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3B Meteo - Weather Forecasts
3BMeteo, the official Android app from3bmeteo.com. The best and most accurate weather forecasts!Download the brand new app for FREE, and find out lots of newstuff! Renewed and modern interface, charts that will help you readclearly the forecasts in your city. The brand new photo-reportsfeature: you can now report the weather in your city through aphoto!And then the unchanged strength of 3bmeteo: reliable and accurateweather forecasts, updated constantly during the first 24 hours:thanks to the Nowcasting technique, using real weather data,satellite images, radar and lightning strikes. This allows a veryreliable forecasts even on very small areas.No automatic forecasts, but maintained by a staff of more than 15meteorologists who work 365 days a year to give the best possibleservice.But it's not over! Live weather news are available in Italianlanguage, scientific and environmental curiosity, videos made bymeteorologists and a large community of users!Unmissable automatic GPS tracking feature; you will receiveforecasts automatically in your favourite cities. No need to selectthem every time, your Smartphone will know where you are, butespecially the exact weather in that place!What you get, in detail? The representation of the average dayweather, synthetic forecasts for night, morning, afternoon andevening. Forecasts with detailed timetable, monitoring of seas andwinds, atmospheric agents analysis, and every other possibileparameter. All with new graphic interface, clear symbolism, fullin-climate weather details.We also present the opportunity to watch real-time images fromwebcams. You can also join the big community, and share with yourphotos and videos or just report the weather conditions in yourarea.If this is not enough, here is the 3BMeteo widget that will makethe relationship with the weather information even easier, fast andfunctional. Choose the desired width and height, the widget willresize automatically and fill the space with a lot ofinformation.Reliable predictions require confirmations and explanations: withthis app you can not only constantly check for any major changes inreal time, but you can also choose to receive climate alerts andinsights through push notifications. The weather journal is full ofnecessary information to understand the weather, written in simplelanguage, clear and appealing as the graphical interface, veryintuitive as well as easy to use.And if Italy is too small for you, don't fear: 3bmeteo will alsoprovide the forecasts for the entire world! In fact you can getweather forecasts all over the world, with an automatic control andup to 7 days.3BMeteo is perfectly optimized with the latest Android operatingsystem, and features are available both in Italian as inEnglish!WHAT'S NEW-New and improved interface-Photo-report: now you can report the weather in your city bytaking and sharing a photo directly from your smartphone, becomeWeather reporter!-Charts for an easy and fast reading of weather forecasts-Double set of weather icons, realistic and the stylized.-Don't you like advertising? Now you can remove it from both theapp and 3bmeteo.com website with a single pass!-New forecast reliability info: you can plan your trips inpeace
Meteopatia 1.0.5
Per chi come te è attento al proprio benesseree alla propria salute, 3BMeteo ha creato Meteopatia App, un nuovostrumento gratuito che prevede l'insorgere di disturbi fisici oumorali legati al meteo.Meteopatia App mostra tramite simpatiche icone, le previsionid'insorgenza di "quei fastidiosi disturbi" sopra le tue localitàd'interesse. Le previsioni sono basate sulle nostre elaborazionimeteo e su statistiche medico-sanitarie.Grazie alle allerte personalizzate ed alle notifiche push,Meteopatia App migliora la qualità del tuo lavoro e del tuo tempolibero. Con gli strumenti di condivisione avvisare i tuoi amicisarà un gioco da ragazzi.- Previsioni affidabili fino a 6 giorni per tutte per le oltre8700 località disponibili- 9 differenti Meteopatie disponibili- Interfaccia chiara, simpatica e di semplice utilizzo- Gratuito!- Possibilità di ricevere notifiche automatiche sulle Meteopatie dituo interesse- L'affidabilità di sempre garantita da 3BMeteo!For those who like youare attentive to their welfare and their health, 3BMeteo createdMeteopatia App, a new free tool that provides the onset of physicalailments or mood related to weather.Meteopatia App shows through nice icons, forecasts of the onsetof "those annoying problems" over your location of interest. Theforecasts are based on our calculations and forecast statistics onhealth insurance.Thanks to the customized alerts and push notifications,Meteopatia App improves the quality of your work and your freetime. With the sharing tools warn your friends will be abreeze.- Reliable predictions up to 6 days for all for over 8700locations available- 9 different Meteopatie available- Interface clear, nice and easy to use- Free!- Possibility to receive automatic notifications on Meteopatie ofyour interest- The reliability of always guaranteed by 3BMeteo!