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BrainVita (Peg Solitaire) 1.0.0
Brainvita, also called Peg Solitaire, isasingle person board game. It involves moving marbles fromoneposition to another position on the board according to rules.Theobjective is to have as few marbles as possible at the end ofthegame.The board consists of holes (positions) which can holdmarbles.All positions, except one, have marbles placed in them atthe startof the game.A valid move for a marble is moving it from its position to anemptyposition(which is two positions away, horizontally orvertically) byjumping over a non-empty position.The marble in the 'jumped' position is removed from theboard.The game ends when there is no valid move possible.The objective is to move marbles such that at the end ofthegame, there are as few marbles as possible. A single marble isaperfect result.
Bloom All 1.0.0
BloomAll is a board game. In each level aboardfull of flowers will be arranged. Some of them will bebloomed andothers will be shrinked. Target is to bloom all theflowers bytapping the flowers.Tapping a flower will bloom the flower if it is shrinkedandshrink the flower if it is bloomed. And the same thing willhappento the four flowers which are at the top,bottom,left andright ofthat flower.Completing each level will unlock the next level. Each levelwillhave maximum no of hit required. If one complete the levelwithinthat maximum hits he will get bonus along with levelcompletioncredits.Complete 100 levels. Enjoy !!!!! -- Any suggestion pleasewriteto us @ [email protected]
Mastermind (Code Cracker) 1.0.0
This is classic code breakinggame.Code-Master(Computer) will create a sequence of five ballswith sixdifferent colors. Colors may be duplicate.You have to guess the pattern, in both order and color,withintwelve turns. Each guess is made by placing a row ofdifferentcolour balls on the board by pressing colored switchesbelow. Onceplaced, the Code-Master provides feedback by placingticks andcrosses next to the row with the guess. A Green tick isplaced forthe guess which is correct in both color and position. AYellowtick is placed for indicating the existence of a correctcolor ballplaced in the wrong position. And for other guess a crossisprovided.One can delete a ball from the current guess by tapping onthatball; Pressing any switch will fill that blank place first.Once feedback is provided, another guess is made; guessesandfeedback continue to alternate until either the codebreakerguessescorrectly, or twelve incorrect guesses are made.