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Sexy dice 2.1.5
This naughty dice app will spice up yourromantic evenings!The game is simple: Shake or touch the screen to throw the dice,and you have to accomplish what is written on them.The first sex dice is for an action, the second one indicates abody part, and the last one is for a bonus. Once thrown a stopwatchappears to indicate the duration of the action.You can add or remove actions, body parts, and bonuses from thesettings. You can be gay, lesbian, or heterosexual - this eroticgame is for everyone and for every taste.The game can be played in turns or randomly - many parameters areconfigurable!Many background images are available to suit every taste and everydesire.In the settings you can lock the application with a password toprevent children from using it.With this sex dice app you are going to end the routine in yourrelationship, and you will spend wild nights under the sheets withyour partner. This adult game will revive your sex life!
Truth Or Dare Party - For Teens, Adults & Couples 1.2.2
Truth or Dare is one of the wildest, mosthilarious party games on Earth! Whether you’re at a familygathering, a sleepover with friends or a naughty couples party,you’ll be able to find a huge range of truths and dares pre-loadedinto the app – or create your own!▸ FOR FRIENDSWe’ve included hundreds of truths and dares for you to enjoy fromthe moment you download our game. Truth or dare is a classic partygame to play with friends. You may learn more about each other thanyou want to!▸ FOR COUPLES – 18+In our game, you’ll find a dedicated couples category, there tohelp couples inject extra passion and spice into the relationship.In this dirty version, you’ll find lots of naughty truths and daresto help improve intimacy and fun in the relationship.▸ FOR CRAZY PARTY PEOPLE!With the ability to create custom truths and dares and a dedicated“evening” category, you can adapt this classic game to be a superfun drinking game! Whether you’re having a party at home or predrinks before a night out, Truth or Dare can be the perfectdrinking game to get party guests in the mood! Remember to drink inmoderation!--------------------------------------------------★ TRUTH OR DARE – HIGHLIGHTS ★--------------------------------------------------• Play truth or dare with hundreds of preset cards• Preset categories; classic, evening, couple, hot, couple(dirty)• Create your own categories and custom truths and dares• Adapt the game to suit any occasion – create drinking games andmore!• Incredibly easy and fun to play• Offline functionality to play without wifi• Suitable for teens, adults and couples• The ultimate multiplayer game – play with as many people as youwant!• Enjoy classic truth or dare, or spice it up and play the naughtyadult version 18+▸ HOW TO PLAYThe rules are simple! Each player will take turns to pick up thephone and choose between truth or dare. If the player choosestruth, they must answer the question (truthfully) on the screen. Ifthey choose dare, then they must complete the action on screen. Ifyou refuse, you’ll be called a chicken for the rest of yourlife.Do you have a remark, a suggestion or just want to say hello? Sendus an email to [email protected], we love your opinions!=======================================================================PLAY CLEAN OR PLAY DIRTY – DOWNLOAD TRUTH OR DARE PARTY FOR FREETODAY!=======================================================================