Best Simulator Games Apps

Smashy Pixel Gang 2.0.0
Start your fighting championship inrealsimulator boxing game. Beat everyone on your way to glory. Thisisa real ballet revolution in voxel style. Improve yourfightingskills, train kung fu or karate, be invincible hero.Complete different levels and become the ring king. Knockoutyouropponents. Use different tactics to win as kick, punch, jump,andslash. Make your opponent to hit the ground, otherwise youwilllose. Play as a wrestler, jump, force your opponents out ofthetop.Super funny heroes on the ring.So exciting and extreme.Voxel style angry wrestlers.
Get The Auto: Liberty Town 1.0.0
Get the Auto: Liberty Town – welcome backtothe open world of the gangster’s game!Your character has been living in the underworld crime empireforthe whole his life. He knows the rules of this city like thebackof his hand. Fight against gangsters? Help your friend whohasproblems with mafia? Save your girlfriend and payback foraninsult? Nothing is easier!You know that rules of the virtual world are pretty easy. Oneofthem, if you get into trouble, there is only one road to survival–take a gun and save your life. Don’t be afraid to makemistakes,you can replay wherever you want.Complete all quests, while exploring this grand openworld.Learn to drive fast, make a dead shot and fightagainstinjustice.Each quest offers something different and will test you in anewway.This game will get you out of your routine life.
Real Soccer League 1.0.0
Now this awesome sport game is betterthanever! The soccer players are fast and angry, nothing stop theminfront of the winner’s podium. You can try your abilities togothrough this furious challenge.Here you have rules of the game:Score points by carrying the ball from a starting point intotheopposition’s end zone. Use end zone in front of your team toscoreand don’t let opposing team to reach yours. Run the show onoffenseand defense.A play begins as usual when the ball is moved from thegroundinto the hands of the players. Of course you will be harassedbythe other team but this is the American football.Game is divided into four quarters of 60 seconds each. So,buildyour own offensive and defensive teams. You have anopportunity toplay as quarterback, receiver, linebacker, cornerbackby yourselfduring the game.This action sport battle is the most immersive, streamlinedfootballexperience on mobile. It’s time to play football!Show off your skills on the pitch like never before to be aworldchampion!Features:Fight your way forward with running plays.Play as the franchise quarterback.Practice strategy and special plays.Cross the opposition’s goal line with the ball.
Seven Fights at Pixel World 1.0.0
Enter the ring to battle against pixelsim.Some tips to be the ultimate champion:Destroy opponents in the ring!Crush this big guy Freddy!Destroy your enemy using special tools!Knockout your opponents, use your special tactics to wintheround. Try to survive in this mortal battle. Your enemies havesomeskills that makes them invincible. But your main mission is tofindthe clue to the secret. Every victory in a round brings yousomepoints and recover health. Break the rules of the game! Win alltheseven fights!
Pixel Avenger 5.0.0
Aliens have attacked the planet to destroy allhumans and take control of the energy sources and enslave people.Superhero’s team is ready to save the planet! Unite 4 superheroesand choose one for you. You will have to go through many excitingquests to survive in this space war. Use your destructive weaponand superpower against angry villains. Don’t let them to enslaveyour world. Fight till the end to win this contest and become theultimate champion!Lead vanguard force to protect the world.Fight for humankind’s survival!Justify our existence!Discover a new world of superheroes contest.Power-up your team and send them to the battle.Go on exciting missions and battle epic foes.Create the ultimate superheroes team.
Nitro Criminal Chase 2.0.0
Conquer street and mafia top rank in theracingand open world thrilling game. Let’s discover the nextchallenges!Dominate the city by smashing the road.Around every corner is a fresh race as you clash with localcrewsand local cops. It’s a world full of wannabe racers – can youstayin front and earn respect?The stakes are high and the risk is real. Remember, that youarein the open world game. It means underworld empire of gangstersandcriminals. Your clients are the most powerful and dangerouspeopleof this city. So, don’t make any mistakes and race fordominance!Rule the streets!You are wanted! Drive fast and fearless by squashingyourrivals.Will you drift, draft or smash your way to victory?Take your driving to new heights. Hit the loud pedal and rollintomore races.Escape the police, mafia, complete challenges and beathighscores.
