Top 24 Games Similar to Music Quiz

SongPop 2 - Guess The Song
Get Ready for the Holidays with GooglePlay’sFestive Updates!Listen to more than 100,000 real music clips from artistslikeTaylor Swift, Katy Perry, One Direction, Bon Jovi and more!Guessthe correct artist and title as fast as you can. Challengeyourfriends and compete against music lovers worldwide!Masterplaylists and claim your trophies!What’s New?◆ PARTY MODE: Compete against hundreds of players indailymultiplayer tournaments! Can you get the mostprestigiousbadges?◆ MEET MELODY: Practice in solo mode with Melody, theSongPopmascot.◆ TRY FOR FREE: All playlists are free to try. Buy yourfavoritesand challenge your friends.MUSIC TRIVIA FOR ALL◆ Quiz yourself on dozens of music genre: Today's Hits,ClassicRock, Country, Rap, Hip-Hop Pop, Indie, Latin Hits, andmore!◆ Collections for every decade: 2010s, 2000s, 90s, 80s, 70s, 60sandmore!◆ New music & playlists added every week!
SongPop 1.26.28
Are you ready to rock? Music lovers agreethisis one of the most addictive games ever!* 2013 Webby Award People's Voice Winner - Social Gaming(HandheldDevices)* Top Rated Social Game of 2012 - Facebook* "I will not rest until every genre has been unlockedandmastered." - KotakuSIMPLE, FAST & FUN* Challenge your friends or play with other music fans* Hear song clips from thousands of ORIGINAL artists in over300genres* Guess the artist or song faster than your friends* Unlock more songs, more playlists and become a truemusicmaster!WHATEVER YOUR MUSIC STYLE, WE’VE GOT YOU COVERED* Today's Hits to Classic Rock* Country to Rap and Hip-Hop* Young Pop Stars to Indie and Latin Hits* Collections for every decade: 2000s, 90s, 80s, 70s, 60sandmore!* New music & playlists added every week to keep it freshMORE WAYS TO ENJOY THE MUSIC YOU LOVE ON SONGPOP* See which artists are on tour near you!* Watch music videos of your favorite songs on YouTube* Share your favorite songs with your SongPop chat buddies* Easily find other players who share your song tastes
Rock Hero 1.1
Guitar & Music Games
Rock Hero is the ultimate music-rhythmstylegame that will test your skills to play the guitar and followtherhythm of the music. This game including 9 songs which you canplaythem in 3 different difficulties.Also you can choose songs from your mobile device for evenmorefun!Hit the notes at the right time to get the highest score!Features:• 3 different music styles.• 9 incredible songs.• 3 difficult levels• Global scores!• Cool graphics and effects!• Better controls and gameplay!
Music Hero 2.1
Words Mobile
Music Hero is the most rockin' and the only music rhythm gamethatyou can play with your own music! Get ready to feel the rhythmasyou tap tap your cell phone screen now!Are you ready to rock and revenge? Tap your way through thesongswith this easy to learn rhythm game. You can play with thepreloadsongs or your local music files by your favorite artists.Music Heroincludes a brand new visual experience with beautifullightingeffects and animations.How to Play:- Tap the discs when passing the bar at the bottom to scorepointsfor accuracy and timingGame Features:- Support local MP3 music files- Simple, Standard and Expert difficulty levels- Visually striking user interfaceNotes:1. The embedded guitar music The required permissions is needed to help set your own musicasringtone.
