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Cops Vs Robbers: Jail Break C18b
Integrate yourself into a world of high stakesdeception and heart pumping action when you download, Cops VsRobbers: Jail Break. It's time to run, shoot and dodge fellowinmates and vicious prison guards. Feel the danger as you blastthrough three intense landscapes and enjoy amazing 3D graphics andpixel game animations. Download for FREE today and experience aclassic block game for the ages.The Underbelly of the Justice System...Due to a political conspiracy, an innocent man has been locked awaybehind bars at a super-max penitentiary, his termination imminent.He insists he's innocent, but there is no proof or ounce ofhuman-compassion to support his claim. This man, is you.Meanwhile, his absence from the capitol has opened up the seat to ademonical politician whose corrupt beliefs have the capability ofupturning a nation.Time is of the Essence...It's time to take drastic measures and claim your own freedom andprove your innocence before the government is overtaken by doublecrossing politicians and the nation as you know it is turnedupside-down.Think Strategically, Fight for Survival...When the time is right, you make a break for it, knowing the innerworkings of the system. Understanding this will be no easy task,but an exhausting feat of brute and intelligence, you begin thefight for your life.Cops Vs Robbers: Jail Break is a challenging first person shooteraction game that is a thrill a minute experience. From thecollection of hidden melee and firearm weapons and the scatteringof helpful pickups to the mobs of savage enemies and the trickylandscapes, this game is ripe with intense play. Enjoy intuitivecontrols and massive levels that boast dangerous battles that willrequire quick thinking and fast reflexes. Fight your way againstdozens of foes and take control over the justice system as youbattle your way to freedom. The fight starts now.Features:-Hidden melee & firearm weapons-Collect health and ammo pickups as you explore yoursurroundings-Prepare for enemies to increase as levels progress-Entity map-Choose from a variety of weapons-Expansive levels to explore
Survival Hungry Games C18.1b
The nightmare of a haunted child swallowsreality. Stop the danger for good in one of the best blockyshooters ever released!★☆BACKSTORY★☆The story has passed down for generations. It's been used to scarechildren into doing their chores and going to bed on time. It hasbeen the stuff of legends, studied by the most esteemed minds. Onlynow, it's coming true.The prophesy has been fulfilled: the child has been born, and itsimagination is so strong, it leaks into reality. We will all sufferas the child's dreams have taken a drastic and dark turn. We're alldoomed unless we can find the child and end this nightmare. Untilthen, all we can do is fight the evil spilling forth from thechild’s mind.Until then... we must survive.★☆PLAY TO SURVIVE★☆Survival Hungry Games is ready to wow you with an amazing andchallenging first person shooter experience!Unlock power-ups to aid you in your quest and get ready to rock inthe fight for survival! As you fight to end the nightmare, befierce and brave, beat the timer, destroy them all and win amazingweapons permanently.If you fail to beat the clock, don’t be discouraged, you can stillpush forward and clear the levels of the violent creatures imaginedby the child of prophesy. Beware of their toughness, intelligenceand skill as they haunt each level, which grow tougher as youcontinue! Are you still here reading?!? There is no time… GO! GO!GO!Be prepared to hit fast and hard in order to survive! Battle it outhand-to-hand, fight strategically, crouch and jump, and be deadlyin your pursuit with precision aiming. Fight bravely and win thefight for survival!Survival Hungry Games Features…✔New and improved game interface!✔User friendly touch screen controls!✔Tips that give you a tactical advantage in your struggle!✔Power-ups to keep you from dying, or make your enemies diefaster!✔Blocky weapons collection!
The Survival Hunter Games 2 C18b
The Survival Hunter Games 2 is a blockbusterhit loaded with new and even better features! Download today andexperience for yourself one of the best first person shooter gamesavailable on the market!✲✲✲GAME STORY✲✲✲We are an advanced civilization. One that has survived, and eventhrived from the apocalypse. We are a world with many technical andotherworldly advances that boast the ability to open portals toother dimensions. This was done in order to study the effects ofdifferent consequences and alternate reality. It seemed to be safeenough, with all the safety precautions that were taken, but thenthe unthinkable happened.After the sustainment system failed during a massive power outage,the safety shield that kept the portal from being accessed byeither side was lowered, and the vacuum ripped several agents fromtheir stations, trapping them in these alternatedimensions...As one of these agents sucked inside the portal, you are nowtrapped in a dimension where the world is drastically different,and all because of a choice made by a handful of men severalmillennia ago. This world is a treacherous place filled withdangers at every turn. You must remain alive in this bleak worlduntil help can reach you... IF help can reach you.✲✲✲GAME PLAY✲✲✲The game comes fully loaded with amazing features! Our new gameinterface is extremely user friendly, and boasts easy to play touchscreen controls that allow you to effortlessly run, jump, sprint,reload, aim, shoot and more!The new menu screen includes map style level select and settingsscreen. Gain game insight in between maps during loading with tipscreens, and begin each game with mission style instructions!Before you begin your first level, you can watch a short video adin order to earn a power up. You may opt not to watch, but you'lllose out on the advantage.As soon as the game begins, a timer will begin to count down. Ifyou are able to beat the level quickly enough, you will earn apermanent weapon, which can be used in all other levels! If you donot beat the clock, you can still advance through the game, justwithout the permanent weapon.Fight stronger, more intelligent enemies, who make this game anintense battle of wit, stealth and skill! Enjoy hand-to-hand combatand precision aiming to take down enemies. Collect your blockyweapons and get ready to aim and shoot!!Features:-User friendly interface with touch pad controls-Timers-Power-ups-Ammo and weapon collection-Jump, aim and run-Mini-map to spot your dangerous foes-Mission orders-Hand-to-hand combat
Block Mortal Survival Battle C18.1b
Ready your weapons, in an epic combatchallenge came that demands you strike fast and hard as legions ofenemies attack from all sides. The powerful domain of the kingdomattracts enemies of all kinds, each more dangerous and devastatingto the realm's armies than the last.The king's reign has been threatened, and his personal sorcererbelieves he has come up with a way to pull on ancient magic toensure protection of castle and king, but something terrible andunexpected occurred during the spell and now a dark and mysteriousforce now looms large over the lands. It is only a matter of timebefore the day of reckoning descends over the nations and heraldsthe realms to a new age and dominate empire.Centuries of Feuding...They'd inherited the feud from their fathers and couldn't recallthe original cause. Perhaps they knew not who started it or why,but they certainly knew who would end it and how. Blinking up atthe glaring light, the dark centers of the warrior's blazing eyesseemed to sear the air around the fierce brute. The magician stoodback- pleased, yet on edge at what to expect. The spell wascomplete. The Druid Warlord of legend was born, and he was ready togo to war for the people of Komkaria. The Warlord lurched upright,and the glint of a candlelight flashed off his blade as it swungviciously through the air. "Traitor!" the Warlord growled. As theblade found its mark, and the blood gurgled up in the throat of themagician, he realized the one fatal flaw in his spell...Give it Your Best Shot...Fight your way against dozens of ultimate foes as you guard themighty powers of this impressive temple of war. The forceful soulof the guardian spirit is potent within these walls, but whose sidedoes he champion? Wield magic weapons and powers as you confrontthe terror of the lands and conquer the people's greatest fearsfrom legends lost.Game Features:*Discover epic pixel weapons*Search the temples for amazing perks*Fight barbarians hand-to-hand*Real-time map with sky view alerts*Increasingly difficult survival challenge*Navigate three intense FPS terrains
The Survival Hungry Games 2 C18.1b