Get the Auto: Vice Tokyo 1.0.0
Get the Auto: Vice Tokyo – become a fullpartyof the epic story, where one man will rise to the top ofthecriminal pile.Tokyo is a huge urban sprawl, home of the geisha,nanotechnologyand otaku. But also this is a world of the ancientmafia groups –yakuza. How to survive in their world? What shouldyou do if youwant to become a real king of assassins?Pursue a variety of careers in a crime empire world. First ofall,you will need a gun which hitman use to complete his mission.Then,try to complete all quests to get more reputation inthisunderworld where the price of the victory cost a big money.Push the boundaries of mobile gaming even further!Feel the story’s dramatic intensity.Dominate the criminal battlefield.Which one of you is the true master of the open world game?Let’ssee in the Get the Auto: Vice Tokyo!
Wrestle Battle 2.0.0
Real wrestling in your pocket! Makeyouropponents hit the ground. No rules, only you, rival and thering.Start the battle now! Become a professional wrestler, fightwithmasters of the playground. Use your fighting skills, overcomeyourenemies with no mercy. Battle till the end to become theultimatechampion.Your main mission is very clear – survive and win thismatch!Gain the highest score and be the winner! You can become aking ofthe ring and a champion of wrestler’s league. Let’s see, whowillwin!Extreme action sport game for everybody.Super fun party game for all ages.Play as a wrestler, jump, force your opponents out of thetop.Tap, pinch, and swipe your way through gaming's biggesteverwrestling universe.Easy to learn fighting game.
Crime City Legend 1.0.0
The best criminal game! Here you can findendless missions and try to conquer the world of mafia. It could bevery hard to complete such quests, but try your best and completethem in time. Just try to conquer the city of mafia. Your ultimateaim is to become a criminal boss. Fight against your rivals, applyall your power and use modern weapon. Take part in a car chase,escape police or even kill them. Do everything that is need to be aleader of the crime gang. There is no other choice - fight or bedefeated.Many extreme quests and exciting missions.Drive as a crazy racerFight against mafia clanConquer the vice citySurvive in street fightsPlay in casino but try not to lose all your moneyStep by step, quest by quest you will become closer to the finaldestination - becoming a lord of the underworld empire. Set yourown rules within your gang, don’t let to others to defeat you, evenpolice, and take all power in this vice and crime city!
Superhero vs Doctor Magician 7.0.0
Explore the universe in your space starship!This time in your city will start a real star space wars! Yourvisitors from the different parts of the Universe have a tremendouspower. Start a mortal battle against extraterrestrials. Everythingdepends on you and on the strategy you choose. Follow the story andaccomplish all the quests on your way. The more quests completed,the more energy you have to fight against aliens. And if you dowell, you will become an ultimate champion of the city!Become a space lord among galaxy creatures. Remember your missionis to save city of the vice and defeat the alliance ofextraterrestrials.These some of the most important missions to resolve:Stop alien invasionFind a dispenserDestroy your enemies in cruel battleDetonate the explosiveTake part in street raceForm an alliance with your enemy to winSuperhero vs Doctor Magician - aliens seek to destroy this world.Stop them!
Super Sports Legends 1.0.0
Now this awesome sport game is betterthanever! The soccer players are fast and angry, nothing stop theminfront of the winner’s podium. You can try your abilities togothrough this furious challenge.Here you have rules of the game:Score points by carrying the ball from a starting point intotheopposition’s end zone. Use end zone in front of your team toscoreand don’t let opposing team to reach yours. Run the show onoffenseand defense.A play begins as usual when the ball is moved from thegroundinto the hands of the players. Of course you will be harassedbythe other team but this is the American football.Game is divided into four quarters of 60 seconds each. So,buildyour own offensive and defensive teams. You have anopportunity toplay as quarterback, receiver, linebacker, cornerbackby yourselfduring the game.This action sport battle is the most immersive, streamlinedfootballexperience on mobile. It’s time to play football!Show off your skills on the pitch like never before to be aworldchampion!Features:Fight your way forward with running plays.Play as the franchise quarterback.Practice strategy and special plays.Cross the opposition’s goal line with the ball.
Vice Theft Story 1.0.0
It’s your vice story! Your city and yourrules!Start this amazing game and watch out, there a lot ofenemies inthis city! But don’t be afraid – every time you have achance torestore stamina.Well the game consists of many exciting quests that needs tobecompleted. Follow the story and do your job well. Everymissiongive you some points to exchange it to money or energy.Every nextquest is harder than previous. But remember you are aleader of thegreatest mafia gang in the city, fight brave andsurvive in thissecret mission.Many extreme quests and exciting missions.Drive as a crazy racerFight against mafia clanConquer the vice citySurvive in street fightsPlay in casino but try not to lose all your money
Amazing Super Battle 2.0.0
Amazing Super Battle - in a new journeythrough open-world you will become a superhero!You got a real chance to try yourself as a universe protector. Andyou don’t even need to graduate any special academy forchampions.This story begins quite usual. You are a journalist, who works as aseeker of hidden secrets. Nothing and nobody will hide from you.Your new task is to interview a famous scientist about superhumancreating experiments. Isn’t it sound like a real sensation? Youfinally got a fantastic case to discover something new, maybe evenabout super beasts.What kind of hidden mystery has this crazy scientist? Discover hissecrets.Start a superhero adventure now! Deal with terrorists, catch thethief, defeat adversary squad.You’ve been chosen! Make your superhero costume and save theworld.Amazing Super Battle - what does it mean to be a hero? Let’s findout!
