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Baby Hazel Mischief Time 8
Play Baby Hazel Mischief Time game on yourandroid device for free.Darling Baby Hazel is turning too mischievous these days. Mom hasgone shopping after putting her princess to sleep. But it lookslike little Baby Hazel was just pretending to sleep. So, now she isawake and showing off her mischievous behavior.Here you have got a chance to join Baby Hazel in her mischievousactivities. Be with Baby Hazel & her friend baby Mia and enjoycomplete freedom at home as no one else is watching you.
Baby Hazel New Year Bash 8
Play Baby Hazel New Year Bash game for free onyour android device.Baby Hazel is on cloud nine! Uncle John invites Baby Hazel andher family for New Year celebrations. And guess what, venue is anIce castle! As Matt is too young, mom stays back at home with him.Baby Hazel and dad board the cruise liner to reach the party venue.Hazel enjoys fun-filled activities along with other guests onboardthe cruise. All of them make a New Year resolution and welcome theNew Year with colorful firework.The cruise liner will reach the Ice Castle shortly! Baby Hazel hasto get ready for the party on time. As the weather is too chilly,darling Hazel dresses up in a woolen costume for the party.Finally, dad and Baby Hazel reach the Ice Castle. Hazel is happy tojoin her friend Kayla at the Castle. Both the kids spend a fabuloustime with each other by playing with snow. They make snow penguinsand build a snow cave for them.Yippee! Baby Hazel is happy to meet a cute penguin. This penguin isa special guest at the party. Baby Hazel feeds the penguin with herfavorite food. Later on they enjoy the penguin dance.Baby Hazel enjoyed New Year celebrations at the Ice Castle!!!Play this game on your favorite browser at: subscribe to Youtube Channel for more Baby Hazel Videos: Baby Hazel Games Videos :Baby Hazel Winter Fashion : Hazel Christmas Dream : Hazel Pumpkin Party : to facebook at :
Baby Hazel Halloween Castle 11
Kids can play Baby Hazel Halloween Castle gamefor free. 6 mystery levels to explore.Let’s celebrate All Hallows' Eve !! Baby Hazel’s teacher hasarranged a trip for children to a Halloween Castle. Explore theHalloween castle with Baby Hazel and her friends. The 6 mysteryrooms in the castle are full of gifts n’ surprises. To make sureHazel is safe and enjoys every moment in the castle, be with herand look after her needs. Keep Hazel and her friends happy byfulfilling their needs on time. Enjoy!!Level Details:* Photo ShootDifferent cutout stands are made available to have a photo shoot.Let’s join Hazel and friends in this Halloween photo studio toclick a few fun pictures.* Balloon DelightsPop the balloons to win surprise gifts. And let’s see if Hazel winsany surprise gift or not. Enjoy making balloon toys with BabyHazel.* Tattoo TimeThough it looks like a tattoo stall, no one else seems to benearby.* Halloween Dress UpLet Hazel have fun by dressing up in different Halloween costumes.Also apply stylish Halloween makeup on her.* Scary HutThis room is a bit scary. Baby Hazel and her friends meet somespooky creatures in this room. Find out.* Dance PartyBaby Hazel and friends have entered a room with a decorated dancefloor. Join Baby Hazel and her friends to enjoy tapping their feeton fast beats.
Baby Hazel Bathroom Hygiene 8
Play Baby Hazel Bathroom Hygiene game for freeon your android device.Hygiene is very important for a healthy living. But today, darlingHazel’s bathroom is messed up. It looks untidy and stinks at thecorners. Can you help Baby Hazel to keep her bathroom area cleanand neat? First of all she needs your help in clearing the mess ather washroom. Then remove clogs at the wash basin and make itsparking clean. Finally trim her nails and give Hazel a refreshingbath. Have fun teaching bathroom hygiene to little BabyHazel!
Baby Hazel Pumpkin Party 6
Kids can play Baby Hazel Pumpkin Party gamefor free.Jasmine decides to throw a Pumpkin Party for Baby Hazel and herother friends. As Jasmine is hosting a party first time, she hasasked Hazel to help her in setting up everything for the party. Letus begin the party preparations from cleaning the backyard. Thenhelp Baby Hazel and Jasmine to carve a pumpkin, decorate the venueand make other party arrangements. Finally, join the kids to enjoyfun-filled games and activities at Pumpkin Party.
Baby Hazel Farm Tour 8
Play Baby Hazel Farm Tour game app on yourfavorite android device for free.Baby Hazel is fond of animals. Knowing her likes for animals, UncleSam has taken her to his domestic farm. Baby Hazel is excited as itis her first visit to the farm. Do you want to join her in thisfarm outing? It is real fun to feed the cows and bathe them. Youalso get to feed other farm animals and collect animal productssuch as wool, milk and eggs. Spend a day at the farm and learn moreabout the farm animals and their needs. Enjoy!!
Baby Hazel Newborn Baby 22
Now you can play Baby Hazel Newborn Baby gameon your android device for free.Life is beautiful. Baby Hazel and her parents are in seventh heavensince new inclusion to their family. Today mom is returning fromhospital and Baby Hazel is eagerly waiting to spend time with hernewborn brother, baby Matt.Baby Hazel wants to be a good sister. As she is too young to do alltasks on her own, she needs your help to take care of her littlebrother. Help her in setting up the crib for him. Be with her whenshe plays with him and look after their needs. Then help her to putlittle brother to sleep. Keep her happy by fulfilling all her needson time.You can also play Baby Hazel Newborn Baby game on your desktopbrowser at:
Baby Hazel Swimming Time 10
Play Baby Hazel Swimming Time game forfree.It's time for Baby Hazel to learn swimming. But before getting intopool, it is important to dress up in swim costumes and accessoriesand put on safety gears. Help Baby Hazel to pack her bag with gearsand costumes required for swimming. Then dress up her in swimmingcostumes and accessories. Join Hazel to follow the instructionsgiven by uncle James. Enjoy taking swimming lessons along with BabyHazel!!Level 1Baby Hazel is very happy as she will be taking swimming lessonsfrom uncle James. She has to pack her bag with swimmingnecessities. Can you help her in packing swimming costumes andgears required for swimming?Level 2Baby Hazel has reached to her swimming class. Help her to dress upin swim costumes and accessories. Darling Hazel is fond of food, somake sure she does not do over eating.Level 3Baby Hazel with all her safety gears is ready to learn how to swim.Oh! But darling Hazel is bit scared to get into the pool. Convinceher to get into pool and help her to follow instructions of uncleJames.Level 4Baby Hazel has very well learned basic swimming steps and now it'stime to learn the final steps. Help Hazel to carefully follow theinstructions given by her instructor and become expertise inswimming.Play Baby Hazel Swimming Time game online on Topbabygames at : Baby Hazel Swimming Time game online on Babyhazelgames at : video at : us – us – us –
Baby Hazel Dolphin Tour 8
Kids can play Baby Hazel Dolphin Park game forfree.Hurray! There is a surprise holiday treat for Baby Hazel. Hazel andher family have flown to visit a Dolphin Park, to explore theamazing world of dolphins. Go along with them to interact withdolphins and enjoy spectacular show of these incredible creatures.Play with the dolphins and learn interesting facts about them. Havea blissful day with Baby Hazel and her family at the DolphinPark!
