1.0.10 / March 6, 2017
(4.1/5) (356)


Adventure with your Cubie and Cupetfriends!
From cute looks and immersive gameplay! Cubie Adventure welcomesyou!

■ One Touch Gameplay
Easy and Simple!
Simply tap to navigate through the mesmerizing Cubie World.

■ Adorable Characters
Meet the crew. Cubies and Cupets with style!
Make friends to unleash special bonus effects!

■ An Engaging Terrain
This is not your average walk in the park.
Hop over obstacles, dash through lethal traps, and outrunfoes!

■ The Race Is On
Race against others and test your skills!
Can you outrun your friends and seize 1st place?

■ Who's the Boss
Time your taps, stack your combos, and boom!
Boss battles where your timing will definately pay off!

■ Go Hardcore
No more room for mistakes!
If you love challenges Crazy Mode is for you!

# Cubie Adventure official community:https://www.facebook.com/CubieAdventure
Come on in, and find out more about Cubie Adventure!

# Notification: Access permission required for gameplay
1) Cubie Adventure requires permission to access the device'sexternal storage for our screenshot sharing function.

App Information Cubie Adventure

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**For optimal experience, please have 2 GB ofinternal storage available on your device.**Blade: Sword of Elysion is an infinite epic action RPG. Slashthrough dungeons and annihilate all evil forces. Evade and raidother heroes in a bloodstained, action-packed arena. Engage infierce PvP battles and show no mercy!Top Free & Grossing Action RPG is now available!Over 6 million downloads and counting!FIVE GAMEPLAY MODES FOR ENDLESS ACTION!- World Map: Adventure through diverse regions with 100+stages.- Arena: Fight and dominate in real time with up to 10players.- PvP: Be brave! Gear up and defend yourself in an intense one onone duel across all platforms.- Infinity Dungeon: Battle through infinite waves of enemies.- Guild and Siege System: Lead or be part of a force to be reckonedwith and reap the rewards together.ULTIMATE ACTION RPG POWERED BY UNREAL ENGINE TECHNOLOGY!- Realistic and immaculate graphics such as dynamic sword slashesand lethal magic spells.EQUIP & ENHANCE LEGENDARY GEAR AND ACCESSORIES!- Acquire hundreds of weapons and armor - enhance for a superioradvantage.ACTIVATE AND UPGRADE MULTIPLE SKILLS!- Customize your own passive and active skill tree to unleashferocious attacks.DAILY & CONTINUOUS MISSIONS WITH NUMEROUS ACHIEVEMENTS!- Participate in daily missions and be rewarded for unlockingin-game goals.“Blade: Sword of Elysion isn't a bad game at all, in fact it'spretty darn solid.” – Touch Arcade“On a scale of 1 to 5 stars? I would definitely give this game 5stars!” – Skewed and Reviewed“I loved how the game smoothly plays and how visually beautiful thegame is.” – MMO Huts“Blade: Sword of Elysion, was able to balance both good visuals anda solid gameplay experience I never expected was possible while onthe go.” – OnRPG“The game looks gorgeous even on a little handheld screen thanks tothe Unreal 3 engine, and the touch controls are tight andresponsive.” – RPG Fan“Blade: Sword of Elysion Further Proves That Mobile Can Have RealGames.” – Hardcore Gamer“I was instantly blown away with how responsive the controls were.”– Power LeveledBy downloading this game, you agree to the Personal InformationHandling Policy at: http://433.co/433privacyas well as the Terms of Service at: http://433.co/433termsFind more 4:33 Games: http://www.433.co.kr/eng_main/Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/fourthirtythreeLike us on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/bladeswordofelysionSubscribe on YouTube:http://www.youtube.com/user/433creativelab
블레이드 for Kakao 3.6.0 APK