The fate of the block world rests in the handsof a small but elite band of rebels in The Survival Hungry Games 2.As their leader, you have called the shots and mapped out the plansthat will crush the government officials who have turned the humanrace into a cruel sport for the entertainment of the privileged.It's time to rise from the ashes of the war torn nations and defendthe blocky race against these sadists. It's time to survive.Progress through your mission and mow down enemies and blow awaygroups of foes as you battle unique enemies with their own set ofchallenges. As you rise to the threat, the figurehead of thedistrict has sent mass mobs of clan enemies to smother yourefforts. Take control, tactic and quick thinking is everything whendealing with this enemy. Deal damage in your quest and enjoysmooth, intuitive controls in this survival game. It's do ordie...**** PLEASE NOTE THE LEVEL SIZE *****The Survival Hungry Games 2 offers awesome total immersive gameplay. To do that, we created levels that are HUGE! Because of this,load time can take a while, but we just wanted to ensure you wereset to experience a most epic FPS block world challenge.✦The totalitarian nation is divided...✦In a secret underground city isolated from the rest of the world, aband of rebels has amassed, united by one goal: End the reign ofterror above that has made the middle ground their cruel personalsource of entertainment. The plans are set and as leader, you haveprovided each unit with special instructions for the plan ofattack, but the night prior, your headquarters is attacked. Thecaves are ambushed, filled with enemy mobs that have recentlylocated the heart of your rebel organization. Many of your soldiersfall, while others manage an escape, but you are not set to abandonyour hideout... not until every enemy mob has been dealt with. Themidland is a decaying, decrepit city and the residents of thisbleak land are just as tortured. With the whole of their worldbeing televised for the sake of the above land's entertainment, thefates met by these unfortunate is settled by a host of cruel"games" set in motion by the above and played out by the midlands.As you emerge into the wane sunlight that backdrops thisunfortunate city, it is their lives you fight for as you wield yourweapons against the special forces who aim to keep them in line.High above the desolate lands below, exists a city that floats inthe sky where a theocratic and totalitarian government rules overall from their "heavenly" throne. This is what your rebel alliancehas worked so diligently to take down. This high tech and sterileworld is a place where evil lives disguised behind self indulgedsmiles and overzealous gestures. From here you can still see theterrible state the midlands suffer, but in high definition in everybar and street. It is here that you will fight every mob boss thatcomes your way, and all in the name of freedom and peace.GAME FEATURES-✔Various Weapon and Ammo Pickups✔Health Packs✔Classic pixel graphics and cool game animations✔Legendary maps✔Ruthless enemy variety✔User-friendly and effective control interface✔Hand-to-hand combat
Cops Vs Robbers Survival Gun 3D C18b
A law enforcement robot, programmed tore-activate after a number of centuries by a prophetic scientistwho predicted the fall of mankind and civilization. It doesn't knowwhat has transpired in the wake of the fall or why the world hasbecome so rowdy and violent, all it knows is it hasn't made anarrest in 1230 years and it's got some catching up to do. As ittakes in the sheer number of people rioting the earth, the copbot'scloning activates and as he travels beyond the borders of hisrebirth, his clones spawn and reign their strict laws over thetown. As one of the world's last remaining superheroes, working adesk job at the local precinct, when a mob of copbots storm thedistrict, taking out citizens left and right, he knows he must takea stand and classes from this menace.A thrilling first person shooter adventure where you can enjoy realtime battle with friends and foes from all over the globe. Collectyour daily reward by viewing short video ads, then select yourdifficulty level and begin fighting. In this initial map, you willbe fighting against the clock in order to earn a powerful permanentweapon to carry with you throughout the game. The level willinstruct you in the number of enemies you'll need to defeat and thetime you'll be given to perform this feat. If you don't succeed thefirst time, you'll be offered another chance, or you can move on tothe next level without this bonus weapon. Happy shooting!Top Game Features:>>>Loading Screen Tips>>>Lock and Load Aim>>>Daily Rewards>>>Game timers>>>Cool pixel graphicsGame Levels:Level 1: PrisonLevel 2: City StreetLevel 3: Forest ArenaLevel 4: Deserted TownLevel 5: Futuristic cityLevel 6: Nuclear-reactor facility
Skyblock Island Survival Games C18.1b
