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Play group learning 2 1.2
Playgroup learning part 2 is next part ofplaygroup learning. This game consists of various modules where achild can get information about Cloth, Flower, Nature, Sports andVegetables. Playgroup learning part 2 game is very informative andknowledge providing which not only provides knowledge to childrenbut also helps them in analyzing what they have learnt. It issimilar to school where teacher first teaches students and thenasks questions to same about what they have learnt. This game isvery useful to preschooler’s kids that are the kids who are goingto join the school, playgroup kids etc.Sections of playgroup learning part 2 game:-In this game a child can learn about Cloths where a child will getinformation about flowers. camomile ,rose , sunflower, peachblossom ext .it contains image of flowers below the flowers name.Because of this child will be able to learn and understand well. Innext section a child can analyze what he/she has learnt. In thisfew flowers will appears on screen and child will be asked todetect a particular flower. For this there is inbuilt sound systemthat means sound will be automatically generated and will ask achild to identify particular flower and if child detects the flowercorrectly then he/she is praised .For this a sound comesautomatically which says "Amazing". If child is not able to detectthe flower correctly then he/she is asked to "try again". Thissound comes in every section where a child analyzed what he/she haslearnt. There is a section that teaches Cloths where a child willget information about Boot , tie , cap ext and in another sectionfew cloths will appear and child will have to identify the cloth .Next section is for nature where a child will get information aboutice , water , cloud , fir ext and after that they can test thereknowledge by moving on to next section where they will be given afew nature part and child will have to identify the asked naturepart. A child can also get knowledge about various sports likecricket, football , baseball etc. With each sports a smalldescription is given which will help children in betterunderstanding and then they can analyze or identify the requiredsport from a group of sports . One section is based on vegetablelike cabbage, carrot etc. A child can easily learn about variousvegetables through the images and also the description given belowwith each vegetable . This way children will get more knowledgeabout vegetables. Description given with each of them will help inmaking them understand there decisions in a better way.Other features:-Play group learning part 2 game has few other functionalities likethere is a back button. By clicking back button we can go back toprevious screen. There is a button for auto play. We click on itthen it play each section automatically. There is a button forsound. We can turn off or turn on the sound by clicking on it.
Crazy Squirrel for peanuts 1.2
It is a strategic board game. Our goal is tosteal nuts from farm because our hero squirrel is crazy for nutsand it is squirrel's crush as well and he can take any risk for it.But remember to not get caught by zombie squirrel. Although thezombies are very slow in movies but here he is very agile and fast.Steal the nuts and then enter into door before he catches you.It is a game where will have to use your mind. Use your brainand try to make the zombie squirrel stuck such a way that he cannotcatch you now.Take care of the mines or bombs he has already placed onto theground. You can also connect with facebook and can save your gameprogress online to compete with your friends.FEATURES:1. 40 exciting levels.2. Make strategy to steal nuts.3. Don't get connected to bombs.4. Flower Bushes to block enemy path.4. Connect to facebook to compete with friends online.5. Invite your friends to put them a challenge.
Playgroup kids number learning 1.2
Numbers Fun Learning is one of the bestnumbers learning application for small kids. This application isdesigned as per a small kid's way of thinking. It keeps a childattached and engaged throughout a learning session. It containscomplete knowledge of numbers from their recognisation to spellthem out.Interactive presentation in application helps a child to learnfaster and to remember numbers, their spellings for a long time. Itincludes all the ways of learning those are generally practised inprimary schools.Modes of game play1. Numbers Movie Presentation2. Quick Numbers Learn3. Numbers Quiz Mode4. Numbers Free Hand Drawing5. Learn Spelling ModeNumbers Movie Presentation Mode contains a movie of numberswhere numbers are changed with their proper pronunciation. Numbersare also presented pictorially here.Quick Numbers Learn Mode is a second step to learn numbers. Herea child can pick any of the number randomly from the list and canrecognise it very easily.Numbers Quiz Mode runs practise tests to check a kid'sknowledge. Here you can test the skills of your child that whathe/she has learned so far.Numbers Free Hand Drawing mode gives an option to child to drawnumbers by himself/herself. Here a kid can draw different otherpatterns with the help of different brushes and colours. He/ shecan paint anything here.Learn Spelling Mode is most intelligently designed mode in thisapplication. Here a child has to create spelling of a number givento him. He has to arrange letters to form spelling. He can takehints as well to create spellings.Now make learning numbers a fun to your child’s. Make it easierto learn anything to them and get rid of the burden of teachingthem.
