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Word Search 3.8.7
Search and find all the words hidden in thegrid. In this search word puzzle you can choose between eightdifficulty level, play in timer mode and compare your scores withyour friends and people around the world. All puzzles areautomatically generated by the app for endless fun.Features:- Infinity puzzles- 14 languages- Google Play Games: Leaderboards and Achievements- 8 different search directions- Play with of without Timer- Offline high score
Find 2 2.4.3
Everybody knows this game. Find the cards withthe same motive. It's easy. Tap on a card to flip it. The goal isit to find all pairs.
CrossWordPuzzle 1.3.8
CrossWordPuzzle is a kind of crossword puzzlesthere you have to find all words for the given icons. The app isdesigned to be used as pastime on the way to work or if you have towait some minutes for the next bus. The app has a simple intuitivedesign to be usable by everyone. It is perfect for young people tolearn the right spelling. There is also a hint button available tocheck if there is any mistake. You can choose between English andGerman if you like to improve you bilingual skills. The timer givesyou the possibility to compare your skills with your friends.
TriAngles 3.4.7
Everybody knows the paper version of thisgame. You make some dots and connect them to triangles. The playerwith the most triangles at the end of the game wins.There are only three rules:1. It is not allowed to cross other dots or lines2. A triangle will only formed if it does not contains otherpoints3. Have a lot of fun :-)
Blocks 2.2.8
Blocks is a puzzle game where you need to movethe puzzle pieces in order to fit them all in the gray area.To play, it's as easy as dragging the pieces and placing them ontheir right place, keeping in mind that there's only one solutionto each puzzle and it might not be as easy as it seems atfirst.
Pics2Words 1.4.2
Find all the pictures hidden in the grid. Thisapp is an awesome crossword puzzle game for young and old. You canchoose between eight difficulty level or play in timer mode andcompare your scores with your friends.Hint: You can click on the pictures to see the word.
FixIt 3.8.7
The marble run is broken and needs to befixed.Now you can repair and test the marble run. Thisis a funny game for young and old.HOW TO PLAY1.) Create a continuous connection between the marble and thefinish.2.) Rotate each part by tapping it3.) Click the marble when you have fixed the marble run
Classic 4 2.0.1
This app in wooden design includes the famousboard games: Nine Man Morris, Checkers, Reversie and Four in a Linethat everyone should have played in his childhood. Within theonline multiplayer you can connect with your friends and competeagainst each other. You also can prove against random players. Youhave the choice between the following mini-games:* Nine Man MorrisIn the first phase 9 pieces are alternately set, which can be movedin the 2nd phase. If you get 3 pieces in a row, then you can takeaway a stone of your opponent. If you only have 3 stones left thanyou can jump freely with them. The player who takes away all stonesexcept 2 of the opponents wins.* CheckersEveryone moves with one of his stones diagonally forward. Jump overand collecting opposing pieces is duty. If you arrive the otherside, then your stone will be tuned into a king. The King can movefreely on the diagonal. The player who has collected all theopponent's pieces wins the game.* ReversiePlayers put their stones alternately. All opponent's pieces betweenthe new stone und your old stones will be changed into yours. Theplayer with the most stones at the end wins the game.* Four in a LinePlayers put their stones alternately from bottom up. The player whoget four stones in a row wins the game.
Sheepy and Friends 1.3.1
Tap on the sheeps to let them jump over thefence.But be careful that you do not wake up the dog.Help as many sheep as possible to jump out into the freedom.
PixBunny 1.3.5
Do you remember such games from your youngerdays You are an easter bunny in classic pixel retro look. Catch asmany easter eggs as you can. But watch out! don't touch the bombs.Compare with other players.
2048 Puzzle 1.4.2
A funny challenging game for short breaks.Swipe to move all tiles. When two tiles with the same number touch,they merge into one! Try to get a tile with 2048.
MINU5 1.2.8
MINU5 is math puzzle game. Don't worry, it iseasy to count down. Move the square other number to subtract them.You finish the game if you've collected all numbers.
