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Commando City Strike 1.3
You are serving as a City commando Striker ina platoon fighting at the frontline of battle. You, your gun andyour first person shooting skills are all that you have!The enemy army has been spread throughout the capital city and theyare involved in killing and assassinating the country citizens.They are equipped with modern weapons and have started a bloodyproxy war against your country. The enemies aim to build new empireafter capturing all the country land.You are a brave heart commando targeted to fight with enemies inthe streets to take revenge of murdered companions. To complete thetarget, you have got best machine gun and a precise rocket launcherto fire. You have limited bullets and have to fire precisely.It’s a great challenge to attack on a number of soldiers andwhen survival is must being a sole commando in the battlefield. So,as an expert frontline commando of royal forces, use yourspecialized shooting skills and kill all the enemy soldiers todeath. You have to make sure that the defense of city town is foolproof.Your strategy is to protect the city and keep the enemies away fromtheir mission.So, jump into the heat of battle, search the deadlyshooters hiding themselves behind the buildings or road hurdles andkill them before they shoot you....??? Game Features ????Different types of guns including sniper,AK47,pistole?Real Real 3D City enviroment?3 Challenging Missions?3D stunning graphics?Simple controls- easy to play?Addictive and Realistic game play?Attractive sound effects
Police Chase Hero 1.3
This is driving simulation game for you.Through this game you chase the criminal. This game has amazing 3denvironment. Have good control of cars. Easy to handle car .Features:* 3d graphics.* Easy in controls.* Best sound used.
Jungle Animal Enroot 1.4
Hunting animal is a unique passion but thehunting lion is more dangerous passion so in this adventures gameyou have hunt lions and protect the innocent beasts of Jungle .Jungle Animal Enroot one of the best hunting game.In this differentkind of beasts which are running in the jungle.Hunting wild jungleanimals is fun when one is a professional hunter as an amateur willendanger his life in trying to kill furious beasts.This game is a brand new real hunting and sniper shootingexperience which you might not been able to get in your real life.Those who cannot risk their life hunting wild animals can enjoyreal hunting experience by playing this game.The game has beautifulGraphics of jungle environment and controls and well sound arecool. This game has 4 levels and which has different tasks as well.Your duty is to protect the innocent animals of forest from thelion. Lion attack on Elephant,Deer and Giraffe you can protect fromlion for getting points and also unlock next levels.So Are YouReady for Hunting Lion then Download this Adventurous thrillerpack...HOW TO PLAY :1-Rotate your gun around.2-Use Scope at bottom left for zoom in effect3-Tap Fire button at bottom right for shooting4-Observe the lion in radar.FEATURES:1-FPS (First Person Shooter game)2-Simple but effective touch controls.3-Use your Sniper to aim the deer from a distance.4-Realistic Forest Environment .5-Great 3D graphics with realistic game play6-Realistic sound effect.
Jungle Dinosaur Blitz 1.3
Jungle Dinosaur Blitz will bring you in theworld of dinosaur hunting.It will give you a real envoirement of dinosaur jungle where youare free to hunt a dinosaurelike a real hunter,Jungle Dinosaur blitz provides you a realistic Jungle environment,To find and shoot Dinosaurs with the best sniper guns.Dinosaurs are cannibals animals.So when Player enter in jungle to hunt these cannibals animals, Andfire on these dinsaure, In the reaction Dinosaur will rush towardyou,To take revenge with full anger .Hunter has aim to defend himself wisely and shoot Dinosaurs.Each level has diffrent numbers of Dinosaurs and also has diffrenttime limits.So The challenge has to be complete each level within limited giventime.Jungle Dinosaur Blitz contains multiple levels with increasingdifficulty in each level.if Player shoot required numbers of Dinosaur in given time incurrent level Then player will land on next level with enhancedcomplexity.How to play:* Hunt all DINOSAURS in given time to survive for the nextlevel* Take clear shoot of target with Sniper gun* Use the zoom button to shoot DINOSAURS from long range* Use Shoot button for hit the DINOSAURS* Be aware, for the time* Check help screen before playingFeatures:* Realistic hunting experience and feelings* Easy and smooth controls* Efficient gun controls* COOL HD graphics with high quality* Unlimited bullets* Real Sounds Effect* Very fine work for hunting action* Dangerous and Dense jurassic jungle environment
Speedy Boat Drive 1.0
One of the most addictive and entertaining physics based racinggame fast as lightning!Race your hydroplane powerboat in the ultimate test and Crush youroponent in Speedy Boat drive now.Embody a young, reckless driver trying to make it big in theruthless world of speedboat racing.Race around exotic locations, feel the high-speed racing thrill andbecome the best Captain on the Sea!In this Game ride a boat and save yourself from different type ofhurdles.Test your reflexes by watching out for obstacles in the waytheir are coins on way of boat and you have to collect these coinsand cover maximumdistance for maximum scores and also try to compete the other boatson time to reach the finish point.How to play:- Tilt your device for left right movement- Collect coins- Cover maximum distance for maximum scores- Reach the finish point on timeGame Features:- Earn coins in Quick-play mode- Stunning 3D graphics and smooth & realistic boathandling- Cool graphics and smooth physics simulation- Designed to look good on low resolution and high resolutiondevices- Download free game and enjoy!