Spider Hero: Final Battle 8.0.0
Spider Hero: Final Battle - find out a truthabout your past and determine the fate of the whole Galaxy!Amazing adventure is waiting for you!Your parents were scientists in a hidden secret laboratory. Alltruth about their life and experiments are hidden. It will not beso easy to solve this mystery, maybe there will be some criminalelements too. So, solve this case by analyzing all clues. Maybe youwill find something new about yourself too.Find all hidden secrets of this story!Nobody knows what will happen at the end of this story. Dark forceand good force will fight with each other for the fate of Universe.What is your role here? Maybe you will change your identityentirely, will find a new credo of your life. Don’t be afraid tostart a new episode of the superhero adventure. Remember, there isno need to graduate a special academy to join super championsteam.Be a hero and save the world!With our new game you will be able to enter the Universe of movieand comics heroes. Amazing quests, unlimited power of superhero,fighting for justice are waiting for you!
Secret Agent: Rescue Mission 1.0.0
Secret Agent: Rescue Mission - join arealdetective to solve a new case in this criminal adventuregame.Investigate crime scene, analyze evidence and follow signs toproveyour detective skills.While you were chasing criminals around the city, your sisterwaskidnapped. The only one who can help her you. Enter themysterystory where you should follow different clues and rulesdictated bya kidnapper. Visit different locations and try to findall hiddenclues. This is the only way to save your sister anddefeatcriminal.Only a true detective can deal with this!One more crime will be solved.Who is a criminal? Answer the question.Secret Agent: Rescue Mission - be the best detective ever!
Mafia Town: Mad Gangs 2.0.0
Mafia Town: Mad Gangs - be ready to changeyouridentity entirely and get into a rival’s gang. Your missionisextremely important - deal with their Boss. In theunderworldempire of gangsters and mafia there is only one law -your Boss’swords are rules. Follow them, whatever he orders you.And there canbe only one lord of this empire. So, be ready to showall yourfighting, racing and shooting skills to become a member oftheenemies gang and complete mission.Don’t be afraid to fail. This is an open - world game fullofexciting actions. Complete different missions while stealingcars,racing against street - racers, upgrading shooting skills.Only inthis way you will be able to accomplish your goal.Visit different locations and complete quests.Get a gun to survive in this rockstar’s city.Deal with your rivals, don’t let them to win in this war.Show who is the best racer here!Do some dirty job: steal a car, deliver some things and drivemafiabosses.Make a big explosion in this vice city.Don’t let police and other outlaw urban criminals to catch you.If you want to become a part of this world, you should provethatyou do have what it makes to be a REAL gangster. How? As ourherodoes. Complete all quests and missions in an open worldgangsterempire and do not let your Boss down.
Real Gangsters Action 2.0.0
The best criminal game! Here you canfindendless mission about how to conquer the world of mafia. Itcouldbe very hard to complete such quests, but try to do it intime.Just try to conquer the city of mafia and your ultimate aim istobecome a criminal boss. Fight against your rivals, apply allyourpower and use modern weapon. Take part in a car chase,escapepolice or ever kill them. Do everything that is need to be aleaderof the crime gang.★A real mob hit, big explosion of the open world! Be ready topayfor every mistake you’ve made.★Hunger for speed. Burn asphalt and show what does it mean tobefast racer and furious fighter.★No rules, no limits. Combat battle where could be onlyonechampion.★Create your own gang empire, do a first strike, make sure thatyourenemies are knocked down.★Fight for money, power and respect. This is a strategy, whichwillbring you to the top of the empire.
