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Blogger Comment 1.2
Organizing favorite Blogger blog and simplifyBlogger comment.Introducing a new feature "Track" Blogger NameThe app will always jump to your latest comment on your friend'sblog.Features:1. Adding blog posts and comments using RSS Atom 1.0 (currentlyonly supports Blogspot and Wordpress blog)2. Integrated mobile Blogger interface3. Rename, delete blogs4. TRACKing your blogger name in comments
ScanCurve Scanner 1.8
ScanCurve (SC) scanner can detect and correctthe distorted edges of papers and documents. Scan your favoritephotos from books and magazine using this scanner and collect orshare them through Facebook, Twitter, Google Drive and other socialnetwork services.Features:- Scan receipts, documents, papers, photos, book, magazines- Detect edges automatically- Correct edges distortion : perspective and curve distortion- Scan a white paper background for cleaner result- Save and share scanned images- Capture from camera or load from images- Organize in folders- Search imagesUnlock the bigger resolution (1280x960) feature and remove theads.Visit for more examples andtutorials.Library licenses