Patient Rescue Ambulance 1.2
Hello Driver!Let’s be real. You never would think driving an ambulance is a gameright?But what if it’s rewarding – in terms of saving lives? Thattooletting you go through traffic like a badass. Call it racing, callitrush games, call it ambulance driving or ambulance racing, PatientRescueAmbulance will give you out of this world 3D depthanimations with excellent controls to make things happen.Achievemissions, pass hospitals, deliver patients, while feeling goodracinglike a speedster.What Game Have !Game is equipped with a beatifull city you will love it.Game is full of beautiful buildings .Game is just perfect for Ambulance simulation.Game having opponenet cars will rock your GameStages !Be a kikass driver and go through multiple stages of lifesavingLevel 1:Nice and Easy Level save the civilians by reaching to hospital intime..keep in Mind that TIME IS LIMITED ...Don't get collided with opponenet cars and other traffic and letyour patient LIVE.Level 2 :Smooth traffic is additional feature of that level.Level 3 :what a level u have reached..Challanging.. Rocking.. Amazing :)NOTE : Find the Hospital by Keeping an Eye on Map..Good Luck
Cargo Mountain Extreme Drive 1.2
All kind of big cargo offroad truck vehiclesthrough the off road hills mountains and be the best hill climbercargo truck driverthe world has ever seen.Feeling like a hill climber cargo truck driver has never been thismuch fun.Playing this Cargo Mountain Extreme Drive game gives you many hoursof non stop gaming fun.You can be a one of the toughest trucker in the whole country whilebeing behind the wheel of a cargo truck,do some precision driving with a cargo truck in the off roadmountains.Want to Play an amzing realistic cargo game.. the Perfect placeyou have reached..A realistic Cargo truck simulater gamewhichyou will definetly love to play.. its feature are as follows :1.perfect controls of vehicles.2.realistic simulation3.All type of natural physical forces implemented e.g. acceleration, deacceleration and torquue etc.4.The perfect hilly envoirnment to play in5.Three different tracks with multiple terrains..6.Added snow hill in a level..7.Three different types of vehiclesLevels Description . . . :::::::::::::in 1st levels you have to succesfully deliver the cargo luggageto thier head office.. please note you have limited time..also roadis not as smooth as Highway it is a hilly road 2n level you have to deal with dangerous crude oil.. you have toreach at the target in liited time too..wooh.. you have reached in 3rd level.. an amazing level for snowand hill lovers especially. you have to reach on camping withluggage which will help you to stay in these hills.. wooden logsfor your hill camping..How to play:1. Use the accelerator to speed up the truck2. Use brake paddle to stop or slow down the truck, also it willhelp you to reverse thr truck3. two type of controls.. you are provided with.. use phonegyrometer(Tilt) to control the direction of your truck4. Steering wheel helps to turn the truck in differentdirection5. Use HandBrake for sudden stop .. no matter u are moving forwardor backward this is gonna work.6. time is limited.. keep an eye on clock..7. DONT EVER LEAVE THE ROAD... as you gonna lose the control onhilly surface..8.try to be perfect in controls and try not to fall theluggage.Test your real driving skills.Are you ready to have a realistic driving experience?Carry many type of cargo over hills, mountains.Test your real driving skills.There is a time limit to keep you onyour toes.
US Army Combat Show: Real Battle Field Drive 1.0
Hurry up! Its Rescue time.Get ready to serve your nation as a brave solider and try todeliver a lot for the national army at the time of Bloody war. Tryto rescue more army men lives and participate in this rescuemission with zeal and zeast. Be a super hero of your nation bygiving rescue service to your army and people. Be remember you area team lead of this rescue mission and you have to face verydifficult situation. After enemy attack on army base you have tosecure injured army persons and have to keep them away from theattacked area attacked by enemy helicopter.Drive Army truck, offer medical facilities to the Patients and dragthem to the nearest army medical camp. After dropping the armyinjured army men to the rescue shelters to secure their lives justmove towards another army base and don't compromise on your duty.Now in the days of war you are a frontline solider of US Army andthere is a great responsibility on you to save maximum lives andbecome a super incredible hero of your country. You must haveperfect control on yourself in this monstrous situation and have todrive your rescue truck carefully you have to avoid the hurdles onyour way to shelters camp and have to avoid stones falling from thenearby hills and reach to the rescue base before the death of theinjured army men.Be remember this is a war fight not a fight with militants and beready for un expected dangers. In this commando game you have tocomplete this lunar rescue mission as a brave Army driver and youmust have perfect control over the breaking and gearing system ofthe vehicle to reach your destination spot in a safe way. In thiscommando adventure game you must have to be ready for any thrillingand rocking adventure during your drive to other army base camp foryour survival.Carefully follow the frontline instructions and be ready for anyhazardous situation because of gunship air strikes and air attacksthe roads and the mountain hills are shaken and the stones arefalling in a dangerous way therefore try to reach out yourdestination by avoiding these hurdles and difficulties of the way.After seeing your victory in the war enemy have the facility of aircall and war helicopter strikes your base camp and you have toescape from the war zone to the safe rescue camp. Be remember youare not an ordinary solider but you are a brave caption and leadingyour team and going to rescue your injured solider.If you have played different war games, army games and have drivingexperience of different heavy vehicles like cargo trucks and busesand vagons but now it's time to drive army truck to rescue injuredsoldiers in a very emergency situations.Features:Run and drive through the war zone.Command and assemble your squad after gunship air strike.Amazing graphics.Efficient controle.
