Top 3 Games Similar to Fly, Birdie, Fly!

Birdie Up 1.08
It is finally spring time! The firstflowersandgrasses awaken from hibernation and a cute littlebirdietoo.After the long winter it is hard to make the first flight attempt.Tap to flap!Birdie Up is a simple but addictive game. With a taponthescreen, the tiny bird makes a flap with its wings.As faster you tap, the faster the bird flies above and yougetbonusscore.Try to get as high you can to beat your own highscore anddon´tbeso angry if you loose ;)Thanks for playing and rating!
Birdie Birdie 1.0.1
Tiny Pig
Achieve your highest score and shareitwithyour friends, family.How far can you get?How many baby birds can you save?It's hard but not impossible!- Endless game playHow to Play:Tap to flap
Birdie 1.0.1
José Rio
DescriptionBirdie is an addictive game not install this game if you donotlikeaddictive games.[How to play]Tap to flap wings and to fly.Avoid tubes.Try to get 250 points, to receive their prize(verydifficult).The bird's flight is very similar to the famous game birdfan.This game does not require internet connection