support links:Website: http://www.littlebigplay.com/Email: littlebigplay@gmail.comFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/littlebigplay
Words in a Pic
In this fun word game your goal is to find thewords that match a picture.Each picture has three words associated with it. We give you allthe letters needed to find the word, and then it's up to you tofind the correct solution.Think carefully - it's possible to link more words to eachpicture, but only three are correct.Throw yourself into the game that everyone loves!No registration or complicated rules. Just get started and enjoyall the fun word puzzles!There are lots of levels - some easy and some difficult. Can yousolve them all?Words in a Pic is a highly addictive game that will keep youentertained for a long time.Good luck!
Unolingo: No Clue Crosswords
If you like crosswords or word games, thenyou'll love Unolingo, a fun and unique new twist on a traditionalcrossword puzzle.Every Unolingo puzzle is a 10 x 10 crossword containing 26 emptysquares that require the precise placement of each letter in thealphabet.Select from your choice of four difficulty levels and use yourword knowledge, reasoning, and deduction skills to complete thepuzzle.Each puzzle is hand-crafted from a carefully curated list ofcommon English words more likely to be heard at a party withfriends than in the classroom.This fascinating word puzzle can generally be completed in 5-15minutes and is fun for the daily commuter, the casual puzzler, orthe serious word buff.Features:- 20 introductory puzzles offering hours of enjoyment with over1,400 puzzles available via in-app purchase.- Unique hint and audit functions to help you solve the mostdifficult puzzles- Flexible design supports casual play, collaboration with friends,or time-based competition.- Extensive performance statistics to monitor your progress andcompare with others.
Love being an actor? Love playing the gameslike Alias and Activity?Know here is the "Crocodiller".Pull the card, choose the word, show it and have fun!Some numbers:150 cards with words (750 words total)20 effect cards8+3-7 players (one-by-one mode)2-7 teams (team mode)∞ delight
เกมทายภาพปริศนา +เพิ่มภาพใหม่
ฉลองครบรอบ 2 ปี ค่าย Naritasoft!! กับ"เกมทายภาพปริศนา"ค่าย "Naritasoft" ร่วมกับ "สละตูนดอทคอม"ทีมงานผู้วาดการ์ตูนทายภาพปริศนารายการเวทีทอง อันโด่งดังในอดีตขอเสนอ "เกมทายภาพปริศนา" เกมที่หลายคนรอคอย ให้คุณได้ทายภาพ,ฝึกทักษะ, ไหวพริบกัน บนมือถือและแท็บเล็ตกันได้แล้ววันนี้เหรียญในเกม เป็นตัวเลขสมมุติ ใช้เล่นเพื่อความบันเทิงเท่านั้น(c) สงวนลิขสิทธิ์ ภาพวาดเวอร์ชั่น 3.0- เพิ่มภาพปริศนาชุดที่ 3เวอร์ชั่น 2.0- เพิ่มภาพปริศนาชุดที่ 2เวอร์ชั่น 1.0-ทายภาพปริศนา จาก 18 ตัวอักษร-สามารถซูมภาพปริศนาได้-มีตัวช่วยบอกใบ้ ครั้งที่ 1 และ 2-มีตัวช่วยเฉลยตัวอักษรได้-มีตัวช่วยให้เฉลยภาพปริศนาได้-สามารถย้ายแอพฯไปที่ SD Card ได้เพื่อเพิ่มพื้นที่การจัดเก็บในมือถือของท่าน-แชร์ภาพปริศนาไปถามหรือทายเพื่อนๆได้-ตารางคะแนนผู้เล่นยอดเยี่ยมประจำวัน-ตารางคะแนนผู้เล่นยอดเยี่ยมประจำสัปดาห์-ตารางคะแนนผู้เล่นยอดเยี่ยมประจำเดือน
Spelling Game - Free