Cube Academy of Heroes 2.0.0
Do you think that wars against aliens fortheuniverse domination take place only in the movies?Superhero’s action game full of exiting quests!Human race once again faced with extinction. Alien squadssquareoff against humanity. The last chance to survive is a teamofsuperheroes. You get a real chance to team up withfavoritesuperheroes in this contest between champions withsuperpower andalien destructive weapon. Don’t let them to enslaveyour world.Fight till the end to win this contest!Lead vanguard force to protect the world.Fight for humankind’s survival!Justify our existence!Discover a new world of superheroes contest.Power-up your team and send them to the battle.Go on exciting missions and battle epic foes.Create the ultimate superheroes team.
Future Superhero War 1.0.0
When a new episode of warfare started,wascreated a League of super champions to protect the Galaxy.Theirmain mission was to fight against the dark side and don’t letthisforce to conquer the world. But wars between dark and goodforcesalways awaken a new way of fighting.The main villain found a way to drive a wedge betweensuperteam’s members and now the galaxy is in danger.In our new game you should try to defeat a main villainbyyourself alone. There will not be a team of ninja or bestfriends.There is only one warrior in this warfare. It’s a newepisode ofmobile wars. So, be ready to show all your amazing skillsandpower.Be on the guard of the justice, don’t let criminals to createachaos.Catch and take down all smugglers in the city.Stop the invasion of mutants.Reunite league of superheroes.Find an artifact of the time and travel across the time.Rescue people from the fire.Fight alone or create your own team of superheroes and savetheUniverse!
Illegal Mafia Action 2.0.0
Start this amazing game and watch out, therealot of enemies in this city!Use well your super strength. Investigate what happened to youandhow did you get superpower.
You not the only one in trouble, butinthis vice place you are the only superhero. Help people indanger.Stop the main villain. But don’t reveal your identity. Ifyou arelost - see the map!►Extreme quests and exciting missions.►Drive as a crazy racer►Fight against mafia clan►Conquer the vice city►Survive in street fights►Play in casino but try not to lose all your money►Defeat adversary squad►Install the bomb
Ambulance: Rescue Story 1.0.0
Start a game and go through alldangersituations. The life of an ambulance doctor challenge youeverytime. Turn on the siren and drive your vehicle to theaccidentpoint. Act fast to drive a patient to the hospital. Providefirstaid in the state of emergency. Don’t stop along the highway,justgo. You can even violate the traffic code because of the siren.Youare the king of the road.Ambulance driving simulatorAction missions to resolveMany exciting quests
Amazing Superhero Story 1.0.0
A new amazing adventure with superherosiswaiting for you! Go your way from the rogue of the society tothecommander. In an open world action game everything ispossible.Don’t be afraid to try your luck and start a new episodeof thecoolest adventure of your life!How to change your identity and become a superhero? Ofcourse,you can start to practice a martial art, go the specialacademy ofassassin or find a master, who will teach how to controlyourforce, dark and good one. Or you can act like our hero - getintothe hidden secret laboratory and steal a hidden marvel object.Butremember, that you will face a new challenges. Probably guysfromthe government or criminal structures will figure outthatsomething strange happened in the laboratory. So, be ready foranamazing contest!Start the coolest adventure of your life!Get into the secret laboratory.Learn how to use a superpower.
Super Avenger Battle 1.0.0
Choose your path and try to fight againstdarkside! Super Avenger Battle - fate of the Galactic World willdecidemutants!When you have an awesome power, that will make youtotallydifferent from others, you should remember aboutresponsibility.Hero or villain, savior or conqueror … they are allfrom the worldof amazing superheroes, but have chosen differentsides. Now it’syour turn. What will you pick?Control the fate of all mutants!You should act totally accurately to win this battle. Mutantsaregenetical soldiers with super power, who knows what kind offarcewill be awaken if to annoy them.Mutants among us - this is a new reality.There are no borders between worlds of comics heroes andourreality. It doesn’t matter where you live. In republic orempire,be ready to face a new heroes.Find out how to use your super power.When you have a force like a real knight, it’s a temptation touseit not in a right way. Don’t let the dark force to defeatyou.
Super Hero: War for the City 1.0.0
Super Hero: War for the City - a newepiccontest with superheroes is waiting for you!Your city is going to become an arena of the cosmic war fortheUniverse. And this time, if you want to cope with this task,youneed to think about both strategy and tactics. Only a team ofsuperchampions will be able to win this war.Let’s start a new adventure with superheroes!Nothing will stop you from completing mission! Championsshallendure!Create your own super champions team and save the world.Challenge yourself, fight against the whole army.Complete all missions, get a points and special awards.Upgrade your fighting skills.