Piano Magic Tiles 2018 1.83
This is the best Piano White Tiles NOW!Morethan 10 million players have downloaded and playedit!Happy new year to everybody!🎹 BIG Updates! Online Piano Contest is ON! Join the gamenowand compete with more than 10 millions music fans around theworld.Be the first to complete the hit songs and win tons of gemsforfree! Are you the piano master who never miss the fastestpianocontest? It's show time!🎶 Download Piano Magic White Tiles and enjoy themostexciting real-time multiplayer game everybody's talkingabout!Challenge your Facebook friends and win free gems!🎶 🎶 🎶 🎼 🎵 🎵 🎶 🎶 🎼 🎵 🎹 🎹 🎹 🎹🎶 Have you ever dreamed of becoming a professional pianistlikeBeethoven, Chopin or Mozart? Have you ever dreamed ofplayingclassical songs like Little Star, Canon or Jingle Bells onapiano?🎶 Now your dream can come true with Piano Magic Tiles 2018!PianoMagic Tiles 2018 is the latest hit piano app to take androidbystorm. With this piano app even a child can play classicalsongslike a real piano master. It’s easy to learn and incrediblyfun toplay! With Piano Magic Tiles 2018 your mobile phone becomes amagicpiano, by tapping on the piano black tiles, you can playyourfavorite songs like the best pianists!🎶 And don't worry if your phone is running low of space, PianoMagicTiles 2018 can be played from SD card!🎶 HOW TO PLAY:Piano Magic Tiles 2018 is very easy to play. The rule is simple.Tapon the piano black tiles continuously to play the music. Watchoutfor the white tiles and never miss any piano black tiles tocompleteevery song!🎶 Features:🎵 Awesome graphics and sound effect. You will feel like youareplaying a real luxurious classical piano made withexpensivemahogany.🎵 High quality piano music soundtracks. Features a largecollectionof piano songs from Mozart to Beethoven🎵 Hit songs including: Little Star(Mozart), Jingle Bells, Canon,FurElise(Beethoven)🎵 Simple to play, difficult to master. Tapping only the blacktilesin some high speed songs can be a real challenge!🎵 Smooth gaming experience. We tried our best to turn yourmobilephone into a magic piano with real sound effects.🎵 Run the game from SD card. Not having enough space? Don'tworry!You can play the game from SD card.🎵 Regular Updates! We are frequently updating Piano Magic Tiles2018to fix any bugs and come up with new awesome features thateveryplayer will love.🎵 After you play the whole piano song, you can enter theENDLESSmode directly by tap the fast play button.🎵 You can save your favorite piano songs. Easy to accessyourfavorite songs and songs recently played.Download Piano Magic Tiles 2018 now and play forever forFREEwhile improving your reaction speed and musical skill! Bethebest music player!
Create your Electronic Music (MP3 & WAV)
Your App Soft
Create your Electronic Music (MP3&WAV)Create your own music with electronic sounds and rhythms.Tablet Mpc 16 high quality sounds in electronic music thatenvelopyour ears, because here you decide the beat of the moment.Here youare the composer and sound Your tablet.Enjoy your favorite music with samples of electronic musiclikedub-step, breakbeat, hip-hop, rap, drum & bass, and manymoreeasily and at any time.★ Simple table sounds.★ You can press multiple buttons simultaneously.★ Sounds in high quality.★ Fast charge.★ No time limit.★ Free, no purchase, no limits.Electronic Music Game Creator (MP3 & WAV), is availablewheneveryou do not need internet connection to play. This freeapplicationcan contain advertising.
Band Game: Piano, Guitar, Drum 1.48
Half Peak Studios
Band Game is features an array ofinstrumentsto create songs with! It features 3 different band setups whichwere all recorded professionally giving a realistic musicsound.You can play the drums with different beats and then add yourownpiano or guitar melody on top, before throwing in bassguitartoo.Band Game Features:> Rock Band mode:-- Real Electric Guitar-- Grand Piano-- Volume Bass Guitar-- Full Drum Kit> Electronic Band mode:-- Synthesizer Keyboard lead-- Synthesizer Keyboard rhythm-- Bass Pad Machine-- Drum machine> Acoustic Band mode:-- Lead Nylon Acoustic Guitar-- Rhythm Nylon Acoustic Guitar-- Bass Guitar-- Soft Stick Drum Kit> Quad row layouts with easy to use interface> Real recorded sounds creating great sounding music.> Reset and Mute function> Beautiful graphics throughout> Fast Launch and load timeTap an instrument sound box to start playing it, while selectinganddeselecting others to create your own music - your ownsongs!Be the Band!Be the Music Master!This app features a 3rd party system that supports thedevelopmentand maintenance of the app. See the links forfullinformation.