v2.6 changes (2016-01-21):* We have added a new mode called 90 seconds! In this new gamemode you are not limited by a number of rounds but you have 90seconds time limit to go through as many rounds as you can!* Added a mute button to a gameplay screen* Some minor bugs fixed* Please rate and review the game if you want to see more features,thank you!=============================================================Spelling game is a new educational puzzle game in which you willimprove your English spelling skills in an entertaining andchallenging way! Do you think you can make it into TOP20highscores? Compare your score with other people all around theworld!How to play: The game rules are simple - there will be one wordon the screen that is correctly spelled/misspelled, find it as soonas possible, your score depends on your speed! Watch out, you have5 lives and 20 seconds limit for each round!Features:* 2 game modes and 3 difficulties* 2 types - 20 rounds or 90 seconds* Over 1000 most misspelled English words* Each game is different* Improve your English spelling skills and English vocabulary* Review words in which you made mistakes* Check your progress for each game moe* Educational game for all ages* Global leaderboards included - compare your score with otherpeople all around the world!* 100% free full version with no In-App purchases* Share your score via facebook, google+ and other socialnetworksHave a nice time playing our Spelling game and if you like the gameand want to support it so please leave a review and rate the game.Thank you for your support.If you find any bug, please let us know at littlebigplay@gmail.com, wewill be very happy to fix it!Support links:Website: http://www.littlebigplay.com/Email: littlebigplay@gmail.comFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/littlebigplay
Barsukas yra linksmas, paprastas žaidimas,skirtas bent dviems žaidėjams. Jis iš minios išsiskiria dviemsąvybėm - smagi smegenų mankšta ir gyvas bendravimas. T.y. jisžaidžiamas ne tinkle, o realybėj. Žaidimo autorius - režisierius irscenaristas Tadas Vidmantas.Barsuką sudaro lygiai tūkstantis, daugybės žmonių sugalvotų,kruopščiai Tado atrinktų, beprasmių, absurdiškų žodžių. Jų reikšmiųsugalvojimas ir paaiškinimas draugams ir yra žaidimo esmė. Niekasnesivaržo, niekas nelaimi ir nepralaimi. Bet žaisti, žinoma,linksmiau, kai tos reikšmės juokingos.Visi žodžiai saugūs - jokių nešvankybių ar keiksmažodžių, taigigalima žaisti ir vaikams. Ne šiaip galima, o netgi reiktų.KELI ŽODŽIŲ IR JŲ REIKŠMIŲ PAVYZDŽIAI:Kas yra navaganas? Keistos Navagų genties narys. Genties berniukaisulaukę paauglystės yra įšventinami į vyrus. Tai daroma kišantvieną ranką krokodilui į nasrus. Todėl genties vyrus išlaikomoterys, nes tik jos gali šaudyti iš lanko.Vinkoskopas. Toks prietaisas. Kai pokalbio viduryje atsirandanejauki tylos pauzė, jis matuoja nejaukumo lygį. Panaudojimassakinyję: "Pasimatymas praėjo neblogai. Vinkoskopo rodyklė tikvieną kartą iki keturiolikos šoktelėjo."Nitrika - speciali tapybos technika, kai tapoma radioaktyviomisir toksinėmis atliekomis. Paveikslai labai brangūs, nes dailininkairetai spėja juos užbaigti...KUR ŽAISTI BARSUKĄ:• Oro uoste• Lėktuve• Traukiny• Mašinoj• Bet kurioj kitoj transporto priemonėj• Namų vakarėly• Bare• Darbe• Prie jūros• Piknike• Palatoj• Per pasimatymą• Su savo vaikais• Su savo tėvais• Tarp pamokų ar paskaitų• Per nuobodžias pamokas ar paskaitas• Vaikų darželyje• Visur kitur
Знайти слово
В ігрі потрібно знайти слово серед перемішенихукраїнських буквів.З кожним рівнем все більше слів.Є три підказки.Є три рівені складності.Якщо Вам сподобається будемо добавляти ще більше цікавого. Про своїпропозиції пишіть нам.In ihri need to find aword of Ukrainian peremishenyh letters.With each level more words.There are three clues.There are three difficulty level.If you enjoy will add even more interest. On suggestions pleasecontact us.