Car Racing Mania 1.3
Car Racing Mania 2015 is a 3D crazy racinggame.It includes the boost button on rightside of the screen,and the the speedometer on the left side.Andhealth bar on the upperleft corner,and score on middle of the screen,and coins bar onright top of the screen.Drive your car through highway traffic, earn cash, upgrade your carand buy new ones.Now you can get it free from Google Play!How to Play:- Tilt your phone to move and swerve through traffic- Touch the screen to boost and speed even faster- Collect coins to unlock new carsFeatures:** Tilt device to steer left or right** Tap on the screen for brake and reverse** Collect diamonds and fuel buckets to improve health** Speed booster is on the right bottom side of the screen
Ultimate Formula Racing 1.0
The Real Car Experience is a true-to-lifeautomotive journey featuring the most prestigious cars in theworld!Let's beat the rivals with real racing thrill of your knockoutchallenge.Ready for an amazing and dangerous racing around the differentenvironments and atmosphere.Real Knockout Racing is a free car racing game with a lot ofchallenges, and levels to unlock. It is an addictive gameexperience that will test all your skill and reflexes beforebecoming a real racer.It is a knockout car racing game – survival for the fittest! Leadthe race and stand at first position or you are failed!!!It’s your world of dreams to become an expert of racing. Defeat theopponents with ultra-turbo engines, modern real racing technologyand your driving skills.Ultimate formula Racing game have only one track that are highlydetail and full of distinct atmosphere, test your car on track,city and mountains and beat your opponents on all terrains.Formula racing is one of the best driving experience that you willfind on your smart phone, the game runs in amazing high definitiondetail, and the sound quality will give you the feel of the realspeed car driver.Formula racing has great touch controls and will get you the bestcontrol over car. It's easy and fun to play! You must run as fastas you can, avoid other carsFeatures:- Specially optimized car racing physics- Feel and atmosphere of real racing game- Great touch controls- Three different type of levels- Game is fully optimized for smartphones and tablets- Free to downloadHow to Play:- Tilt or Touch to steer- Overtake your opponents- Try to decrease speed before sharp road turn- Follow race rules and win the race
Forest Commando Shooting 1.6
In forest you have to survive for a longperiod of time span. Enemy army is residing in your country.Onlybrave dare to battle.Forest Commando Shooting is 3rd personshooting adventures game.You are the best soldier with highlyequipped advance weapons of the world. Your duty is to Sharp attackthe base camp of your worst enemies. Go behind the enemy lines as afront line commander act just like a secret agent kill your enemyjust like a sharp killer your adversary, sharp and clear differentwaves of your opponents and special advice don’t forget to realizethat your competitor's are also the best soldier also fig fromadvance Guns and many vehicles gunship helicopter and also manyother kind of weapons. This game has four levels which havedifferent tasks in every level and the strategy of every level istotally changed from each level. The best challenging story modegame So be Aware be careful to play this pretty awesome adventuresjungle game with stunning environment jungle game after playingthis adventures mountain jungle pack I assure you! You willobligate to give 5 stars.Level 1 :The level one is first test of your shooting skill the levelconsist of three waves of your opponents crush all your enemieswith a specific strategy for Unlock the Level 2..Level 2:The strategy of Level 2 is to get the oil truck after killing allthe enemies .Level 3:After getting the Oil truck another awesome feature of this game isthat you are able to drive the truck protect your truck on muddytrack and also from enemies..Level 4:This last level fill the oil in helicopter tanker and fly yourhelicopter and attack on enemies..Silent features:~ 3rd Person Shooting Game~ 100% Free~ Best Control and GUI~ Machine Gun~ Natural Environment~ Wonderful SoundFeatures:** Aiming from the center of the Screen.** Fire Button on bottom right.** Zoom button is above Fire Button.** Top left corner Displays Enemies Killed Total number ofEnemies.** Top right corner displays No. of Rounds/Bullets used.** This game has four parts in first part you have to clear 10waves of enemies.** Bottom right corner displays joy stick for playermovement.** Right to joystick there is a toggle button to switch betweenPlayer Run and walk.** Right to Walk/Run button there is Toggle Button for Crouch/Sitand normal position.** Layout fully optimized for smartphones and tablets!For any Query please Contact us [email protected]
Army Shooter Training 1.3
Like shooting and breaking glass?? then, tryour game. The 3D effect of the game looks so realistic.Bottle shoot is about shooting as many bottles as you can inlimited amount of time. If you can do both you will become a realBottle Shoot Master! If you like fun and addictive games – BottleShoot is for you! Just aim and shoot!!Do you like shooting and broken glass sound ? Blast bottles,play mini-games, and compete all over the World !Just take your gun and sight a target, start the shooting bottlegame.This game has four intresting levels.Army shooter training is a wonderfull developement fromdevelopers.i think you guys like this game.think you've got a good sight?bottle shoot game allows you to aim and shoot the bottle and need to shoot the bottle to get points.don't waste time, the game over when the time is finished.bottle shoot game for everybody!now shoot as many bottles as you can.shoot like a real cowboy.who will score the most points?FEATURES? Photo-realistic bottles? Realistic sound of broken glass? Global leader board
Clash For Freedom 1.1
Clash for freedom game based on to escape theprincess from the this game to much entertainment beautyof environmentand fire of flames.the beauty means that environment have manysmartness sea is all around and the way player is moved is zig_zagway. Statue of lion looking cool its eyes are shining,and its tryto frightend them. the main objective of this game are,first findthe map but in finding procedure to much hurdles.hurdles means thatenemies,enemies are trying to kill from bow.Player also have bowand efficient target quality.kill all the enemies then find themap.if u successfully find the map then level has beencleared.after cleared level, video scene is play in this scene ourplayer in boat with princess but in the way, enemies arrest theprincess.after this situation next level start, in this level theiris huge this castle player faces many problems to findthe princess.if the player played very well then player haveability to escape princess very easy.the main objective of secondlevel to find and escape the princess,after player find theprincess your mission is accomplished.So, Be care full Because their is to much difficulties are hiddenyou have to find the difficulties,after face all difficulties levelis completed...
