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On This Day for Facebook Memories 0.1.961
If there's a time machine that can take youback to the past. Do you want to go back? Let time hop brings backgood memories.HAD BEEN HERESome day you revisit a place, 8tory help you refresh the good oldmoments you were here before, see old photos taken hereagain.Ps. Must open GPS.ON THIS DAY IN HISTORYGuess what memories you have a year ago today? Five years ago?8tory brings your old posts and photos from Facebook, Timehop andPhone. It's like #tbt every day!ADD MOOD STICKERWhat's your mood when sharing memory photo? Paste stickers to tellthat! There're various adorable stickers.ADD #HASHTAG STICKERAdd #Tag stickers when sharing photos. #Tag your moods, loves,food, locations, weather and more! Then you can click #Tag todiscover related photos.PAST+NOWMake Past+Now picture, look what difference between past andnow.MUTUAL MEMORIESWhen you meet a friend, you and friend can look back mutualmemories between yours. You must be 8tory friends.