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Insulin Calculator 1.1
Abby Janke
Quick predefined calculator app forconvertingyour carbs to insulin ratio. By entering your specificscale forhow many units of insulin per grams of carbs you will nolongerhave to enter the long math of "56 / 8 * 1.5" into acalculator orin your head. We do that for you so you can spend lesstime withnumbers and worrying about getting it right, we do themath for youso all you have to do is type in the amount of carbswhen eatingand we do the rest for you.Easy Setup------------------------Setup is easy, simply click on the gear at the top left andenteryour carbs to insulin ratio and then your done! Click on thegearagain to go back.Your reviews and any feedback are greatly appreciated and Iwilldo my best to add any features / changes you want.