■■■■■ 게임 소개 ■■■■■1. 액션RPG의 결정판! 모바일 게임의 한계를 뛰어 넘다!-국내 모바일 최초 언리얼 기반 풀3D로 개발된 최상의 그래픽-PC 액션 게임을 능가하는 박진감 넘치는 타격감-보스 시네마틱 연출로 몰입감 극대화2. 피로 물든 대륙에서 고독한 전투를 시작하라!-440개의 던전과 40개의 시나리오 던전, 거대한 어둠의 지배자들과 목숨을 건 혈투-지역을 초월한 불멸 무기를 획득하고, 더욱 강화된 보상과 함께 최고의 무기를 선택하라3. 다양한 대전모드로 블레이드의 전장을 누벼라!-긴장감 넘치는 실시간 1:1 대결-영예의 왕좌에 오를 최강 길드를 가릴 3:3 실시간 길드 대전-실시간 8인 난투장, 고대혼돈의탑, 공성전, 팀대전 레이드까지!-블레이드의 클래스는 영원하다!# 게임 이용을 위한 접근 권한 안내 (권한 거부 시 게임 이용이 불가능합니다)1) 이벤트 보상, 실시간 게임요소 및 고객 응대를 위해 단말기를 식별할 수 있는 권한을 요구 합니다.2) 푸시 알림 메시지를 받기 위해 필요한 권한을 요구 합니다.■■■■■ 블레이드 공식카페 ■■■■■최신 업데이트 소식과 다양한 이벤트 정보를 확인해 보세요!▶ 블레이드 for Kakao 공식카페 http://cafe.naver.com/blade433▣ 지원 단말 ▣안드로이드 OS 4.1.x(Jelly Bean) 이상의 단말에서만 원활한 플레이가 가능합니다.OS 4.0.x(Ice Cream Sandwich) 이하의 단말에서는 소프트웨어 업데이트를 하신 후 이용이가능합니다.# OS 정보 확인'설정 버튼 > 디바이스 정보 > 안드로이드 버전' 에서 단말의 OS 정보를 확인하실 수 있습니다.# OS 버전 업그레이드'설정 버튼 > 디바이스 정보 > 소프트웨어 업데이트' 에서 업데이트 하실 수 있습니다.----개발자 연락처: ㈜네시삼십삼분고객센터: +82-2-1566-4340서울시 강남구 삼성로104길 22(삼성동)사업자등록번호: 107-87-21419통신판매업신고번호 및 신고기관: 제 2013-서울강남-02795 호 / 서울시 강남구청----개발자 연락처 :고객센터 : +82-2-1566-4340서울시 강남구 삼성로104길 22(삼성동)사업자등록번호 : 107-87-21419통신판매업신고번호 및 신고기관 : 제 2013-서울강남-02795 호 / 서울시 강남구청About ■■■■■ game■■■■■1. The definitive action RPG! Jump over the limits of mobilegaming!- Best graphics developed with Unreal's first domestic mobile-basedfull 3DThrilling sense of hitting action game that surpasses -PC- Maximize the boss immersive cinematic production2. Begin a lone battle in the bloody continent!Bloody dungeons of the -440 and 40 scenarios, dungeons, giganticruler of darkness and death cases- Acquiring weapons immortality beyond the region, and Choose thebest weapon with further enhanced compensation3. byeora press the battlefield in a variety of blade versusmode!- Thrilling real-time 1:01 showdown- 3 to cover the ultimate Guild rise to the throne of glory: 3 RealTime Guild War- Chapter 8 scuffle in real time, to the top, Siege, Raid Team Warof the ancient chaos!- The class of the blades are forever!# Access instructions for using the games (games used to reject theauthorization is not available).1) requires the authority to identify the terminals for the eventrewards, real-time customer interaction and gaming elements.2) require the necessary authorization to receive pushnotifications.■■■■■ ■■■■■ blades official cafeCheck out the latest updates and information about variousevents!▶ blades for Kakao café officialhttp://cafe.naver.com/blade433▣ ▣ terminal supportOnly Android OS 4.1.x (Jelly Bean) or more terminals to allowseamless play.The OS 4.0.x (Ice Cream Sandwich) terminal than is available aftera software update.# OS InformationIn the "Settings button> Device Information> Version Android'OS can check the information of the terminal.# OS version upgradesIt can be updated in "Settings button> Device Information>Software Update.----Developer Contact: ㈜ Nessie trisection 30Contact: + 82-2-1566-4340Samsung-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul street 22 to 104(Samseong-dong)Business Registration Number: 107-87-21419Communications vendors, and reporting agencies report number:-02795 Article 2013- Gangnam Ho / Seoul Gangnam DistrictOffice
Monster Super League 1.0.17032304 APK
Test your skills by challenging theworld!Enjoy PVP mode in Astromon League▷▷▷▷▷ Features ◁◁◁◁◁# Astromons Assemble!From cute to sytlish, meet Astromons of all size and shapes!Discover over 550 types of Astromon in Monster Super League!# I Choose You!Catch rare and mysterious Astromons in the field!Evolve and Ascend your favorite Astromon!# Evolve and Grow!Evolution will affect your Astomon's looks and skills!You can Ascend all Astromons to 6 Stars!Evolve your Astromon in your own unique way!# Strategic Combat!Even the same Astromon can differ by attributes or combatstyle.Assemble your party to endure different areas and situationsand enjoy adventure and combat!# Populate your Airship!Have a great time with your Astromon on your airship!Sometimes you might even have a surprise visitor!# Socialize with friends!Chat and exchange presents with your friends!Give out tips and get advice from players around the world!# Become stronger in different ways!Combat is not the only way to become stronger!Achieve faster growth with fruit, and additional power withgems!# Diverse Content!Explore 8 different areas with unique storylines!Challenge yourself in daily Dungeons for better rewards!Battle against other Astromon in the Astromon League!Embark on countless adventures in Monster Super League!# Access rights for gameplay (Game services restricted ifdisabled)1) Access rights for game installation in external memory▷Monster Super LeagueFacebook:https://www.facebook.com/monstersuperleagueFollow up on the latest news and events on the Monster Super Leagueofficial community!
