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Sniper Shooter 3D: Ghost Units 1.4
Sniper Shooter 3D: Ghost Units is killingaction FPS. Sniper assassin rescues hostages in urban city. Shooteraims taking shots assassinating escaping enemies. Criminalgangsters took hostages and demand for ransom. Police have arrivedto location but situation got out of control. Police called sniperspecial force of commandos to handle the situation and eliminatetargets. They must not escape.Sniper Shooter 3D: Ghost Units from commando force have come. Heneeds to take shots of criminal gangsters and let hostages escape.Hostages are on target so you must be careful. On your first shot,enemy criminal shooters becomes alert and try to kill hostages. Youmust not give them chance to hurt hostages. You have an unlimitedstock of ammo with you. Shoot as much fires as you can to eliminatetargets and complete objective. Do not let criminals and gangstersescape.Sniper Shooter 3D: Ghost Units is multi levelled challenging actioncommando game. Free to download and 3D graphics this game comeswith addictive gameplay and thrilling fun to play. Shooting becomesmore challenging in higher levels. Targets are hard to shoot andequipped with high calibre pistols and guns. Police will facilitateyou during game to take perfect shots.Game is developed with keen interest to make users love it with allthe nice controls, amazing gameplay and thrilling background music.Spend time playing it and you can become shoot master. Game ismemory optimized for smooth playing on smart phones and tablets.Join your mates in duty and complete objectives. Enjoy taking theperfect shots not missing any targets.Sniper Shooter 3D: Ghost Units FeaturesAdvanced sniper gunRadar navigation systemsGangsters/Criminals taken hostages on targetPolice/Cops call of special ops helpHow to play Sniper Shooter 3D: Ghost UnitsSwipe controls for aimingShoot buttons for assassination
Counter Terrorist: Army Ranger 1.3
Counter Terrorist: Army Ranger iscommandoassassin attack on target marines. Shoot targets andescape.Invaders strike your army assassin commando shooter. Strikewitharmy force. Third person shooter jump from military helicopterininvaders area in jungle. Be careful. Jungle is occupied withbrutalenemies. Take heavy metal military gun start eliminatingtargetsoldiers. You must survive. Enemy squad is all in jungle inhiddenspots. They are continuously patrolling.Counter Terrorist: Army Ranger offers thrillingmilitaryassassination in jungle. Equipped with high calibre rifleaim yourtargets precisely to successfully complete your objectivesandmissions. Your chopper drops you for your mission. The enemyisplanning to attack your homeland borders. Enemy should notsurviveor they will succeed attacking you. Observe theirpatrol.Having limited amount of bullets take perfect shots. Limitedammo.Attack enemy barracks and honour homeland. Shoot enemysoldiers.Your squad trained you for challenging survival missions.Oncompletion of objectives and mission your helicopter comes backforextraction.Jungle has dense trees and cold weather. Be attentive on everystepto spot rivals. They can be in front of your or behindyou.Soldiers be even hiding in their barracks or building. Theyareattentive and know you plan to attack them. Soldiers arepatrollingnear barracks to spot and strike you. Watch out yoursteps beforeyou step forward in this war field.Counter Terrorist: Army Ranger is bundled with multiple levels.Alllevels are challenging and fun to play. Optimized for mobileandtablet devices. The game has 3D graphics and realisticgameplay.Sound effects are thrilling. We hope you have lots of funplayingthis game.Counter Terrorist: Army Ranger featuresThird person shooterAttack on invaders in jungleJumping from helicopterExtraction after completing objectives
Army Gunners and Turrets 3D 1.4