Baby Hazel Learns Vehicles 17
Play Baby Hazel learns Vehicles gameapplication on your favorite android device.Game Description:It is another day at Baby Hazel’s preschool. Today Baby Hazel andher friends are going to learn about vehicles in their preschool.Help darling Baby Hazel to pack her school bag and then drop her tothe school bus. Join Baby Hazel and her friends in the preschooland explore varieties of toys and games related to vehicles. Bewith the little kids during their snacks time and help them tolearn snacking etiquette. Finally enjoy fun ride on different toyvehicles with Baby Hazel and her friends. Wish you a blissful dayat Baby Hazel’s preschool.Play Baby Hazel games online Baby Hazel Games Application on your android device from:
Baby Hazel Pet Party 7
Yippee... It is time for the pets to Party.Play this game to enjoy pet party with Baby Hazel and her friendsalong with their pets. Let us dress up the pets with pet costumesand accessories. Feed them their favorite food. Let us arrange aparty for them to play with other pets. Also enjoy a Pet Show wherepets perform to display their skills. Have a blasting pet partywith Team Baby Hazel and their pets.
Baby Hazel Dental Care 30
Now you can play Baby Hazel Dental Care gameon your favorite smart phone for free.Baby Hazel is fond of candies. She eats too many. Because of thisour little angel has got toothache. Darling Hazel needs urgenttreatment for her dental problem. As Mom is out for shopping, canyou help her to get rid of the ache by taking her to dentist? Goalong with Hazel to the dentist. Let the dentist treat her for thetoothache. Oh yes, don't forget to note down dentist's advice onoral hygiene. It is very important to live a healthy life.Play this game to learn more about how to care for your teeth. Bewith Hazel and help her understand how to care for her teeth,tongue and gums.You can also play this game on your favorite browser on desktop
Baby Hazel Leg Injury 10
Ouch! Baby Hazel got hurt on her leg. Hope itis not fractured. In this game you get a chance to take care ofBaby Hazel in her needy times by treating a wound on her leg. Sowhy waiting? Join Baby Hazel and her Mom in this cute game andstart playing.First of all join Baby Hazel and her pet puppy Bruno in thebackyard play. Later give a first aid to Baby Hazel by washing thewounded area and applying band-aid. Later take her to doctor andnote down his advice and prescriptions. Follow medications anddoctor's advice to heal Baby Hazel's wound till she gets normal.Enjoy!Also Baby Hazel Leg Injury available on desktop browser
Baby Hazel Science Fair 6
Kids can play Baby Hazel Science Fair game andexplore science experiments.It’s time to explore some interesting scientificexperiments!Baby Hazel and her friends study about a few creative scienceprojects in their science class. Teacher has requested every kid tomake an innovative scientific model to represent their class at theScience Fair presentation. Dad helps Baby Hazel in designing a veryinnovative scientific model showcasing an erupting volcano.Baby Hazel and her friends are excited about their classpresentation at the Science Fair. Mia makes a model to showcaselava lamp, Akito gives a presentation on invisible ink and Andrewdesigns a model to showcase formation of rainbow. Darling Hazelgives a presentation on erupting volcano.Teacher announces Baby Hazel as the winner as she had made a veryinnovative scientific model of an erupting volcano. She gets anaward and certificate for her model and would be representing herclass at the Science Fair.
Baby Hazel Pet Hospital 8
Baby Hazel and her friends pets are Injured.They need urgent medical attention. We need your skills!! Make thelittle pets feel better by giving them best medical treatment. Userequired medical tools for diagnosis and treatment in your very ownhospital.It’s holiday today! Baby Hazel and her friends along with theirpets are at the park to enjoy fun rides and games. Oh! But it seemsas if pets are not comfortable with each other. They had a pettyfight and have scratched each other. Rush to the hospital formedical treatment of pets! Enjoy skipping and merry-go-round ride at the park Pets had a petty fight; used their pointed nails to scratch eachother Rush to hospital, all pets are injured Apply ointment on wound of little rabbit and place funky plasteron it Make kitten feel better by giving her excellent dental care Bird’s leg is fractured; carefully apply cast on it Grab the sponge and soap to bathe Tommy dog Injured pets get panic as they see medical tools! Help Hazel andher friends to comfort them during their medical treatment Easy game play with beautiful illustrations and animationsBest ever pet doctor game; heal injured pets of Hazel and herfriends! Download now!!!
Baby Hazel Hand Fracture 14
Play Baby Hazel Hand Fracture game for free.Get medical treatment to cure..Bad day for Baby Hazel! Darling Hazel has fractured her right handwhile climbing up a table. She needs an urgent orthopedic treatmentto heal the fracture. Can you be with little Hazel during her mostneedy time? Go along with her to the doctor to get the plasterdone. As she cannot move her hand, you need to fulfill her basicneeds at home such as bathing and feeding. Make sure little Hazelis well cared so that healing happens as quickly as possible.Play Baby Hazel Hand fracture game for free on Top Baby Gamesat: Baby Hazel Hand fracture game for free on Baby Hazel Gamesat: video of Baby Hazel Hand Fracture game on our YouTube channelat:
Baby Hazel Learn Seasons 7
Today Baby Hazel's teacher is going tointroduce a new concept to her students and it is about "SEASONS".So, she has planned various activities, games and assignments.Doesn't it sound interesting? If yes, come and join Baby Hazel andfriends and help them learn different seasons by assisting them incompleting different activities and creative school assignments.Have a fun-filled seasons learning session with Baby Hazel!First of all help her to identify the season by looking at apicture. Then help her to solve a seasonal tree puzzle. Next assistBaby Hazel to dress up teddy in seasonal costumes and accessories.Finally, join Baby Hazel to make a creative and beautiful winterseason craft.Hurry up! Now you can make Baby Hazel Learn Seasons App kids safe!Go Premium to remove advertisements and interrupting popups fromthe game at the lowest price.
