(C)PITTITE :) Apps

人気ゲーム実況者がまさかの転落!?人気ゲーム実況者"もこう"のゲーム第二弾が登場!今度は、"もこう"が大転落!!どこまでもころころ転がっていく!!圧倒的なスピード感! ひたすら転がりジャンプする!!!脳みそ溶ける病みつきアクションゲーム!50種類を超える"もこう"をコンプリートせよ!天狗もこう、さざめくもこう、冥界王・もこう、もこうゾンビ、イカもこう、イケメンもこう、そしてグラサンもこう!!なんと、もこう録り下ろしボイスでしゃべる!トロフィーコンプリートや、賞金付きランキングバトル!!やりこみ要素満載! ころがりトリップアクション"ころころもこう"!!!Popular gameplay-by-play's rainy day fall!?The popular game play-by-play person "also said" appeared gamesecond part of!Now, "also said" a large fall! !Go rolling merrily even anywhere! !Overwhelming sense of speed! Intently rolling to jump! ! !Brains melt addictive action game!More than 50 different "is also this" case-complete!Tengu even this, even this, the underworld king, even this, eventhis zombie rippling,This also squid, Twink also this, and Gurasan also this! !What, even this-recording down speak in a voice!Trophy complete and, ranking battle with prize money! !Crowded elements packed!Rolling trip action "claims about this as well"! ! !
今、テレビやネットで超話題の水素水がまさかのゲームアプリになって登場!! 今話題の水素水!いろいろネットで調べたりしても…「水素水は抗酸化作用があり健康に良い!」「水素水は詐欺!ただの水なので健康に効果なし」これじゃあどっちが本当なのかわからない…と思っている方にオススメのアプリです!水素分子をスワイプしてペットボトルに充填!コインを稼いで水素ガチャを引こう!水素ガチャで集められる"水素トリビア"をコンプリートすれば、あなたは水素水の達人!効果がないのがしっかり分かる!遊んで学べる水素水アプリ!!水素でエネルギーチャージ!水素はすごくこれから人間を救っていく!Now, itappearedsuper-topic of hydrogen water on television and the net isturnedrainy day game app! !Now the topic of hydrogen water!Even or examined by various net ..."Hydrogen water is healthy there is antioxidant action!""Hydrogen water is healthy to no effect because the fraud! Aplainwater."I do not know this Well then whether Which is's true ...It is recommended app for those who think!Filling in PET bottles by swiping a hydrogen molecule!To draw the hydrogen Gacha earns a coin!Collected is "hydrogen Trivia" in the hydrogen GachaWhen complete, you are master of hydrogen water!Firmly it can be seen that there is no effect!Playing learn hydrogen water app! !Hydrogen in the energy charge! Hydrogen is going to save inthefuture human beings really!