Contest of Super Heroes 1.0.0
A secret laboratory is exploded. Thiswouldbecome a detective case story, where you should search clues,lookfor a hidden objects and investigate the case. But … afterthisexplosion our hero got a super power. What now? Joinsuperchampions team and start hunting criminals.Your first mission is already ready. You should catch amadscientist, who wants to conquer the world with his own armyofmutants.Don’t let criminals to win!Stop a crazy scientist with his army of mutants.Take part in this duel!It’s time to be a superhero!
Super Avenger: Future War 1.0.0
Super Avenger: Future War - universeofsuperheroes is facing a new challenge. The evil will neverleavealone this world. This time your city will become the arena ofacosmic struggle between good and evil. In this situation youcan’tstay away. The fate of the world depends on youractions.Be ready to face an invasion. Even the first round of the warisimportant.Protect strategic targets. Stop enemy's’ troops in a limitedamountof time.Track down the villain by using a radar.Fight the entire army yourself, figure out the best way todefeatyour enemies.Progress through treacherous story quests.Super Avenger: Future War - prepare for epic versus-fightingactionwith superheroes!
Spider Hero: Fatal Contest 1.0.0
Welcome to a new contest, where youshouldprotect a world against army of Dark forces.Spider Hero: Fatal Contest - when a universe faces a danger,thereis only one way. Fight and protect this world! Only realchampionscan complete this task and win a contest.Prepare for epic fighting action with super heroes team. Thisisgonna be the greatest battles in a war history. Waragainstassassins, champions, hitman is nothing compare withthiscontest.Don’t let your enemies to capture the city. Meet your friendanddraw up a plan of fighting.Be ready for a challenge, don’t lose even a single fight.Save your friend, who got captured by your enemies.These and more missions are waiting for you in the game SpiderHero:Fatal Contest!
Urban Racing: Extreme Speed 1.0.0
Urban Racing: Extreme Speed - prove yourselfasthe best extreme driver of the open world!Go through crazy obstacles and thrilling missions and, ofcourse,don’t let the police to catch you. Extreme high speed worldisbelong to you and you will dictate rules here.Present yourself as the best driver of this city. Findoutinformation about races, cross the finish line first and earnnotonly bonuses. but even a new car!Keep the gas on the shelf until you beat all rivals. Everysecondcounts here.Outrun police and don’t let them to catch you. Enjoy this funandfurious chasing race.This is not about usual racing, but also about big money. Winracesand get more money!Roar of engine will never stop. Burn asphalt and smash yourrivalscars if you need.There will be no days without racing.Urban Racing: Extreme Speed - do you think you have what it takestoride with the big boys? Our duel arenas are waiting for you toproveyourself as top rider.
Criminal Urban Wars 1.0.0
Experience the thrill of realgangster’sopen-world game! Criminal Urban Wars invites you tobecome a newlord of the underworld of gangs and mafia. Expand yourbusiness andconquer this city full of vice, deal with your rivalsand takecontrol over all outlaws in your hands.Take over the crime world! You know what is a real price ofthejustice in this city.Become the №1 gangster. Hit the jackpot in a mafia war.Expand your influence in the open world! Choose how each episodeofthe game will end.To be a big fish in this city, which is tearing itself apartwithgang and police strikes is a real contest. But if you knowallrules of this world, nothing and nobody will disturb you toachieveyour goals.If you choose this dangerous way to the top of the crime world,beready to play a casino with your life. It is not so easy to hitthejackpot here. Get yourself a reliable protection tool, don’tletthe police catch you and expand your business by meeting arightpeople on a right moment and place. This how you can win abigshot!
Superhero Criminal Story 1.0.0
You got a new mission! Adventures intheUniverse of superheroes continues! Your city will become anarenaof the struggle between good and evil, this time criminalevil.Don’t let crime lord to take over city. This is your city andyoushould protect it!Start hunting! Let’s show how real superheroes fight. Makeyourstrategic plan, because nobody knows how long this war isgoinglast.You are a main hero of this story!A new dangerous mission in a criminal world!Enjoy epic fight against crime!Super champions against gangsters - who will win?
Bat Hero: Future Avenger 1.0.0
It’s a new sequel of the superheroesfightinggood vs. evil story. Bat Hero: Future Avenger - step intothe shoesof superhero and fight for the fate of your city!Legend returns! Be a silent guardian!Even a one day can totally change your life forever. How oftendoyou hear a news about crimes in your city? Bank robberies,cartheft, clash of gangs. And we don’t pay any attention tothesenews, until it affects us.A bank robbery, when were killed parents of our main hero,decidedhis fate. He chose a way of a vigilante. A lonely fighterwithcrime, who won't tolerate illegality.Be the outcast, fight alone! Prepare yourself to face anythingthatthe evil may thrown at you. Your enemies are representativesofvarious crime groups and it will make each quest hereunique.Never tolerate illegality! Get in touch with your truepowerfighting criminals.Bat Hero: Future Avenger - you must not only deal withthecriminals, but also revenge, punish the perpetrator.