Piano Christmas Challenges: Magic White Tiles 2 6.5.0
Christmas version of Piano Online Challenges2Magic White Tiles - new games for winter 2017Be the winner in our piano game's online battles in thisChristmas2017 Game.Play now for Free! Lightweight to install.Become a piano champion with the thrill of speed and the melodyofclassical with all new Christmas 2017 hot songs and tophits.Xmas Piano Online Challenge 2 Magic White Tile - the bestpianogame!Simplicity is the way to enjoy music games: Tap on the blacktiles(piano keys), don’t tap the white tiles to feel the rhythmandchords, to form a pleasant rising and falling patternofsounds.Hot updates:• The one and only battle mode - a new feature in Xmas -winter2017: challenge more than 10 million players around the worldbycatching on the Xmas piano 2 tiles on high speed. The winnertakesit all! Call out to anyone who wants to claim yourthrone!• Request any piano songs you love. We will find and present toyouas fast as we can.• All new trending songs (updated every week) with a varietyofK-pop and US-UK hits in high-quality piano songs.• Update new skin version with new awesome experience!Top features:• The perfect mix of bold yet harmonious sounds, fluidityandrapidity bring you an unforgettable piano games experience.Performyour favorite piano songs and challenges with your friendsandother players to show them your piano talent.• Simple to play, difficult to master – one of the hardestgameever. Catching all the piano 2 tiles in these high-speedpianogames is not easy, especially in our new Battle Mode!• 200 different piano songs to diverse your music taste.• Appealing game design and graphic for the piano challenginggames.Image that you are playing a real luxurious classic pianomade withexpensive mahogany, whose rhythm is perfect for any pianomusiclover.• Lightweight to install.• Songs frequently updated, diverse from classic songs to themostpopular ones.So, do you have what it takes to get on top of our Leader Boardwithover 10 million players? This speed tapping piano gamesisdefinitely more challenging than you could imagine.Try out this Christmas game 2017 now and challenges yourownreaction speed and skills!Xmas Piano Online Challenge 2 Magic White Tile is waiting forthepianist challengers!No need to hesitate because we are free!Privacy Policy:
Piano Classic 123.0.0
Heron Software
Learn piano, play pianoSimple and classic music game. Play Classic Piano on yoursmartphone- piano turns your device into a real musicalinstrument(a realpiano). To play choose game mode and tap on thepiano tiles.It helps when you wish to play a virtual piano but don't havepianoaround you! Virtual Piano is great for everyone especiallykids andnovices.Learn to play, practice songs and make music.Create your own tracks from everywhere and enjoy musicwhileplaying and learning a variety of songs by Bach orBeethoven.How to play Classic Piano:Just run your fingers over the real piano tiles, play livemusicand feel like a real musician. You will not be as good asChopin,Mozart or Bach but to play this perfect piano will give yougreatpleasure.Play your favorite songs and melodies by tapping piano tiles.Feature of Piano Classic:- classic piano sound- simple musical keyboard with realistic piano tiles- easy enough for children- controls to customize sound of piano- adjustable piano keyboard tiles- piano teacher coming soon with tracks from Chopin,Beethoven,Liszt and Mozart- special simple versions of Chopin and Mozart piecescomingsoon
Cytus 10.0.10
❖❖Welcome to the Musical World ofCytus❖❖LET’S EXPERIENCE MUSIC ’N ART, BEAT ’N REBOUND!Check the screenshots and you will see the most AWESOME mobilemusicgame ever!Just PLAY and ENJOY!❖FEATURES❖- 200 songs and 400 variations, including many from famouscomposersaround the world- Beautiful hand-drawn art style (as illustrated inthescreenshots)- Easy, intuitive Active Scan Line system and 3 types ofnotes- Different display modes allow player-friendly previewingofnotes- Strong beat and rhythms provide satisfying feedback fortaps- More than 9 difficulty levels for more fun and challenges- Various music genres: POP, JAZZ, TRANCE, HARDCORE, DRUM 'NBASSand many more- Connect to Facebook and show off your Cytus skills❖HOW TO PLAY❖- Follow along the Active Scan Line- Tap each note as the line passes through- Time your taps as the line is at the center of the note forahigher score!❖STORY❖In the distant future, the only sentient beings in the worldarerobots.They are the last remnant of the human spirit.However, mankind is not dead.Technology exists that is capable of transferring memories totheserobots.But with limited space, new memories will gradually overwritetheold.To prevent the emotions in human memories from fading away,therobots resorted to converting the emotions to music, andstoringthem in a place called Cytus.The robots use these songs to experience human emotion anddreamthat souls exists in each of them...Cytus──────────────────────Cytus Official Site: Official Site: http://www.rayark.comFollow Cytus Cytus
Music Quiz - Love Edition 1.3
Mangoo Games
The world's most popular music quiz hasfinallyarrived in your country in the Love edition!The concept is simple. It's just like 'name that tune': listentothe song extract and find the name of the song or artist! Howmanywill you recognize?A fun and addictive version of name that tune !PLAY NOWPlay with your lover with this Music Quiz Love edition !- Hundreds of love songs !- Guess the tittle from Justin Timberlake to Alicia Keys orBarryWhite !- Compare your level with players around the world!UNLIMITED FUNTons of songs!CONTINUOUS CHALLENGECan you find all the songs? Some levels seem too easy? Do notworry,the next ones will be more difficult :)Like us on Facebook to be aware about our releases.Link:
🎵 Dubstep Music Hero 🎵 1.0.6
Bambo Studio
The Dubstep Music Hero game, with originalandexclusively dubstep music rhythms produced for this gamewhichdrives your fingers crazy.Tap the buttons in this EDM music game and play like the bestDJ's.Feel the original dubstep music exclusively produced for thismusicgame created for all kind of people, let your friends play andtryto beat the best scores.Dubstep Music Hero, improve your music skills, tap the buttonsandfeel the rhythm, the best way to play in your smartphone andenjoyplaying music with family or friends.MAIN FEATURES:· Exclusive and original dubstep music produced to play inthisgame.· World Scores with Google Play Games. Be the best DJ!· 14 beats to play in two difficulty modes.· Friendly Graphics.Download now Dubstep Music Hero and play the EDM music whereveryougo!