Baby Hazel Sports Day 9
It’s Sports Day today! Will Baby Hazel leadher team to victory???Take part in Sports Day games with Baby Hazel! Help her to practicefor the competitive games and win trophy and medal. Baby HazelSports Day lets you play highly games such as Frisbee throw,soccer, bowling and a lot more.Its Sports Day today at Baby Hazel’s preschool. She needs a lot ofpractice so that she can put her best performance forward on Sportsday. Can you help and prepare her for the event? Join the kids onSports Day to enjoy and play different competitive games. Its RedVelvet Team Vs Blueberry! Let’s see which team wins thetrophy.• Wake up Baby Hazel and convince her to get ready for hertryouts• Practice time with dear Dad.• She is getting late for her school! Help Hazel to quickly dressup in sports day costume and accessories• Kids are excited and a bit nervous as well! Help them to playdifferent competitive sports day games• Watch kids putting all efforts to play well and win trophy. Butwhich team will win? Play and see!Let’ see how much you know about sports? Download the game and HelpHazel to win the Sports Day trophy.Visit us – us – us – -
Baby Hazel Makeover Games 17
Fashion! Makeup! Glamour! And our darling BabyHazel!Baby Hazel makeover games pack is packed with 5 fun and interactivemakeover games that will keep your kid entertained and happy. Hereyou get a chance to style up Hazel and give her stunning looks fordifferent occasions.Game features:• 5 Baby Hazel makeover games inside one pack• No pop ups and intruding Ads• Requires less space on your device for installation• Easy to access 5 fun-packed games from a single AppFun factors in makeover games:• Good looking outfits to dress up Baby Hazel• Awesome accessory collection to complete her pretty look• Finest range of makeup shades to apply to Hazel• Watch Hazel as flower girl, Ballerina dance performer, supermodel and many moreSneak peek into makeover games:• Baby Hazel spa makeoverHelp Baby Hazel to look stunning at Kayla’s birthday party. Prepareflavored face pack and give facial to see her face glowing andsoft. Pick trendy party outfit and accessories for her. Style upHazel with attractive makeup and nail art and accessories for herhands and feet.• Baby Hazel winter fashionIt’s time for Baby Hazel to rock the ramp at Preschool WinterFashion show. Help her to pick trendiest outfits and accessories.Get her ready for different rounds of show. Watch Hazel and friendswalks the ramp gracefully!• Baby Hazel fancy dress“Birds and Animals” themed fancy dress is organized at Baby Hazel’spreschool. Dress her up in peacock costume and accessories. Applysuitable makeup to give her a perfect peacock look.• Baby Hazel Ballerina danceDress up Baby Hazel in flower girl costume and accessories. Pick anelegant gown and matching pair of accessories to dress her up.Create an amazing hairdo using beautiful hair accessories.• Baby Hazel flower girlBaby Hazel is enrolled to Ballerina dance class. Pamper littleprincess with refreshing shower. Dress her up in graceful Ballerinacostumes and accessories. Convince little princess to learn dancewithout getting nervous.
Baby Hazel Carnival Fair 4
Welcome to Carnival fair!!!We all love enjoying at funfair, especially the kids. So getready to explore the city's popular Carnival Fair with Baby Hazel,Matt and grandpa. Enjoy toy train ride and a lot of fun-filledgames and activities at the funfair.Today, Baby Hazel and Matt are visiting Carnival Fair along withgrandpa. Would you like to join them to have a lot of fun at thefair? Go along with siblings to city's popular Carnival Fair. Visitthe food stall to feast on your favorite food. Enjoy playingfun-filled and challenging games of your choice. A lot to enjoy andexplore at Carnival Fair! So get ready!!!Entertainment activities at Carnival Fair:♥ Make Matt Happy - Buy colorful balloons for Matt. He wants toplay with it!♥♥ Enjoy toy train ride - Take Baby Hazel, Matt and grandpa for ajoyful toy train ride♥♥ Visit food stall for feasting – Make popcorn for Hazel and givecandy to Matt♥♥ Play fun challenging games - Play and enjoy various fun gameswith Hazel to win a gift.Get thrilled with games such as:>Water Gun>Kiddies Striker>Pitch Burst>Spin-A-Win♥♥ Amazing stalls at fair for kids to enjoy. Make sure Hazel doesnot miss any of them♥♥♥♥Download the app now and explore colorful Carnival Fair withHazel!!!♥♥♥Play Baby Hazel Carnival Ride game online on Topbabygames at: Baby Hazel Carnival Ride game online on Babyhazelgames at: subscribe to Youtube Channel for Baby Hazel Videos: us – us – us –
Baby Hazel Learns Colors 9
Play Baby Hazel Learns Colors game for free onyour android device.It is time for Baby Hazel to learn to identify different colors.Let us join Hazel in her color learning session. First of all helpher in doll’s makeover. Then join her to make different coloredfrosting and decorate a rainbow cake. Finally, enjoy filling rightshades in a picture and make a hand painting.Give makeover to doll:Baby Hazel's uncle had gifted doll makeover set to her. Help Hazelin dressing up her doll in matching pair of costumes andaccessories.Prepare different color frostingBaby Hazel has to prepare different colored frosting, which isrequired for decorating a rainbow cake. Can you help littleprincess in preparing colored frosting?Decorate rainbow cakeBaby Hazel enjoyed learning color mixing and preparing coloredfrosting. Now it’s time to decorate rainbow cake. Help Hazel topick right shades of frosting for cake decoration.Enjoy hand painting and picture coloringWow! Now it is time to have some fun while painting a picture andmaking hand painting. Join Hazel to help her in picking rightshades for coloring a picture and making hand painting. Havefun!!Play Baby Hazel Learns Colors game online on TopBabyGames at: Baby Hazel Learns Colors game online on BabyHazelGames at: video at : us – us – us –
Baby Hazel Helping Time 7
♥♥Assist Baby Hazel helping her family incompleting their routine tasks♥♥So, kids get ready to help Baby Hazel to be caring and lovingtowards her family. Assist her in completing different activitiesso that mom and dad appreciates her efforts.Now watch Baby Hazel lends a helping hand to her family. Shewants to help her family in their daily chores. Can you guide her?Assist Hazel in helping mom and dad in completing differentactivities. While mom is busy in kitchen, help Hazel to look afterMatt and fulfills all his requirements.♥♥Awesome game features to enjoy ♥♥ :☛ Help Hazel to look after Matt – Mom is busy! Help Hazel to give aplayful time to Matt and give him whatever he asks for☛ Tidy up playroom – Help Hazel to make playroom pleasant and keepall the things at their place☛ Assist Hazel in helping dad - Dad is getting late for office!Assist Hazel in packing dad's office bag and ironing hisoutfits☛ Wash Car – Oh! Dad's car is so dirty and he has to go to office.Assist Hazel in washing dad's car so that he does not get late forthe office☛ Make Garage tidy – Whoops! Garage is a complete mess. Help Hazelto clear all the mess and make it clean and tidy☛ Now make mom happy – Assist Hazel in washing utensils and makemom happyPlay Baby Hazel Helping Time game online on Topbabygames at: Baby Hazel Helping Time online on Babyhazelgames at : subscribe to YouTube Channel for Baby Hazel Videos: us – us – us – this adorable app loaded with a lot of fun-filledactivities! Kid will learn how to lend helping hand to their familywhile they play this game. They will develop a habit of helpingtheir family and understand how tough it is to complete dailytasks.