Mad Superhero Contest 1.0.0
The price of success on the superheroesworldis really expensive. If you wasn’t born with a super power,youneed to find other ways to become a champion. Only a realexplosivepower will help you to defeat criminals in this city.That’s whatdecided our hero. If there is a special pill which willhelp you tobecome much stronger, why don’t try it? Real guardian ofjusticeneeds to be on alert.Not only a cool guy with massive power can become a superhero.Whatwill happen if to take a pill? Find out by yourself!This saga will start from the rebellion of criminals in thecity.But not only fighting with crime, but also extreme races,savingMr. President and, of course, saving Universe and taking partin astar fighting contest. It’s a totally explosivesuperheroescontest!Become the most powerful superhero!Stop invasion and save the city!Start a new age of superheroes!
Turtles: Mutant Heroes 1.0.0
Turtles: Mutant Heroes - are you ready foranew amazing adventure with favorite turtle hero? In ournewadventure game you should choose one character from the teamofninja heroes and go through thrilling quests. Join the legendandcomplete all relentless quests!Your city was attacked by villain and his army. And the onlypersonwho can deal with this challenge is you. Destroy your enemy’splanand don’t let him to take over the world.Different locations full of thrilled quests and missions.Look for a clue to start a new mission.Choose a character and decide how your battle is goingtolast.Become an ultimate champion of this special contest.Don’t let your enemy to use a bio weapon and turn peopleintomutants.Destroy a secret laboratory to defeat enemy.Fight against crime, deal with terrorists and rescuehostages.
Super Ranger Story 1.0.0
Two teenage friends stumble upon an oldalienship. At first it looked like a usual seeker adventure. Butamonster who suddenly appeared out of nowhere turned thisadventureinto a mysterious case. Now our heroes acquiredsuperpowers andmust harness their powers to save the world.Find out everything about alien ship.Learn how to use your superpower to save a city.Complete the most dangerous mission and help people.Stop an alien invasion and defeat an army of monsters.Fight against criminal world in this amazing adventure game.
Strange Hero Story 1.0.0
Strange Hero Story - transform theordinaryinto the extraordinary and experience the ultimateadventure in theuniverse of superheroes. Guide your character - acity guardian whofight against crime and injustice. And see, if hecan stand up tothe invading army. Blast off to outer space to stopyour enemiesfrom destroying Earth!War against crime is infinite. Complete all quests and fightforjustice.Evil never sleeps. This time your should fight againstinvadingarmy. Don’t let them to capture strategic assets.Don’t forget to support a police during this war. You are on theoneside. Help them to make the city better.
Amazing Hero Girl 3.0.0
Make your city safer and better, take mattersinto your own hands! In the game Amazing Hero Girl you’ll become asuper girl, who fights with criminals and get justice. Criminalswill not escape. A new member of superheroes team with unlimitedpower and amazing fighting skills!Catch murder, fight against mutant’s army, rescue people from fire.Only a superhero can complete these contests.You are the last hope! There can be situations where people arehelpless. That’s why city needs superheroes and their unlimitedpower.Fight for justice and join superhero team! Start a new adventure inan amazing Universe and restore order.Amazing Hero Girl - it's a new contest!
Champions Mortal War 1.0.0
See the real power of mutants. ChampionsMortalWar - it’s time to save this world from totaldestruction.In this Universe both Mutants and Humans will fear eachotheralways. And there is a reason why. People always fear whattheydon’t understand. What is a secret of mutants power? Howdosuperheroes get their super abilities? These questions can’tbeanswered. But … somebody found an answer how to turn peopleintomutants and create a new army.When it comes to war and peace, everybody should make hisownchoice. What is really important - justice or power?Welcome to the infinity war! This time you should oppose adarkforce with similar power as you.Mutants are coming! Humanity has always feared what isdifferent.Prove that this world belongs to both humans andmutants.
Super Avenger: Final Battle 5.0.0
Super Avenger: Final Battle is an excitingaction game of a superhero’s adventure that lets you fightcriminals, stop invasion and rescue hostages!Work together with police to make this city a better place, joinsuperhero’s team and put your tactical mind to test againstvillains across the open-world.Explore quests map to get new missions.Revenge for justice.Don’t let criminals escape punishment.Change your identity and become a new member of a specialleague.Stop an invasion and struggle invaders army alone.Be a guardian of this city and face off against villains.