Reggaeton Quizzes 1.4
Do you like reggaeton? Can you spend hoursandhours dancing it?If you are someone who spends hours in the disco dancingrumba...Then try to win this game!Guess the best songs of reggaeton of all time andscorepoints.Just you have to listen to the Latin track and say whoreggaetonerois singing or how the song is called.Collect points by guessing songs and challenge your friends!FeaturesGUESS REGGAETON SONGSIncrease the volume and listen to the reggaeton. You haveunlimitedtime to guess. Just you have to remember to whom belongsit, orwhat is the name of the track. If you're right, you scorepoints!Otherwise, they will be deducted :(PARTIAL RESULTSOnce you guess a certain amount of songs, you will bring intothepartial results view. In this way, you can see your progress inthegame, and see how much you need to win the whole game. If youwin,you're a real expert in Latin music! :DGUESSED SONGSIn addition, as a small prize, you will be able to hear a pieceofthe guessed song. Enjoy listening to the best Latinreggaetontracks only if you choose correct answers. If you want tohear thewhole song, that will not be available by copyright.SEARCH SONGSIn the guessed songs list, for make it easier, you will be abletofind the songs either by author or track name. This way youwillnot have to move the entire view to find yourfavoriteartist.LIST OF ARTISTSThere are more than 200 songs to guess. Aren't many? Here youhavethe list of artists that make up the tracks you havetoguess:"Don Omar""Daddy Yankee""Alexis & Fido""Rakim Ken Y""Wisin & Yandel""Calle 13""Trebol Clan""Nina Sky""Plan B""Ivy Queen""Tito el Bambino""Héctor y Tito""Arcangel""Yandel""Héctor el Father""Jowell & Randy""Tego Calderón""Farruko""Nicky Jam""Zion & Lennox""J Alvarez""Eddie Dee ft Zion""Angel & Khriz""Chino y Nacho""Kevin Roldán""Carlos Vives""Maluma""J Balvin""Anitta""Alexio""Joey Montana""El Roockie""Piso 21""Kendo Kaponi""Ozuna""Reik""Cosculluela""Dynel""Enrique Iglesias""Bryant Myers""Jacob Forever""Ken Y""Karol G""Reykon""Mambo kingz""Maná""Noriel ft. Anuel AA""Baby Rasta & Gringo""Mackie""Victor Manuelle""Dayme & El High""De la Ghetto""Anuel AA""Wisin""Ricky Martin""Jory Boy""Zion""Yaga"If you could guess all let us know in the comments :DThank you very much for downloading Reggaeton Quizzes.If you liked the app, it would be very useful that qualify with5stars, leaving a comment with what more you liked, or whatyouwould like us to improve.For better communication, you can also send an email withyoursuggestions, questions or anything you [email protected]
Drum kit (Drums) free 1.5
What to do if you want to play the drumset,but you do not have it? There is nothing easier! We offer youasimulator drum kit. Play drums anywhere using your device.What are the advantages of our app?- Several types of drum kits.- High quality sound allow you to feel like a real drummer.- The minimum response delay. This is one of the mostimportantfactors, since at the long delay you just can not do thenormalplay.- Play your own audio files from the device directly intoourapplication. Now you can easily play a drum accompaniment toyourfavorite songs!- The ability to not only play here and now, but also save,play,and loop the playback of your tracks. This is especiallyuseful ifyou play other instruments, and you need to support adrumkit.- Editable position of the reels. You can place the drums onthescreen as it will be convenient for you.- Volume of each drum can be adjusted to your preferences.- Hidden menu, which will not take up space on the screen.- The application is optimized for screens of any size.- The application can be installed on a memory card.- Nice design.We constantly develop and improve our app!