Baby Hazel Friendship Day 2
Happy Friendship Day kids. Play Baby HazelFriendship Day Game for free. Party, fun activities and outdoorpicnic with friends. Enjoy.Baby Hazel is very affectionate towards her friends. ThisFriendship Day, help Baby Hazel and friends celebrate this joyfulday with their new friend, Kenny.It's time to celebrate Friendship Day! Join Baby Hazel friendsto celebrate joyful friendship Day by gifting each other friendshipbracelets, enjoy a fun-filled day out, play games, enjoy tastytreats and a lot more. So, this Friendship Day, celebrate thisjoyful occasion with Hazel and friends. Happy Friendship Day!Help Hazel to socialize with her new friend – Kenny has joined BabyHazel's preschool. Help Hazel and friends to socialize with himDecorate party venue – Hazel and friends are hosting aFriendship Day party for their new friend, Kenny. Let's help thekids to decorate party venueMake friendship bracelets - Help Hazel to make colorful beadedfriendship bracelets and gift them to her friendsEnjoy fun-filled day out – Wow! Teacher has arranged a day outfor kids. Be with kids to enjoy thrilling rides at funfair andrelish upon yummy treats.Baby Hazel Friendship Day is filled with a lot of fun andinteractive activities. Download the app now!Play Baby Hazel Friendship Day game online on Topbabygames at: Baby Hazel Friendship Day online on Babyhazelgames at: subscribe to Youtube Channel for Baby Hazel Videos:89 us – us – us –
Baby Hazel Princess Makeover 12
♚♔♚Glam up Baby Hazel with princessmakeover!♚♔♚Play this fun dress up app to give Baby Hazel a perfect princessmakeover. Visit the princess castle with Hazel in this interactivemakeover game. Pick the best elegant gown to make Hazel look mostgorgeous and fabulous princess. Add accessories and jewelry thatperfectly match with Hazel's outfits.Download this princess dress up app to enjoy joyful hours offashion loaded with engaging interactions. Give her awesomeprincess makeover with royal gown, fab hairstyle, decent makeup andstone-studded ornaments.♚♚Awesome game features:♚♚♚♔♚ VISIT MYSTERY PRINCESS CASTLE - Explore the princess castlewith Hazel. Meet Genie and grab a magic wand to solve puzzles inmystery rooms of castle!!!♚♔♚ CREATE AMAZING HAIRDO - Create fabulous hairstyles that bestsuits our darling Hazel♚♔♚ MAKEUP FUN - Stunning makeup choices! Various attractive shadesof lipsticks, eyeliners and mascara to apply on Hazel♚♔♚ DRESS UP HAZEL - Royal gowns for Hazel! Change dresses untilyou find the perfect one for her♚♔♚ CUSTOMIZE JEWELRY - Design ornaments as per your choice! Pickcolorful beads to design tiara, earrings, necklace and bracelet andgift them to HazelPlay Baby Hazel Princess Makeover game online on Topbabygames Baby Hazel Princess Makeover game online on Babyhazelgames at: subscribe to Youtube Channel for Baby Hazel Videos : us – us – us –
Baby Hazel Baby Care Games 9
Kids, here is your Baby Hazel Baby Caringgames pack. This game pack contains 9 popular fun-filledBaby Hazel Baby Caring games.List of games available in this pack are:* Help Hazel about dental hygiene in Baby Hazel Brush Timegame* Baby Hazel Newborn Baby* Baby Hazel Sibling Care* Baby Hazel Sibling Trouble* Baby Hazel Skin Care* Baby Hazel Hair Care* Baby Hazel Royal Bath* Baby Hazel Kitchen Fun* Baby Hazel Bed Time
Baby Hazel Newborn Vaccination 14
“Matt has to be vaccinated today. Help Hazelto get him ready for the hospital. Be quick or else kids will missdoctor’s appointment”Newborn baby is a new life, who requires a lot of care, love andaffection. Let’s join Hazel to help her in taking every care ofMatt without making him cry.Today Matt has to be vaccinated. Mom has asked Hazel to help her inreadying Matt for the hospital. Let’s join Hazel and assist her incompleting baby care activities. Give Matt a quick shower and dresshim up in nice looking costumes and accessories. Appointment isfixed so don’t be late and reach hospital on time.Games features:• Help Hazel to wake up Matt; but don’t make him cry• Prepare a bath tub for infant• Give gentle shower to Matt using mild soap and shampoo• Pick the most comfortable dress for Matt• Be careful while dressing him up; Matt is too delicate• At hospital, pamper cute little Matt with toys as he may cryafter being vaccinatedLoaded with interactive activities, Baby Hazel Newborn Vaccinationis truly all time favorite game!!!Visit us – us – us – -
Baby Hazel Sibling Surprise 7
Baby Matt is the youngest in Baby Hazel'sfamily. Every one in Hazel's family love him so much. Today littleprincess Baby Hazel is very excited to take are of her littlebrother. She wants to keep him smiling by fulfilling all hisrequirements. Can you help Hazel in completing baby care activitiesso that mom and granny appreciate her efforts?So get ready to enjoy adorable baby care game! Here you get achance to take care of Matt along with Hazel. Look into Baby Matt’sneed and keep him happy. Change his nappy when it is soiled. Feedhim and play with him. Wow! Granny has brought a baby gym. AssistHazel in setting it up so that Matt can play in it. Go shoppingwith Hazel and granny to purchase colorful decoration items. HelpHazel in decorating Matt’s room beautifully.Game features:• Matt has soiled his nappy! Assist Hazel in changing it• Make Matt feel fresh…dress him up in cute-looking outfits andaccessories• Feed hungry Matt• Set up baby gym! Little Matt wants to play• Drive to shopping mall! Shop for baby decorations items• Decorate Matt’s room to make it pleasant and lively• Watch Matt happy to see colorful interiors of his roomVisit us – us – us – -
Baby Hazel Daycare 5
You can play Baby Hazel Daycare game online Baby Hazel Daycare game on GooglePlay :, Baby Hazel and Matt will stay at daycare. Their parents arevisiting nearby town for some important work. So mom is droppingadorable siblings at daycare. Hazel first dress up herself in herfavorite outfits. She then picks nice looking outfits for Matt andgets him ready. Hazel and family then drives to daycare.As it's their first visit at daycare, nanny tries to keep siblingshappy. Hazel and Matt enjoys joyful rides and play with colorfultoys. Nanny prepares delicious food for siblings and feeds them.Later, some more kids join Hazel and Matt.Kids introduces themselves to each other and interacts with eachother. Nanny gives them a playful time. She helps the kids to playdifferent games such as Passing the Parcel and Guess MissingObject. Hazel dances, Carlos performs funny act and Candie narratesa nursery rhyme.It's evening and mom is back. Hazel and Matt are happy that momhave come to pick them.Baby Hazel and Matt enjoys their stay at daycare to thefullest!Please subscribe to Youtube Channel for more Baby Hazel Videos: Baby Hazel Games Videos :Baby Hazel Fashion Star : Hazel Musical Melody : Hazel Musical Melody Premium : to facebook at :
Baby Hazel Sibling Care 33
Kids can play Baby Hazel Sibling Care game forfree on your android device.Baby Hazel loves her little brother, baby Matt very much. Mom isbusy in kitchen so she has asked Baby Hazel to entertain Baby Mattand look after him. Join Hazel in taking care of her little brotherby fulfilling all his needs and playing with him. Also help Hazelin feeding her brother yummy food and milk. Finally, when it isbedtime, help Hazel in making Matt asleep by narrating interestingstories for him. Have a great fun with Baby Hazel and BabyMatt.