영웅 for Kakao 3.0.4 APK
환생으로 강력해진 영웅이 온다!시즌3 대규모 업데이트 - 환생접속시, 최대 200만원 상당 아이템 지급!▣ 시즌3 기념 선물 ▣# 7성 최고레벨 영웅 뽑기권# 7성 영웅 선택권# 7성 일반룬 뽑기권# 7성 골드룬 뽑기권 등▣ 시즌3 업데이트 안내 ▣# 환생업데이트환생으로 강력해진 영웅이 돌아왔다!지금 바로 황진이와 이순신을 소환하세요!# 무신강림지금까지의 전투는 잊어라!무신을 강림시켜 전투의 판도를 바꿔 보세요!# 코스튬 출시더욱 강력하게 그리고 더욱 세련되게!코스튬으로 자신만의 영웅을 만들어보세요!# 보상 상향출석보상, 신규/복귀 유저 웹컴 보상 상향!지금 상향된 보상 획득하고, 영웅을 소환하세요!▣ 게임 특징- 각양 각색의 외형을 가진 당신만의 8등신 영웅 캐릭터가 등장합니다.- 나만의 파티를 만들어 자동전투와 태그플레이를 즐겨보세요.- 다양한 성장 시스템으로 나만의 영웅들을 강화해보세요.- 유니크한 보스들과 화끈한 한판 대결을 펼치세요.- 9가지 게임 모드가 당신의 영웅을 기다리고 있습니다.광개토, 황진이, 이순신, 안중근… 당신이 꿈꿔온 시대의 영웅들이 함께 한다!다양한 영웅들의 생생한 스토리와 화려한 스킬들이 당신을 기다리고 있습니다.당신이 원하는 3명의 영웅을 최고의 팀으로 만들어 다른 유저들과 경쟁해 보세요.▷ 영웅 for Kakao 공식카페 : http://cafe.naver.com/hero433# 게임 이용을 위한 접근 권한 안내 (권한 거부 시 게임 이용이 불가능합니다)1) 이벤트 보상, 실시간 게임요소 및 고객 응대를 위해 단말기를 식별할 수 있는 권한을 요구 합니다.2) 푸시 알림 메시지를 받기 위해 필요한 권한을 요구 합니다.▣ 지원 단말 ▣안드로이드 OS 4.1.x(Jelly Bean) 이상의 단말에서만 원활한 플레이가 가능합니다.OS 4.0.x(Ice Cream Sandwich) 이하의 단말에서는 소프트웨어 업데이트를 하신 후 이용이가능합니다.# OS 정보 확인'설정 버튼 > 디바이스 정보 > 안드로이드 버전' 에서 단말의 OS 정보를 확인하실 수 있습니다.# OS 버전 업그레이드'설정 버튼 > 디바이스 정보 > 소프트웨어 업데이트' 에서 업데이트 하실 수 있습니다.----개발자 연락처 :고객센터 : +82-2-1566-4340서울시 강남구 삼성로104길 22(삼성동)사업자등록번호 : 107-87-21419통신판매업신고번호 및 신고기관 : 제 2013-서울강남-02795 호 / 서울시 강남구청Thiscomes as a powerful hero reborn!Season 3 major update - RebornWhen connected, payments worth up to $ 2,000 Items!▣ ▣ souvenirs Season 3# 7 St. highest level hero drawing rights# 7 Castle Hero choiceGeneral Rune Castle # 7 drawing rights# 7 drawing rights, such as Rune Castle Gold▣ ▣ Season 3 Update Information# Reincarnation updatesReborn as a powerful hero is back!Now, go ahead and summon Hwang Jin Yi!Muhsin Advent #Forget the battle so far!Discover the descent by Muhsin change the dynamics of thebattle!# Costume ReleaseBecome more powerful and more sophisticated!Create your hero costume with your own!# Compensated upwardAttendance rewards, new / returning user wepkeom compensationupward!Now raise the compensation obtained, and summon your heroes!▣ Game features- The emergence of the hero characters, only eight assholes youwith the appearance of various kinds.- Create your own party and enjoy a silent battle with the tagplay.- Try to strengthen your own hero growing variety of systems.- Expand the hottest showdown bout with unique boss.- 9 different game modes await your hero.Gwanggaeto, Hwang Jin Yi, Ahn ... Together you are the hero of theera dreaming!Vivid and colorful stories of the various heroes skills awaityou.Three heroes make you want to try the best teams compete with otherusers.▷ official hero for Kakao Cafe: http://cafe.naver.com/hero433# Access instructions for using the games (games used to reject theauthorization is not available).1) requires the authority to identify the terminals for the eventrewards, real-time customer interaction and gaming elements.2) require the necessary authorization to receive pushnotifications.