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Easy Loan Calculator Pro
Easy Loan Calculator Pro: The simple andcomplete all in one loan and mortgage EMI calculator for all whatyou should know about any type of your current or future loans (carloan, personal loan, mortgage...)★★ Exclusive Pro Feature for free: Loan Prepayment Simulation(total or partial) in order to define the best moment to repay therest of your loan ★★Indeed Easy Loan Calculator Pro allows you to:- Calculate Monthly payments (EMI) from duration automaticallywithout clicking a button- Calculate Loan duration from monthly payements.- Know the Interests share in the monthly payments and the globalcost of the loan- Display Insurance ratio in monthly payments and globalpayment.- Display detailed amortization Schedule table.- Export and save Amortization table to Excel File and e-mailit- Simulate an early Loan Repayment (total or partial) in order todefine the best moment to repay the rest or a part of yourloan- Start Date selection in Amortization table and Earlyrepayment- Compute penalties resulting of Loan early repayment- Display graphs of the evolution of the ratio of interests andamortization in monthly payments
My Budget Plan
My Budget Plan is a free complete and easyexpense manager and budget planner to help you organize and keeptrack of all your daily expenditures and income and then have afull control of your moneyIndeed, My Budget Plan gives you , at each moment, your realfinancial situation and if you have enough money to make thispurchase or if that spendings will have any impact on your end ofmonth situation or savings.★★Moreover, My Budget Plan is an easy to use daily expense manager:You just have to introduce punctual or recurring transactions ortransfers and My Budget Plan will do all the rest★★ The Statement Menu gives you the detail of your operations ofthe current, past and next periods to give you an idea of yourdaily expenses and also your projection over the next months to seehow much money you have still available to spend. This statementcan be exported to your device as EXCEL file. You can then compareit to your other financial documents.★★ The Budget Menu allows you to set and track Expense limits andthresholds according to various criteria (account, category andperiods). You can for example define a monthly limit for fueling ora weekly limit for credit card payments. You can then track theevolution of your budgets consumption day by day. Your budget canbe punctual or recurrent such way it will automatically transferredto the next periods. You can define up to ten budgets.★★ The Graphs menu gives you a graphical representation of yourexpenditures and income by category, by account and by time period.It allows you to analyse your expenses and revenues and findexactly when and where your expenditures will, so you can, ifnecessary, address the situation.★★Other features of My Budget Plan expense manager:★★- Create simple or reccurrent operations, and associate them tobank account.- Create multiple bank accounts (with initial balance or no) andmake transfers between them- Categorize your operations using categories lists- Edit or add new categories to better classify expenses, incomeand transfers- When the application starts, see the current total balance overall Accounts- In the statment page click on the operation to edit it ordelete- Use the detailed search page to look for specifictransactions- Manage your recurring operations (standing orders) via a specificpage- 6 languages (English, Español, Français, German, Russian andArabic) and more than 100 currencies- Bonus: Simulate loan and mortgage via a complete Loan Calculationtool with Amortization table and graphs★★ For any question or suggestion, you can send us your request [email protected] We will be pleased to answer you quickly★★
My Kids School (4 Languages) 1.0.2
My Kids School is an educational andentertaining app for kids and also adults :). Very easy to use withbeautiful design to allow your kid to learn the pronunciation andthe spelling of letters, numbers, animals and many objects in 4languages and in a very entertaining way.Using My Kids School, your kid will learn:- Alphabet and its pronunciation of 4 languages : English, French,Spanish and German.- Numbers and their pronunciation in 4 languages- More than 40 Animals illustration and pronunciation in the 4languages.- Many of objects illustration in 4 languages.- Test his ability in recognition of letters via theirpronunciation.- Test his ability of animals recognition via theirpronunciation.- Play with an amazing phone dialer with numbers pronunciation in 4Languages
Numbers 1000 1.6.1
Numbers 1000 is a new concept brain game.Canyou get 1000 points?★★ The rules are very easy, but the game involves a lotofstrategy and logic skills to get the best score★★★★If you like sudoku, math games, puzzle games, jewels andtilesmatching, words games, you will absolutely love Numbers 1000★★★★ The objective is simple:- Swipe the snowman to exchange its position with next numbertocollect the highest score:- If the snowman is swiped to the right or down, the numbervaluewill be added to score.- If the snowman is swiped to the left or to the top, thenumbervalue will be substracted from the score and the numberchanges toX.Attention: The X will get in your way to glory:* When the snowman exchanges position with an X, the gameisover.* When the snowman is surronded by Xs, the game is over.- When you collect 10 points you will obtain a bonus.- Every 1 second, a bonus automatically transforms one X toanumber.- For each 100 points won, Then screen is cleaned from all X andyougot a new 20 number in the puzzle to help you increase yourscore.★★★★Great moments and Hours of free fun and excitementareguaranteed. ★★★★ Difficult to find a simpler and more addicting gamethanthis!★★★★Challenge your friends to beat your high score! ConnectingtoGoogle Play Games from the game★★