Army Gunners and Turrets 3D placescommandoover military vehicle equipped with heavy turrets and gunskillingand shooting the attacking enemies, F16, and helicopters.Army Gunners and Turrets 3D: Enemies are in the favorofterrorism. Jump into enemy base take perfect shots. You arewearinga bullet proof coat. Do not be afraid. You have been sent tokillthe enemies and leave no survivals. Aim fast strike hardcompletethe mission. The rival will try to escape. Shoot themdown.In Army Gunners and Turrets 3D you will see multiple incomingF16jet fighters and helicopters during game. The enemy commanderhavesent them to destroy you. You must not be destroyed. Destroyandeliminate the war enemies and survive. Do not let themescape.Complete your duty and end the terror.The game features snowy environment surrounded by mountainsandsnowfall. Weather is cold. You have come out with your heavymetalturrets and gunners to end this mission. Kill the enemiesleave nosurvivals.Army Gunners and Turrets 3D featuresElegant advanced radarHeavy metal turrets and gunsMilitary vehicles, F16, HelicoptersHow to play Army Gunners and Turrets 3DUse right half screen to aimUse left half screen to shoot
Xtreme Dragon Flight 1.7
You own a lovely wild pet. It is goldenincolour. Seems crazy but is true. You got to fly beautifulwildanimal in beautiful valleys and skies. We will give youthecontrols and you can start enjoying it the crazy ride.XtremeDragon Flight is a simulation game in which you can flyyouramazing wild pet. The experience is incredible and the forestsinthe environment are fabulous. Ever wondered of anincredibleexperience in forests and jungles at night with talltrees and calmand clear water? We have developed the amazingexperience foryou.Train your pet, move it on your fingertips and become aflyingmaster for this beautiful beast. Move it fast, you will besittingover it. Your can throw fire balls to attack the incomingdragons.Chase your dreams in Xtreme Dragon Flight. You can fly yourwildpet any place any time. There are multiple levels in the game.Eachlevel comes with a different difficulty. Do fantastic stuntsandenjoy the realistic animations and thrilling gameplay. Watchtheattractive landscape and enjoy the rides in dense forestsandjungles.Xtreme Dragon Flight features throwing the fire balls attheattacking incoming enemies and scoring high. Performcrazieststunts you ever imagined. The 3D effects of fireballsarerealistic. The players loves playing the game.Xtreme Dragon Flight is built to provide you the best 3D andHDgraphics. The game is completely free to download. The graphicsarestunning and action music is stunning. We wish to make thegamingexperience incredible. The game is good. We hope you likeridingthe wild beast in beautiful environment.Xtreme Dragon Flight features includeBeautiful environmentBeast simulation gamePerform crazy stuntsRealistic animationsAction background musicEasy controls to useHow to play Xtreme Dragon FlightUse swipe controls to move
Dream Dinosaur Simulation 1.7
Let’s fly a dinosaur in a dream land. Amazingright? It is. Dream Dinosaur Simulation HD provides you the bestexperience in a beautiful and very cold landscape. The valley isbeautiful. There is crystal clear water, tall green trees, highmountains, and cold refreshing breeze that the player enjoys duringthe flight. The green scenery is fabulous. You will hear the voicesof wild animals in background during your amazing flight of yourcarnivore. You objective is to go through the middle of the circlesand checkpoints to earn points. Dream Dinosaur Simulation HD is anamazing and incredible experience.There are multiple levels in Dream Dinosaur Simulation with varyingdifficulty levels. These levels comprises of different beautifulenvironments in HD quality. The 3D effects are amazing. Thegameplay is incredible. The difficulty level increases in higherlevels. Flying a wild carnivore is superb experience you everimagined. Complete the levels and aim to score high. You need tocross the circles through middle. Once new environments areunlocked you can always switch to them.If you ever thought of flying a carnivore in extreme beautifulenvironment, its right here. We have built the coolest thing foryou. An extreme enjoyable flight experience in a beautiful forestof a calm and quite world packed with a very pleasant backgroundmusic and natural sounds of animals that you can never forget andmakes the game addictive. You can spend long hours playing thisextreme pleasant and fun experience. The game is memory optimizedfor enhanced and smooth gaming experience and compatible with mostof the android devices.Our team tried to bring you an amazing flight experience. We hopeyou like Dream Dinosaur Simulation. We appreciate you kindfeedback. Thank you.Dream Dinosaur Simulation HD awesome features★ 5 challenging levels★ Beautiful environments★ Earn high scores★ Incredible gameplay★ Realistic simulation---How to play Dream Dinosaur Simulation---Use tilt controls to move left and rightUse buttons to move up and down