Real Insects Smasher 3D 1.2
A super fun, simple and entertaining gamewhere your objective is to smash as many insect as possible. Enjoythe high quality graphics of fully animated insect.Smash insect with your finger in this great game.Highly entertaining for kids, boys and girls.Special virtual goods that make the game easier for young playerscan be acquired.Insects are running freely on your screen.Features:A lot of insect!High-def graphicsSmooth high quality Animations make the insect feel realcoverage your friend.Simply touch the insect to kill them.Smash ants as fast and much as possible.High score rankingsExtremely simple and fun gameplayA funny app to pass the timeDangerous Bee - Don't Touch the Red Bee!Game for all ages, man and woman!.How to play Smash Those Ants:It's very simple, avoid taping the Red Bee.Use your finger to smashall the other insects!
Ambulance Rescue Parking Sim 1.1
Hello Driver!Let’s be real. You never would think driving an ambulance is a gameright?But what if it’s rewarding – in terms of saving lives? Thattooletting you go through traffic like a badass. Call it racing, callitrush games, call it ambulance driving or ambulance racing,Ambulance Rescue Parking Sim will give you out of this world 3Ddepthanimations with excellent controls to make things happen.Achievemissions, pass hospitals, deliver patients, while feeling goodracinglike a speedster.What Game Have !Game is equipped with a beatifull city you will love it.Game is full of beautiful buildings .Game is just perfect for Ambulance simulation.Game having opponenet cars will rock your GameStages !Be a kikass driver and go through multiple stages of lifesavingLevel 1:Nice and Easy Level save the civilians by reaching to hospital intime..keep in Mind that TIME IS LIMITED ...Don't get collided with opponenet cars and other traffic and letyour patient LIVE.Level 2 :Smooth traffic is additional feature of that level.Level 3 :what a level u have reached..Challanging.. Rocking.. Amazing :)Level 4 , 5 ,6 ,7 , 8 , 9 , 10 ..... and Many moreNOTE : Find the Hospital by Keeping an Eye on Map..Good Luck
Brutal Death Warriors Race 1.1
Get ready to enter in furious Brutal deathWarriors race simulator, crash burn modified armored cars and faceruthless bosses in every tracks. Fire missile use gatling machinegun to destroy rivals racing cars and flip them in ashes in theair.Jump behind steering wheel of modified car in this fast pacedaction game. Drive in amazing jungle track race for the topposition against extremely skillful players. Make way throughtraffic with your road warrior skills enjoy super addicting combatracing game like never before.Master your perfect road warrior skills its race till death getkilled or kill all to become ultimate champion.To maintain your carget maintainance popup to attain maximum speed on asphalt tracks.clear all obstacle to become unbeatable champion in this best carracing games. Get crazy racing experience on your device.It’s not some ordinary driving school test or car parking game forvalet duty driver. Your racing rivals got automatic shield andarmored cars, customized military trucks.Download Brutal Death Warriors Racing Game: Car 3D fast pace actionand simulation game like not ordinary classic mode drag or rallyracer.Features:fully weaponized custom furious racing car for death race cargameVivid beautiful graphics for survival and chase racergameplayStunning background music for best car racing gamesBattle against road warrior with heavy weapons gunsTotally controlls on tilt and firing is automatic
Commando Sniper Assassin 1.1
Commando Sniper Assassin is the first personshooting game where you go on missions to FIGHT the WAR onTerrorist compound and become the ULTIMATE SHOOTER.Are you ready to Infiltrate at enemy base camp! Prepare for aDaring ultimatum with full of Cartel and horror.An amazing game play is available at Play store now, Try thiscompletely 3D everlasting and non-stop war task and leave your kindand honored suggestions and reviews.Complete the critical & difficult tasks by using your snipergun to kill to save the civilions from dangerous criminals or byagreeing to a contract.You are appoint with different missions at each stage to destroyenemies objectives and to prevent enemy occupy strategic positionsin the area. So knack your strategy according to eachmission.And get ready to enjoy this trajectory physics simulation.Enjoy the multiple targets shooting all the enemies out there;accomplish missions to become Master in Action Game.Don’t miss the opportunity to shoot the criminals, do not end upwith mission fail, and shoot with free will.Looks awesome in smart phones and tablets, this game is compatibleon all the devices and tabs.How to play:Commandos are action in town,The enemies arrest innocent people.our Mission is to escape that innocent peoplefrom the's not too easy to complete that missions.Keenobservness is required,when you complete the leveland finish that game. We try to make Awesome and can also enjoy game play music which entertainthe game.How to Play which strategy we use to complete of all move the player very carefully, themost dangerous enemy are the tower man which has ability to targetaccurately. So be carefull from the tower man(Enemy).Ist try to kill All the tower man.then focus on ground enemy.walkslowly don't try to move fastly and ignore enemies.if u ignore any enemy then u should ready to taste Death.The mainplanning is that try to move carefully and use of scope ismore.when u Play carefully then Your Play level is very good.And youshould get ability and confidence to complete that game.***Characteristics**** Beautiful 3D graphics of three diff terrain.* The natural sounds of fire and game music.* Best rifle and sniper gun for accurate shooting.* Use swipe controls to aim.* Use fire button to hit the enemies.* Addictive, loving & full of fun.* Superb mountain with amazing action pack animation.* Realistic simulation with very engaging background music toenhance your gameplay.* Use the telescope to aim the enemy at far distances.* Realistic visual effects and the world's best battle music.* Great graphics and environment.* Different Levels with new Mission and new HD environments.* Support for HD phone devices and tablets.* Military themed quality Army User Interface (UI).