▣ ▣ terminal supportOnly Android OS 4.1.x (Jelly Bean) or more terminals to allowseamless play.The OS 4.0.x (Ice Cream Sandwich) terminal than is available aftera software update.# OS InformationIn the "Settings button> Device Information> Version Android'OS can check the information of the terminal.# OS version upgradesIt can be updated in "Settings button> Device Information>Software Update.
로스트킹덤 1.0.34 APK
New character, Archmage, released!Master caster of awesome and destructive magic skillsExperience the dazzling action blossoming on the battlefield!▷▷▷▷▷ Update Content ◁◁◁◁◁# New character, Archmage, released!Master caster of awesome and destructive magic skillsExperience the dazzling action blossoming on the battlefield!# Elite Raid for top Legions!Unprecedented thrill and action at your fingertips!Enjoy Elite Raids prepared exclusively for the best Legions!# Craft the Ultimate Gear!Go beyond Mythic gear and experience the ultimate power!Craft the perfect Gear and engage in epic battles!Craft items to aid you in battle!Looking for items to polish your battles to perfection?Craft unique Potions/Materials for your personal use!▷▷▷▷▷ Features ◁◁◁◁◁# 100% user-centered game content and features!Develop your character and enjoy all content in Lost Kingdom forfree!# Forget Level & Gear handicaps! Experience skill-based PvPArena!Feel the thrill of winning a losing battle! Bask in exhilarationafter taking out a high level player!Put your skills to the test in a balanced PvP Arena.# Achieve Level 40 to unlock formidable new skills!Breathtaking hit and run tactics!Enjoy the thrill of Raids with new skills befitting yourlevel.# PVP – Perfect timing, wits, and control!Counter a counter attack! No skill is secondary in PvP. Use themall strategically to win!Face opponents in real time and prove your worth!# Blessings of Top Rankers!Top Rankers can bestow players with beneficial buffs in town.Feel the original spirit of classic online RPG fellowship.# Top quality stages and scenarios!Unravel an epic story as you fight your way through openbattlefields.Powerful secrets surround Gilgamesh's sudden appearance. As the newguardian, it is up to you to protect Erid from evil!Tame and ride incredible beasts in the battlefield!Defend the gates from incoming demon waves, protect ancient relicsfrom demon interference.Immerse yourself in diverse missions and battlefields.# Access rights for gameplay (Game services restricted ifdisabled)1) Device ID access rights for processing event rewards, real-timegame elements, and customer service.2) Access rights for game installation in external memory.3) Access rights to receiving notifications.
