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Lviv Router 2.1.5
AVYS company
Application which helps you to plan a trip using the publictransportation in Lviv.Simply enter your departure and destination address and theapplication will choose the best routes available (direct or theones with the transfer required) and provide you with severaloptions.App supports search for names of important objects ("Main TrainStation", "Stadium Arena Lviv", "Opera House" etc). It also canfind routes that lie nearby on the adjacent streets.The app DOES NOT require access to the Internet.Application is available in English and Ukrainian.Note:Since the beginning of 2012 the situation with publictransportation is unstable in Lviv. We recommend you to follow theupdates of the app. Thus you will receive not only the latestinformation about the routes, but also an additionalfunctionality.Keywords: Lviv, Львів, transportation, 2012, public transport, bus,routes, search, transfer, marshrutka.