4x4 Mountain Racer is a physics engine driftauto game.If you like Simulator Games, drifting, crushing try it.Smooth controllers, realistic auto physics.Test your real drift skills.***FEATURES**** Easy controller* Realistic driving experience and feelings* Beautiful Graphics* Realistic sound environment* Realistic physics* Tablet support and FULL HD support* FULL HD graphics with high quality
Car Parking 2015 1.7
Do you like parking games? If yes then youwant to try something different than parking cars, this is for you!Mart Car Parking is an awesome realistic control game is ready foryou on Google play. Parking a car is an extreme skill of driving.In this game you’re check your driving skill and improve yourdriving through to play this game .This game is exactly precisiondriving simulator 3D game.Control your car with an on-screen steering wheel, acceleration andbrake pedals. Shift the gear to forward or backward as you need.Mart Car parking game has 11 levels in every level has differenttype of parking tracks. This game has to facility set your camerayour own desire but we provide 5 different angels of cameras. Parkyour car without hitting the hurdles and cones as well. Each levelhas a time limit to park your car a specific or recommended areaifyou hit the hurdles then game over and restart so drive your carcarefully to unlock all levels.About Game:Choose your car to start playing the game, and then proceed fromone level to the other.Here one has to slide across the parking cones in a perfect orderwithout hitting any of them.Your target is to go through points and without hitting any conesin a limited time.Excel in parallel parking without colliding with other hurdles orcones.Feature:- 11 different game levels- Realistic car driving experience- Perfect HD graphics- Real car sounds- Five different cam angles. Inside cam, outside cam, front cam andeven more-You have ability to set your camera position your own desire- Realistic steering wheel- Perfect car physic and car simulation 3D Game
OffRoad Dubai Desert Jeep Race 1.3
Off Road Dubai Desert Jeep Race: Welcome toDubai Desert. Here is a lot of fun out there in the desert, thewhole desert to drive for where you challenge in real Arab desertenvironment.Get the off road racing as various in game missions., speed,acceleration, strength etc. Fly the dirt in the eyes of your crowd.Enjoy the ups and downs of the lovely Sahara desert in the heart ofDubaiWe are based in the United Arab Emirates and thus ensure youroff road experience is as real as possible. Climb, perform extremejumps or stunts without the need to get sand in your shoes or getyour vehicle damaged..How to play:- Accelerate your jeep- Control on tilt- If you forget the destination, you can avail hint- Reach on check points and survive for the nextFeatures:- Checkpoint Mode:- Jeep- Desert environment- easy to play- Good graphics* Dubai Desert: Perfectly realistic dunes (sand hills). Totallyrandom map… climb up and down all day long without getting stuck inthe sand.* Extreme Jeep Rally : At worlds End.* Handle the steering and control the speed of jeep if you canbecause exponentially its speed goes above limits and only peoplewith great skills can handle this Jeep.* Experience the ultimate driving game.
City Car Lifter Simulator 1.2
The city is turning into a crime townwithstreet racers driving cars fast and racing on the roads.Thesethings cause road accidents and chaos. Play as a cop drivingapolice forklift car transporter to lift the cars, stuck ontheroads due to accidents or traffic jam, drop them to the station,inthis 3d driving simulator.You may have driven forklift to transport cargo but playing asaduty cop is different. Enjoy this new concept in forkliftdrivingsimulator. You will get an extreme forklifting challengewith anaim to drive on the city roads and clear traffic jam. See ifsomecars are not properly parked or badly stuck somewhere,lift them with your forklift and drive them to save zone toclearthe traffic on roads.City Car Lifter Simulator is the ultimate lifting parkinggame.this parking game is the best forklift game there get ready for a super fun parking game where you can showoffyour driving skills and your box lifting skillsFEATURES:•Real Experience of Driving Police Forklift•Interesting Gameplay Missions•Play as a Police Officer Controlling Traffic•Smooth Steering, Car Lifting and Driving•Amazing 3D Graphics & Environment•Real-time Physics Controls for Driving Heavy Forklift
Hillside Public Transporter 1.1
Test your real driving skills. Are you readytohave a realistic driving experience?Carry Passangers over hills , mountains.Test your real driving skills.P.S. : There is a time limit to keep you on your toes.How to play:- Use the accelerator to speed up the Bus- Use brake paddle to stop or slow down the Bus- Steering wheel helps to turn the truck indifferentdirection- Not Only can use Your phone Gyroscope (Tilt ) tocontrolthe Bus.- Use HandBrake to Sudden Stop You Bus..Be Polite Although !Level 1 :You got an extra Ordinary envoirnmrnt to drive your bus inthislevel.. hills and what not..try to keep your passangers with you as they need safetyaswell.Keep an EYE on Time..Level 2 :Hills , Rivers and winds .. you got full o fun terrain torunon..get,set,GO!Level 3 :Yeaah ! You would love to ride the BUS In snow fall and slipryroadsof snowy Hills.Best snowy envoirnment ever.don't let the passangers freeze in heavy snow storm..*** Keep In Mind ***Safety is very important in this bus driving simulator somakesure your passengers are safe at all time.This is your first priority.The second priority in to make sure that you stick to thetimeschedule.Bus Driving Games just got better! Being a Bus Driver in a BusGamehas never been this immersive and fun.Enjoy the realistic physics that make this Bus Simulator standoutfrom other Bus Driving Games.***Let’s play the most realistic transporter bus game***Hillside public transporter is full of thrill and adventuretopick up and drop passengers to their destination.• Adventurous & Thrilling Bus Driving• Amazing Environment with Hills, Mountains Etc.• Extreme Bus Driving with Dangerous Turns• A complete Hill Station Environment to Explore• Pick and Drop Tourist to their Destinations• Hours of Driving Fun with Bus Driver Duty
Simulate Modern Farm Tractor 1.0.1
Hey guys, Let us introduce to you a brand newSimulate Modern Farming Tractor that will allow you to become areal farmer!Welcome to our Modern farm!The ultimate goal of the game is to drive a tractor cultivatingcrops in your farm land.Start your agricultural career in Simulate Modern FarmingTractor and to fulfill harvesting dreams.This game attracts a lot of people who enjoy farming.Simulate Modern Farming Tractor -A game where you feel like a real farmer tractor driver ! Take upthe phone as a machine ,turn the volume and ride both on the field !Play the most addictive physics-based FREE tractor farminggame,In Simulate Modern Farming Tractor you have to do everything afarmer needs to do for his harvest.Enjoy living the life of a farmer and sell your crop to earnmoney! Good Luck!*** What's in The Simulate Modern Farming Tractor ***You have Multiple Farm machines to work have a very beautiful and natural envoirnment to workon.A bit more , You also have real farm birds to enjoy the realscenery of a Farm.Not only That , Love Cows and Farm Animals? Yes Here You Go!****Game Play****It's a step by Step Farming SAGA that u have to complete...Play like a real farmer while start from a point where You haveto dig the Field .. Like Real...!!Spray and fight with worms ..!Do u like Driving Heavy Machines...Here we present an Harvestorto You ..Drive and Cultivate your Field like a real farmer . .Get your seeds to the Floor mill and start Digging your fieldagain to get maximum seeds out of your Farm..Good Luck FARMER !
Crossbow Archery Master Shoot 1.0
Shoot a Target board with bow and arrowandmake a great high scoreCrossbow Archery Master Shoot is here to challenge your skills.Thegame play is to short and addictiveThis addictive game will improve your archery skills!Practice your bow shooting skills and become a champion oftheworld.Crossbow Archery Master Shoot give ultra realistic bowmanexperiencethat featuresamazing animations and stunning graphics.Glide your finger on screen to aim the tarrget.Draw arrows from quiver, take aim with your bow and releasethearrow to hit tarrget.Play as a archer master.Crossbow Archery Master Shoot is The ever best game to killyourtime;Key Features of Crossbow Archery Master Shoot:** Complete the level and Unlock next level.** Outstanding colorful graphics and beautifullydetailedbackgrounds.** The interface of Archery Crossbow Archery Master Shoot gameissimple & smooth.** Definitely worth , Smooth and responsive game play.** Precise physics effects.** 21 levels.** 21 loving enviroment.** Helps to increase concentration while shooting with bowandarrow.** Eye soothing graphics
.** Addictive game play mode.** Hit on "50" mark, Get free arrow** Beautiful scenery and great animation.Game play:** Draw the bow back, aim the arrow at the target and releasethearrow.** You need to aim high.** Drag up and down to adjust arrow** Spend maximum time to make high score.** Bang on the target with your full concentration.NOTE:Try to hit on middle to get maximum marks and bonus arrow;Don't aiming too long. Shoot faster because whenyou will long aiming - your hand will tremble more;Give 5 star for a brilliant work of developer;Make review;New update is on the way;For more updates and feedback follow us on facebook
Wood Cargo Hill Climb Truck 3D 1.0
Driving on hills, mountains, and steep pathsisnot an easy task.Show your skills as the extreme pro trucker to driveheavydutytransporter truck carrying cargo, luggage, logsandcontainers.Be careful on dangerous twists and turns and delivercargosafely.Drive the ultimate off-road hill climber wood cargo hillclimbtrucks 3d.Drive through the mountains and hills with high speed.Land sliding could block your path anytime.Extreme weather conditions with rainfalls and lighting couldmakeyour drive even more difficult.wood cargo hill climb trucks 3d is the ultimate driving duty tasktotransport cargo through the rugged terrains, mountainsandhills.wood cargo hill climb trucks 3d is an awesome concept foreveryoneto play.Your transport truck might be carrying relief cargo sodrivecarefully.Paths are difficult to drive on, but not only planes are usedforcargo transport, you can handle this job with your cargotransporttruck too.Attach the trailer with your heavy truck and drivethroughhills.Make your smooth and careful driving, don’t let your luggagefalldown. It will kill your chance to win.STAY AWAKE;These mountains have very dangerous roads with sharp andnarrowturns.So drive carefully or you can end up in very big trouble.HOW TO PLAY:- Tap throttle to accelerate.- Tap brake to slowdown/stop and go reverse.- Drive with precision and accuracy like a pro- Steering is on the left bottom side of the screenFEATURES• Real Experience of Driving Cargo Truck• Realistic physics and control of trucks• Smooth Steering, Brakes, Drifting & Lifting• Amazing 3D Graphics• Transporting Logs, Wooden Boxes, Cars and More• Thrill of Driving on Hills, Mountains and Steep Paths• Effective sound effects• Very smooth and addictive game play• Realistic hilly area view• Excellent Traffic and its AI• 20+ levels.• 9+ different environment.Rate us and make review for our brilliant work.follow us on facebook for more updates and feedback( )
Bus Simulator Parking 2016 1.0
Bus Simulator 2016 is the latestsimulationgame that will offer you the chance to become a real BusDriver!incredible vehicles, wonderful interiors will make you feellikedriving a real bus! It's time to get on board and drive the bustocomplete all the routes! Next-gen graphics includingpeopleanimations, articulated, double and school buses will makethis busgame the best on the market! Get Bus Simulator 2016now!Features:- Realistic Maps (Los Angeles, Paris, Rome, Berlin,Alaska,etc...)- Buses (articulated, school, etc...)- Animated people entering/exiting the bus- Custom weather conditions in Free Ride mode- Locations of any kind: city, countryside, mountain, desertandsnow- Realistic visual damage- Steering Wheel, Buttons or Tilting controls- Detailed Interiors- Intelligent Traffic System- Challenge your friends with online rankings
Archery Fruits Shooter 1.1
This is a fun and addictive "Archeryfruitsshooter" with multiple levels which will become more difficult step bystepand we can enjoy shooting of many fruits.Have fun with this very new and ever best made Archeryfruitsshooter game.A new innovative way to practice Archery.Use the bow and the arrows to hit the Juicy Fruits andachievecombos.Shoot fruits with bow and arrows and make a great high score.Campaign through levels and experience the real Environment.Archery fruits shooter ’ is a simple and addictive ’bow &arrow’game with full of fun.Test your archery shooting skills in the highly addictiveArcheryfruits shooter game.two game modes 'Arcade' & ' Free style' each have differentwayto play.Archery fruits shooter game Easy to play but hard to master.The ever perfect free game to spend your timeGame Features:** Outstanding colorful graphics and beautifullydetailedbackgrounds.** The interface of Archery fruits shooter game is simple&smooth.** Definitely worth , Smooth and responsive game play.** Easy and precise archery controls.** Helps to increase concentration while shooting with bowandarrow.** Eye smoothing graphics.** Two different and addictive game play mode** Nice animations effects.**How to play:** Draw the bow back, aim the arrow at the target FRUITSandrelease the arrow.** You need to aim high.** Make a combo and get extra arrows.** Drag up and down to adjust arrow** Spend maximum time to make high score.** Bang on the target with your full concentration.Try Archery fruits shooter now to see how far the mobilearcheryexperience come nowadays.
gunship helicopter strike war 1.0
Front-line gunship attack puts you inthegunner seat of the most powerful combat gunship helicopter strike war, Enemies has invaded our land,theyare making bases across railway track, sea port and incity.Go ahead and Launch the attack like contract killer on themostdangerous terrorists now!Be aware! terrorists will come for attacking you in differentwaveswith different strategy.Be part of the air mobile tactic which helicopters are heavilyusedto insert troops into battles.Three different and stunning environment like seeportrailwaystation and city.Choose an area from three different real environments andcreateyour own tactical scenario.Take the battle to fight with terrorist to the sea, city andrailwaystation.Frontline gunship attack is a warship action game, withextremelythrilling missions inspired by the historicnaval clashes of World Wars.once you will play this classic Frontline gunship attack game asabrave elite commando shooter,Then you will be lost in the massive shooting strikes,And will not stop until the total destruction of the enemiescounterattacks by Frontline gunship attack.Frontline gunship attack is an Action pack thrilling game playlikenever before.FEATURE;** Ultra Realistic Controls UNPRECEDENTED REALISM.** 30+ levels in Battle mod.** Realistic 3D graphics and stunning visual effects.** Three different and stunning environment.** Enjoy realistic gun simulation and animation.** Stunning Apache helicopter realistic shooting effects.** Challenge yourself with the next mission or replay acustommission..HOW TO PLAY;** Select an environment.** Touch screen to move the versatile shooting machine gunup/downand right/left toshoot the enemy.** Aim on an enemy.** Touch the “fire” button to shoot enemy.