회색도시 for Kakao 1.1.8 APK
서울 한 복판에서 발생한 유괴 사건!각자 다른 사연을 갖고 만난 4명의 남녀가 이를 뒤쫓는다.범인으로 추정되는 남자가 지나간 장소마다 일어나는 살인 사건!수많은 난관을 헤치며 추적을 이어가는 그들 앞에과거와 현재를 잇는 단서들이 모습을 드러내는데…침묵했던 진실의 조각들이 모인 마지막 순간,당신이 상상했던 모든 것이 흔들린다![게임 특징]▶ 서울 강북을 무대로 벌어지는고퀄리티 그래픽과 사운드의 향연!살아 숨쉬는 캐릭터와 3D 모델링을 바탕으로 완성된 강북의 모습들!▶ 영화를 보는듯한 생생한 음성지원경력과 연기력으로 인정받은 14인의 초호화 성우들이 참여한 블록버스터급 게임!▶4부작, 총 16편의 드라마20여명의 캐릭터가 펼치는 드라마틱한 전개, 빠져나올 수 없는 흡입력!대화 안에 숨겨진 진실의 실마리를 찾아라!▶ 숨겨진 진실을 추리하는 네 가지 특기!격투, 탐문, 대입, 통찰의 네 가지 특기로 어둠 속의 진실을 추적하라!▶ 쉽고 간단한 풀 터치 조작의심이 가는 곳을 직접 터치하여 사건을 조사하라!당신이 조사한 그 장소가 사건의 진상을 밝힐 중요한 열쇠가 될지 모른다!▶ 순간의 선택이 만드는 50여가지의 엔딩어떤 상황에서도 긴장을 늦출 수 없다. 선택에 따라 펼쳐지는 다양한 결말!▶ 화려한 아트워크 보너스!스토리를 전개하며 얻는 특전 이미지들, 랜덤하게 입수하는 프로필 사진들!친구들과의 우정 점수를 쌓아 완벽한 컬렉션을 완성하라!----개발자 연락처 :고객센터 : +82-2-1566-4340서울시 강남구 삼성로104길 22(삼성동)사업자등록번호 : 107-87-21419통신판매업신고번호 및 신고기관 : 제 2013-서울강남-02795 호 / 서울시 강남구청Abductions occurred inthe middle of Seoul!Each has a different story of men and women met the four courses.Alleged perpetrator of a murder happens every place man haspassed!Yieoganeun tracking numerous challenges before them hechimyeoLinking the past and the present figure cues to expose ...Silence was the last moment of truth, gathered the pieces,Shakes everything you imagined![Game Features]▶ Seoul, Seoul, taking place on the stage of high-quality graphicsand sound, a feast!3D modeling based on a living, breathing character and appearanceof the finished, Seoul, guys!▶ live like watching a movie with soundAcclaimed acting career and attended by 14 ins studded voiceblockbuster game!▶ 4-part series, a total of 16 accommodation DramaThe dramatic unfolding of more than 20 characters develop, you cannot escape the suction power!Find the clues hidden truth in conversation!▶ the four specialties infer the hidden truth!Fighting, canvass, assignment, insight into the four specialtiesTruth Be in the Dark!▶ Easy and simple full-touch operationWhere the suspect Find out directly by touching the case?After you place the facts of the case will be an important key maysay!▶ moment to make a choice of 50 different endingsUnder no circumstances can slow down the tension. Choose adifferent ending depending on the spread!▶ colorful artwork Bonus!Develop a story and a privilege to get images, profile photos toget random!Scores of friends and build friendships Complete the fullcollection!