Playgroup learning game 1.8
This game consists of various modules where achild can get information about Alphabets, Numbers, Colors, Shapes,Body Parts, Animals, fruits, Vehicles, Months and Days. Playgrouplearning game is very informative and knowledge providing which notonly provides knowledge to children but also helps them inanalyzing what they have learnt. It is similar to school whereteacher first teaches students and then asks questions to sameabout what they have learnt. This game is very useful topreschoolers kids that is the kids which are going to join theschool, playgroup kids etc.Sections of playgroup learning game:-In this game a child can learn about alphabets which are from A toZ. Like if A signifies Apple than it contains image of apple belowthe alphabet A. Because of this child will be able to learn andunderstand well. In next section a child can analyze what he/shehas learnt. In this few alphabets will appears on screen and childwill be asked to detect a particular alphabet. For this there isinbuilt sound system that means sound will be automaticallygenerated and will ask a child to identify particular alphabet andif child detects the alphabets correctly then he/she is praised.For this a sound comes automatically which says "Amazing". Ifchild is not able to detect the alphabet correctly then he/she isasked to "try again". This sound comes in every section where achild analyzed what he/she has learnt. There is a section thatteaches numbers from 1 to 20 and in another section few numberswill appear and child will have to identify the number . Nextsection is for colors where a child will get information aboutdifferent colors and after that they can test there knowledge bymoving on to next section where they will be given a few colors andchild will have to identify the asked color. A child can also getknowledge about various shapes like circle, triangle etc. With eachshape a small description is given which will help children inbetter understanding and then they can analyze or identify therequired shape from a group of shapes. One section is based on bodyparts like elbow, head etc. A child can easily learn about variousparts through the images and also the description given below witheach body parts. This way children will get more knowledge aboutbody parts. Next section is for animals where children will get toknow about animals like camel, lion etc and also about theirfeatures. After this they can analyze themselves by identifying therequired animal from group of animals. There are also sections forfruits, vehicles and calendar . Description is also given with eachof them. Through this Children can get to know about fruits likeApple, Banana etc about vehicles like bicycle, bus etc and aboutmonths in calendar from January to December. Description given witheach of them will help in making them understand there decisions ina better way.Other features:-Play group learning game has few other functionalities like thereis a back button. By clicking back button we can go back toprevious screen. There is a button for auto play. We click on itthen it play each section automatically. There is a button forsound. We can turn off or turn on the sound by clicking on it.
Kids Alphabet ABC Fun Learning 1.5
This game is a best alphabets learningapplication for kids. This game takes care of a kid’s way ofthinking. What can keep him engaged all the time and how he/she canlearn faster.This game contains all ways of learning alphabets those aregenerally practiced in schools. Interactive teaching and engaginggraphics won’t let your child leave the application inmiddle.Modes to learn applications:1. Application Slide Show Presentation2. Quick Alphabets Learn3. Alphabets Quiz Mode4. Alphabets Free Hand Drawing5. Learn Spelling ModeAlphabets Slide Show Mode shows a movie having alphabets. Alphabetsare shown in alphabetical order with their properpronunciation.Quick Alphabets Learning is a second step of learning where a kidcan select a random letter and can relate pictures with words ( “Apple image with its voice”).Alphabets Quiz Mode Tests the ability of your kid that what he haslearned so far.Alphabets Free Hand Drawing Mode gives your child a option to drawAlphabets. Here multiple colors pencils and brushes areavailableLearn Spelling Mode is most intelligently designed. Here by takinghints and by dragging and dropping the letters a child can alsolearn difficult spellings.Now make learning the things a fun to your kids and get rid of theburden of teaching them
ATM with money 1.1
Find ATM With Money Near YouGet money from your nearest atmSingle solution to all money related problems .No need to searcharound for ATMs having cash. Directly just go to the ATM havingcash. This app provides the details of all the ATM’s nearby yourlocation with “Money”, “No Money” and “Wait”.Soon after Prime Minister Narendra Modi's announcement todemonetise Rs 1,000 and Rs 500 currency denominations on November8, there was euphoric celebration over the government's brave move,with many calling it a surgical strike on black money hoarders andcorruption.But, as the days passed by, people have become restless over thelong queues outside banks due to scarcity of Rs 100 denomination,and non-availability of the new Rs 500 note in wider regions.Now it has become easier to find an ATM with cash with just asingle click. Our wide range of ATMs at popular and strategiclocations across the country helps ensure that you’re never too faraway from money.Find an ATM with money app will help you find ATM with cashnearby your location, Here's how to find ATM with cash:Step 1: Enter the PIN code where the nearby ATM’s needs to besearchedStep 2: Click on Search buttonStep 3: Once clicked, the app lists all the bank brands near to theuser's PIN code entered on the map with direction details anddistance in km’s.So, now in whatever district or state you are , if you have thisapp ,just go to ATM having cash.