Control Box 1.4.8
Can you repair the power cable?HOW TO PLAY1.) Create a continuous connection between the red buzzer and thebulb.2.) Rotate each cable part by tapping it3.) Click the buzzer when you have fixed the cable
Speed Tube 3D 1.8.6
Speed, Speed, Speed ...Speed Tube 3D is a racing game in which you have to navigate yourship through a three-dimensional space tunnel. Faster and fasterbecoming gates, which you need to dodge skillfully to unlock levelby level. The difficulty increases with each level, new gates areadded, the tube curved, during everything is getting faster. At theend of each theme you can earn points and play with your friends torace in the endless games.Controll Modes:- OnScreen- Sensor (accelerometer)- GamePad:Navigation: UP,DOWN,LEFT,RIGHT or W,A,S,DBack: BACKSelect: ENTER or CENTER
Cleo 3.2.2
In Cleo, the objective is to feed the littlehungry mouse named Cleo while avoiding all the traps. How to getrid of them? Move a stone into them to remove them, taking intoaccount that only one stone can be pushed at a time and that Cleocannot walk through stones or walls. This Game is a mix betweenSokoban/Boxman and Miner.Cleo is, a complex puzzle game which only finishes when he's eatenall the pieces of cheese, one way or another. The controls are easyto learn: simply use the four arrows to move left, right, up ordown.
Puffel the penguin 2.1.8
Hello I am Puffel the little penguin, I am soalone and I like to be your friend. Let me show you my home. Be myhome designer :-). Please do not forget to feed me. I like eatingthree fish a day. I need the power to go shopping with you. But forshopping, we need coins. We can earn coins at the mini games.
Symbol Series 1.1.7
Search and find all the hidden symbol seriesin the grid. In this search symbols puzzle you can choose betweenthree difficulty level, play in timer mode and compare your scoreswith your friends and people all around the world. All puzzles areautomatically generated by the app for endless fun.Features:- Infinity puzzles- Leaderboards and Achievements- 3 different search directions- Play with of without Timer- Offline high scoreGame Modes:- Easy: search to the right + downwards- Medium: search to the right + downwards + backward- Hard: search in any direction + direction changed
Jumping Ingo 1.3.6
Swipe up to jump over a cube or in the nextline. Swipe down to roll under a cube. You can swipe and hold tojump or roll longer. The aim is to avoid the obstacles as far aspossible and score the maximum points.Start your run now. Good luck!
AlienSpaceForce 1.4.2
Hello Commander,we have noticed that an alien space force is on its way to attackyour planet. Protect and defend your planet as long as you can. Youcan destroy the extraterrestrial ships with your laser. Click on aspacecraft to set the laser mark.Good luck
Pitch Ball 1.1.2
Try to add as many balls as possible to thetarget. You can choose between three levels of difficulty andcompare your high scores with friends and people around theworld.
Rushing Bunny 1.3.7
Help the bunny to catch the falling eastereggs and avoid the contact with the bombs. How many easter eggs canyou save?
Hex Puzzle 1.2.8
A funny challenging game for short breaks.Swipe to move all tiles. When two tiles with the same hexagontouch, they merge into one! Try to get a full hexagon.
Cube Race 1.3.5
Wipe up and down to move the ball and dodgethe oncoming blocks as far as possible.The aim is avoid the cubes as far as possible and score the maximumpoints.Start your race now, Good luck!
ST-3D-R 1.1.7
Speed Tube 3D Race is a racing game in whichyou have to navigate your space ship through a three-dimensionalspace tunnel. Faster and faster becoming gates, which you need tododge skillfully. You can choose between three level of difficulty.Connect to Google Play Games to unlock the achievements and compareyour skills with your friends.
Jewels 1.8.2
Many colorful diamonds waiting to be collectedfrom you. Tap two or more jewels with the same color to collectthem and to increase your score. Click on the bombs to collect rowsand columns quickly.
Miner 1.0.4
Help the Miner to collect all pieces of gold.Move the boxes into the gaps to find a new way. It is a complex 3Dpuzzle game which only finishes when the miner has collected allpieces of gold. You can choose between three levels ofdifficulty.