Seven Guardians 1.1.95 APK
Amass the mightiest Alliance and command themto victory against the Undead in an action-strategyadventure.TAKE FULL CONTROL OF STRATEGIC ATTACKSClash in battle utilizing individually unique skilled seven heroes;Warrior, Rogue, Archer, Defender, Wizard, Golem and Warlord.NINE BATTLE MODES TO DISPLAY YOUR POWERSingle and online modes with intense action in PvP Arena,Sanctuary, Guild Raids and more!ARM YOUR ALLIANCE FOR THE FINAL RESISTANCECollect and craft your personalized high-class armor and gear towithstand the onslaught of the Undead.DEMOLISH SANCTUARY AND RISE TOGETHER WITH ANCIENT GODSSummon the almighty Protector with ferocious attacks to conquer allbattlesDESTRUCTIVE POWER TO OVERCOME ALL WAVES OF ATTACKCharge against enemy line with your Alliance and empoweredtanks

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Do you want to know if your Access Point isvulnerable at the WPS protocol?Wifi Wps Wpa Tester is the app that you need!With this app, you can test the connection to AP with WPSPIN.PINs are calculated with many algorithms:-Zhao-TrendNet-Dlink-ArrisAnd others default PIN of MANY Access Point.Then NOT ALL AP ARE COMPATIBLE WITH THIS APP.App needs root permissions for devices with Android version <5.0 ( LOLLIPOP ).For devices with Android >= 5.0 you can test the PINs with thisapp and you can connect, BUT YOU CANNOT SEE WPA ( OR WEP ) PASSWORDWITHOUT ROOT PERMISSIONS.Use this app only with your own AP for do not go against thelaw.Privacy Policy :https://www.iubenda.com/privacy-policy/8000344
WordPress APK
WordPress for Android puts the power ofpublishing in your hands, making it easy to create and consumecontent. Write, edit, and publish posts to your site, check stats,and get inspired with great posts in the Reader. What’s more? It’sopen source.WordPress for Android supports WordPress.com and self-hostedWordPress.org sites running WordPress 3.5 or higher.Visit the forums to get help with the app:http://android.forums.wordpress.org
WPS Connect 1.3.4 APK
With this app you'll can connect to WiFinetworks which have WPS protocol enabled. This feature was onlyavailable in version 4.1.2 of Android.App developed with educational purposes. I am not responsiblefor any misuse.Released under license CC BY-NC-ND 4.0:https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0/WPS: http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wi-Fi_Protected_SetupWPS Connect is focused on verifying if your router is vulnerableto a default PIN. Many routers that companies install ownvulnerabilities in this aspect. With this application you can checkif your router is vulnerable or not and act accordingly.Includes default PINs, as well as algorithms such Zhao Chesung(ComputePIN) or Stefan Viehböck (easyboxPIN).Tested on:- LG G2- Nexus 5- Samsung Galaxy S3IMPORTANT!!Prior to an assessment, understand that it serves theapplication.
ROOT REQUIREDXPOSED FRAMEWORK REQUIREDIF You dont know What is XPOSED Framework then do not try thisapplication (it wont work)Hi Guys,I read about the Xposed framework in xda and other websites.somewebsites have really good tutorials about it.So what I understandis that we can modify a function and its return values using theXposed Framework.I have created and Xposed Module For Changing (MASKING) the IMEINo of the PhoneChange Means How Other Application gets the IMEI No of the deviceusing below codeAs you all know,The Value is not permanent as it is an XposedModule :)XDA-Developers Threadhttp://forum.xda-developers.com/xposed/modules/xposed-imei-changer-t2847187Pro version :https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vivek.imeichangerproStepsInstall appEnable module in xposed frameworkCome back to app and enter new valuePress ApplyGo to xposed moduleOpen framework pageDo a soft rebootOpen the appAnd you can see new valuecheck the value by dialing *#06#, you can see the new value
Blog 0.0.1 APK
Our blog posts include experiment resultsofonline marketing, how to articles, tools and tips for runningyourbusiness, business ideas, online selling, entrepreneurship,startups, success stories, interviews and reviews of relevantbooks.You can visit the web version of ourapp:http://technotip.orgFeatures1. Has a list of 8 recent articles on the homepage and usercannavigate to older blog posts.2. Clear reading experience with bigger fonts on articlepage.3. Facility to bookmark the article and read later frombookmarkssection.4. Cache the recently viewed article for offline reading.5. List of pages.6. Search facility.7. List posts based on Category.8. List posts by author/contributor.9. Invite others to our app via Social Sharing Apps.Option to rate the app.10. Facility to directly share the posts and pages with othersfrominside the app via popular social sharing applications.
Administrator 1.3 APK
Simple app that lets you control your wirelessconnections ANDROID device.Features:- Turn onTurn data connection, WIFI and BLUETOOTH.- See the list of the connected BLUETOOTH devices withinreach.- Multi-language: Spanish and English.