Robot Fight: Steel Heroes 2.0.0
Robot Fight: Steel Hero - it seemed thatafteryears of war, peace has finally come. Two robots of the alienracebecame a guardians of the Earth and this Universe. But an oldenemyhas returned to exact vengeance.People are in danger again! Enemy troops have attacked. Start anewstage of war.Defeat all the rivals! Rescue people from fire, don’t let yourenemyto take over power station, destroy their spaceship.Dominate with super abilities! In this classic battle Good vs.Evilyou should prepare your defenses in the final fight.Together we are more, win this contest against iron army!
Superheroes vs Injustice 1.0.0
One of the most dangerous criminals of thecityis going on the warpath. The only person, who can defy a greatevilis you. Take control of superhero in an original storycrossing theSuperhero Universe. Step by step you will go through anew missionsand quests. Prepare for epic fighting action andbecome the ultimatechampion!Take on the world’s meanest criminal!Defeat your enemy and put end to years of confrontation. Orderandsafety of the city are your responsibility. Don’t let him tocreatechaos.Embark on a criminal journey!Go through a series of special quests by following thieves,savingpeople and fighting criminals. Look for a new clues and trytoprevent further crimes.Thwart villain evil plan!Use a superpower to protect a universe. Win this contest forsuperchampions!
Spider Adventure 5.0.0
This time city really needs your your help.Police has found an information about secret laboratory wherevillains intend to create his own army of mutants. And this armywill stop at nothing to get what they want. The only champion whocan stop this army is you. So, start a new contest in the gameSpider Adventure!Prevent a new invasion!Your enemy is planning to summon his army of mutants. Thisexponential evil is going to destroy everything on it’s way. Fightto save your city!Look for evidence of a crime.Become a new guardian of this Universe in this open-worldadventure. Non-stop action, unlimited challenges, great contest forsuperheroes.Participate in the secret investigation.Join the investigation and find out what a big corporation ishiding. There might be some strange and even dangerous things. So,defy the power of corporation and perform all your duties ofsuperhero.
War of Steel Bots 1.0.0
Prepare your defense in the last fightforEarth in the game War of Steel Bots!Do you want to know why enemy’s army are coming to Earth?After years of peace and prosperity when everybody thought thatthewar is over, they are coming back. And this time invasioncanbecome an extinction. Don’t let them to destroy everything thatyouhave been protecting for many years.It's a new war with the same old enemy.There will be only one mission to save everybody! This armycameback to destroy and revenge and that mean a war ofattrition.Complete all quests one by one and get to the finalmission!Only one survives!If you can’t take enemies on by yourself, then find a knight,whohas already defeated them once. Favorite characters of therobotssequel are back. Construct powerful defence and alliancesagainstalien attacks.
Super Avenger Story 1.0.0
Amazing adventure is waiting for you intheopen-world mobile game!Our life is incredible, we never know what kind of storywe’llchoose next. This time you’ll become a part of superhero'ssequel,where a main hero, a researcher, is trying to create a newformulaof the unlimited power. But how it will end up? Find out byplayinga new game with a galaxy of superheroes!Now you have all chances to become a superhero.Your contest starts accidentally. But nothing can be changed.Sothere is one question - are you able to live as a super monsterornot?Save the city is the greatest feat.It’s time to use your super power to seek justice. Learn howshouldlive champions in this Galaxy, because where are superheroes,thereare always villains.It’s time for super missions!Become a new guardian of this city. Discover an open worldbycompleting all missions and dealing with villains!
Spider Hero: Super Avenger 1.0.0
Become a new guard of this amazing world! Anewopen-world adventure now in your mobile device with a lot ofquestsand missions. Enjoy a new game of superhero’s universe anddon’t letvillains take over your city!Defeat all your enemies!Using a special skills and abilities you will fight againstmaincriminal gang of the city. Show that superheroes willalwaysprotect peace and order of the world!Become the ultimate strange hero.Prepare for unlimited action in a true test of your accuracyandsuperhero’s skills. Challenge yourself and see how long youcanlast in this open-world champion’s adventure.Fire, defusing a bomb, saving people’s lives.The more missions, the more opportunities for you. Checkallsuperheroes skills and superpower. This is an open-world, whereyoucan do everything.
