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Mr. Binairo - Binary Sudoku 1.6
Mr. Binairo is a binary puzzle gamealso know as Takuzu or Binary Sudoku.Features• 4 different grid sizes - 6x6 / 8x8 / 10x10 and 12x12• 1000 grids available• Highlight cells when rules not respected• Undo/Redo buttons• Auto save game and continue playing whenever you want• Timer to beat your previous time• Clean interface and several other featuresHow to play Mr. Binairo?→ Tap a cell to change it's value!→ Your goal is to fill the whole grid with zeros (0) and ones (1)while respecting the following three rules:• There should not be more than two similar numbers next to eachother in a row or column• Each row and each column should contain an equal number of zerosand ones• Each row and each column should be uniqueRefer to the detailed rules and tips in the Help page of thegameAll the grids are unique, can be logically solved and generated byusEnjoy!