Составь Слова
В этой игре вам предстоит составлять слова избукв представленного вам на уровне длинного слова.Представьте, что на уровне вам попалось слово "СЛОВА", тогдавводите "сало", "сова", "оса" и "овал" и т.д. Чтобы проходитьуровни вам придется поднапрячься и вспомнить всё, что вызнаете!На каждом уровне можно составить десятки слов. На некоторыхуровнях это число превышает 150!Значение каждого неизвестного вам ранее слова вы сможете узнать,воспользовавшись подсказкой.Вводите слова и они будут добавляться на экран. Позже вы сможетепосмотреть значение любого слова просто нажав на него.Интересная развивающая игра "Составь Слова" поможет вам провестивремя с удовольствием.Играйте, развивайтесь, наслаждайтесьИгра создана при поддержке 33-х букв и множества слов изних.In this game you have tomake words from the letters presented to you at a long word.Imagine that you caught at the word "word", then enter "fat","owl", "wasp" and "oval", etc. To pass the levels you have tostring up and remember everything you know!On each level you can reach tens of words. On some levels, thisnumber exceeds 150!Value of each unknown word to you earlier, you can learn, using thehint.Enter the words and they will be added to the screen. Later, youcan check the meaning of any word by simply clicking on it.Interesting educational game "Make a Word" will help you spend yourtime with pleasure.Play, develop, enjoyThe game was created with the support of 33 sets of words andletters from them.
Собери слова! (Три в ряд)
«Собери слова три в ряд» - прекраснаяголоволомка в стиле Match 3. Сотни интереснейших уровней ждут Вас!В игре Вам необходимо будет собирать слова из различныхкатегорий. Всего категорий более 50, и скучать Вам однозначно непридется!Описание правил игры :Соберите все буквы слова чтобы перейти на новый уровень.Геймплей игры заключается в объединении букв на поле, собирая оттрех одинаковых элементов вместе.За каждый пройденный уровень Вы будете получать монеты, и чемменьше ходов или времени Вы потратите на прохождение, тем большемонет получите. За монеты можно приобретать дополнительные ходы ибонусы.Чтобы перейти на следующую категорию, Вам потребуется выполнить неменее 75% от текущей.Если у Вас появилась свободная минутка - попробуйте сыграть,ведь наша игра распространяется совершенно бесплатно!"Gather the word three ina row" - a beautiful puzzle game in the style of Match 3. Hundredsof interesting levels await you!In the game you will need to collect words from differentcategories. In total more than 50 categories, and miss youdefinitely do not have to!rules of the game Description:Collect all the letters of the word to go to the next level. Thegameplay is to combine the letters in the field, collecting thethree same elements together.For each passed level you will receive coins and the smallerpassages or the time you spend on the passage, the more coins willget. For coins you can purchase additional moves andpower-ups.To move to the next category, you need to perform at least 75% ofthe current.If you have a free minute - try to play, because our game isdistributed free of charge!
Pictionary for Samsung TV
This is a companion app. for 2014 or 2015 Samsung Smart TVs.Pictionary is the classic drawing game, now expanded acrossmultiple screens! Take turns drawing and guessing stimulating cluesfrom Junior, Classic or Expert word categories. With loud banterand unexpectedly hilarious moments, Pictionary is roaring fun forthe whole family!To play, you need a Samsung 2014 TV model H5500 and above, (exceptfor H6003/H6103/H6153/H6201/H6203) or a Samsung 2015 TV modelJ4500, J5500 and above, (except for J6200). Models 110S9 are alsocompatible.
