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Hushed Second Phone Number 3.10.3
The no BS phone number and texting app.Mask your phone number caller ID for anonymous calling, texting& picture messaging.Why should you use Hushed as your texting app and second phonenumber over a Sideline phone number, a Burner phone number or anyother second phone number app?Hushed has been downloaded by over 5 million people, who have usedHushed to make 100 million calls and send 500 million textmessages. Hushed is easy to use, free to try and offers responsivecustomer support, all without any need of a second phone numbercontract.So what are you waiting for? It's easy and free to try Hushed. Tryus out for yourself and we'll give you 20 texts/minutes of talktime to start, 100% free.Use Hushed to get a second line with a new caller ID and voicemailso you can get a different phone number and keep your real numberprivate.HUSHED FEATURES• Full access to your phone contact list from your secondnumber (but your caller ID won't show your real number)• Free messages between Hushed users.• Activate "Hushed mode" and all your texts, pics and videosare erased!• Choose a new number from more than 40 countries.• Fully customizable voicemail with personalizedgreeting.• Sharable Hushed PINs for secure, one-time, privateconversations.• Anonymous texting, pictures or videos• Slack integration allows you to send texts directly fromSlack.• Set up super useful Auto-replies: a general responsefeature that can look for specific keywords to automate textmessage replies. Great for Airbnb business phone numbers!• Sync with Dropbox to store texts, voicemails andpictures.Use Hushed as a phone number changer to get a side line phonenumber that can be used for anonymous texting and anonymouscalling.With Hushed you can set up a 2nd number fast, without swappingyour SIM card, and use your phone's network so you don't gethit with expensive service charges. And best of all, you can pay asyou go - there are no minimums, contracts or worries.There are no contracts. When you don't need your burner phonenumber anymore, just delete it so you can keep your anonymoustexting and calling truly anonymous.HUSHED USE CASES• Temporary number for work or buying/selling on Craiglist or inreal estate• International phone number for international texting andcalls• Different number to make calls or texts for safer onlinedating• Temporary phone number when applying for new jobs• Second phone number for managing Airbnb• Business line with a custom voicemail and caller ID• Private number to text from another number• Private number to call from different number• Secret calling app when you want to mask your call by using afake caller ID• Anonymous texting or anonymous calling – mask your callerID.When your free trial is up we offer many ways to continue usingyour new phone number, from quick and easy credit purchases, to7-day to 365-day plans and now an UNLIMITED monthly auto-renewingsubscription plan, which gives you an extra phone number andunlimited SMS, MMS & calls for 1 month for North America.These days having a private number app for anonymous texting orcalling is vital for your privacy and one of many reasons to useHushed. You never know when you might need to fake your callerid.Try Hushed with a local cell phone number in one of 40+ countriesincluding a local number in the US, UK and Canada.And if have a spotty data connection, you can set up AdvancedCalled Routing: set up calls using your local carriers phoneconnection instead of Hushed.SUPPORTPrivacy policy: