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Automatic Call Recorder 1.5
Call recording is becoming important and vitalin modern era. Don’t you find it interesting that all your serviceproviders record your calls for future reference, how about recordtheir calls as well so you can use it in case of disputeresolutions ? Do you know that there are many companies out thereto resolve your disputes with your service providers likeOmbudsman, CISAS etc. This tool is specifically designed to helpconsumers to record their calls with service providers so they canhandle with nasty situations easily.Please note that call recording does not work on certainhandsets and can result in inferior quality of call recordings andtesting is recommended before using it for your intendedpurposes.There are 3 default settings for automatic recording•Record everything (default) – It records all calls except forcontacts pre-selected to be ignored.•Ignore everything – It records no calls except for contactspre-selected to be recorded.•Ignore contacts – It records all calls with people who are notcontacts, except for contacts pre-selected to be recorded.Features:•Enable or disable automatic recording for all callers or for aparticular contact•Add notes and share recording calls through Gmail, Facebook, Skypeand Bluetooth etc.•Integration with Google Drive™ and Dropbox allows calls to besaved and synchronized to the cloud as well•Record calls in inbox for temporary time so user can review it andtransfer to recording folder for permanent storage otherwise inboxcall recordings will be automatic deleted after user specified timeperiod•Increase or decrease inbox size to better manage your memory•Enable call summary menu with option to appear immediately after acall•Ability to choose different audio file formats like AMR,MP3 andWAV•Ability to change the default file folder to store callrecordings•Enable or disable call recording notifications which will beappeared in notification bar•Set password to prevent authorized access to the recorded phonecalls•Recover password through email•Automatic deletion of recorder calls after entering 10 times wrongpassword•Enable automatic call recording by shaking the mobile phone•Increase or decrease shaking sensitivity of mobile phoneThis app contains ads.Should you have any question/issue, please mail us, thanks!
English to Urdu Dictionary 1.2
If you want to learn Urdu or want to know Urdumeaning of English words or find difficulty in understanding thecomplex words of English then this app will help you in overcomingall your language weakness without any cost. App will translateanything in English to Urdu for you and can be helpful for you inlearning English. Now anything in the English language can betranslated into the native language for better understanding andlearning.Some of the features of the app are as follows:• Simple and user friendly interface.• Text To Speech option• Words search in the absence or presence of Internet.All these features are available in the free version and no needto buy the app. The app contains ads.Like the app and please share with your friends and other peopleyou know. If you face any problem then let us know so that it canbe resolved. All the comments for improvements and positivecriticism will be appreciated.
Professional Resume Builder 1.2
Now you resume is always with you. If anyoneasks you for your resume don’t ask time to send your resume, eitheropen the app, create the resume and share it or if already have theresume prepared and ready then just share it. Resume Builder givesyou the ability to create your resume by just adding theinformation in the application and get a professional formattedresume which you can send to apply in different organizations forjobs. Application is easy to use and understand for the users andthe user can easily enter the information without any difficulty.The resume created can be viewed and shared by the user, but if theuser doesn't want to share the resume it get stored in the deviceand in the app as a profile which can be later edited, viewed orshare.Features:• Sample data can be populated in the app to create a sampleresume.• Multiple profiles can be added and against each profile multipleresumes can be created.• Checks and validations are added so no wrong information can beadded by the user.• The resume can be generated and viewed in the PDF format (PDFviewer application should be available in the device to avoid anyinconvenience)• Share the generated Resume via Email• Simple to use and elegant user interface.All these features are available in the free version and no needto buy the app. The app contains ads.Like the app and please share with your friends and other peopleyou know. If you face any problem then let us know so that it canbe resolved. All the comments for improvements and positivecriticism will be appreciated.
Mobile Tracker Or Finder 1.1
You may be asking yourself what if I lost mycell phone or it is stolen? What will happen with your precious,valuable data on your phone when you lose it? Can you track it? No,then we have solution to your problem. Secure your device using themobile tracker application, with some distinctive features. Thisapplication is specially designed to track your device when it islost or stolen.The best feature of the app is that it cannot be uninstalledfrom the device like the other android traditional apps so the appcannot be deleted by the user/thief easily. The app can only bedeleted from the app itself but app is password protected.User can maintain 02 recovery numbers to track the device.Mobile Tracker Application sends location of the device if networkinternet connection or Wi-Fi is available otherwise recoverynumbers are informed through text message if unregistered SIM isinserted. The message sent to recovery numbers cannot be detectedby the user using the device with its unregistered SIM.The user can track the location of the device by ending textmessage with keyword “Track” from the recovery numbers device willautomatically reply with the longitude and latitude values and aGoogle map link of the device location. Additionally user canobtain call logs from the recovery number by sending text messagewith keyword “Call log”, device will automatically reply back tothe message with location details.Another interesting feature is to activate siren/alarm by sendtext message with keyword “Ring” which cannot be shut down even bychanging device mode to silent or vibration.All these features are available in the free version and no needto buy the app. The app contains ads.If you like it then share it with your friends. If you face anyproblem related to this application then please let us know to helpyou out. All the comments for improvements and positive criticismwill be appreciated.