Super Champions: Future Battle 1.0.0
Superhero’s life is amazing. Not justbecauseeverybody loves them and wants to be like them. But alsosuperheroget’s a real opportunity to help their own civilization.SavingUniverse from destruction is their main duty and aim. Even alittlethreat can bring really serious consequences. And it doesn’tmatterwhat kind of crime is committed. Crime should bepunished.You are the last hope of humanity.Your city is under attack. An army of your enemy is going tosmasheverything on their way. Don’t let them leave onlydestructionbehind.There’s no time to lose. Attack!Fight for the future of the Galaxy. Every day you’ll facenewchallenges such as a war with gang of gangsters, firefighting,invasion of aliens.This world is under your protection.Be the only guardian of the Universe. Complete all missionsandquests in this adventure of open-world!
Iron Avenger: Future Battle 1.0.0
Iron Avenger: Future Battle - takeyourexperience in the superheroes Universe to the next levelbycompleting all missions and saving people’s lives!This is a personal vendetta against you. Your mortal enemyhasescaped from jail and he wouldn’t stop without the payback. Nowheis going to strike a great blow. Your main aim is to prepareyourcharacter for the final battle.Complete all missions step by step following instructions.Fightagainst the criminal world and make your city better. It’stime torealize what a superhero you are.Help police to deal with terrorists fighting for the freedomandpeace!Make key strategic moves to fight against gang of criminalsandrelease hostages.Your enemy is preparing to strike back. Start an offensive wartodefeat him completely.New story - new contest. World of comics superheroes is alwaysfullof exciting missions.Iron Avenger: Future Battle- let’s start the final battle!
Spider Hero: Future Battle 1.0.0
Our main hero now at the center of a web,acriminal web with a thousand threads. To survive inthiscriminal story he should be sure, how each and every single oneofthem dances. A new action game with superhero who are braveenoughto fight against injustice and any kind of threats in thisopenworld adventure.Take your character through all the quests in themainstoryline.Aircraft hijacking, fighting with terrorists,chasingrobbers. Each quest will lead you to the final battlewith yourmain enemy.Rebel against injustice.Your fight will have impacts on the future of the world. Useyourunlimited power and amazing skills to win this war.Fight off an attack of invaders.This is a real war where will be only one winner. Startadventurein a spectacular open world with favoritesuperhero!
Spider Hero: Epic Fight 1.0.0
Life of superheroes’ is amazing. You willneverget bored, especially in the open-world. Being a guardian ofthecity and the world is fantastic. It is a big responsibility,but atthe same time it is an honour. Can you deal with it?Take your character through all the quests in themainstoryline.Bank robbery, fire, hostages’ release. When people’s lives areindanger, there is no time to lose.Criminal gangs threaten security of citizens. Only you arealsuperhero can stop them!Each quest will lead you to the final battle with yourmainenemy.Your fight will have impacts on the future of the world. Useyourunlimited power and amazing skills to win this war.This is a real war where will be only one winner. Start anadventurein a spectacular open world with favoritesuperhero!A criminal web with a thousand threads and you are at the centerofit. Join super champions in the unlimited battle and save theworldagain!
Transforming Hero vs Robot X 2.0.0
Steel fighters bring you a grand battle.Thistime your arena is an Earth and the price of the victory isanartifact of incredible power. Who will capture it at the end ofthewar? And who will decide fate of Earth?Prepare your defenses in the final fight!There is no way to escape. You will win this war or you willbedestroyed.The final battle time has come.Galaxy’s fate is in your hands!We are not alone in the Universe. And we don’t have any choice astostand and fight. Fight till the end if you don’t want toloseeverything.Enemy is heading directly toward Earth...Prepare for the final battle. First of all you need to developastrategy for defending Earth. Don’t let enemies get to theartifactfirst. Your mission as an guardian is to smash army ofinvaders anddestroy this artifact.
Ultraman Hero: Galaxy Rumble 2.0.0
Join legendary superhero and fightwithmonsters! Start a new adventure and stop alien invasion.This new war can take a millions of victims and consume allenergyresources of Earth. To combat the aliens arrived ultra hero.He isthe only one in the world, who can smash monsters of any size.Andnow, in the face of the relentless galactic threat he shouldstandas Earth's last hope.Ultimate goal is to protect the Earth!Earth has been an arena of the galactic wars for quite a longtime.But the end of this clash is not nigh. Fight till the endandprotect humanity.The further you go the stronger your enemies.A new generation of enemies are getting stronger andmightier.Develop your own superhero’s skills to defeat them and winthewar.Fight those who threaten the peace.Get ready for the ultimate battle against alien invasion. Theywillleave only chaos and destruction around behind. Stopthem!