Baby Hazel Party Games 14
Whats New!!!Little Princess Baby Hazel celebrated her 3rd Birthday. Take partin Baby Hazel's 3rd birthday party by playing Baby Hazel BirthdayParty game for free.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hurry!! All Baby Hazel Party games in one pack. Kids can play BabyHazel Party Games on android device for free.List of Baby Hazel Party Games:* Baby Hazel Garden Party* Baby Hazel Tea Party* Baby Hazel Beach Party* Baby Hazel Birthday PartyMany more games to come........
Baby Hazel Puppy Care 5
Pamper and take care of adorable puppy, Brunowith Baby Hazel!!!Play, feed and bathe Bruno! He is really so cute. Play with him,enjoy day out shopping with him, build and paint dog house and alot more more fun activities to enjoy and play in this app. Sodownload the game and enjoy taking care of adorable Bruno.Baby Hazel adores her pet puppy, Bruno a lot. Little Bruno istoo naughty and cute to be looked after. Have fun feeding andbathing naughty Bruno. Join Hazel to pamper Bruno and surprise himby making a beautiful doghouse for him.Awesome game features :Bathe Bruno – Help Hazel to give Bruno a bubbly bath. Dry and brushhis fur gentlyBruno's Mealtime – Cute little Bruno is very foodie! Give him yummytreatShopping Time – Hazel wants to build kennel for Bruno. Go alongwith Hazel to shop for required stuffBuild and Paint Kennel - Go creative and help Hazel to build abeautiful kennel for Bruno. Pick shades of your choice to paintit.So, kids download this app to look after adorable puppy,Bruno!!!Play Baby Hazel Puppy Care game online on Topbabygames at: Baby Hazel Puppy Care online on Babyhazelgames at : subscribe to Youtube Channel for Baby Hazel Videos: us – us – us –
Baby Hazel Holiday Games 15
Hurray!! Baby Hazel Holiday Games Pack isupdated with newest games. You get to play a total of 10 HolidayGames in this Games Pack App. Download now.Celebrate festive holidays with Baby Hazel!Baby Hazel holiday games pack is wrapped with 7 interactive gamesthat will keep you engaged for hours. Here you get a chance tospend your festive vacations in fun way with adorable Hazel. Enjoydifferent fun-filled activities and games during joyful festivalcelebrations.Game features:• 10 Baby Hazel party games inside one pack• No pop ups and intruding Ads• Requires less space on your device for installation• Easy to access 7 fun-packed games from a single AppHoliday games to enjoy:• Baby Hazel Thanksgiving FunBaby Hazel and family plans to celebrate Thanksgiving Day at hergrandparents’ home. Help Hazel and her grandparents’ in festivepreparations. Join the family on dining table to relish onThanksgiving dinner.• Baby Hazel Gingerbread HouseJoin Baby Hazel in renovating Gingerbread house. Repair gingerbreadhouse, create Gingerbread girl, build swimming pool, repair candytoy train and decorate Christmas tree.• Baby Hazel Christmas TimeBaby Hazel throws a Christmas Party for her friends. Help Hazel inparty preparations and bake Christmas special cake. Finally, jointhe kids in their merrymaking on Christmas.• Baby Hazel New Year PartyUncle John has invited Baby Hazel and family for New Year party atan Ice Castle. Help Hazel to pack her bags and board cruise linerto reach castle. Enjoy dancing, feasting and fun-filled games atsnowy New Year party with Hazel.• Baby Hazel Thanksgiving DayBaby Hazel is excited to celebrate Thanksgiving Day. Hergrandparents are also joining her for Thanksgiving dinner. Helpdarling Hazel to collect fresh staples from farm and preparedelicious dinner.• Baby Hazel Halloween CraftsIts Halloween craft making day in Baby Hazel’s preschool. HelpHazel to make Halloween crafts and design Halloween costumes forthe day. Decorate the class and participate in Halloween craftcompetition with Hazel and friend.• Baby Hazel Halloween PartyGet ready for fun, scary and spooky Halloween season with BabyHazel and friends! Indulge in favorite trick or treat adventure andmany other Halloween activities with kids.Baby Hazel is a 3 year old toddler. Beautiful, intelligent and funloving. Do you want to be friend with Baby Hazel? Go along withBaby Hazel to have fun with her, Learn everything in fun way withcute little Baby Hazel by playing Baby Hazel Games. These games areeasy to play and grab any child's attention
Baby Hazel Fathers Day 5
Download and enjoy the best kids game forFather's Day. Dear Kids, Father's Day is the time when you let yourdad know how much they mean to you!Plenty of Father's Day activities inside the game, for you toenjoy and cherish. The game shows you the beautiful relationshipbetween Hazel and her daddy.Watch Hazel perform a number of mini activities with Daddy inthe game. Also, enter into the mystery land of Candies and find outhidden alphabets with Hazel. Watch Hazel surprise her dad with abeautiful Father's Day pop up card.Make and serve different ice creams by mixing chocolate syrup,cookies, candies and other ingredients. Watch Hazel celebrateFather's Day on 21st June with Matt, mom and her dad!AND....Don't miss to play beautiful Father's Day tunes dedicatedto all loving fathers. A perfect song for kids of all ages tocelebrate Father's Day.❤❤❤Awesome game features:✭ ✯ ✰FUNNY LITTLE MINI GAMES – A lot of mini games and activitiesfor Hazel and dad. From joining train tracks to playing differentgames✭ ✯ ✰CELEBRATE FATHER'S DAY- Celebrate this Father's Day withHazel, dad, mom and Matt!✭ ✯ ✰FIND A POP UP CARD FOR DAD- Be the darling of your dad andgift him a cute little Father's Day pop up greeting card!✭ ✯ ✰EXPLORE CANDY-LAND – Find hidden alphabets in candy land towin Father's Day gift✭ ✯ ✰BEAUTIFULLY CRAFTED 6 BACKGROUNDS- Enjoy playing games in sixeye catchy backgrounds✭ ✯ ✰CHOOSE A FLAVOR FOR YOUR ICE CREAM- Chocolate? Vanilla?Strawberry? Scoop it out! And mix up all sorts of different flavorswith chocolate, gems and more...Play Baby Hazel Fathers Day game online on Topbabygames at Baby Hazel Fathers Day game online on Babyhazelgames at: subscribe to Youtube Channel for Baby Hazel Videos:
