Adam Skowroński Apps

Sat View 1.5.0
The application through which you can easilybrowse through sets of satellite images available on the & Images Sets:Europe, Alps, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, France, Greece,Spain, Portugal, Germany, Poland, Italy, Scandinavia, Turkey, GreatBritain, Ireland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Balkans,South-East Europe, Hungary,Africa, Algeria, Canary Islands, Central Africa, Tchad, Congo,Egypt, Ethiopia, Cameroon, Israel, Lybia, Madagascar, Marocco,Namibia, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Tanzania, Tunisia, WestAfrica, Zambia, South AfricaUSA, Alaska, Canada, North West, North Central, North East,South West, South Central, South East, Hawaii, Pacific North West(Radar), Pacific South West (Radar), Southern Rockies (Radar),Northern Rockies (Radar), Upper Mississippi Valley (Radar), SouthPlains (Radar), South Mississippi Valley (Radar), Central GreatLakes district (Radar), North-East USA (Radar), South-East USA(Radar)Japan, Taiwan, Hongkong & Korea, Southest Asia, Indonesia,Malaysia & Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia& Vietnam, Papua New GuineaOceania, Australia, New Zealand
Day Light 0.3.4
The application allows to check information onthe time of sunrise and sunset times for your current location.In addition, the application shows the elapsed time of sunriseor sunset, and also the time remaining to the sunset (during theday) or the rising of the sun (at night).With this application you can also check the length of theshortest and longest day of the year for the current userlocation.
Garage 1.1.1
The application helps you manage yourvehicles, you can add information about refuellings to then displaystatistics and graphs of fuel consumption. You can also configurenotifications about events, such as: technical inspection, oilchanges, insurance, timing belt replacement, replacement filters,replacement of brake discs and pads and many more. The applicationwill remind you at a specified time or when you pass a specifieddistance.The program allows you to monitor the fuel consumption in vehicleswith dual fuel system: eg. petrol and gas.This is an offline version, all of your data will be stored on yourdevice. Although you can make backup copies of application data onGoogle Drive for free.In the future, the application will automatically synchronize allof your data to the cloud, so you'll be able to manage vehicles onother devices, and share them with other users.