Contract Strike: Kill Zone 1.3
Contract Strike: Kill Zone is combatatcountryside of armed enemy military troops. Defencecontractassigned to attack shooting army. Enemy general ordered tokeephostage and have demands. Mission is to rescue villages aliveandeliminate targets. Enemy equipped with Ak47 heavy machinesguntargets your commando. Soldier is brave can successfullycompleteobjectives. Take controls of commando start playingadventure ofshoot war. Gun with player is heavy machine.You are shown with a map of territory during start of missioninContract Strike: Kill Zone. Start action with machine gunenteringinto enemy area to rescue hostages. Stay focused do not getshot.Aim precisely with your heavy machine gun. Make use ofunlimitedammunition to eliminate enemies that plan to attachhostages. Youare equipped with advanced military systems fornavigation, enemyspotting, and precise aiming. You can zoom targetsto take clearshots.Contract Strike: Kill Zone is one level game having many enemiesonyour way to hostages hidden at various spots aiming to targetyou.Game have immersive 3D and realistic graphics. Thrillingactionmusic makes gameplay fantastic. Fabulous environment andverysmooth frames makes game enjoyable. Realistic sound effects.Wehope you love this game and leave us feedback. Thank you.Contract Strike: Kill Zone featuresRadar navigation systemThird person controllerShooting adventure strikeEasy controls for aiming and movementThrilling background action musicEntertaining gameplay
Modern Rangers: No Fear Squad 1.1
Modern Rangers: No Fear Squad shootsheavytanks, F16 jets, apache helicopter shooters for survivalindeserts. Attacking commando targets to escape warfareandbattlefield. Modern Rangers: No Fear Squad first personshootingequipped military commando carries heavy metal guns andunlimitedammo for successful objectives accomplishment missioncompletion.3D graphics and sounds effects in desert makes itamazing to playin warfare of battlefield.Modern Rangers: No Fear Squad is military action survivalgame.Engage attackers view in radar to explode them. Take yourshots andtargets and escape for survival. Be aware of bombardmentdo notlose sight stay focused. Retreat attackers to bring peace.Enemy isin formation in combat. This combat is brutal you mustfinish thisconflict to bring peace. We have put a lot of action andheavyammunition in game to bring you joy and entertainment.Battlefield is occupied with armed enemy soldiers heavilyarmoured.You got company destroy enemy conveys with your turretmachine gun.Bullets are heavy to damage enemy convoy. Don’t getinjured. Gameis featured with multiple challenging levels. Higherlevels haveincreased difficulty. Start aiming survive desertcombat. Militaryenemy targets in battlefield are difficult to takeshots to winwarfare. But you must use your ammunition forpeace.Jump into desert combat warfare for shooting targets. Playdirectfire take perfect shots to bring peace. Do not let escape.Useammunition carefully during play. Destroy shoot all convoy.Endthis combat. Use ammunition in battlefield for peace. Take shotsofconvoy with direct fire.Modern Rangers: No Fear Squad aims to bring fun. Game is opendirectfire. Tap screen and fire unlimited shots to win desertWarfield.Play it and enjoy. Leave us feedback for bring you morefree games.Thank you.Game features of Modern Rangers: No Fear SquadHeavy ammunition turretMilitary convoy armoursDesert warfare battleMultiple challenging levelsRealistic animations 3D graphicsTactical trained desert targetsHow to playUse swipe controls for aiming and shoot buttons for open fire