Word Games Pro
This is the unlimited, ad-free, version of Word Games. Word Gamesis a great collection of games based, in part, on principles ofcognitive psychology to help you practice verbal skills. This appcontains all 9 of Mindware's word games to help you build yourvocabulary, trivia knowledge, and verbal memory. These great gamesare also included in the top brain training app on the Androidplatform (Mind Games). Word Games is a great way to try to helpreduce the effects of aging on your brain, or to try to improveyour skills at any age.Description of Games:Abstraction - Exercise your ability to quickly differentiatebetween words with a concrete vs. abstract meaning.Word Flow - Exercise your verbal memory for words.Similarities Scramble - Test and improve your knowledge of wordrelationships.Speed Trivia - Test and improve your knowledge of general triviaand information.Verbal Concepts - Practice your ability to categorize words andconceptual thinking skills.Vocabulary Star - Improve your vocabulary and spellingskills.Vocabulary Power - An un-timed multiple choice vocabularytask.Word Memory - Memorize 30 words and see if you can rememberthem.Word Prefixes - Practice and improve your knowledge of wordprefixes.
GrabbyWord is an exciting fresh twist on thetypical word game. Challenge your friends, play against a randomopponent, or try to beat Grabby. Create words on the game board toscore points, but be careful because your opponent can steal yourletters by using them in new words. Steal their letters back toboost your score.++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Grabby Word Features++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++- *NEW* TileView - see which tiles are still left to beplayed- *NEW* Achievements - try to get all 50+ achievements and competeagainst your friends- *NEW* Leader board - see who's gotten the best words of the dayand who has the best scores against Grabby- Detailed statistics show how you are doing against your friendsand globally with weekly and all time rankings- Challenging word game- Create words- Use your opponents letters to steal their points- Bonus spaces increase point values- Play friends- Play random opponents- GrabbyChallenge mode. Play against the computer with 3 differentdifficulty levels- Pass and play supported- Chat with your friends during the game- Customize your tile color- Dark/Light background setting- Create a playzot account to play your games on multipledevices- Unlimited game play. No need to use game currency to play and notimers on playing your turns.
Wurdy - Social Party Word Game
Wurdy is the ULTIMATE fast and frantic party game - you have 60seconds to describe as many words as you can to your friends! Headsup, there's just one catch - you can't rhyme, mime, or spell themout!Tired of bland family gatherings, endless small talk at cocktailparties, or just another night at the pub? Get your Wurdy on! It'sthe 'always with you' sure-fire antidote for the social blahs.=Features=● Perfect for any group - from 2 friends to 200!● Frequently added FREE topical packs - play Wurdy with hottopics!● Great for all ages and interests - there's a kids' packdesigned especially for the youngsters, and to stump those'know-it-alls', there are film/TV, people and places, sports andmany more to play with!FREE General Knowledge, Celebrities, Kids, Animals & Sciencecategories!Premium Categories:- Sports- Film and TV- Video Games- Places & Landmarks- Brands- Music- Football- Heroes and Villians- US SportsMake sure to check us out on Facebook and Twitter!www.facebook.com/SockmonkeyStudioswww.twitter.com/SockMonkeyLtdThanks for playing and we hope you love the game as much as wedo!
Hangman Crossword
An incredible combination of the two world’sbest and topmost word games Hangman & Crossword.“Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.”~ Rudyard KiplingHave you been a word game lover?Bored of guessing words in that old school Hangman style?Want some visual appeal in the classic gameplay?Looking for some challenges inside the game?Well, if yes, this new Hangman avatar is perfect for you thatwill quench your thirst for fun and vanquish over demoralisedvocabulary.New Hangman Crossword is a brand new game from the creator ofthe popular title Hangman, packed with hundreds of words thatyou’ll love to mull over, and levels that you will play again &again even after winning. New soothing and delightful graphics willamuse you.• Wonderful sets of words to ponder over• Innovative cryptic Crossword square grids in different shapes& sizes• Challenging level objectives; Streaks and Grid completion• Multiple words solving together positioned horizontally as wellas vertically• Outstanding graphics with tactile keyboard sensationApart from all this, connect your Facebook account and challengeyour friends anytime, anywhere and prove your talent within thegame. Check the Leaderboards to watch your friends and competitors.Help them, challenge them, compete with them, beat them and conquerthe top ranking.What else do you want? Go get this app in your smartphone rightnow!!Highlights:• More than 50 Exciting levels packed with interesting content withfun grouping• Build you vocabulary stronger.• Collect gold stars, earn gold coins and unlock exciting newlevels in this addictively fun game• Get sufficient number of coins to use hints: remove or revealletters on the grid• Ask friends for extra lives in case you’re stuck anywhere withinthe game• Compare your score with Facebook friends, challenge & beatthem.• Simple yet interesting fun gameplay, challenging to master
Connect Words
G Soft Team
Play a wonderful brain teaser game ofconnect words. Find words hidden in a grid and connect them oneby one. Three difficulty levels are available so you can pick up atany level and sharpen your word skills.Ready to train your focus and exercise your crossword skills?Download and play now! 600+ levels and over 10000 different wordgrids for you to enjoy - for FREE.★ ★ ★ FEATURES ★ ★ ★✓ 600+ levels that will keep your brain active. Each newlevel will present you with a different grid of words you have tofind and as you advance you will improve your word skills andsharpen your mind.✓ 3 difficulty levels: easy, medium and hard;✓ 10000+ different word grids. For each level there are20 possible word grids and every time you replay the level you canenjoy a different word grid.✓ smooth and intuitive interface✓ attractive sound effects and nice, refreshing gamemusic✓ Hours of pure brain enjoyment, easy to play andprogressively more challenging as you advance through thelevels!✓ Connect Words is completely free to play. You cancomplete all levels without making a single purchase. However, ifyou want to speed up your progress, you can make in-apppurchasesfor suggestions. The account owner should always beconsulted beforehand. By downloading this game, you confirm thatyou agree to our terms of service:http://www.gsoftteam.com/eula★ ★ ★ TIPS ★ ★ ★1. Look for a valid word in the list above the lettergrid.2. Once you find a word that matches one in the list, startconnecting it.3. Press on the first letter and then sweep along a continuousstring of letters to connect your word.4. The word will start to blink when all its letters are connected.Release the screen and collect the points.5. The longer the word the bigger the score. When you connect a 4letter word the value of each letter is 10 points. For eachadditional letter the value per letter increases by 10points.6. Use multipliers to increase the points per word n-fold.Multipliers can generate a maximum 100 fold increase.7. Sometimes it is difficult to spot a word. If you like the revealthe troubling word just press on the word and a reveal menu willappear.★ ★ Support and FeedbackIf you have any technical problems, please email us directly atsupport@gsoftteam.com. Please, don’t leave support problems in ourcomments – we don’t check those regularly and it will take longerto fix any issues that you might encounter. Thank you for yourunderstanding!Already a fan of Connect Words? Like us on Facebook orfollow us on Twitter for the latest news:https://www.facebook.com/gsoftteamhttps://twitter.com/gsoftteam
Word Search 2015
01/2016: Added faster browsing through theword categories!03/2015: Added a new word search mode called RELAX! You don'thave any limit in this new game mode but you can still submit yourscore (total games played). Each time you complete the RELAX modethe number of solved games is increased. And what more? You canplay the RELAX mode even offline :). Enjoy!Word Search 2015 is a new word search highscores game with morethan 800 categories of various genres and 2 game modes! All thecategories are high scores based, so don't forget to submit yourscore at the end of the game, you are playing against people allaround the world! You can submit score for every single category oroverall score for all categories! Do you think you can make it intoTOP20 highscores?How to play: The rules are simple - there will be shown asequence of words (word by word) - find them all as fast aspossible! You score depends on your speed!How to select a word: Put your finger on a letter and move it tothe adjacent letters horizontally, vertically or diagonally toselect the word. Find the word that is shown above the board!How to change background color: Tap on the square in the topright corner!Features:* 2 game modes - online and relax offline* Over 800 word categories + new categories added every fewdays!* Learn new vocabularies and improve your English dictionary* Global leaderboards included - compare your score with otherpeople all around the world* Local leaderboards included - stores your best results for eachcategory* Review results of other people - tap on the trophy icon on"Select a category" screen* Each game is different* Change the background color* Great fun for the whole family* Your progress is saved* 100% free full version with no In-App purchasesHave a nice time playing Word Search 2015 and if you like thegame and want to support it so please leave a review and rate thegame. Thank you for your support.If you find any bug, please let us know at littlebigplay@gmail.com, wewill be very happy to fix it!Support links:Website: http://www.littlebigplay.com/Email: littlebigplay@gmail.comFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/littlebigplay
Bible Trivia
Bible Trivia game will test your knowledge of the holy book.Questions are based on quotes, important people and events thattake place in the Bible.Many questions are about Jesus Christ, Abraham, Noah, Moses,David, Peter, David, the Virgin Mary, and many more. A good game tobe played around Christmas, Sunday, Easter, or any time ofyear.