Stronger enemies, powerful weapons, missionstyle instructions, amazing power -ups... all this and more awaitsyou in Skyblock Island Survival Games.★☆★☆Play for Keeps★☆★☆Number 221 had been stealing medicine. Not a lot, just a littlebit, every day, hidden away in a vent. This was no easy feat in atotalitarian world where everything and every person was accountedfor every minute of the day. A genius scientist, Number 221 wasunder orders to mass produce chemical missiles and viruses thatwould be strategically spread to deal with population control. Hewas under contract. Under orders. Under control. Number 221 wasplanning mutiny. But how do you destroy monsters without becomingone of them? There was no guarantee he'd survive. The medicinedissolved easily in the coffee, leaving no trace of evidencebehind. He poured a cup for himself, and his guard. He sipped thepoison, the antidote tucked safely in his lab coat. His guard didnot have the same benefit. As his insides began to write in result,he waited for evidence the poison too was effecting his companion.As the man fell to the ground, Number 221 flipped the lid of thevial and tossed back the contents. The guard was a fool to trust ascientist, especially one willing to drink his own poison to ensurehis success. Number 221 drew a vial of the odious man's hairextract to pass security, and slipped from the lab he knew all toowell. He wasn't anywhere close to being free. The safe house was afar way off and they would notice his absence soon. They would notrisk losing him. He was too valuable. To survive, he was going toneed to be careful. He was going to need to fight.★☆★☆Battle for Supremacy ★☆★☆Are you skilled enough, fast enough, powerful enough, and capableenough to eliminate all targets and complete the map in adesignated time? If you are, you'll be rewarded with the advantageof a permanent weapon. What if you could earn a perk from theget-go that would assist you in your quest? Would you accept thehelp? If you want to start off with a amazing power-up, you'll beoffered the opportunity to watch a short video clip to earn it.You'll need to be quick. Collect ammo and weapons as you navigatebeautiful 3D pixel worlds in first person fighting style. Run,sprint and jump to take the upper hand in defeating your enemy. Anew, user-friendly interface boasts a new menu screen withmap-style level select, but be aware, you'll need to unlock theselevels by defeating the level before. Your enemies are stronger andmore intelligent than ever, and with their higher health anddamage, the fight you face will be no easy task. Fight hand-to-handor wield an epic selection of melee and firearm weapons and takeaim. Precision aiming will help you target your enemy and gain theadvantage. Be ruthless in your approach. Your survival depends onit.Top Game Features:*Accept your mission*Take aim with precision shooting*Entity map with aerial views*Stronger enemies boast a tough challenge*Loading screen game tips*Hand-to-hand combat*Weapon pickup*Power-ups*Map-style game select*Beat the clock
Cops VS Robbers Prison Escape C18b
Explore the terror of an unlawful world wheresurvival is the only option among the deadly enemies.Introduction:This game lets you enter a match of survival death where you canexperience an explosive first person shooter. You need to facepowerful and lethal enemies, thereby witnessing the deadly unlawfulworld. The enemies have survival as the last choice and they do notstop for anything. They continue to eradicate anything that comesin their way, including you. You will, however, be equipped withdeadly weapons to fight with the enemies and win the game. The gamebecomes more enjoying at the 3rd level as speed, health and ammopickups assist you.About the game:The advanced levels of the game are highly enormous and severalexciting features enhance the excitement. There are variousweapons, fast-paced shooter action, enemy clans which you canutilize for winning the game. This may cause the loading time to bea little more.You have to undergo extreme circumstances as deadly foes swarmthrough the advanced city. You have to figure out your path amidstthe high-security prisons where a huge number of enemies willattack you in every possible way. If you love thrilling andchallenging action games, this is for you. The user-friendlycontrols, HD pixel graphics helps in easing the hurdles andchallenges of the game. These makes the navigation across differentlevels of the game free from hassles and you can continue to playwith keen interest. The first person shooter comes with highdefinition pixel graphics which make the game reallyinteresting.Features of the game:• An array of high-speed pickups, health, and ammo.• Dealing damage with the aid of hand-to-hand combat.• A collection of firearm weapons and melee.• Game progression to witness the increase in enemy and reductionin pickups.• Three real challenging levels.• Fast paced shooter action• Infinite enemy clans• An identity map having a real-time view to maintain an eye on theupcoming enemies
American Block Sniper Survival C18b
Become a celebrated sniper hero in AmericanBlock Sniper Survival. This brutal running and shooting action gamestars you as a sniper of a deadly operation. Trek through adevastated war torn city in pursuit of the enemy. Only once yourobjective has been met can you all the mission a success.****READY YOUR WEAPONS****They would descend upon villages, bringing fire and death withthem. Grave after grave... I couldn't bear to be a part of thatanymore. The issue was so big, so consuming, and the world hadforgotten about the horrors confronted on the battlefield: achild's burnt sock on the side of the road, blood spatteredalleyways, the haunting stench of death and the ring of a reportplaying on repeat in your head as you try to sleep at night... andthe look on the target's face as the blood drained from his body.But it this was war, and the law of a good soldier was a lack offeeling. Numbing my emotions and attachments to the people andplaces I visited was a challenge, but I soon realized thebenefit... because now I was unstoppable.**** INTENSE GAME PLAY ****Launch a fun, fast-paced 3D mobile gaming experience upondownloading this addictive FPS game. Strike fast and kill enemiesin this combat challenge. Collect ammo and HP pickups as youadvance. These pickups will decrease though, while the number ofenemies increases significantly. This ultimate battle offers theoption to go at it hand-to-hand or with a range of melee andfirearm weapons. The choice is yours. Choose your difficulty, earnpower-ups by completing quick tasks and unlock levels on themission map select.Features:-Pixel cube graphics-Six levels to conquer-Precision aiming-Radar map-Health meter-Perks & power-ups-Blocky weapon collect
Most Wanted Jail Break C18.1b
Point, aim and shoot your way through MostWanted Jail Break, an explosive block world style game that withaddicting challenges and cool perks. Dominate enemy territories andcollect dynamic melee and firearm weapons. Navigate trickyobstacles throughout sprawling 3D pixel landscapes. This survivalworld is filled with great stimulated battlefields for a fun FPSexperience. Are you ready to play?★A Villain's Untold Tale... ★The world fits villains in a tidy box while praising the hero whoplays a starring role in every tale, new and old. There is noregard to what may be a lie; a truth untold. The villain is alwayshated; the hero adored beyond all else. No one stops to considerwhat has brought the villain to these circumstances. Was he avictim himself? Perhaps his story has been twisted, written by thewinner, the warrior all adore and root for. But you can never trulyunderstand the villain until you look from behind the lens of thehero's vantage. His is a story that must be heard. Sometimes it's atruth we have to do bad things for good results, and when thathappens, people often forget all the good beforehand. You haven'theard the full story until you learn monster's have nightmarestoo... and will do anything to ensure their reality neverdawns.LEVEL ONE - Military PlaneThis initial level is prepared with challenging game timers thatbegin an immediate countdown upon entering. It's a race against theclock as you defeat a given number of enemies before your time runsout. Collect perks and weapons, then run and shoot your way tovictory.LEVEL TWO - MidlandThis battle arena is rife with enemies just waiting to see to yourfailure. Ammo and health are yours to claim throughout the level,but if you run short of needed supplies, brief video ads can bewatched to achieve what you need. Foes are all around, so be everyaware of your surroundings by making good use of your entity mapsto spy oncoming opponents.LEVEL THREE - PrisonIt's every man for himself in this fight to the finish. You mustuse your skills and precision aiming to ensure your success. Aneasy user-friendly interface with touch screen controls allow youto easily manipulate your character, choose between weapons, run,and jump. This is your story. Play to survive.3 More challenging levels.Features:✓Weapon variety✓Unstoppable enemies✓Ammo and health pickups✓Level timers✓Daily rewards✓Maps
Cube Soldiers: Crisis Survival C18.1b
In Cube Soldiers: Crisis Survival it is yourduty to protect the world from hostile invaders. Combining classicpixel graphics with a selection of cool, modern weapons and brutalenemies, this running and shooting war game invites you to battleacross three different combat scenarios, each with their own 3Dbattlefields and treacherous missions.In The Glare Of Rockets And Gun Blasts, You Are The Lone Hero OfThis Devastating Mission...A frontline journalist soldier with a confession and a lead musttrack down a terrorist intent on mass destruction with the use of aportal gun that takes him across terrains to swiftly take enemiesunawares and tear down entire countries without warning. In thedark depths of the battlefield, with gun smoke, shrapnel and bodieslittering the battlefield, you must overcome enemies and reach yourtarget to save the world before total domination eliminates freedomand liberty permanently.It is your duty to protect the world...The world is on high alert. In possession of sensitive informationthat could lead to the deviation of the nations, you are called into protect the capital at any cost. It is your missions toeliminate all enemies. As you progress, enemies gain power andtheir numbers increase significantly. As you launch the first mapand before you can enter the fray, locate your weapon of choice.Once your melee or firearm is equipped, begin blasting your waypast hordes of enemies. Stunning mobile optimized pixel graphicsand dynamic, realistic character movements make this a highlyaddictive game that you won't want to put down. Earn ammo and hp asyou run, jump and reload through the level. With a variety ofdifferent locations to conquer, you are in for an adventure.Fight to the max:-Three different locations with six maps to conquer-Optimized for Android devises-FPS block style game-Head an impossible missionGame features:-Entity map-Exploding barrels-Health meter-Ammo variety and health packs-Simple, pad-based controls
