Best Buy, Inc. Apps

Locked & Found 3.5
** This app is no longer being maintained,with the exception of the Locked & Found feature. To use Locked& Found, you need to have purchased a Geek Squad Protectionplan for your mobile phone prior to May 1st, 2015.Looking for general Geek Squad support? Download our free GeekSquad appat,which is available whether or not you have a Protection plan.**Lock, Locate, and Recover with The Locked & Found App. Mobiledevices and data are increasingly susceptible to loss, theft anddamage.Lock, Locate and Recover your deviceIf your device is lost or stolen, you now have access to a host offeatures to intuitively lock, locate and recover it. Once the appis installed you can use our Locked & Found online portalto:• Lock your device to prevent use• Locate your device on a map• Assist with recovery - device 'scream' to aid location andpicture capture of the finder to encourage return• Remotely wipe your device of all of your personal data ifrecovery is not possibleOur recovery team is also available online 24/7/365 to assist. Ifwe find your device we will ship it back to you free ofcharge.The Locked & Found Disclaimer: Continued use of GPS running inthe background can dramatically decrease battery life. But don'tworry as we have optimized the app for this so we only turn on GPSwhen you need it.
Best Buy Gaming 1.6.9
The Best Buy Gaming app allows you to shop thebest video game deals Best Buy has to offer. It also allows you tobuild your game library so you can easily track the video games youhave to trade-in! Additionally, you can shop the newest video gamesright from your mobile phone, or find a store nearest you.
Geek Squad Culture 3.0
Take a peek into the life of an Agent.The culture app celebrates all things Geek Squad. It includesour history, what we stand for, how we operate, and even adictionary of our terms. Build upon and share your Geek Squadculture if you’re already an Agent, or get introduced to it ifyou’re not.
Auto Fit Guide
The Auto Fit Guide has been released to help clients accuratelycreate a price estimate for mobile electronics installation at BestBuy. Choose your car year, make, & model and the tool can giveyou exact details on required parts & labor for remote startinstallation, radios, speakers, and more. You can then email orshare the quote, or bring it in to show your local Autotech beforemaking an appointment.Note: The Geek Squad app is required to run thisapplication.
Geek Squad 2.15.0
No one stands behind you like Geek Squad. OurAgents are available 24/7/365 for tech support and hardwarerepairs. We’re ready to help online, on the phone, in your home,and at Best Buy stores across the U.S.With the Geek Squad app, you can:• Schedule an in-store repair appointment• Track your repair status• Connect with an Agent• See your current Geek Squad Protection coverage• Find a Best Buy storeWe’ll be adding more features soon. Stay tuned!
Best Buy Assured Living 4.3
Best Buy Assured Living is a sensor-basednotification service that connects you with your loved one withoutintrusion. With this app, you can receive real-time, customnotifications about your loved one’s well-being from anywhere – onyour iPhone, iPad or your Apple Watch.Note: This app requires hardware installation from Best Buy and asubscription to Best Buy Assured Living. To learn more, features include:• WELLNESS INSIGHTSUse data to discover patterns in your loved one's activities formore informed conversations.• CUSTOM NOTIFICATIONSWith sensors tracking and sending automatic updates to your phoneand dashboard, you can customize notifications about your lovedone’s activities and well-being.• VOICE AUTOMATIONUsing this app, daily tasks like turning on and off lights, lockingdoors and changing the temperature are a lot easier and more funfor your loved one.• AUTOMATIC REMINDERSSet up automatic reminders to ensure your loved one doesn’t miss animportant task like taking medication.