Music & Beat (O2Jam) 1.1.7
Enjoy the new classic rhythm game foreveryone!- Perfect Single PlayWe have focused on heightening the most important qualities ofmusicgames, by taking into consideration the feedback fromgameenthusiasts,from sync to note angles, note size, note and background color,aswell as types of categorized judgment criteria.- Compete Against the Globally RenownedThere is not only a graph which enables you to view theplayer’sskills in a glance, a social feature which gives you achance toboast to your friendsbut also an opportunity to challenge the top players of musicgamesfrom a global ranking to 1:1 online battle with a song choseninrandom.- New Skin System Full of IndividualityA strong customizing system is supported where separate skinpatchescan be fused or a completed set is available.Enjoy 'Music&Beat (O2Jam)' on your own personalizedplayscreen.Don't miss out the fun changing appearances of each skin type asyoulevel up 'Fever' stages.- Best Song Selection System Taking Consideration of theUsers'ConvenienceWhich song should we play? You don’t have to worry, from funbasicsongs full of individuality with3 key, 4 key, and 5 key levels of difficulty to M&Brecommendedclassic songs, you can know in a glance what new songthe playerwants.- Offline Mode Where You Can Play Anywhere, AnytimeA feature where you can play freely disregarding thenetworkconnection has been added.The best rhythm game available where you can play anywhere,anytime,such as the bus, subway, or even on the airplane.- The Latest of O2Jam SeriesContinued from the times of PC online games with 50 millionglobalusers and containing over 1,000 various music sources, O2Jamhasjoined Mobirix for this latest series production.Notes with a completely new design to suit the newest workisscheduled to be sequentially updatedand there are tailored songs produced solely for ‘Music &Beat(O2Jam)’ so please stay tuned.※ ※ Music & Beat (O2Jam) Special Features ※ ※- Original sound best suited for rhythm games- Over 240 songs including 27 most hot songs of diversegenres- Level selection of Easy, Normal, Hard, 3Key, 4Key, 5Key playpersong- Short notes and long notes differentiated by light tapsandprolonged touches respectively- Touch & Drag features supported- Judgment results: Perfect, Great, Good, Bad, Miss- Combo and 4 level fever system- Result Rank Levels STAR, SSS, SS, S, A, B, C, D, E 9- Multiplay ranking and song ranking available- Customize the skin according to your taste- Song sample available depending on user's selection- 1:1 Multiplay supported- Available in multiple languagesAndroid 6.0 OS or higher user NotificationIf you want to use SD card to transfer or save. AppsManagement->Music & Beat (O2Jam) -> Permissions ->allow※ ※ Other Information ※ ※- There is additional data to be downloaded after downloadingofMusic & Beat (O2Jam) is complete.Wi-Fi connection is recommended when downloading data.Depending on the network connection, the download timemayvary.- Music & Beat (O2Jam) is a game where offline playisavailable,however, you can only enjoy the full content with networkconnectiondue to the game attributes.- Earphones and headphones are recommended whenplayingMusic&Beat (O2Jam).- Please send any inquiries you may have to: [email protected] Official Facebook page:
Real Drum - The Best Drum Pads Simulator 7.13
Kolb Apps
Become a new ROCK STAR! Know the REAL DRUM:Thebest and most complete Google Play free app. Super simple touse,the app simulates a real battery on your phone/tablet screen.Toplay it, simply tap your fingers on the drum parts and the soundofthe instrument plays simultaneously. A fun, easy to useandlightweight application. Ideal for anyone who wants to studyorplay drums without making so much noise or taking up a lotofspace.Now with news: you can customize the Pads of the applicationwithyour images and MP3 sounds and leave the app with the look thatyouwant and access new instruments. Made for drummers,percussionists,professional musicians, amateurs or beginners. Easyto use, play itat any time and test your skill!You do not have to know how to play drums, the Real Drum comeswith60 lessons of rhythms with a tutorial for you to learn toplay.Also comes with 33 super cool loops to play together like:Rock,Metal Heave, Funk, Blues, Dubstep House, Gospel among others.Andit even lets you keep track of music live.Check out the details of APP REAL DRUM:- Customize your battery: upload your own pictures andMP3sounds- Multitouch- 13 super drum pads- 45 realistic drum sounds- Studio audio quality- 60 examples super fun of rhythms with tutorial- 33 styles super loops to play together- Recording mode- Full and high fidelity acoustic drum kit- Export your recordings to MP3- Works on all screen resolutions - Phones and Tablets(HDImages)- Free APP- Easy to use- Simple handling: possible to change the Pads- Make a HIT and become a new ROCK STAR!The application is free, but you can remove all advertisementsbypurchasing a license!Try the best, most complete battery and simplest to use appfromGoogle Play!