Mutant Block Zombie Attack C18.1b
Mutant Block Zombie Attack is the #1 highlyanticipated arcade game that fuses retro-styled pixel art andexplosive first person running and shooting action for anunforgettable life and death struggle. This intense adventurechallenges you to mine resources from among hidden locations.Discover epic weapons hidden within the blocky worlds ahead andcollect perks to aid in your survival. Every level increases indifficulty as you progress, with enemies doubling in numbers andpickups becoming scarce. Weapon lover will enjoy the variety ofweapons available to them. This amazing mission boasts differentenemies and an array of treacherous terrains to explore anddominate. The adventure is set to begin. Download for free todayand discover the unique challenges each level poses.FOR OVER A DECADE the world has been gripped by the terrors of adevastating disease that has resulted in the dead rising up againand terrorizing the lands. The government spends this time fightingthe zombie menace, but it just grows worse. One day, a telepathicNSA agent discovers something horrifying: the zombies are thinking.It seems every time they eat a human, they get smarter. But notonly smarter, stronger too. With this haunting discovery, the partof the population that has survived the grip of this illness, isnow fighting in terror for their survival as these hulking zombiesincrease their attacks on human colonies in an attempt to manifesttheir might further. As their encampments are seized, the livingare forced to band together and form larger clans. It is their onlyhope for survival. Their last effort is to hire a block agent knownas a zombie slayer, who they have tasked to rid their nation of thezombie infestation. You are that hero, that slayer of zombies. Youmust confront these barbaric foes and stop their menace once andfor all. It will take everything you have: brains, brawn and quickreflexes. The time to act is now.THIS IMMERSIVE FPS ADVENTURE boasts completely addicting game playwith beautiful but deadly survival arenas, each with their ownexciting challenges. Battle to the death against the large zombiesand other deadly foes. Rapid paced action awaits and it's your jobto stay alive. Battle to the edge of survival. The invasion hasbegun.Features:-Entity map-Health meter-Increasingly difficult level challenges-Varies weaponry to wield-Hand-to-hand combat-Intuitive touch screen controls-Vast pixel worlds-Non-stop FPS action-Complete impossible missions
Superhero: Cube City Justice C18b
Superhero Cube City Justice is ready foraction! With intense first person shootout action, immersive 3Dpixel graphics, challenging levels with game timers and intelligentenemies, your quest to become the ultimate warrior will be a toughjourney. Do you dare proceed?AND SO THE STORY BEGINS...I cannot rest while thousands of innocent lives are endlessly lost.My freedom lies with theirs, for only once I liberate them from theevils that have corrupted our land for too long will I be able tohold my head high in good conscious. Only then will I be free ofthe bonds that bound me. It began the day an unfamiliar man satnext to me on the subway, glancing every so often at the newspaperI read. Unnerved by his presence, I handed it over to him when Ifinished with a nod. As he reached over, his hand slipped from thepaper to clamp around my wrist. A searing pain shot through me andI slumped back against the seat, knocked unconscious from the pain.When I awoke, the man was gone, but in its place was a strangemark, and with this mark came an unraveling series of powers....Powers I was destined to fulfill.HIGH INTENSITY SHOOTOUT ACTION!!In a world of danger, one person stands against the forces of evil.That person... is you! Play this first person shooter game as thesuperhero of a terror-gripped metropolis. Game timers make yourmission that much more difficult. Intelligent enemies make yourevery bullet a vital tool for your survival. Progressive difficultyplay will take your mission to the next level for the ultimatechallenge. Watch brief video clips to earn important power-ups thatcan help you in your success. Collect blocky weapons or fighthand-to-hand. Precision aiming is your friend. Run, jump, aim andshoot to annihilate all enemies and achieve glory!Top Game Features:-Settings Screen-Loading Screen Game Tips-Stronger Enemies-Blocky Weapon Pickup-Hand-To-Hand Combat-Game Timers-Power Ups-Mission Style Instructions-Precision AimingLevels:1) Metropolis City by night2) Dark lair3) High-tech base build of ice
Cops VS Robbers Survival Games C18.1b