Baby Hazel Annual Day 9
Enjoy spectacular shows during Annual Daycelebration at Baby Hazel's preschool!Hurray! Annual Day is organized at Baby Hazel's preschool. Hazeland her friends are excited to celebrate this grand day andpracticing for their dance and other performances. So, let's jointhe kids to help them to practice for Annual Day and give awesomeperformance onstage.Awesome games features:Kids practicing for Annual Day – Help kids to practice dance onnursery rhymeShopping fun with Hazel – Accompany Hazel and Jake to Fashion storeand make sure kids pick all the required essentialsDress up Hazel for Annual Day – Show off your creative skills andgive a perfect look of clown to HazelKids dance on nursery rhyme – Watch kids dancing on nurseryrhymeImpressive solo performance – It's time for kids to give soloperformance. Help adorable kids to act confidently onstage.Baby Hazel Annual Day is filled with a lot of interactive and funactivities to enjoy. So, download the app now!Play Baby Hazel Annual Day game online on Topbabygames at : Baby Hazel Annual Day online on Babyhazelgames at : subscribe to Youtube Channel for Baby Hazel Videos : us – us – us –
Baby Hazel Doctor Games Lite 16
Good news. Kids can play all Baby Hazel DoctorGames in a bundle.Features:*8 Baby Hazel Doctor Games inside one game* Kids friendly, hours of game play* Requires less space on your device for installation compared toindividual installation of games.* Easy to access 8 games from a single App.Games in this Baby Hazel Doctor Games pack are:1. Baby Hazel Gum Care [ NEW GAME]2. Baby Hazel Hand Fracture3. Baby Hazel Skin Trouble4. Baby Hazel Leg Injury5. Baby Hazel Stomach Trouble6. Baby Hazel Doctor Play7. Baby Hazel Dental Care8. Baby Hazel Goes Sick
Baby Hazel Fun Time 9
Imagine caring an 8 month old Baby Hazel. Howexciting it is to be with the cute little baby and caring her. Shecan bring smiles in any one. She can cherish you with her beautyand innocence.Here you get a chance to take care of cute little baby, BabyHazel. Change her diapers, feed her healthy milk and play with her.If you don't know how to do all these, there are hints to help youout with the job. Learn to change nappies and a hygienic way ofbottle feeding is what you learn from this game. What more.. Hereyou go.One more thing, be quick in your tasks, otherwise Baby Hazel maycry and you lose game. Good luck!You can also play this game on your favorite browser on yourdesktop here.
Baby Hazel Family Picnic 6
Hurray! Baby Hazel and family are going for apicnic. Play games, enjoy fun-filled activities and a lot more toenjoy with family at picnic spot. So, kids let's go along with BabyHazel to have a lot fun and spend leisure time playing games,visiting amusement stall and food stalls.Dad has organized a family picnic! Mom is busy feeding Matt. Hazelneeds your help in packing picnic basket so that she does not missany of essentials. Can you help her? Then go along with Hazel andher family to one of the most beautiful picnic spots to enjoyfun-filled games and activities.Awesome game features :Pack picnic basket – Help Baby Hazel to pack all the requiredessentials in the picnic basketSnacking time – Mom has packed delicious snacks for all. Servesnacks to mom, dad and HazelVisit food stalls – Take Hazel to her favorite food stall and giveher whatever she asks forEnjoy fun games – Play Whack-a-rabbit, 'Lime and spoon' race and alot more games with Hazel and familyIt's photo shoot time – So many beautiful and funny cut-outs areavailable! Watch Hazel and family posing for camera.For picnicking with adorable Baby Hazel and her family, downloadthe app now!Play Baby Hazel Family Picnic game online on Topbabygames at: Baby Hazel Family Picnic online on Babyhazelgames at : subscribe to Youtube Channel for Baby Hazel Videos : us – us – us –
Baby Hazel Doctor Play 12
Play Baby Hazel Doctor Play game on your smartphone.Mom has got a new Doctors Play Kit to her daughter Baby Hazel. Shealso bought a new teddy bear. Naughty Katy is too jealous and couldnot see Hazel cuddling her new teddy. She tore the new teddybear.
Baby Hazel Musical Melody 6
Let your child discover different types of musical instruments withthis fun app for free. You can also upgrade to Premium No Adsversion if you like the Musical Melody App.A great collection of instruments for little toddlers areavailable in the game! Kids can pick any instrument of their choiceand enjoy playing it. Put your brain to work and solve interestingmusical puzzle and quiz to earn rewards.Join Baby Hazel in her music class to explore various types ofmusical instruments. Enjoy solving a musical puzzle to earnrewards. Learn to play musical instruments in a fun andentertaining way. Enjoy playing interesting nursery rhymes onRhodes piano and lot more to explore and enjoy!!!Game features:♫ Fix the broken instruments♫ Learn to play different types of musical instruments♫ Grab interesting information related to musical instruments♫ Solve musical quiz and puzzle to earn rewards♫ Pick the musical instrument you like to play and producemelodious tunes♫ Learn to play nursery rhymes of your choice on Rhodes piano♫ Lot many musical instruments to play - Rhodes piano, xylophone,drums, flute, pan flute, saxophone, guitar, harp, violin, Maracas,trumpetHave fun playing musical instrument with Baby Hazel!!!Visit us – us – us – -
Baby Hazel Spa Bath 8
Kids can play Baby Hazel Spa Bath game forfree.Wow! It is Spa time! Here you get a chance to make Baby Hazel happyby giving her a Spa Bath. But as a first thing let us pick theingredients from kitchen and prepare different flavors of bath mix. Then, rejuvenate Baby Hazel's skin cells by giving her differentflavored baths. Keep Hazel's spa bath relaxing and enjoyable byfulfilling her needs on time. Happy Spa time with Baby Hazel!
Baby Hazel Birthday Party 10
Kids can play Baby Hazel Birthday Party gamefor free on android device.Most awaited time has arrived. Guess what? Baby Hazel turns 3today, so it is party time again!Cute little angel, Baby Hazel needs to get ready for her birthdayparty. Help her to get ready for the party. Join Baby Hazel andfriends in the birthday party and enjoy different activities.Finally be on her side when she cuts her birthday cake.Have loads of fun celebrating birthday with Baby Hazel and friends.Enjoy!!
Baby Hazel Fairyland 8
Enjoy a delightful journey to magicalfairyland with Baby Hazel!!!Welcome to Baby Hazel Fairyland! It's a fun and magical game loadedwith exciting activities.Baby Hazel wants to explore fairyland. A magician is ready to sendher to fairyland for a pink flower in return. Go along with Hazelto fairyland and help her in finding the pink flower by completingfun-filled tasks.In fairyland, join Baby Hazel to build different artifacts. TakeHazel for joyful rides and a lot more fun-filled and interactiveactivities to play and enjoy in the game. So get ready to exploremagical fairyland, where you come across many delightfulsurprises.Awesome game features :Watch Amazing Magic Show – Enjoy fabulous magic show with Hazel.Watch magician performing amazing magic tricksSearch For Pink Flower In Fairyland – Enjoy a surprise trip tofairyland with Hazel. Help the little angel to hunt for pink flowerin magical fairyland.Have Fun Building Different Artifacts – Help Hazel to build brokenartifact. Also take Hazel for a joyful toy train ride and carriagerideGet The Pink Flower – Help Baby Hazel to blossom pink flower withmagical fountain water and then gift it to magicianDownload the app now! Many surprises awaits Baby Hazel and you infairyland!Play Baby Hazel Fairyland game online on Topbabygames at : Baby Hazel Fairyland online on Babyhazelgames at : subscribe to Youtube Channel for Baby Hazel Videos : us – us – us –
Baby Hazel Photoshoot 8
It's photo shoot time for Baby Hazel!Uncle Adam is launching a Kids Fashion magazine. He wants to clicksome excellent photos of Baby Hazel for his magazine. All she needis stylish outfits, some makeup and a fabulous hairdo. Be a stylistto Hazel and give her fab looks.Baby Hazel is excited for her photo shoot! She needs your help ingetting ready for her photo shoot. Sew trendy outfits for Hazelthat best suits her personality. Then create a fab hairstyle andapply some glittery makeup to little princess. Finally, help Hazelto give perfect poses for camera.Awesome game features :Dress up Baby Hazel – Sew stylish outfits for Hazel and then dressher up.Style up Baby Hazel - Create a fabulous new hairstyle forHazel.It's Makeup time! - Stunning makeup choices are available. Pickglittery makeup shades of your choice to apply on Baby Hazel.Help Hazel to pose – Help Baby Hazel to give awesome poses forcamera using the prop.Play Baby Hazel Photo Shoot game online on Topbabygames at : Baby Hazel Photo Shoot online on Babyhazelgames at : subscribe to Youtube Channel for Baby Hazel Videos : us – us – us –
Baby Hazel Tree House 7
Kids can Play Baby Hazel Tree House game forfree.It's time to explore the mystery Tree House with Baby Hazel!Hey! Kids join Baby Hazel for a Tree House adventure filled with alot of surprises and fun-filled activities. Explore the three roomsof Tree House and hep her to find her lost ball.Baby Hazel enjoys playing baseball with her pet, Honey Bunnyalongside the Tree House. Oh no! Hazel hits the ball hard and itenters the Tree House. Let's go along with Hazel inside the houseand help her to hunt for her lost ball. All three rooms in houseare filled with a lot of interactive and fun-filled activities toenjoy. So, join Baby Hazel in her Tree House adventure and help herin finding the ball.Tons of fun activities to enjoy in Tree House :Foodie's Hub – Prepare and serve Hazel tasty fruits salad andchilled drinksFloral Delights - Help Hazel to blossom the flowers by wateringthem. Care for cute little birds and ducklings and feed them.Shoe House – Assist Hazel in renovating hanging wooden bridge andreach the Shoe houseLet's see if you can find the ball with Hazel in this mystery TreeHouse or not. Have fun!!!Download the app now to enjoy fun-filled Tree House adventure withBaby Hazel!Play Baby Hazel Tree House game online on Topbabygames at : Baby Hazel Tree House online on Babyhazelgames at : subscribe to Youtube Channel for Baby Hazel Videos : us – us – us –
Baby Hazel Kitchen Time 13
Play Baby Hazel Kitchen Time game on yourandroid device for free.Baby Hazel is very much interested to try something at the kitchen.So today our little angel has decided to make her afternoon meal.Can you be of her help in preparing delicious meal for her. As afirst thing, shop for required ingredients, tools and utensils toprepare her food. Then go to kitchen and help her in foodpreparation. Finally set up the food cart and then feed ourprincess with the delicious home made food. Happy Kitchen time withBaby Hazel.
