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Bubble Shooter Birds 1.7
Atika Games
Bubble Shooter Birds is a classic andfreebubble shooter game in which you have to explode every bubblestodeliver trapped birds.✓ Use your finger to shoot a bubble to the top and explodeeverybubble of the same color.✓ Become the best bubble shooter in the world✓ Blast every bubble to complete level.✓ Finish the level to deliver the birds✓ Play 750 levels without any limit.✓ Play in arcade mode to challenge your friends✓ Unlock awesome bonuses such as machinegun, and explodeeverybubble on your way★ How to play ?✓ Classic bubble shooter gameplay✓ Put your finger on the screen in the direction you want thebubbleto go and release to shoot and burst bubbles.✓ If your bubble touch a group of at least 2 bubbles of thesamecolor as the shot ball, they all will burst.✓ Moreover, bubbles that are no longer linked with the roofwillfall.✓ Clear the screen to complete the level.✓ Beware, the more you shoot bubbles the more the roof will fall.Ifbubbles fixed to the top touch the ground, you'll have to tryagainthe level.✓ When you have a bomb in your hand, you can shoot in thedirectionyou want without looking at the color. The bomb willdestroyeverything in a range of 2 bubbles.✓ When you reach a certain amount of points, you get themachinegunbonus. Leave your finger on the screen. The machinegunwillautomatically shoot bullets in the direction of your fingerandwill explode bubbles of any kind.✓ Swap the current bubble with the following one by touchingit.★ Game Mode✓ Classic : Go through a lot of levels. Clear the screenfrombubbles to finish a level. Save all the birds.✓ Arcade : Play to get the highest score. Reach the top oftheGoogle Play Game ranking. Show your friends you're the best!★ DifficultyContrary to other bubble shooter game, this game is meant tobeplayed by anyone. That's why you'll find two difficulty level:Easy and Normal.If you play this game to have a good time and simply relax, trytheeasy level of difficulty. If you want to challenge yourselfandtrain your brain, play in normal level of difficulty.★ Features✓ 750 levels and more to come✓ Nice graphics✓ Smooth animations & transitions✓ Counter of launched bubbles✓ Swap the current bubbles with the next one by touching it✓ Falling roof : The more you shoot bubbles the more the roofwillfall. If fixed bubbles touch the ground you lose.✓ Cute and colorful birds to deliver✓ Cool and really helpful bombs which explode everything in arangeof 2 bubbles.✓ 6 achievements to win XP points✓ Google Play Game service✓ Leaderboard with the best score of each player✓ Arcade mode : Challenge your friends and people from all overtheworld✓ Load/Save your progress : You're planning to change your phone?No problem, save your progress and load it on your newphone.✓ Machinegun Bonus : When you reach a certain amount of points,youunlock the machinegun bonus which allows you (for a few seconds)toshoot at quick rate and explode every kind of bubbles.★ Tips✓ Sometimes bubbles are linked through only one bubble totheroof, see if you can find a way to this bubble to finish inoneshoot.✓ Check regularly the next bubble (you can switch your currentonewith it). Sometimes it can help you.✓ Try to shoot at the top of the structure with the bomb to wininonly one shot.✓ Planning to change your phone : Don't forget to save yourprogressfirst by clicking on the cloud shaped button.★ Upcoming features✓ Collectable objects : gold, gifts, ...✓ Special levels✓ More classical levelsDo you like classic bubble shooter game ? Try this one ! Yougonnalove it !
Block Games Free 1.1
Atika Games
Color The Blocks is a free logic puzzlegame.Color The Blocks is a game in which you have to color all theblocks in one line with one color.Start from the colored block and draw a line over all the blocks inone shot.Features:- 1000+ levels- Three levels of difficulty: Easy, Medium, Hard- Nice colors- Dark background to save your eyes- A pretty cool and relaxing musicYou gonna love connecting the block in one line.