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24me: To-Do, Task List & Notes V2.003
Meet 24me, the popular, award winning Smart and AutomaticPersonal Assistant - one app to manage and unify your to-do listswith your personal accounts. Featured on Google Play “New andupdated apps” worldwide and in articles from Forbes, VentureBeat,WSJ, TheNextWeb TechCrunch, and many more. 24me is one of the mostadvanced apps to manage your life.24me puts the things related to your schedule together, in oneplace, It generates your daily tasks and reminders, and completesthem for you with a tap of a button.By using an advanced technology, 24me redefines productivity andgives you heads up about everything that’s happening in your day,reminding you about what coming up next and automatically takingcare of things for you - just like a real Personal Assistant.24me is the ultimate personal assistant you always wanted with lesswork, no more worries and giving you more time for yourself. Andit's 100% free!Some of the key benefits include daily automatic reminders thatgives you heads up in managing your service providers, financials,social networks and more – in one easy-to-use app. share a grocerylist with your loved one, work on a project, or plan a vacation forthe coming holiday, 24me makes it easy to share your lists andcollaborate with anyone you want.What makes 24me so popular:ONE PLACE FOR ALL YOUR TASKS AND PERSONAL ACCOUNTSYour tasks and real life accounts all fully synced and appear onyour to-do list.AUTOMATICALLY GENERATES YOUR TASKS AND REMINDERSChoose which accounts you would like to connect, and 24me willconnect securely and remind you about upcoming bill payments fromyour service providers, special events of friends and family,financials, social networks, Reminders many more.AUTOAMATICALLY COMPLETES TASKS AND ERRANDSWith a tap of a button you can: Pay bills, send gifts forevents, have real life assistants to run your errands, postgreetings, call, text and email.SHARE TOGETHEREasily share a to-do list or errands and collaborate withfamily, friends and colleagues, and get it done together.WORKS FOR YOUSimply add a time based reminder for the things you want to doand 24me will remind you just at the right time. You can even makethe tasks repeatable.BEAUTIFUL AND FUNCTIONAL24me is beautifully designed, simple to use and userfriendly.TAKE AN ACTIONWith 24me you can easily schedule to make calls, text, emailsand even schedule errands from within the app.SPEAK YOUR MIND AND CAPTURE THE MOMENTInstead of typing just tap the microphone icon and say what youwant to do. 24me will automatically convert your words into text inalmost any language. You can even create a task from camera to savethe things you want.YOUR TASKS , YOUR CHOICEYou can switch between Date view (Today, Tomorrow, Upcoming) andLabel view, it's up to you.24me PUTS THE POWER IN YOUR HANDSSimply tap to plan your agenda, and swipe off a task to mark itas complete. It just feels right.Note: 24me requires permission to access your notes toallow you to associate tasks to contacts and then call/text/ oremail those contacts.We love to stay connected! email us with anyquestion/suggestion: [email protected]">[email protected] us!Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/my24me">https://www.facebook.com/my24me Twitter: https://twitter.com/my24me">https://twitter.com/my24me Watch our Tutorial:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RcfaamCQlT0&list=PLZk8nRzKKBqb36YOYotYP2A2ai90sKEdW">https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RcfaamCQlT0&list=PLZk8nRzKKBqb36YOYotYP2A2ai90sKEdW