History Cleaner 1.0
If you feel that your device is working veryslowly and wasting your valuable time than use our easy to useHistory Cleaner tool that can clean your mobile from junk andunwanted files like deleting all your call history includingincoming or outgoing call, Google Play Store search history, Gmailsearch history, Android default browser history, ClearingApplication caches, deleting all SMS including incoming andoutgoing SMS, and you can do it either step by step or by doing itonce by selecting all the items.Some of the application features are as follows:o Clear caches of all applicationso Clear default Android browser historyo Clear Google Play search historyo Clear call historyo Clear SMS historyo Clear Gmail search historyAll these features are available in the free version and no needto buy the app. The app contains ads.Like the app and please share with your friends and other peopleyou know. If you face any problem then let us know so that it canbe resolved. All the comments for improvements and positivecriticism will be appreciated.
Caller Name Announcer 1.0
Now you can listen to the name of the callerfrom a distance, or the name of the contact either saved or unsavedon device who text you without looking at the device. Multipleoptions are available for the user, which can be changed accordingto the need of the users. Some of the features of the app are asfollows:• Option for Caller Name Announcer• Option for Name Announcer for the contact whose text isreceived• Option for battery announcement, when device battery is low• Option for event announcement, if any event is set in thecalendar of the device.• Option to hear the SMS context received by the user• Option to set the pitch sound and the speed ofannouncements• Option for the name repetition of the caller• Option to set the message to be announced during the callAll these features are available in the free version and no needto buy the app. The app contains ads.Like the app and please share with your friends and other peopleyou know. If you face any problem then let us know so that it canbe resolved. All the comments for improvements and positivecriticism will be appreciated.
Grand Car Robbery 1.1
Hey Pro!The underground mafia leader wants you to be his driver. Themoney and power are waiting for you but to get that you need toprove yourself by stealing best cars as much cars as you can andshow them that you are the only great and clever car theft in thiscity.Grand Car Robbery is an excellent and adventurous drivingchallenge especially for expert drivers with beautiful graphics andmaps. It is a fun and addictive car robbery game.The owner has allowed you r to have possession of or easy accessto the keys. Break into a car and find that the owner has left aspare set of keys in the glovebox, and use these to drive the caraway.Steal various makes and models of vehicles, which are vary byseveral factors, including region and ease of theft. The securitysystems in these vehicles are not up to the same standard ascurrent vehicles, and learn their weaknesses. Scrap metal and sparepart prices are high and older vehicles are highly rewarded.Features:- Drive with traffic- Simple and intuitive control- Amazing 2D graphics- Explore a detailed open world environment- Cool cars- Cool soundtrack- Accurate physics- Easy to playMotor vehicle theft is the criminal act of stealing orattempting to steal a car (or any other motor vehicle). This gameis only designed for fun purpose and doesn't support any action ofrobbery by any means.
Call and Message Blocker 1.0
Are you receiving messages and callsfromunknown numbers ? Use the Call and SMS Blocker to block allthemessages and calls from the unknown numbers or block thecontactsfrom the contact list. Make a contact list in theapplication.Application is easy to use and learn, with an effective anduserfriendly interface. The blocked call and SMS are stored in theappand notified to the user, from the notifications displayed onthestatus bar, so inform the user if messages or calls are receivedonthe device. User can view those SMS and calls afterwards.A list of contacts can be made or numbers can be added in theblacklist. Contacts can be added in the black list either fromthecontacts or from the call logs or manually by the users. Theappgives an option to block the call, or messages or both, foranycontact, and according to the option selected the specificcontentis blocked by the application. From the app the message canbe sentor call can be made to the user whose call or messages isreceivedand stores in the Blocked Calls or Blocked Messages.All these features are available in the free version and noneedto buy the app. The app contains ads.Like the app., please share with your friends and otherpeopleyou know. Face any problem, let us know so that it shouldberesolved. All the comments for improvements and positivecriticismwill be appreciated.
Private Conversation Locker 1.4
Are you worried about private messages?Howabout to lock down your private to get peace of mind?If your friends borrow your mobile phone for playing games,theywill not be able to see your private conversation. Want toprotectyour messages from others then SMS Locker is bestavailablesolution to protect your conservation privacy.Features• SMS locker is password protected• Reset password through email using the ForgetPasswordoption• It is easy to learn and use• Import contacts from your contact lists to privatecontactlist• Send private message from the app to anyone• It has an interactive interface• Private message notification on reception of message fromtheprivate contactAll these features are available in the free version andyoudon’t need to pay anything for such wonderful application.It contains ads.Like the app and please share with your friends and otherpeopleyou know. If you face any problem then let us know so that itcanbe resolved. All the comments for improvements andpositivecriticism will be appreciated.
Duck Hunting Championship 1.0
Loved shooting the targets from distance inthefun fair to get reward? Miss that shooting? Then the wait isover,we have brought the same exciting fun shooting game for you.AIM andSHOOT the swimming ducks in the addicting Duck HuntingChampionship2D game, to become the Ducking Shooting champion byscoring highestamong other duck shooters.The Duck Hunting Championship provides the Fun andAddictingShooting Experience to the players of the game. Shoot themovingDucks appearing in the pond before they swim away or dive inthewater. Simply tap on the Ducks to shoot them to earn thescores,make the highest scores and set the record for others.Shootcontinuously without any delay to score the maximum pointsanddon’t forget to reload the gun. In this Championship, thegame-playlevel is increased as the scores increase by shooting theducks. Oneach level increase, player is rewarded with the extrabonus timefor shooting and with extra bullet capacity reward toshoot downthe ducks more efficiently.Dominate the Duck Shooting Championship game leaderboard,andshow your shooting skills to all the players all over the worldbyscoring the highest points in the exciting, enjoyable andaddictivegame, with beautiful game graphics and sounds. AIM andSHOOT theducks before the time ran out and ultimately lose thechampionship.Ready your shooting gear, set the aim and startshooting the ducksto become the ultimate Duck Hunting Champion.Help us spread to the word. Provide us with yourvaluablefeedback about our game.
SMS Scheduler 1.1
It is very hard nowadays toremembereverything, especially the dates of different importantoccasionslike birthdays, anniversary, etc., in the busy life. Mostprobablyeveryone forgets to send the text messages to the lovedones onthese precious occasions, now this can be handled using theSMSScheduler app very efficiently and effectively.Some of the features of the SMS Scheduler app are asfollows:• Option to set the message text to be sent.• Option to set the exact date and time to send the message.• Option to set the frequency of the message.• Export and import the messages• Notification after the message is sent.• Multiple recipients can be included in the SMS.• Maintain history of the sent messages from the app.All these features are available in the free version and noneedto buy the app. The app contains ads.Like the app and please share with your friends and otherpeopleyou know. If you face any problem then let us know so that itcanbe resolved. All the comments for improvements andpositivecriticism will be appreciated.
Ultimate Grand Theft Boat 1.1
Ultimate Grand Theft Boat is aninterestingvideo game for mobile phone users especially it isdesigned forboat lovers.Learn and practice boating so you can be the part of highskilledpolice officers, who can stop stealing of million-dollarboats.Ultimate Grand Theft Boat has good graphics and sounds foryourentertainment. Let us know what do you like and what canbeimproved in Ultimate Grand Theft Boat.
Alarm Clock 1.1
Convert your android device into abeautifulLCD digital alarm clock with the application. Alarm Clockhasmultiple features. Below are some of the features ofthisapplication.• 12 Hours or 24 Hours time display option• Set unlimited alarms with different options• Enable or disable vibration in alarm• 9 sounds of the alarm• Set note for the alarm• Fade in option for the alarm sound• Repeat and snooze option in the alarm• Set the sleep timer with the 6 sounds• Device battery information• Weather and temperature information• Enable and disable flashlight• Enable and disable notifications for the alarm in thenotificationbar• Settings for the weather information display• Multiple clock widgets for the home screenAll these cool features of Alarm Clock are available in thefreeversion;so no need to buy the app. If you like ourapplication,please do share this excellent alarm clock with yourfriends andother people. Let us know, how can we improve this alarmclockfurther. thanks
Pedometer 1.0
Pedometer Runner tracks your stepswhilerunning or jogging to help you reach the goal you have set.Bytracking your duration, distance and speed, user can use it toseta new personal record and check your stamina. The applicationhasan interactive and user friendly interface. All theinformationabout exercise selected by the user containing thenumber of stepstaken, number of calories burned, the distancetraveled, the speed,the route map and goal set by the user isdisplayed on one screenand you can easily take a look of it whilerunning. The app willnotify you if you complete your goal. The appalso provides theuser a guide about running and jogging habits.User can also trackhis/her progress with a detailed list of historymaintained inPedometer Runner.Some of the features of Pedometer Runnerare as follows:• Automatically record steps taken• Works even if the device is concealed• Speed calculation• Calculate the distance traveled• Calculate the number of calories burned• Chart representation of information• History of previous exercises• Monitor the route using the map• Goal completion progress bar• Voice features in the appAll these features are available in the free version and noneedto buy the app. Pedometer Runner may contain ads.Like Pedometer Runner and please share with your friendsandother people you know. If you face any problem then let us knowsothat it can be resolved. All the comments for improvementsandpositive criticism will be appreciated.
Galaxy Spaceship War 2D 2.0.1
Once again Galaxy is looking towards itguardians to protect it from the evil alien forces invasion in themultiple planets of the galaxy with different peacefulcivilization. So now is the time to step up & fight for thebigger cause. Its not a region, or a piece of land or a singleplanet, it’s a complete galaxy to protect from the hostile alienforces.So take your fighting spaceship from the garage, oil the ship,start up the engines, reload the weapons, make reading the superweapons system and start your journey to protect the galaxy fromthe total destruction and annihilation. The Galaxy War SpaceShooting provide an immense 2D galaxy shooting game experience. Itoffers two multiple and different game play for its spaceshipfighter pilots. i.e., Campaign and Infinity Game Play.In Campaign, make your career as a Starship Galaxy Warrior byfighting the aliens in different regions of the Galaxy and save theinnocent & peaceful civilizations of the multiple planets. Inthe campaign game play fight your way to the mother alien ship anddestroy it to save the planet from total destruction andannihilation from the evil & hostile alien races.The infinity game play is with no end. Destroy the enemy ships foras long as you can to achieve the highest scores and to earn coinsto unlock multiple spaceships to keep your fight against the enemy.Destroy as many enemy ships as you can in the game to achieve thehighest game scores and dominate the leaderboard scores.In the gameplay pick multiple power ups including the nuclear warhead, and laser weapon to destroy all the enemies in a single shot,pick up the health and use any time to restore the health tomaximum during the game play.Galaxy Spaceship War 2D Game Features:• Beautiful Game Graphics & Sounds• Stunning Backgrounds• Multiple Spaceships with different power ups and uniquefeatures• Multiple Gameplay Modes• User Friendly Controls• Multiple Game Play Picks• Much More…Like the game and share it with others to join the fight againstthe enemy forces with you.
SMS Popup 1.2
Now you can receive and send reply of yourtextmessage from any screen of the device using the SMS Popup andyoudon’t have to quit the game in the middle or leave an importantworkyou are doing on your device. Application have multipleoptions thatuser can select according to his/her need. Themessages sent usingthe quick reply are saved in the defaultmessaging application forthe record.Some of the features of the application are:• Enable or disable SMS Popup.• Enable or disable Popup.• Enable or disable Popup Notification.• Set different notification sounds for the popup• Enable or disable vibrations.• Set different vibration patterns while popup appearsonscreen.• Enable or disable Quick reply option.• Set signature for the quick reply.• Privacy mode can be enabled or disabled to hide themessagecontents and the contact information displayed on thepopup• Preset messages.• Custom Preset messages can be added• Google sound input option for reply.All these features of SMS Popup are available in the freeversionand no need to buy the app. The app contains ads.Like SMS Popup and please share with your friends andotherpeople you know. If you face any problem then let us know sothatit can be resolved. All the comments for improvements andpositivecriticism will be appreciated.
Cowboy Action Wild Shooting 1.1
Recently promoted to Sheriff and transferredto the most dangerous western town in the middle of desert occupiedby all type of evil, notorious, merciless outlaws running the townby themselves, with no law and order in the town and waiting foryou to enter the town to kill you. Its time to show your shootingskills, sharpened sense and your target precision to thosecriminals running the town and taken control of all the building ofthe town in Western Cowboy Blood Shooter.Now is the time to eliminate all the outlaws of the town in WesternCowboy Blood Shooter and save the innocents people of the town fromthe cruelty of those Gangsters and to take revenge of the peoplekilled by those nasty Gangsters without any reason to create fearamong the people and restore peace in the town.No option for surrender and to take prisoner for these evilcriminals in Western Cowboy Blood Shooter, shoot them before youget shot by them. Keep your eyes on the windows and doors andfinger on your pistol trigger to shoot them on sight before gotshot by them by just taping on them. With three life chances howmuch criminals will be taken care of by you???With the real western town graphics and real cowboy’s characters,enjoy the 2D shooter game and make maximum points in the game byplaying for longer and break the score records. Be a real shooterto eliminate all gangs.Sharpen your skills by hitting the bottles in the bar, shoot asmany bottles as you can in the limited time to become expertshooter in the practice mode.Game Feature:- Beautiful and Eye Catching Game Graphics- Beautiful game Play Graphics & Environment- Real Cowboys Characters- Multiple gameplay mode- Beautiful game sounds- Real 2D shooting experience- Simple and Easy game controlsStill not satisfied and want the criminals to be erased completelyfrom all the western area then share the game with others toincrease number of shooters for quick clean-up operation. Help usimprove Gunfighter Cowboy Gangster by sharing your opinion.
Pineapple Pen Fruit Mania PPAP 1.3
Pineapple Pen Fruit Mania is an interestinggame. Sometime, all you need is to stick a pen into a pineapple;who knew putting pen and pineapple together would be so fun?Pineapple Pen Fruit Mania gives you chance to stick pens in variousfruits.Have fun in throwing the pen on the moving fruits. Hit the fruitswith the pen with the simple tap on the screen. Hitting the fruitswith the pen looks simple but accurate timing is required to hitthe moving fruits with different speed. Total of 3 chances aregiven to the player to hit as many fruits as one can to scorehighest in Pineapple Pen Fruit Mania.Score as high as you can and challenge your friends. Have fun byplaying the addictive game like Pineapple Pen Fruit Mania in yourfree time.Please let us know if you have suggestions to make it a betterpineapple pen game.
Bunny Jump 2D Legend 1.0
Bunny Jump 2D Legend is simple FunandEntertaining game to pass the boring and free time easily withfunand enjoyment. In Bunny Jump 2D Legend, control the rabbitmovementwith the single tap and collect as many carrots as you canto makethe highest carrots collecting record in the game. Avoidthehurdles i.e., moving moles while collecting the carrots to setupthe new highest record in the Bunny Jump 2D Legend fun game.Use your skills, sharp senses and extreme concentrationtocollect the large number of carrots in the game to make thehighestscores and show it to the rest of the World. Achieve theunbeatablehighest scores in Bunny Jump 2D Legend game and dominatetheleaderboard of the game.Reach near to beat someone’s record and a few scores away tomakethe new game record and collided with the hurdle, then don’tbedisappointed on your loss, there is an opportunity to continuethegame from the same score with multiple options on gameover.Game Features- 2D Gameplay- Beautiful Graphics- Resume on Game Over with Multiple Options- Cheerful Sounds- LeaderboardLike the game, share with other. Provide us with yourfeedbackand suggestions to improve our games. Help us spread theword.
Woodpecker Hangman Trivia Game 1.2
The poor woodpecker has been captured bytheevil scientist, everyone knows that you are genius due to whichtheevil scientist is jealous of you. So he is giving you the chancetosave the woodpecker by guessing the words.You can develop good vocabulary by playing WoodpeckerHangmanregularly. You have multiple chances are given to guess thewords.Woodpecker Hangman is designed for everyone includingkids,teenagers and for those who like difficult challenges. Scoresaregiven on right guesses and with wrong guess deduction is madeinthe score, with score deduction user also lost the chanceandeventually cause the death of the woodpecker.You can get hints to guess difficult words more accurately.Hintscan be purchased through your scores. We don't want you tospendreal money. Woodpecker Hangman has multiple categories.Choose yourfavorite category and smash it. You can play can dailychallengesand view the records.Woodpecker Hangman provides the opportunity of learningtoeveryone with the interactive and effective graphics. Allthesefeatures are available in the free version and no need to buytheapp. The app contains ads.Like the app and please share with your friends and otherpeopleyou know. If you face any problem then let us know so that itcanbe resolved. All the comments for improvements andpositivecriticism will be appreciated.Please log-in with Facebook or Google Plus toenableinternational ranking and get More Hints to solve thepuzzlefaster