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Awesome Cupcake Match - Match3 1.0
In Awesome Cupcake match you really toplaywith your desserts, and it’s even good for your sweet life.AwesomeCupcake match is a fun and addictive match 3 Puzzle gamevery likethe class BejeweledYou can start the game with 2 minutes on the clock, just swapandmatch3 cupcake to vertical line and horizontal line them andgetpoint before time endsGame Features:- Blast cupcake is very additive match3 puzzle game- Match and collect the colorful cupcake and blast them to gethighpoints- 3types cupcake of bomb to get high score- Easy to play Awesome Cupcake match. Just swap and match3ofcupcake- A thrilling match3 puzzle game that will keep you hooked forlongtime free- Record you best score and try to beat it the next time toplaygame- Sweet and Beautiful graphics- Good Music- Run well on all android Phone and tablets- The whole game is completely free no option to buy anything- Free download and enjoy it
Kids Memory Preschool Game 1.0
Kids Memory Preschool is that the classickid’sboard game, a memory game to improve memory skills for kids.Rule issimple: making the same couple of image to get point. Thisis aneducational, engaging and entertaining game for children ofallages.To achieve the highest score, match pairs of adorable imageasquickly and with the fewest mistakes as possible.Features:- Free Play and Time Challenge mode- 4 cute themes For learn : Animals Occupation Toys Monsters- Highscores table- Cute graphic design- Match pairs of cards- Colorful images of logos to be easily remembered- Brain & Puzzle game . memory kids apps, matching game.- Games for the brain- Mathematical mode helps your kids learn math- Memory games can actually help kids to increase their brainpoweralong with improving their memory.- Kids Memory Preschool will improve kids' memory skills.- Kids Memory Preschool will develop their concentration.- Kids Memory Preschool will develop kids' cognition skills.- Kids Memory Preschool will help with the recognitionofAnimals- Kids Memory Preschool will help with the recognitionofOccupaton- Kids Memory Preschool will help with the recognitionofobjects.- Kids Memory Preschool has cute graphic images.- Kids Memory Preschool is easy to play.- Kids Memory Preschool is specifically designed as aneducationaltool by experts for preschool kids- Kids Memory Preschool user interface is simple with guidingclearimages for kids.- Kids Memory Preschool will help your kid's memory training.- This Kids Memory Preschool app will keep your kidsentertained,educated and quite in car, in a restaurant, on a planeoreverywhere.
ZOMBIE BRICKS!! Breaking 1.5
Zombie brick breaking puzzle game to play,yourgoal is to destroy all colored jewel to level up. Move thezombiefrom side to side with your finger and bounce the ballaround thescreen to destroy the colored block.Features:- Beautiful graphics with ZOMBIE- 9 levels Of ZOMBIE BRICK!! bring you fun ang easy to play.- Play for free- Engaging music and sound effects.- Great for phones and tablets- ZOMBIE BRICK!! Kids Memory Preschool is easy to play.