Designed to deliver fun first person shooteraction that kicks up the level a notch with timed maps, powerfulpower-ups and extreme rewards. Confront deadly enemies and tearthrough vast 3D worlds in a classic block setting while you collectand wield a variety of blocky melee and firearm weapons. The stageis set... are you game?✦Stealthy & Lethal Foes✦13 years ago the world was put on lockdown. Unknown entities haveinvaded. They can take the shape of anything living by killing it.They are very fast and extremely smart. Special agents have been onthe scene, disguised as criminals to uncover information leading totheir capture. After several leads and skilled tracking, the agentshave discovered that these entities have taken the form of cops.Believed to hold power, but not enough to be believed to be targetsfor these beings, they've spent years commanding the bodies ofthese officers, running the city and ruling over the courts. Nowthat this has been discovered, the agents are ready to make theirmove, starting from the inside...✦Extreme FPS Challenges✦Ready to dive right into the action? When you download this classicrunning and shooting game you'll be invited to collect a dailyreward which is yours to keep until you die. These perks up yourgame with such skills and powers as endless sprint, special bullet,double damage and body armor. Sprint through the timed map andblast through a given number of enemies in time and earn evenbetter and more permanent perks! The mission select screen featuressix level, and all are customizable with sensitivity/difficulty andpause/play options. Battle it out under the Big Tent at the world'sfair circus; explore dangerous prison camps and dungeon holds rifewith unknown terrors; and Prowl the city streets in search forenemies.Features:-Wide range of weapons to choose from-Hordes of enemies with high damage and health-Power-ups-Timed death matches-Hide-and-seek levels with maps for surprise attacks
Most Wanted Craft Attack C18.1b
Ancient forces are on the rise. And all thatstands between them and the human race is you. A FPS game like youhave never experienced before!The past has become to destroy the present! The contamination hasfailed and The Ancient One is back. And it’s up to you to stop himfrom annihilating the human kind in this action-packed FPS game.Defeat the evil power to become the survivor of the human race inthis hit FPS game!The thing you most dreaded had finally happened. The Ancient One’scontamination as failed and he’s out seeking vengeance on the humanrace. The Ancient One has taken apart the high security prisons,setting free the evil forces that will shroud the Earth in darknessand destroy the human race. Unless you can stop it.Do you have what it takes to survive in this explosive world?Download this game right now to face a range of challenges andmissions like you have never seen before. And to aid you in yourmission against the numerous enemies, choose a weapon from a wholenew collection of modern weaponry.Features:•Timers- The game has a pre-set timer. To win the game you mustbeat the timer. And to do that you need to think quick and actquicker.•Power-Ups- One of the most interesting features in this game isthat you can get awesome power-ups by watching videos.•Radar- An amazing entity map with aerial view that gives you abigger hand by showing your approaching enemy.•Loading Screen Tips- Get the inside know how’s and do’s while yourgame loads. Watch out for useful tips that might end up saving yourlife.•Choice of Weapons-Get your pick of the litter with modern weaponsto choose from or decide to fight one-on-one with just yourhands.
Rescue Robots Block Heroes C18.1b
Rescue Robots Block Heroes is a pixel-stylefirst person shooting game where you complete intense missions andannihilate enemies as you navigate vast and fearsometerrains.One of the most interesting first person shooter games. You willeradicate foes and challenging missions as you proceed. In thisgame, you will get hands on ultimate fighting turmoil. Be ready toget indulge in a cosmos of fierce foes with high intellect andmassive destruction. You have to strike at a faster rate forkilling your enemies.Your aim in the game is to eradicate every enemy that comes in yourway. Some of the enemies will attack you upfront whereas some arehidden and looking forward to a chance to attack you. At each andevery level, you will have a certain number of enemies and it is aprerequisite to destroy all of them for moving to the next level.The first level of the game is highly challenging and you have alimited time for killing them. A specific time interval isconferred to you which enables to win a permanent weapon with highpower. You can also gather useful perks and massive power backupsthroughout the game. There are 6 advanced levels in the game. Thegame tends to become more exciting at each level.Features of the game:• You can select from a wide collection of deadly weapons or BlockyMelee.• You can compile health pickups and ammo for fighting the deadlyenemies.• You can earn health pickups by watching short video clips.• You will be preparing yourself for intense war as you cross eachlevel.• Unified game timers that come with the rewards of permanentweapons.• Precision aiming that helps you shoot at your foes in the mostaccurate way.• Modified screen settings that ease the battles.• Loading Screen Game Tips.• Entity map that helps you keep a notice on the upcomingenemies.