Pokymon Coloring Artbook 1.0
Are you in a search of new pokeymons outtherein the market. Now there is a no need to do so. From nowstartdesigning your own pokeymon characters in your style withyourcreativity by just using our templates. One who loves tosharesomething unique or something most beautiful with friends,parents,hunband, wife etc. , has got very much wonderfulapplication to dothe same.Game has a big art collection to creatify with the helpcolorpalettes and brushes. Backgrounds, stickers , frames aretheadditive features to make your art adorable . Apart fromPokeymons, it has various other categories like angelic birds,fairies andqueens, dinosaurs, cars etc. Custom texts is theadvanced feature .You can save your pokeymon and other art in yourway and can thensignature them with your signature, you just needto write yourname at the corner of the frame.Features of the Application1. Big Collection of Pokeymons2. Designing Pokeymons in own style3. Wide Range of color Brushes and palettes4. Other themes like angelic Birds, Fairy and Queen,Dinosaurs,Animals, Cars etc.5. Backgrounds6. Frames7. Stickers8. Custom Texts9. 30 fonts10. Facebook ,WhatsApp ,Gmail , Twitter sharingNow just pick up your phone and start designing and coloring oryourfavourite characters and start showing them to your friendsandaquantancies to impress.Like Us On Facebook at Us on Google+ at our more games at
Government Jobs 1.0
No need to search around for the all theIndiangovernment exams , their schedules and results. Whole listofgovernment exams is now available in just single application.Youwill get the latest government jobs updateshere.It helps you to search for new government exams and vacancies,their examination dates, schedules, syllabus and even yourresults.It searches for appropriate job vacancies and jobs forfreshers andthe experienced job seekers. Application has thefeature of showingyou all kind of government jobs like Bank Jobs,Engineering Jobs,Railway recruitment, defense jobs, SSCrecruitment, TeachingJobs,State and National level Civil Services, Army And Navy jobs andallother ones.It is very much user friendly and provides every content youneedfor the particular exam. You will definitely find some newjobsdaily from our update section. Application not justincludesparticular state level or national level exams , itincludes allthe state govt. exams also whether it is fromKarnataka, Delhi,Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Gujrat, Jammu &Kashmir or any other state. You can access theapplication for allsarkari naukri and exam easily and get updatesof exam throughnotifications.It has a straight forward way of searching , just searchyourcategory like Bank , Defense, Sports, Civil , Teaching fromNaukriTab and it will present a list of relevant jobs foryou.* Search for any of the government job category like Defense,CivilSector, Banking, Army and Navy, Teaching, PSC, IIT, PublicSectoretc.* Check exam results* Find the exam schedules and date of examination* Get the whole process of applying and application formJobs are available for any designation like Technician,Inspector,Supervisor, Accountant, Clerk , Manager, Data Entryoperator,Doctor, professor, Researcher etc.Now get free job alerts on your mobile and easy access toallgovernment jobs and time table , patterns and schedules withthehelp of this application. All the govt jobs updates arenowavailable on a single platform and our application providesthatplatform.Complete your goals and boost up your motivationbecausewe are here ready to help you to achieve it. Suggestionsorfeedback from you are valuable for us. It will help optimizeuserexperience and better and more relevant job results.Find us at other application for you