Co jest grane? 1.0.24
Simplicity Games
Co jest grane to pierwszy muzyczny quizzpolskimi piosenkami!Przed Tobą ponad 3 tysiące 10-sekundowych fragmentów utworów.Twoimzadaniem jest odgadnąć je jak najszybciej.Czeka na Ciebie 17 kategorii:- Pop ( Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Shakira, Bruno Mars)- Rock ( Metallica, AC/DC, Green Day, Red HotChilliPeppers)- Polskie Hity ( Maryla Rodowicz, Czesław Niemen,Perfect,Krzysztof Krawczyk)- Światowe Hity ( Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley,Abba,Queen)- Disco Polo ( Akcent, Power Play, Boys, After Party)- Pop Polski ( Syliwa Grzeszczak, Dawid Podsiado,Margaret,Enej)- Rock Polski ( IRA, Lady Pank, Maanam, O.N.A.)- Hip-Hop ( Eminem, Tupac, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre)- Muzyka Filmowa ( Zimmer, Williams, Vangelis, Rota)- Hip-Hop Polski ( Kaliber 44, Paktofonika, 18L,GangAlbanii)- Muzyka z Bajek ( Pokemony, Król Lew, Kreskówki zCN,dobranocki)- Muzyka Klasyczna (m. in. Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin)- Muzyka z Seriali (m. in. Kiepscy, M jak Miłość, CSI, SkazanynaŚmierć)- Muzyka z Gier- Hity roku 2016 i 2017Kolejne kategorie (, Reggae, Piosenki o miłości, Hity naCzasie,Polskie Radio) już wkrótce!Wypróbuj tryb dla 2 graczy. Rywalizuj ze znajomym czyprzyjacielem.Jest to najlepsza gra muzyczna dla 2 osób, w którejodgadujeciejaka to melodia.Graj za darmo podobnie, jak w 96%, Zgadnij co to, czyCzółko.Rozkręć imprezę i rywalizuj ze znajomymi o to, kto jestlepszymznawcą muzyki!Simplicity - tworzymy najlepsze gry na świecie inajpopularniejszepolskie gry.Pierwszy Quiz Muzyczny z polskimi utworami! Sprawdź swojąmuzycznąwiedzę i odgadnij melodie.What is going on isthefirst music quiz with Polish songs!Before you more than 3,000 10-second fragments of songs. Yourtaskis to guess them as soon as possible.Waiting for you 17 categories:- Pop (including Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Shakira, Bruno Mars)- Rock (including Metallica, AC / DC, Green Day, Red HotChiliPeppers)- Polish Hits (eg Maryla Rodowicz, Czesław Niemen,Perfect,Krzysztof Krawczyk)- World Hits ( Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley,Abba,Queen)- Disco Polo (including Accent, Power Play, Boys, AfterParty)- Pop Polish (including Syliwa Grzeszczak Podsiado David,Margaret,Enej)- Rock Polish (including the IRA, Lady Pank, Maanam, O.N.A.)- Hip-Hop (including Eminem, Tupac, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre)- Film Music (including Zimmer, Williams, Vangelis, Rota)- Hip-Hop Polish (including the Caliber 44, Paktofonika, 18L,GangAlbania)- Tales of Music (including Pokemon, The Lion King, CartoonsfromCN, cartoons)- Classical Music (m. In. Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin)- music with a series of (m. Al. American Horror Story, M asLove,CSI, contamination Break)- Music from Games- Hits 2016 and 2017,The next categories (, Reggae Love Songs, Hits Time onPolishRadio) soon!Try mode for 2 players. Compete with a friend or friend. This isthebest music game for 2 people, which guesses what thattune.Play for free, as in the 96%, Guess what, or forehead. Turn upthemusic and compete with your friends to see who is thebetterconnoisseur of music!Simplicity - we create the best games in the world and themostpopular Polish game.The first Music Quiz with Polish songs! Test your musicalknowledgeand guess melodies.
BEAT MP3 - Rhythm Game 1.5.7
★★★ Next generation auto music analysisrhythmgame BEAT MP3! ★★★Including MP3 file, moreover whole of extension of music file canbesupported.You can enjoyed this awesome rhythm game with your OWN musiclibraryin your mobile devicesHit the notes at the correct time to get the highest scorethenshare your score with your friendsFeature of BEAT MP3.- This game includes exclusive music analysis system, makesperfectbeat timing looks like which song writers made it.- It also has random beat system which makes different kind ofgameeven with the same song.- You can enjoy the game without loading after 1st precisionsonganalysis.- It’s cozy, fantastic graphic and effect, especially fevermodewill make you immersed in this game.- It adds more exciting system with random bonus event.- Auto accumulated system with 10 coins per 30 minutes.Various options.- 3 different lines ( 4,5,6 lines)- 9 steps speed ( 1x to 5x with 0.5 step)- 4 steps mode ( Easy,Normal,Hard,Crazy)- Beat sound on/off function- Random beat on/off function( everytime you’ll se differentnoteeven with same song)- Support fourdifferentlanguage(Korean,Japanese,English,Chinese)Provides guitar, drum, and music games.ver 1.1.61.Fever button bug fixedVer 1.1.51. Miss judgment fixed.Touch a blank area not miss2. It judges became more details.3. Changed the color of long note&slide note.Ver 1.1.0Updates1. Enlarge the touch area2. Add buttons FEVER3. bug correction which terminates the game while running.
Black Tiles™ : Piano Master 1.0.92
TaoGames Limited
Play the #1 piano rhythm game on AndroidforFREE!Black Tiles is the latest hit piano music game to take Androidbystorm! Free your fingertips to dance across elegant melodiesfrompiano classics, calling forth splendid musical symphoniesthatenliven your spirit and inspire your heart.Gameplay is simple and addictive: avoid the white piano tileswhileyou tap all the black piano tiles to play beautiful music justlikea professional pianist!Highlights:· Easy and addictive piano music gameplay· High quality piano music soundtracks· Features a large collection of piano songs from MozarttoBeethoven· Challenge yourself with multiple musical play styles· Play your favorite song like a professional pianistCurrent hit songs:·· Jingle Bells·· Little Star·· Canon·· Amazing Grace·· Fur Elise·· Yankee Doodle…Download Black Tiles now for more great songs and rewardingmusicchallenges!
Drum Solo HD 4.1.1
Have fun and enjoy the amazing experienceofdrumming with this multitouch acoustic drum kit simulator.Playthis game with your fingers (as it they were sticks) in yourmobilephone or tablet. This drumset game is free, it has fastresponse,and includes different sound bank sets recorded withstudioquality.Record your songs and show them to your friends later. Playmusicloud with headset for a superior experience. Drum Solo HDisdesigned for everyone: children, percussionists,musicians,drummers...The main features are:- High number of exclusive demo rhythm presets to learn toplaydrums- Immersion haptic feedback (tactile effects) for abetterexperience- Unlike most percussion apps, drag your finger for differentdrumsand play an incredible solo (watch the video sample)- Choose between 4 complete audio packs: Classic Rock, HeavyMetal,Jazz and Synthesizer- Multitouch drums. You can touch up to 20fingerssimultaneously.- Reverb effect simulates a live performance.- Record your own session and later, you can play on it, like arealdrum set machine. Double your experience!. You can record,play andrepeat your compositions. You can record un unlimitednumber ofnotes in your loops.- Realistic HQ sampled stereo sounds, including double kickbass,two toms, floor, snare, hi-hat (two positions with thepedal),splash, crash, cymbal- HD drums images.- Double bass drum pedal available.- Animations for each instrument- Repeat button in order to play continuously yourimprovisations(playback mode).- Low latency for the beats (note: depending of youravailablememory and processor)- 11 touch sensitive touch pads.- Very fast loading time- Use it in conjunction with the rest of Batalsoft apps(bass,piano, guitar...) to form your own band.Join us on Facebook:
Just Dance Now 2.1.0
Ubisoft Entertainment
Unleash your inner Dancer with JustDanceNow!Enjoy Just Dance's greatest choreographies without a videogameconsole! You simply need your smartphone as a controller andaninternet-connected screen (computer, iPad, Apple TV, ChromecastorSmart TV). (1)More info on www.justdancenow.comDance to your favorite hits among more than 300 availablesongsincluding 42 songs from the latest installment available onlyonvideo game consoles, Just Dance 2017!Juju on that Beat (TZ Anthem) by Zay Hilfigerrr andZayionMcCallLet It Go by Disney’s FrozenAnimals by Martin GarrixStarships by Nicki MinajGangnam Style by PsyHappy by Pharrell WilliamsWatch Me (Whip/ Nae Nae) by SilentóThe Greatest by SiaUptown Funk by Mark Ronson ft Bruno MarsI Gotta Feeling by Black Eyed Peas#That power by ft Justin BieberEnjoy the Just Dance experience:• Instant: you can dance to your favorite songs in just afewtaps!• Social: party with 10, 100, or 1000 players if you want! Youcandance with the entire world!• Fresh: new songs and exclusive content are addedeverymonth!• Customize: create your own playlists with your favorite songsandearn coins to unlock new ones!• HealthKit: See your total calories burned in Just DanceNowdirectly on your Healthkit dashboard!(1) Internet connection requiredWhile the game will work great with any connection, werecommendconnecting with Wi-Fi or 4G for the best experience.STAY TUNED!Connect with us to get the latest Just Dance news,exclusivecontent, and more.FACEBOOK:
Real Guitar 4.24
Kolb Apps