Guess the Word: 4 Pics 1 Word
New FREE Pics & Words Game for Android(also known as pictoword, 1 pic 1 word, pic quiz): You will see 4pics and you have to guess the word that all have in common.★ How to play? Look 4 pics and guess 1 word that is relatedbetween them. With each word that you guess, you will win coinsthat will help you to reach new levels.★ Available in 14 languages: English, Spanish (4 Fotos 1 Palabra),French (4 Images 1 Mot), Portuguese (4 Imagens 1 Palavra), Russian(4 Фотки 1 Слово), German (4 Bilder 1 Wort), Italian (4 Foto 1Parola), Swedish, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Ukrainian and more.★ Play hundreds of puzzles that will get more challenging as youadvance.★ 12 Achievements and Leaderboard (Social and Everyone) from GooglePlay Games.★ Original challenge mode with hidden and fake pics. Use your coinswisely to reveal them.★ You will never lose your current game, the game is automaticallysaved so you can continue right where you left off.★ Available for your mobile phone, 7 inch tablet or 10 inch HDdevices and small or low resolution devices!★ You will never get bored with this game! More levels uploadedperiodically. Prepare yourself for a new challenge every time.Enjoy a full-color set of hundreds of pics to guess. If you likeWord Games you need to try this one!Follow us in: https://www.facebook.com/pages/4pics1word/1629903177221859
LDS Word Search Puzzle
The LDS Word Search Puzzle let's you choosefrom multiple size boards from simple to challenging puzzles.Find the words listed on the side in the letter grid in themiddle. Intersecting words are hidden forwards, backwards, up, downand diagonally. When you have found all the words you have solvedthe puzzle!Choose between different color schemesHide the word list for more of a challenge!Works off-lineEach puzzle has a word themeWords can be hidden in any direction, including diagonally andbackwardsWords can be selected from start to end or end to startRandomly generated. You will never see the same puzzletwice!Resizes to fit your screen, large or small.Optionally play a timed gameMultiple size boards ranging from 8x8 simple game to challenging32x32Your game settings are savedHints for Word Sleuths:Search for obvious or rarely used letters or double letters inwords.Scan each row for a letter and when it is found, then search thesurrounding letters for the next letter in the word.
What word 4 pics
4 pictures that have 1 word in common – whatis it? The most addictive and fun game comes with new levels. Aclassic four pics one word game that challenges your brain to solveas many levels as you can.One of the best four pics one word games on google play! Photosrepresenting different crafted objects, landscapes or cute animals,all invite you to guess the word behind them.You can discover correct letters or remove incorrect ones usingcoins but you don't have to buy them. They are just an indicationas how good you are. What's the word it is more than a simplequestion, it tests your ability to discover the common idea orobject from four images.We periodically offer free coins to help you advance to morelevels. Remember : guess the word representing the photos! put yourbrain to work!
CrossWordPuzzle is a kind of crossword puzzlesthere you have to find all words for the given icons. The app isdesigned to be used as pastime on the way to work or if you have towait some minutes for the next bus. The app has a simple intuitivedesign to be usable by everyone. It is perfect for young people tolearn the right spelling. There is also a hint button available tocheck if there is any mistake. You can choose between English andGerman if you like to improve you bilingual skills. The timer givesyou the possibility to compare your skills with your friends.