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Wi-Fi password manager
Do you always forget passwords from wi-finetwork?The app "Wi-Fi passwords manager" will help You, to add,save and share all networks which You use.Network sync between devices using your accountSupports 2 types of authorization: using a Google account orregister on email-password.The application allows:◉ add, delete, or send your access point◉ copy password of the selected network to the clipboard◉ send to other applications text data: network name (SSID)and password◉ to create a picture with QR-code of wifi networkconnection settings◉ quickly find a known network in the list◉ quickly connect to a known network◉ create a backup copy of the file to wp_export.csv◉ import the history from the filewifi_pass_export.csvThe app works as a password manager for wireless networks, alsoinclude with additional functions, this app is free, works withouta Root. An early version was called "Reminder passwords fromWi-Fi networks"Is compatable with the file of history importwifi_pass_export.ksv saved.This app is not a password cracker of Wi-Fi networks and doesn’tallowed pick a passwords on the router.The application is absolutely legal and allows you to work with thealready known to you wifi passwords.Attention! If you accidentally delete network from device, youcan easily restore and connect to the network, right through theapp.Comfortable and functional application "Password Manager from Wi-Finetworks" allows you to quickly and easily view and share thepassword.Synchronise through your account will save your time, andtransports the previously listed network to other devices.Additional functions in the presence of ROOT rights on thedevice:◈ the application automatically adds the used earlier Wi-Finetworks to the application◈ each time a new networks is connected, the app will update thelist of saved passwords on the device◈ in the case of the removal of one or more networks fromapplication and administrator will request a permit for add thereversing, because the data on these networks are stored on yourdevice.Our group VKontakte: WikiAll your passwords are in one place!
Первый русско-бурятский словарь и разговорник(буряадай толи) на платформе Android.- словарь содержит более пятнадцати тысяч слов с переводами ивыдает подборки смежных слов;- разговорник предоставлен на самые актуальные темы используемые вбыту и путешествии;- поддерживает поиск в обе стороны;-работает в режиме оффлайн и не требует никаких дополнительныхзагрузок и интернет-соединений.Словарь (разговорник) всегда под рукой и готов Вам помочь наладитьобщение с носителями бурятского языка или улучшить уровень знанийродного языка.Предусмотрена возможность помочь проекту для его дальнейшегоразвития:- материальная помощь в дальнейшей разработке;- отключение рекламы за символическую плату;- просмотреть видео, это бесплатно, но с пользой для приложения,количество просмотров не ограничено (для загрузки видео требуетсянемного времени и доступ к сети интернет).Не забывайте ставить оценку 5, если приложение Вампонравилось.Наша группа Вконтакте: http// first Russian-BuryatDictionary and Phrasebook (buryaaday roofing felts) on the Androidplatform.- Dictionary contains over fifteen thousand words with translationsand provides lists of related words;- Phrase is provided on the most relevant topics used in everydaylife and the journey;- Supports searching in both directions; -Works in offline mode and does not require any additionaldownloads and Internet connections.Dictionary (Phrase) is always on hand and ready to help youestablish communication with native Buryat language or improve thelevel of knowledge of the native language.You can help the project for its further development:- Financial assistance for further development;- Disable ads for a nominal fee;- Watch the video, it's free, but for the benefit of theapplication, the number of views is not restricted (for videodownloading takes a bit of time and access to the Internet).Do not forget to put a rating of 5 if you like the app.Our group Vkontakte: http // / club50536551
Крымскотатарский словарь
Русско-крымскотатарский икрымскотатарско-русский словарь (Rusça-Qırımtatarca,Qırımtatarca-Rusça luğat).Количество переводов – 9112.Поддерживает перевод в обоих направлениях, то есть возможноизучить, как русский, так и крымскотатарский языки.Работает ОФФЛАЙН и не требует интернет-соединения для работы.Таким образом, переводчик (словарь) всегда под рукой.Не забывайте ставить оценку 5, если приложение Вампонравилось.Наша группа Вконтакте: http// Tatar andCrimean Tatar-Russian Dictionary (Rusça-Qırımtatarca,Qırımtatarca-Rusça luğat).The number of transfers - 9112.Supports translation in both directions, that is possible to studyhow the Russian and Crimean Tatar languages.It works offline and does not require an Internet connection towork.Thus, the translator (dictionary) is always at hand.Do not forget to put a rating of 5 if you like the app.Our group Vkontakte: http // / club50536551
System app manager 1.0.2
Application Manager allows you to locate, viewand delete applications installed on the device. When you searchthe app shows all installed applications on your device in twogroups: systems that are in the device firmware and installed thatI downloaded from the market. This distinction allows not to harmthe future successful operation of the device and clear the memorywhich will speed up his work. With the app You can quickly find andremove viruses, adware and spam applications.App features:*Search and display of all system and installed applications on thedevice;*Safe removal system and installed applications from yourdevice;*The ability to remove applications installed in the devicefirmware, this requires Root access.*The ability to share a user-friendly app by sending messages toeither Your messenger or through e-mails.*View our other useful applications!Set to successfully work with the apps on your device that containsyour phone or tablet clean and he will always reward his fast andefficient work! In turn, You can thank us for the creation andmaintenance of the application after evaluating it. Thankyou!