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Fly Out - An Endless Adventure 1.1
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Warning: This game might look way too easytillyou try it. Not for faint hearted.Flyout-An endless adventure is a free endless adventure gamewithmultiple theme options. Play as Titu, a tiny creature with abigheart, as he makes along a perilous journey in search for truelove!Are you quick enough to guide Titu to his destiny?Fly him in this super fun time killing game from one placetoother, dodging various obstacles from shooting cannons toswingingblades. Pop up bubbles to activate the cool powers andtransformTitu in a superhero or grab shield or maybe a jetpack!Insanely addictive, a huge challenge for your reactionspeed.Don't say we didn't warn you!!Fly Out - An Endless Adventure features:• Single button mechanic.• Addictive gameplay.• Intuitive controls.• Deadly obstacles.• Amazing power-ups.• Great graphics.• Catchy soundtracks.• Multiple themes.Tips:• Avoid the obstacles.• Tap the power up bubbles to earn more score.• Upgrade power ups to use them for more time.• Tap on windows to move either forward or backward but Don'trunout of the screen.• The intelligently you react the longer score you willachieve.Like Us at https://www.facebook.com/3dotslabVisit us at http://www.3dotslab.com