WiFi Master Key - by wifi.com 4.1.85 APK
With a hundreds of millions of free Wi-Fihotspots shared by our users globally, you can connect to freeWi-Fi with WiFi Master Key (by en.wifi.com - LinkSureSingapore)!Search & connect to shared WiFi hotspots indicated by a BlueKey. Easy and safe.THE WIFI MASTER KEY EXPERIENCE- Cost Savings: Save data costs by connecting to free shared WiFihotspots.- Easy and Fast: just search for the blue key and tap to connectWiFi!- Safe and Secured: All shared password are not revealed. It isencrypted to protect sharer’s privacy and security.- Easy to understand in your own language: Available in 19languages across 223 countries and regions.English,Thai, Bahasa Indonesia, Malay, Vietnamese, SimplifiedChinese, Traditional Chinese TW,Traditional Chinese HK, Japanese,Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Arabic,Turkish, Hindi,French, Italian, German...more languages coming soon.Disclaimer: WiFi Master Key is not a hacking tool. It does notassist in unlocking passwords of Wi-Fi hotspots that are not sharedby the users. Hacking is illegal.With our growing community of over 900 MILLION users (Chinese andGlobal version combined), we aim to build a trusted platform foreverybody to enjoy the Internet. So, come join the world’s largestWiFi sharing community today! If you don’t find shared hotspot yet,don’t worry, give the community some time to grow. We are handlingover 4 BILLION connections daily and the number is growing rapidly.There will be more and more shared WiFi to help you get connectedonline and surf the Internet free!Rate us to show us your love! It means a lot to keep usgoing!Have a question? Wanna leave a feedback or suggestion? Sure, we’dlove to hear them— tell us here or on our Facebook page!https://www.facebook.com/wifimasterkey.Spread the word, and keep sharing WiFi!
Sing! Karaoke by Smule 4.2.7 APK
Sing your favorite hits with audio effects.Sing video duets with featured artists like Jessie J, Jason Derulo,and Linkin Park. Share your covers with our 50M+ global audienceand get fans!Featured by Google Play as Best Apps 2014.For a limited time, you can audition for front of the line pass forThe Voice open call auditions, going on now all over the country.Just download the Smule Sing! app, navigate to The Voice auditionpage and sing. The Voice will listen to all auditions and selectpeople to move to the front of the audition line at the open callauditions. But only until Feb 23. Get singing in Smule Sing!today.-----------Features- Self-recording option with video**- Sing like a star with audio effects!- Share on our global platform - get discovered!- Duet with featured pop artists - Jessie J, Jason Derulo, KylieMinogue, X Ambassadors, OMI, Carly Rae Jepsen, Charlie Puth,Silento and many more**Video availability on different Android devices will beincremental over several weeks. When available onyour device model, video option will appear with no additionalupdate required. Please see the Sing! Android FAQ for theinitial list of devices that offervideo. http://www.smule.com/support/sing#android-----------------------------------------------------New songs added every day. Current most popular on Sing!:** All of Me - John Legend** Flashlight - Jessie J (from Pitch Perfect 2)** I'm Not the Only One - Sam Smith** Like I'm Gonna Lose You - Meghan Trainor, ft. John Legend** All I Want For Christmas is You - Mariah Carey** I'm Yours - Jason Mraz** Thinking Out Loud - Ed Sheeran** Dear Future Husband - Meghan Trainor** When I Was Your Man - Bruno Mars** Let It Go - Idina Menzel (from Frozen by Disney)** Cups ("When I'm Gone") - Anna Kendrick** Stay - Rihanna ft. Mikky Ekko** Love me Like You Do - Ellie Goulding** The Way, Break Free - Ariana Grande** Anaconda, Pound the Alarm - Nicki Minaj** I Won’t Give Up, I’m Yours – Jason Mraz** Happy - Pharrell Williams** Eye of the Tiger - SurvivorWant a song that's not yet available? Suggest songs on Smule’sFacebook page: www.facebook.com/smuleWant a song that's not yet available? Suggest songs on Smule’sFacebook page: www.facebook.com/smuleCONNECTING THE WORLD THROUGH MUSIC™ - JOIN THE KARAOKE PARTYFind and follow your friends in Sing!, and meet incredible singersfrom all over the world. Sing your heart out on Solo songs, or joinup with others in Duets or Group songs. Keep up with your friendsand favorite singers, and love and comment on performances to showyour support.BE DISCOVERED! GET FANS!Lots of talents get discovered through our Sing! Karaoke platform.Show off your talent in front of 50M+ global audience and getfansSOUND LIKE A STARSound amazing every time with Sing!’s voice enhancement technology.Use special voice filters to spice up your performance even more.Sing! is a supportive, joyful community where music-making at alllevels is encouraged and appreciated.http://www.smule.comhttp://plus.google.com/+smulehttp://www.facebook.com/smulehttp://www.youtube.com/smulehttp://www.twitter.com/smuleHave questions on a particular permission?http://www.smule.com/support/sing#android