The way to become a guitar hero is veryeasy!Get to know the Real Guitar: the best and most completeAndroidguitar app on Google Play. From the same developer of RealDrum,Real Percussion, Funk Brasil and Tabla.Super simple to use! Real Guitar is an application thatsimulatesacoustic and electric guitar very realistically on thescreen ofyour phone/tablet.A fun, lightweight and easy to use application. Ideal for anyonewhowants to study or play the guitar without making too much noiseortaking up too much space. You can play chords and solos on several levels, choosing over1,500different chords. It is also possible to play alonglivemusic.Made for guitarists, professional musicians, amateurs orbeginners.Easy to use! Play anytime and test your skill with thisapp thatsimulates a super real guitar!The app comes with 16 super cool loops to play along withvariousrhythms (Rock, Funk and percussive rhythms). Also it hasthreemodes of play: Easy Chords, Normal Chords and Solo. And toincreasethe experience the application has realistic sounds ofAcousticGuitar, Clean Electric Guitar and Guitar with Overdrive.Soundsrecorded with studio audio quality! Check out the details of Real Guitar:- Audio without delays- Studio audio quality- Customizable chord sequence- 3 types of acoustic and electric guitar- 3 play modes- 16 super fun loops to play along- High fidelity guitar sounds- Recording mode- Export your records to MP3- Works on all screen resolutions - Telephones and Tablets(HDImages)- Free Application- Easy to use- Make a HIT and become a guitar hero!- Touch & play!Live the true experience ofmusicsimulators        We at Kolb Apps are musicalizing the world! It's super easy toplayReal Guitar: follow and play along with 16 fun and simple tousesuper loops. Just follow the tips.Let's take the steps:- First touch the guitar icon and choose the model of guitarthatyou like: guitar, clean electric guitar or guitarwithoverdrive.- Then choose how to play: easy chords, normal chords or solo.Youcan also choose the chords according to what you need, addingorexcluding notes.- Then touch the blue icon (play), then choose the Loop tabandchoose a rhythm.- When you start, make your hit. Be a Guitar Hero! Good luck!Exclusive audio system without delaysWith differentiated gameplay our super kits allow you toplaymultiple notes at the same time without any audio lag. Youcanrecord a music and then play play along with your yourrecording.It also allows you to improvise over other songs fromyour library.Come on! Touch & play!Test your talentCome on and play with the most complete free Android guitar apponGoogle Play! Suitable for children of all ages. With RealGuitaryou can feel the taste of being a guitar hero! Or a acousticguitarmaster! Join on the largest guitar community for mobiledevices.Show your talent for friends and family. Have millions offansaround the world!The app is free, but you can remove all ads by purchasingalicense!Try the best, most complete, and easy to use guitar app onGooglePlay! Rise your technique with the best excellence inmusicapplications.
Rings a Bell 7.1.0
Electric Sounds
Guess the song among hundreds indifferentcollections of all times, styles and artists.Play with your friends in multi-player matches, up to 8 players atatime. Individual matches also available.Try to guess the song by listening a little cut, starting fromhalfa second up to 5 seconds. The faster the better to get morepointsand beat your opponents.Watch the song's video in YouTube.
Drum Solo: Rock! 2.4.1
Have fun and enjoy the amazing experienceofplaying rock and drumming with this multitouch acoustic drumkitsimulator. Play this game with your fingers (as it theyweresticks) in your mobile phone or tablet. This drum set game isfree,it has fast response, and includes different sound banksetsrecorded with studio quality.Record your songs and show them to your friends later. Playmusicloud with headset for a superior experience. Drum Solo: Rock!isdesigned for everyone: children, percussionists,musicians,drummers...The main features are:- High number of exclusive demo rhythm presets to learn toplaydrums- Immersion haptic feedback (tactile effects) for abetterexperience- Choose between 5 complete audio packs: Classic Rock, ModernRock,Heavy Metal, Jazz and Synthesizer- Multitouch drums. You can touch up to 200fingerssimultaneously.- Reverb effect simulates a live performance.- Record your own session and later, you can play on it, like arealdrum set machine. Double your experience!. You can record,play andrepeat your compositions. You can record un unlimitednumber ofnotes in your loops.- Realistic HQ sampled stereo sounds, including double kickbass,two toms, floor, snare, hi-hat (two positions with the pedal),2crash, splash, ride and cowbell- HD drums images.- Double bass drum available.- Animations for each instrument- Repeat button in order to play continuously yourimprovisations(playback mode).- Low latency for the beats (note: depending of youravailablememory and processor)- 13 touch sensitive touch pads.- Very fast loading time- Use it in conjunction with the rest of Batalsoft apps(bass,piano, guitar...) to form your own band.Join us on Facebook: