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Dentist Pet Clinic Kids Games 1.0.3
Does your kid love pets , animals and wanttobe a dentist ?If your child want to play in the Dentist Pet Clinic you havefoundthe right educational game !Be the best dentist at this pet doctor clinic !Treat patients with professional doctor tools like syringes,dentaltweezers and more!This dentist’s office is so much fun !These pets need your help ! Choose from 4 adorable patientsandlet the doctor fun begin!Treat patients at the office with crazy cool doctor tools likemouthspray, dental pliers !Brush dirty teeth, pull teeth, fight bacteria and so much more!This app is a challenging and fun way to develop finemotorskills, visual perception and hand-eye coordinationin the world of dental clinic.Dentist Pet Clinic is simple and fun :* Open the game and choose the animal that you wish to cure* choose from different dental instruments to treat thepetbaby* fight bacteria to prevent tooth decay !* Shine up their teeth with a toothbrush !* apply dental treatment, remove cavities and horrible germs* Destroy bacteria with lasers and microscope, pluck teeth* tap the arrow button to change sceneCan you help these adorable pets in this pet doctor game ? AsaProfessional Dentist, you need to take care of each of them.If your toddler loves to play with pets this is the best petdoctorgame for your child.Dentist Pet Clinic is a must have app for kids. Features:-game for toddlers and kids from ages 2-13 years old-Optimized for tablets (Sony , Samsung, Kindle)-entertaining and educational game-easy to use for children and preschoolers, babies, little boysandlittle girls-simple and intuitive : just a few commands to use-exercise your toddler fine motor skills-Promotes problem-solving skills and hand-eye coordination-4 cute pet babies to choose from: panda, cat, dog, horse-a lot of dentist tools to treat the pet baby illness-Puppy Pet babies will have various expressions and sounds whenyouare treating them-crazy tools to get rid of cavities-X-ray machine used to take X-ray of tooth-Apply Injection on tooth-Tooth removal to remove bad teeth-Cotton used to rub on tooth-Wash tooth using Shower-Use Water sucker to suck water, Blood sucker to suck blood-Clean Tongue using tongue cleaner, Mouth freshener-Germ killer to kill horrible germs-In the final Paint view you can even design your character !Help your kids to learn and inspire your toddler's creativityandimagination in this dentistry game !Play with the best Dentist Teeth Doctor game for kids, becomethebest crazy dentist in the world!The pets need your help! In this beautiful app our animalfriendswant your love, care and help, use the right medicaltools!Have fun with BATOKI ! Best Apps for TOddlers and KIds
Animal Sounds 3.1
Önder Çağlar
Animal Sounds application wasdevelopedespecially for kids and toddlers. It is a very simple andfunnyprogram. It aims to entertain kids(toddler) while teachinganimalsounds. Kids will have a good time by learning differentanimalsand animal sounds. (Cat, Dog, Lion, Elephant, Eagle,Dolphin,Leopard, Woodpecker, Wolf, Donkey, Horse, Turtle etc.)Using theapplication is quite simple. Select a category and gooverflashcards by sliding between pages.-- 90 AnimalsThe main features of the application are briefly:¬ Application can work without internet connection¬ The photos used in application are carefully selectedpopularanimal sounds and photos from all over the world.¬ The most appealing feature of the app is that you have acategoryas albums. In addition to the ready-made categories, youcan take aphoto of animals that you want your child to learn andcreate yourown album.¬ This application was developed for children aged 1-6 years.¬ The practice is to enable children to learn animals in a funandquick way.¬ There are over 90 carefully selected photos of mostpopularanimals.¬ Birds: Crow, Duck, Chicken, Cardinal, Canary, Eagle,Flamingo,Magpie…¬ Farm Animals: Cow, Dog, Donkey, Horse, Duck, Rabbit,Sheep,Goat….¬ Slideshow mode is available.¬You can set ringtones.¬ Learning animals with exams and games has become more fun.¬ There are 4 different mini examinations in the quizsections.Children can test their knowledge with a 5-questionmini-exam.Different mini-exam types help reinforce the teaching ofanimalsand their sounds and the development of children'smotorskills.¬ With the Matching game in the game section, children canmatchanimals’ pairs and have fun.Game features in applicationThe aim of the game is to find the same animals as soon aspossible.The same matching animal pairs become invisible. The gamewill becompleted when all animal pairs are found. At the end ofthe game,score, duration, number of trials, bonus and total scoreareshown.The game has 3 difficulty levels. Easy, normal and hard.- Easy difficulty level is composed of 3x4 size matrix.- Normal difficulty level is composed of 4x5 size matrix.- Hard difficulty level is composed of 6x8 size matrix.The application has 10 different language options. (Turkish/English / German / French / Russian / Portuguese / Japanese/Korean / Spanish / Arabic).Animal Sounds application is FREE and compatible with almostallAndroid devices, however in any problem let us know, wewillproceed immediately.ATTENTION: Sound files and some photos which were used inthisapplication, were obtained from various sources on theinternetthat labeled them as "freely distributable". Therefore, ifyoudiscover any sound file in this application which you recognizeascopyrighted, please email me. In this way, I will removethemimmediately.Most of the image and vector files which were used inthisapplication were bought from "".
Animals Farm For Kids 5.15
Kids Games Projects
The task of an application called "Animalfarmfor the kids" is to present the basic work in the countryside.Itwill allow your child to meet the basic animals (such aschickens,ducks, cows, pigs) and activities in the country. Thechild alsolearns where does the milk, cheese, honey come from, howto fix afence or replace the tires on the tractor.This knowledge will be gained by performing tasks such asunscrewingthe wheels in the tractor (by moving the wrench on thenut), mowingthe grain, feeding animals and many others.This application teaches a cause and effect relationshipandstimulates the child's senses through image, sound andtouch.The application is designed for kids between 3 and 8 years, butmybaby loves it as well, although he's only 2.5 years old.Thisapplication was created by me as a parent, so that the childcouldmore easily get to know the world around them on cloudy dayswhengoing out for a walk is not so simple.I intend to develop this application, so I will be grateful foranysuggestions and advice.WE ALSO ENCOURAGE YOU TO EVALUATE THE APPLICATION. If interestinthe application is high, we will certainly create newscenes.In case of any errors in the game, please contact us byemail!Have a nice use of the application, and the same a niceupbringingof loved and capable toddlers!
Dentist Office 1.0
Lemucano Topgabuto
Boys and girls, Want to be dentist? WelcometoDentist Office.Then let's help they are suffering from teeth ache and helpfixall of the Kids.☺ Let's check their teeth.☺ Cleaning their teeth stones.☺ Treat patients with professional doctor tools likesyringes,dental tweezers and more!Teeth caring is very important both for kids and adults,thisgame is a dental surgery simulator. so this game can help youtolearn more about work of dentist.
Animals for Kids, Planet Earth Animal Sounds Photo 6.6
Free educational game for toddlers aged 1 -4years from the series “Little One Learns Words”!Together with your child, you can watch wonderful imagesofdifferent animals, all while learning their names and listen totheanimals’ unique sounds!These carefully selected photographs allow your child to notonlylearn the names of the various animals, but also glimpse intotheanimal’s beautiful world and everything it offers!After your child looks over and experiences the animalflashcards,there is a fun game waiting for them, which tests howmuch they’veunderstood. Regardless of the number of correctanswers, the playerearns stars and young talent is rewarded withthunderous applauseand balloons!In the free app, the animals are divided into threegroups:“domestic animals and pets”, “forest animals”, and “animalsof theworld” (animals that live in Asia, Africa, the Arctic,andAntarctic). Additional animals, like “birds”, “insects”, and“worldof water” (fish and water-thriving animals), are available inthefull version of the application.A significant feature of this app is that there are nounrealisticdrawings. Instead, full-length beautiful pictures areused thatresemble actual animals (as they look in real life), whichhelpsthe child easily remember their names and features.Do you have older children in primary school? If so,thiseducational game will also come in handy for them becauseinaddition to English, the app supports German, Spanish, Frenchandsome other foreign languages.Playing these types of games with flashcards has been proven toaidstudents in quickly learning a foreign language. They candiscovernew words and are able to easily impress their teachersandclassmates!Your child doesn’t even need to know how to read with this app!Itssimple interface and voice prompts allow even the youngest kidtoplay and learn the names of the animals by themselves!Afterplaying the game, be sure to visit the zoo or pet store withyourchild – you’ll be happy and impressed as they present theirnewlyacquired knowledge of all the animals they see!Experience has shown that for most children, viewing andlearningfrom bright and vivid images becomes a favorite pastime andhavingthem play this game often reinforces their knowledge.According toGlenn Doman, an American physical therapist and founderof the “TheInstitutes for The Achievement of Human Potential”,training just 5- 10 minutes a day stimulates the development ofvarious parts ofthe brain. This allows for the development of aphotographicmemory, which means your could can develop faster thanher or hispeers, and become more open to the vast knowledge oftheworld.Doman is undoubtedly right! The younger the child, the easiertheyabsorb new information.Don’t delay!The app can be used as a supplementary teaching aid inforeignlanguage instruction. Supported languages: English,Spanish,French, German, Russian, Polish, Ukrainian.
Animal Family Sounds 2.0
PB Softwares
★★★★★ Animal Family Sounds ★★★★★Find many animals sounds with their pictures. Three picturesforall animals, one for the daddy, one for the mommy and one forthebaby. Animals are classified into six categories:- Savannah : Elephant, Giraffe, Cheetah, Leopard, Lion,Rhino,Ostrich, Baboon, Monkey, Tiger...- House : Cat, Dog, Guinea pig, Ferret, Hamster, Rabbit,Parakeet,Fish, Mouse, Turtle...- Farm : Donkey, Duck, Horse, Goat, Pig, Sheep, Goose,Peacock,Chicken, Cow...- Forest : Deer, Owl, Toad, Squirrel, Hedgehog, Wolf, Raccoon,Bear, Fox, Boar, Viper...- Sea : Whale, Crab, Dolphin, Seahorse, Sea Lion, KillerWhale,Penguin, Ray, Shark, Sea Turtle...- Insect : Spider, Bumblebee, Ladybird, Ant, Firebug,Dragonfly,Fly, Butterfly, Grasshopper, Beetle...
Animals for Toddlers and Kids 1.0.6
Discover with your toddler the animals !An amazing puzzle with a stunning collection ofdomesticandwildanimals ! The funniest game for your toddler !A wonderful, cute collection of puzzles and animalsfortoddlersandkids.Does your kid love pets and puppies ? This is the app foryou!Your toddler will love this app!Animals for Toddlers and Kids is aneducationalandentertaininggame.It is a nice, simple, fun, and colorful game fortoddlersandkids!Play with animal puzzles!A lot of different puzzles and many animals to keepyourkidbusy.Easy to learn and to control:-touch the screen and drag the animal on the right place-interact with all the elements on the screen whenapuzzleissolved-when a puzzle is completed tap the arrow to changetothenextlevelAvailable for all screen resolutions anddevices,includingtabletdevice as Kindle and Samsung !Simple and intuitive, your baby will have lots of funforhourswiththis puzzle game !This educational game will help your toddler toimproveskillsinproblem solving,logical and cognitive skills, concentration and memory.Features:- high quality puzzle game for toddlers and preschool kidsfromages0to 7 years old with the cutest animals- Easy to use and control- fun for children of all ages, babies,preschoolers,schoolchildrenand pre-teens, designed for preschoolboys andgirls- learn to recognize animals of the jungle andsavannahandtheirsounds- Simple for toddlers and babies with increasing difficulty- Toddlers develop their fine motor skills bydragginganddroppingpuzzle pieces- Play with your child or let them play alone- use it to keep your baby or toddler occupied- A lot of animal puzzles! 27 in the FULL version- more than 80 adorable animals in the FULL version:bearcub,lion,tiger, gorilla, monkey, giraffe, hippo, elephant,penguinandmanyother wild and domestic animals !- randomly generated puzzles! this educational gamewillnevergetold!This is the FREE version (Ads supported),If your kid likes this app, then you can buy the FULL versionwith more puzzles, more animals and no ads and enjoyable to learn and play withgreatcolorfulpuzzles,this is a must have app!A lot of educational animal puzzles fortoddlersandyoungkids!!Your child will admire every kind of animal andwillhearrealisticsound effects!Animals for Toddlers and Kids is a funny game whichalsohelpsyourtoddler improving his abilities.A lot of game for children, the best games forkids,appsforbabies, games for girls, match game, puzzle for3yearold,educational games, all from romeLab !
Kids Zoo, animal sounds & pictures, games for kids 6.1
Kids Zoo is a fun application for toddlerstosee animal pictures and listen to sounds of animals.***3 Million downloads and growing.Now with the name of "Babies of Animals"When you hear the sounds you yourself will feel as if you are inamiddle of jungle with animals all round. :)Let kids explore the animal kingdom by learning animals bysight,sound, and animal names.Browse through gallery and click on any thumbnail to seebiggerimage, or view next image with flick of your finger.****** Features ******** 80+ Animals, Birds, Sea Animals & Reptiles all togetherwithbabies of animals.*Create and listen to list of your favorite animals* Slide show through all animals including birds, reptilesandinsects.*Option to play animal sound multiple time* human pronunciation of animal name* Auto play mode (slide show)* Easy to use* Landscape , more space to show animal pictures* Child Lock* Animated loading screen****Reviews by Parents****This is by far my son's favorite!! He's only 15 months and if Ineedhim so stay quiet I just load it up!! --by JoyMy 18month son's favorite app. He now makes all the animalnoises& has learned their names.--by AndrewMy little angel like this animal sounds very much.. shesoundsroaring and barking.--by navaneethanKids Zoo is a funny way to play with amazing jungle creatures!Hearsounds of tigers, elephants, lions, crocodiles andmanybirds.Kids Zoo is a fun package to learn The Animal World forlittletoddlers.In Kids Zoo you enjoy high quality images withbeautifulsounds.Bring the wildlife from all round the world for your Toddler.Ad-Supported.A must have for you and your kids.This kids animal app has human voice over to pronounce animalnamefor easy learning of kids.Kids Zoo does not overload children and parents with too manyaudioand visual stimuli. We are focused in making the Applicationadelight for children and a winning choice for parents. We strivetogive children just the right balance between educationandfun.Your child will love this simple, entertaining applicationforpreschool-aged kids, and they will learn fromthisApplication.Kids Zoo animal sounds and animal pictures app supportsFrenchSpanish and Hindi languages.This application is under active development, we always welcomeyoursuggestion to improve "Kids Zoo Animal Sounds andPicture"application.Please send us email on pratikmachchar [-at-]“HAPPY PARENTING”
Animals Sounds 1.0
Sergi Caparrós
Application for children.Displays a screen with different animals (cat, dog, goat,horse,donkey, bird, pig, elephant, lion, wolf, owl, cow) andclicking onthem will sound the characteristic sound of eachanimal.In future updates new animals and new sounds are added.
Baby Animal Sounds 1.8
Original application for children / babiestolearn and have fun with the sounds of their favoriteanimals.Toddlers will learn to associate the sound with the animaland thebehavior of animals and where they are. The applicationincludespets, farm, jungle, desert and also will learn to interactwithmobile device by tapping the elements on the screen, such ascloudsor sun, and watching what happens.
Dr. Jungle - Animal Dentistry
BabyBus Kids Games
Welcome to Dr. Jungle’s dental clinic,theclinic of the jungle! All these amazing and wild animalshavesomething in common: Dental problems! Do you dare to help?Becomethe best animal dentist ever with this game for kids!Tooth decay or cavities, tooth erosion, unattractivesmile...Monkeys, crocodiles, mouses and so much fun in this gameforchildren!You are the boss! You choose who is the dentist today! MaybeDr.Mantis Jungle is good choice! Perhaps Dr. Spider Jungle couldhelp!Of course Dr. Hummingbird is a great option too! You decide!Yourule!Play Dr. Jungle, Animal Dentistry, and learn how importantahappy smile is!_______★Design concepts★We focus on inspirational learning;We focus on skill-building;We focus on bringing fun contents to our young audience;Take the baby bus for an unique learning experience!Play our educational games for kids!_______Tips: In the search bar, enter "BabyBus" to find all ofourproducts_______Contact us:E-mail: [email protected]: http://www.babybus.comFacebook:
Animal Puzzle for Toddlers
Hoi Apps
IntroductionAnimal Puzzle for Toddlers is an free learning puzzle games inwhichpieces of different animal puzzles are put together with abeautifullandscape background and a background music.It enhances children’s recognition ability and concentrationthroughthe use of a variety of sounds and visual movement, and itcan alsodevelop their interest and affinity to animals and nature.ThroughAnimal Peg Puzzle, your children will also get to enjoytheirtime.This game consists of 14 landscape backgrounds and 56 kindsofanimals with their respective sounds, animation, andaudioeffects.The landscape background is composed of a farm, forest,river,grassland, sea, jungle, desert and a flower bed, with avariety ofanimals that includes mammals such as dog, cat, cow,deer, sheep,zebra, lion, bear, jaguar, giraffe, hippo, rabbit andmonkey,reptiles such as snake, crocodile and lizard, amphibian suchasfrog, marine animals such as fish, crab and octopus, birds suchaswoodpecker, parrot, pigeons and owl, and finally insects suchasbutterfly, bee, ant and ladybug.In addition to this, each of the animals provide a uniqueanimationand sound effects for the children.The game presents 98 sets of puzzle illustrating the landscapeandanimals mentioned.(Unless unlocked, only until level 7 out of 15 levels canbeplayed)How to playThe mechanics of the game basically is to drag and drop,andtouch.The options screen provides you with the sets of puzzle tochoosefrom.Just drag and drop the pieces of puzzle found on the left totheshadows of the respective puzzle piece on the right to completethewhole puzzle.After you complete the puzzle, the animation and sound effectsofthe animals will play again.You can proceed to the next puzzle through the button found ontheupper right screen.InformationThe average user age range of this game is age 2-3 years old,buttoddlers to even preschool child and still enjoy the game.Since the kids are still unskilled at manipulating the game, itisbest advised that parents accompany their kids and guidethemthrough the game.If you have other questions, please inquire through our homepageore-mail.Credit
Animal Sounds 3.1
With the app Animal Sounds for kidsandtoddlers your child will learn more than 40 sounds of animals inaplayful way.Discover the animals in 9 different worlds with your child.Animalsaround a farm or in the stall, exotic animals in a safari,animalsaround the sea or pond, animals in the wood andmeadow.By tapping the animals they will move and make theirrespectivenoise or sound. Also trees, bushes, campfire, lighthouse,boats orflowers and other things can be moved by tappingthem.But pay attention: maybe your child will find thehiddenanimals.Start a fascinating voyage of discovery with your child, maybetobridge any possible waiting time. Or maybe your child is illandhas to be calm, then our App Animal Sounds for kids andtoddlerscan help you and your child can learn by playing.Get a first impression of Animal Sounds kids & toddlersandlook at our YouTube Video.We hope you have fun with this new app "Animal Sounds kids&toddlers".Animal Sounds kids & toddlers is for all Androiddevicescompatible.Animal Sounds kids & toddlers was developed byTapDevStudio.We are an independent company and we are specializedin developingApps for kids. Animal Noise for kids & toddlerswill beregularly updated and improved. Please help us and send yourideasand suggestions.Visit our homepage and see more of our App`s for you andyourchild!
Trip to the zoo for kids 2.05
Kids Games Projects
Your child’s intellect needs stimulationfromthe very beginning of life. Educational toys and aids thatallowour little ones to fully utilize their natural desire tolearn.When our children grow up and begin discovering theinterestingworld around them, it’s our job to help. We believe thatthisapplication will be very helpful.The application called "Trip to the zoo for kids" presentsvariousanimals in a zoo. The game introduces various animals to thechild(e.g. elephants, turtles, birds, dolphins and many others).Thechild leans what the animals eat, and how to fix a broken fenceortractor. This knowledge is acquired by performing actions intheright order, such as unscrewing a tractor wheel or washingandfeeding animals.The application has been designed to teach cause and effect.Itstimulates the child’s senses through pictures, soundsandtouch.The application is intended for children 3 to 5 years old. Mychildis 3 years old and absolutely loves it. I made thisapplication asa parent, so my child could learn about the world onthose cloudydays when it’s not so easy to just go for a walk.I plan to expand the application, so I would love to hearyoursuggestions and advice.I WOULD ALSO INVITE YOU TO RATE THE APPLICATION. If there is alotof interest, then we will definitely make new scenes.If you spot any errors please contact me by email!I hope you and your beloved children have fun using the app!
Baby Animals
White Simplicity LLC
This baby game app was designed foryoungbabies taking into accountthe baby's fragile mind.Baby Animals will give your baby an option to memorize manycommonanimals (more than 50!!) from a very early stage.In-app purchase enables you to disable the Ads for just-0.99$.FREE - Record yourself saying the name of the animal.Baby Animals has one of the biggest animals collection!.This baby card learning game include advanced recording featurethatis excellent for babies, your baby recognizes your voiceenabling abetter and faster learning experience.More baby apps for 3 month old and baby games for one year oldcanbe found here
Funny Animals 1.1
This app is designed for little kids tokeepthem happy and busy .. This application presents animalcartoonswith entertaining sounds for children which makes itbotheducational and fun.Developer information:Mohammad AbulhoufE-mail: [email protected] my respect :)Much luv <3
Pet Voyage 1.0
Toot~ Toot! The horn blares, let's startavoyage to see what you'll find on the vast and endless sea.Hello, captain! What time are we leaving? Yeah, it's youthatwill serve as our captain, and everything will be underyourcontrol. Cool?Wow, so many adorable friends, you should choose one to beyourpartner. Then, what else do you need? A ship, of course. Whynotmake it beautiful with the decorations before setting out?Yoo-hoo~Let's go and face all on the sea bravely: take your friendshome;help friends deliver goods; go catch some sea creatures asthefisherman wishes, and so on. All these will bring you a senseofachievement, right? Wait, why does it become so dark suddenly?Oh,my, there's a big storm approaching, we have to do something.Don'tworry, just keep balance and the ship will be okay! Aha~ Wemadeit. Did you hear that? Some people are crying for help, havetheyfallen into the water? Hurry up, let's save them. Besides,you'dbetter be on the alert, as the pirates would occasionally comeandattack you with fruit bombs. You can crush their bombs, andletthem see what you got. Ah~ Look at the ship, it's so scarred.Comeon, it needs your help. You'd better repair it right now, as itisa must for you to explore the mysteries of the sea.How to play:Open the game, and you'll see six lovely pets, choose one to beyourpartner. Anything else? Yep! Please select one ship anddecorate it.All right, you can click the ship or your partner tomove forward.Hey, look! Someone is waiting at the stop, pleasebring it home:click the island, pick it up, pull the whistle, thenmove on untilits home comes into sight, and finally drag the petto its home.That's it. Now, you would receive both theappreciation and lovinghearts as a reward. These loving hearts canbe used to exchange forpretty decorations, so that you can makeyour ship look better. "PetVoyage" is of great fun, there is noreason for you to miss it.Features:- 10 mini games contribute to your wonderful journey- 8 gorgeous ships are for extraordinary experience- Collect loving hearts to exchange for pretty decorations- Plenty of interactive animations are just attractive- Steer your own ship in the deep blue seaAbout Libii Game:With over 200 million downloads and growing, Libii is committedtocreating innovative games for kids. We'll keep workingonestablishing a good relationship with both parents andtheirchildren and bringing a healthy, happy atmosphere forthem.Visit us: us: us:Got any ideas? Suggestions? Need technical support? Please feelfreeto contact us 24/7 at [email protected] You Know:This app is totally free to download and play, some basic itemsarealso free to use, but some additional items need you topurchaseand pay to unlock. Therefore, if you do not want to usetheseitems, please turn off the in-app purchase in yoursettings.Thanks.
Caillou Check Up - Doctor 1.2
Budge Studios
Budge Studios presents Caillou Check Up! Gotothe doctor’s office with Caillou and solve fun mini-gamesthatteach kids all about the human body. Check his height andweight,test his vision, play with cool doctor tools such astethoscope,and lots more!FEATURES• Learn about doctor visits in a fun way!• 11 mini-games designed for toddlers and preschoolers• Secret bonus mini-game for completing the check up!• Wide variety of game mechanics (Tap to choose, puzzle, dragalonga path, microphone, multi-tap, drag to correct location)• Congratulatory payoff animation for each step• Caillou’s voice guides kids through the appointment• Localized in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish,andGerman• Tablet compatibleMINI-GAMES• Height and weight check• Tonsil check• Follow the stick• Eye test• Thermometer• Ear check• Stethoscope• Blood pressure• Reflex check• Medicine shot• Applying ointmentA Parents’ Choice 2014 Approved Award WinnerFor more fun, be sure to try Caillou House of Puzzles toexploreCaillou’s house and solve fun jigsaw puzzles!ABOUT BUDGE STUDIOSBudge Studios leads the industry by providing entertaining appsforkids through innovation and creativity. The company developsandpublishes apps for smartphones and tablets played by millionsofchildren worldwide featuring high profile properties.Visit us: http://www.budgestudios.comLike us: us: @budgestudiosWatch our app trailers: QUESTIONS?We always welcome your questions, suggestions and comments.Contactus 24/7 at [email protected]
Happy Animals 3.1
Come to the Happy Farm and touch the animalstohear their sounds.Cow, horse, sheep, rooster, dog, cat, pig: hear their calls andtryto recognize them!Play a game of Memory: couple the cards with easy torecognizedesigns, so children can improve their image recognitionandspatial memory while having fun with the cute animals.Have fun with the Gigsaw Puzzle game to complete a nice image ofthefarm and its animals.Challenge your kids reflexes and motor coordination with thenewCATCH THE APPLES game! Break the record for the mostbountifulapple harvest ever!This game is suitable for children aged 2 to 6 years.You can teach your child to distinguish the different typesofanimals and let him/her explore the games.Simple and intuitive interface, easy to use and play, a gamemade??especially for kids.Happy Animals is also compatible with tablets.Please let us know if you like this app and if you want to addotheranimals.
Animal Sounds 2.4.2
GPR Apps
Animal Sounds for kids!This is the perfect app to have a good time with yourchildren,orsimply to laugh with your friends!Enjoy with all these features:✔ Listen the characteristic sound of more than30differentanimals✔ Teach your children the name of the animals in7differentlanguages✔ Listen the name of the animals with thepronunciationfeature✔ Set your favorite sound as ringtone, notificationoralarmtune!✔ Set your child's favorite picture as wallpaper onyourdevice✔ Enjoy all the images and sounds in high quality✔ Share the images and sounds with your friends✔ Slide mode for toddlers (Premium required)✔ 9 different languages:- Czech- English- Finnish- French- German- Italian- Polish- Portuguese- Spanish# We are looking for more translators, send us an email ifyouareinterested!★★★ Very easy to use app ★★★- Drag the gallery and change the animal- Touch on the image to hear the animal sound.- Touch on the name of the animal to hear the pronunciation- Double tap on the image to zoom it.- Press Menu -> "Share.." for share the animal image orsoundwithyour friends.- Press Menu -> "Set as.." for set the animal asthedevicewallpaper, or configure the sound as ringtone,notificationoralarm tune.Missing your favorite animal? Let us know and we will addit!
Animal Sounds 1.8
Application for your child to havefunlearningthe sound of the animals.
Kids Learn about Animals Lite
If your child loves visiting the zoo, theywilllove Kids Learn about Animals. In fact, once they are doneplayingKids Learn about Animals, your children will know moreabout animalsthan you do - guaranteed. With its HD graphics, vividanimal soundsand lively voiceover, this game will quickly becomeyour kids'favorite animals game.The paid version of Kids Learn about Animals contains 90+questionsand educational descriptions for more than 70 animals. Itisdivided into four different "zones": Farm and Domestic,ForestWildlife, Africa Wildlife, and North and South Pole.This free version contains 1 out 4 available zones.Kids Learn about Animals is intended for children ages 3 to9.
Kids Puzzle: Animal 1.9.9
BieMore Co., Ltd.
Hi, everybody! My name is Uncle Bear, Ibringthe game named 'Animal Puzzle'. Our team include veryprofessionaleducation experts for children above 1-year-old,suitable forinfants and children. Kids will be able to build upability ofrecognizing shapes while playing, train them onpronunciations inboth English and Chinese, is help for them braindevelopment, aswell as learn various animals in the natural worldgradually.Game Feature1. Multiple scenes cognition,up to 100 kinds of children'sbasiccognition.2. Combined with a variety of difficulty,suitable for kidsofdifferent ages.3. Fantastic cartoon characters to attract kid's attention.4. Female voices from various languages to improvekid'spronunciation.5. Support super high resolution monitors. Compatible tovariousdisplay screen sizes and resolutions.About us"Uncle Bear Kids" brand, is committed to the developmentofchildren's education applications, and strive to create theperfectvirtual little partners for the children.The company has released 30 more products and owns more than30million users around the world.Please rate our games and leave feedback to help us improveourproducts, services and the team itself.Follow us on Facebook togetour news.
Animal Puzzles for kids free 6.0.3
Animal puzzles for kids isafree educational jigsaw puzzle game for kids, toddlersandpreschoolers, aged under 5 years old. In this animal puzzlegameyour children will find 40 different animal puzzles to playwith.Your children will have fun while they develop and improvesomebasic skills for their growth: visual memory, concentration,finemotor skills, logical-mathematical intelligence andspatialintelligence.Animal puzzles for kids has been created for parents seekingthebest game experience for their own children.With this jigsaw puzzle game your kids will never lose any pieceofthe puzzle under the sofa or under the table, so you willbehappiest that with classical puzzle games.Children's puzzles have always been one of the mostvaluedchildren's toys for our children. From classic woodenjigsawpuzzles to paper jigsaw puzzles, children love puzzle gamesandjigsaw puzzles games.Our puzzle game is designed by parents for their own children.Thedifference between puzzle for kids and puzzles for adults isthecomplexity of the puzzle in itself. That's the reason becauseofthe tiles of our puzzles have a rectangular shape. With thiskindof tiles, kids enjoy more the puzzle game, and theirplayerexperience is higher than if the puzzle game has tileswithdifferent shapes. This is another kind of puzzle game, maybeforall kind of kids, of all the ages. In this game you will findadepurated style for kids under 5 years old, with a sweetbackgroundmusic that you can turn off and turn on, and with rewardsfor thekids.How to play to Animal puzzlesforkids:Each puzzle has 9 rectangular tiles and your children have toputthem in the correct place using the finger and drag &dropoperations. When the kid have put the tile into the correctplace,the game will give a reward to the kid, using a little starsand asound for it.And when the child have solved the entire puzzle, the reward willbebiger. A sound of applause, more little stars and some balloonstoexplode them, will appear on the screen as part of the rewardforyour kids. This will encourage the children to continue solvingmorejigsaw puzzles.Features of Animal puzzles for kids:★ Simple and intuitive interface designed for babies, toddlersandpreschoolers★ 40 fantastic animal puzzles for kids★ Fun and educational game★ Cute graphics, designed thinking in kids, toddlersandpreschoolers★ Cute animations and sounds★ Designed for young children from 2 to 5 years old★ Designed by parents seeking the best game experience for theirownchildren★ With congratulations and fun rewards to pop★ Sweet background melody with an on/off button★ All puzzles are available for free★ Easy navigation between jigsaw puzzles♥♥♥ If your children like the classical wooden puzzle games,theywill love this one. ♥♥♥This simple animal puzzle game is really a perfect jigsaw puzzleforyour kids.If your children have loved this game, do not forget to give usa5-star review. It would be very appreciated for us.Remember our website where youwillfind many other free games for children, jigsaw puzzlegamesincluded, sorted by age, and some game for parents who want tohavefun.