Baby Hazel Alien Friend 4
Play Baby Hazel Alien Friend game for free!Feed, play and take care of cute little alien with Baby Hazel inthis fun app.Guess what! Baby Hazel has a special guest at her house. It'salien! He is a bit scared, messy and hungry too. He has lost hisway to his home and needs your help? Baby Hazel needs your help tolook after the alien and help him to fly back to his homeplanet.So, let's join Baby Hazel to assist her in completing alien careactivities. Feed, play and bathe with him. Also assist Hazel inoperating the spaceship so that little alien can go back to hisplanet safely. Enjoy a joyful time with Baby Hazel and her newfriend, Kasper the alien.Awesome game features :• Play with Alien and watch him dancing to Christmas jingles• Adore little Alien and put him to sleep by playinglullabies• Help Hazel to give him a refreshing shower• Feed him donuts, fruit jelly, pizza and other tasty treats!• Help Hazel to build the spaceship!!!• Assist Hazel in operating the flying controls of spaceship sothat they can reach alien's planet safelySo, kids are you read to spend a blissful day with little Alienand help him to reach his planet safely? Have fun!!!Play Baby Hazel Alien Friend game online on Topbabygames at: Baby Hazel Alien Friend online on Babyhazelgames at : subscribe to Youtube Channel for Baby Hazel Videos: us – us – us – us - Plus -
Baby Hazel Grandparents Day 8
Play Baby Hazel Grandparents Day game forfree. Help Baby Hazel celebrate Grand Parents Day with her grandparents. Enjoy!“Grandparents connects us to the values and history of our family.Let's honor them and celebrate Grandparents' Day to make themhappy”It's time to celebrate Grandparents' Day with Baby Hazel andfriends. On this special occasion, help the kids to show how muchthey love their dearest grandparents.Baby Hazel Grandparents' Day is loaded with a lot of grandparents'games and activities to enjoy. Watch Hazel and friends surprisestheir grandparents with a beautiful grandparents' Day tunes.Baby Hazel's preschool is celebrating Grandparents' Day. Hazel andfriends are invited along with their grandparents. Kids haveprepared dance, magic show and other programmes to entertain theirgrandparents and make them feel happy and special.Fun-filled game features :Awesome mini games – Enjoy playing fun-filled mini games with BabyHazel and her grandpaInvite Grandparents – Help Baby Hazel to invite her grandparentsand surprise them with celebrationSpecial meal for grandparents - Assist Baby Hazel in preparing andserving delicious meal to her grandparents.Make a family tree – Help Baby Hazel to make a family tree andunderstands its meaningEnjoy kids' performances – Watch Hazel and friends giving fabulousperformances and dedicates a special song to theirgrandparents.Play Baby Hazel Grandparents Day game online on Topbabygames at: Baby Hazel Grandparents Day online on Babyhazelgames at: subscribe to Youtube Channel for Baby Hazel Videos : us – us – us –
Baby Hazel Fashion Party 5
Play Baby Hazel Fashion Party game for free!Dress up Baby Hazel and baby Matt in trendiest outfits and jointhem to celebrate Fashion Birthday Party.Cute little siblings are invited for their friend Lilly's birthdayparty. Let's join Baby Hazel and baby Matt to celebrate thebirthday bash with great enthusiasm. Blow balloons, cut cake, enjoyramp walk, yummy feast and a lot more.Baby Hazel and baby Matt are excited to go for a birthday party.Theme of the party is “Fashion Show”. Dress up siblings in stylishoutfits and accessories. Give a stunning makeover to Hazel byapplying decent makeup to her and creating an amazing hairdo forher. Finally, go along with kids to the party and enjoy a lot offun-packed activities and relish upon delicious treats.Enjoy!!!What's inside -Shower Time - Give a bubbly bath to baby Matt! Make his bathingsession fun-filled by offering his favorite toys.Dress up for party- Baby Hazel and baby Matt have their own uniquestyle! Dress up the siblings in trendy outfits andaccessories.Makeover Fun - Apply decent makeup to Hazel and make a perfecthairstyle for the little princess.Enjoy partying with Hazel and friends - Enjoy a fun-filled birthdaybash with siblings and their friends. Relish upon yummy treats,walk the ramp, surprise birthday girl with gifts and a lot more toenjoy at the party.Download this fun app to enjoy a lot of fun-packed activities atFashion Birthday Party with Baby Hazel her friends. Havefun!!!Play Baby Hazel Fashion Party game online on Topbabygames at: Baby Hazel Fashion Party online on Babyhazelgames at : subscribe to Youtube Channel for Baby Hazel Videos : us – us – us – us - Plus -
Baby Hazel Harvest Festival 6
Play Baby Hazel Harvest Festival game forfree. In this game go and celebrate Harvest Festival with BabyHazel.Celebrating Harvest Festival have never been so delightful!Enjoy a lot of fun-packed activities and games at Harvest Festivalwith Baby Hazel.Celebrate the year's popular Harvest Festival with Baby Hazel.Go along with Baby Hazel to Harvest Festival where you canparticipate in apple-eating competition, collect fresh veggies andfruits, enjoy feating and craft activities and much more. So, let'sjoin the little princess to celebrate the grand Harvest Festivaland enjoy a lot of interactive and fun-filled activities.Awesome Games Features :Craft activities – Enjoy making funny faces on pumpkin and ascarecrow to get surprise giftApple World – Enjoy collecting fresh veggies and fruits withBaby Hazel. Help Hazel to win apple-eating competitions and get aprize.Farm Castle – Care for and feed adorable farm animals. Alsoenjoy relishing upon on roasted corn with tangy flavor.Hay Town – Play on bales of Hay, make cute caricatures and enjoya horse ride.A lot more fun-packed activities are waiting for you and BabyHazel at Harvest Festival. Download the app now!Play Baby Hazel Harvest Festival game online on Topbabygames at: Baby Hazel Harvest Festival online on Babyhazelgames at: subscribe to Youtube Channel for Baby Hazel Videos: us – us – us –
Baby Hazel Nature Explorer 3
Play Baby Hazel Nature Explorer game toexplore nature. Miracles and surprises.Go along with Baby Hazel for a Nature Walk to meet some of themost beautiful creatures of nature!!!Baby Hazel and her cousin Ashley are going to explore nature.Ashley has to collect few items from the nature for completing herclass assignment. Help the kids in collecting all objects requiredfor Ashley's class assignment. Then assist them in making creativecrafts and collages using all the collectible items. Also enjoyeating fresh fruits, encounter amazing sea creatures, wild animalsand a lot more.A Nature Walk with Baby Hazel and Ashley introduces you to themost beautiful farm, forest and riverside. So, join the kids for afun-filled nature walk which is truly informative andentertaining!Exciting games features:Pack the bag – Assist Baby Hazel in packing the stuff requiredfor outing.Visit the forest – Enjoy exploring the jungle with Hazel andAshley. Pick all the collectible objects and make creative craftsand collages.Visit the farm - Go to the fields to collect flowers, capturebutterfly life cycle, relish upon juicy sugarcane and a lotmore.Have fun at sea shore - Help kids to collect shells and pebblesand make beautiful crafts using them. Also you will come acrosssome amazing seas creatures!!!Download the app now!!!Play Baby Hazel Nature Explorer game online on Topbabygames at: Baby Hazel Nature Explorer online on Babyhazelgames at: subscribe to Youtube Channel for Baby Hazel Videos: us – us – us –