Venice Speed Boat Commando 1.0
This submarine simulator brings you inactionIn the Atlantic region,Enemy is attacking from seaside in order to captureyourcities.your country rely depend on your legendary strike.patrolling on ocean region. found suspicious mafia. and killthem,no mercy;command your naval forces to go out in the Atlantic and fightwithterrorist enemy.the most powerful combat WARSHIP boat is here waiting foryou.It’s the Boat shooting game where you need to kill all theenemy’sand head shots are always the best. They will earn youmorepoints.Download Sea Battle Boat Shooting action packed simulationfromGoogle Play store.Key Feature;◆ Various levels of naval war action◆ Experience amazing ride like never before◆ Fully armed u-boat with heavy torpedo missiles forbombardment◆ Intuitive touchscreen controls to steer the u-boat◆ Thrilling warfare game play with full of action andstrategy◆ HD water graphics◆ Realistic sounds for blast and attacking enemies◆ Various levels of naval war actionGame play;◆ The great adventure of boat battleship war is now on yourmobilelet's play,◆ Touch and drag on screen to rotate axis.◆ Aim your enemy and shoot them to earn point.◆ kill enemy boat to complete your mission◆ Use the zoom option to have the clear view.This game is free to play, But It's best thrillingdestructionstyle Boat shooting game.Rate us and make review for our brilliant work.follow us on facebook for more updates and feedback( )
Mountain Dino Shooting 1.3
If history repeats itself, I am so gettingadinosaur.Dinosaurs may be extinct from the face of the planet, but theyarealive and well in our imaginations.***************************Hunting is better than being hunted.If you ever dream to hunt or, even, to see a mountain butstilllagging behind your plan, don't get worried "MountainDinoShooting" is here. Dino have great fun to play and preythem.3rd artwork on Dino make it Real and Natural Environment makeitinteresting.Feature:** 3-D Art work** Natural environment** High GUI** Perfect Sound quality** 8 LevelBest of Luck for Hunting
Mountain Animal Hunting 1.2
Hunting is better than being hunted.If you ever dream to hunt or, even, to see a mountain butstilllagging behind your plan, don't get worried "MountainAnimalHunting" is here. Animals have great fun to play andpreythem.3rd artwork on Animals make it Real and Natural Environment makeitinteresting.How to play:-There are three kinds of animal in it.-Select your favourite among them.-Then play your first wave-Select your sniper zooming with R.M.B button.-And fire with left mouse button.-Time duration given in every wave.-Use are also with touch.-Two fire require to every animal for shooting.Feature::-3 Targets-5 level each-3d artwork-best control-bullet effect-real sound-natural environmentand much more fun
Frontline Army Training Shoter 1.0
This android game is extremely thrill for bothyoungsters and old age. If you are a shooting lover then thisis your right choice to play and enjoy your childhood passion andshow your skills. In this game you havesome aims and objectives to shoot on accuracy. If you like shootingand you don't know how to aim and shootthen this android extreme army shooting game will help you to learnthe skills of shooting and add new learningthing in your daily life. This game is very easy to play andtrigger your target with accuracy. This game is one armyshow you will be give some time duration to end up your shootingaims. In this game you will experience differenttypes of weapon. You can use it as you want to and show yourskills.When you get to know the skills of shooting thenyou will be able to shoot other things like bottles, soldier anddestroy their equipment. When you learn to kill your enemyand hold their area then you will be able to reached on the nextlevel. You have to utilize all the equipment andweapons that helps you complete the goals and aimsFeatures- Extreme accurate shooting.- Learn shooting adventure.- Stunning sound effects.- shooting time limitations.- Suspense with great experience on shooting area.
Super Metro Train Simulator 3D 1.1
Fantastic android game for the train fans andsuper metro train simulator. This game brings you an opportunity toshow your skills by driving this train with full of joy and thrill.if you want to become a fantastic train engine driver then justclick a download button and have some real ride. This monster trainhave a realistic control on your finger tips. This game is veryeasy to play. Just start your engine and run this train like abullet. During your ride you will experiencea realistic 3D graphicsview from your cab with lush green grassy land, mountain anddeserts.In this game you will experience a real stunning sound of a realtrain. You have many levels in this game.You have different stationfrom one destination to another. There are animated people that youhave to give them a ride of pick and drop, you have some cargostuff to drop on different stations as well.At every station peopleare waiting for the train so have to be on time to give them a realproper ride.You can select different types of train engine andstations. You have different types of speedy engine that you selectfor your levels.Let's have a ride on this super train in this metro train simulatorgame. Among all the train games this is the best train simulatorgame. In this train simulator 2017 game become a legend traindriver. In this orange train game you can have the cultural tasteof different countery trains like indian express train,pakistanexpress train, USA train and also have the touch of Israeelrailway. In this train app you may feel the feelings of a globletrain driver and you can drive indian train simulator, japanesetrain and Hzara train too.Through this train simulation game you can have a ride of differentrails like super metro train, orange train etc.Try to controle thisunstopable train simulator and drive and drop the passengers andtourists all acroos your countery. This bullet train will help alot to the train passengers and to reach their respective railwaystation within few minutes. This Railway game will give you thesence of a perfect and responsible train driver. You have to avoidany train collision and have to manage the train speed on thetricky turns because over speeding of rail simulator will causehazardus train accident.As a rail driver passengers safety is your first priority. Be anefficient and regular traine driver. Be remember this is niot a toytrain but a real train with full of passengers. Play this railroadsimulator game and feel the thrill of rail journey. There aredifferent trains to buy in this train simulator game you just haveto drag and drop the passengers in different environment like,desert railway station to snowy hill station and other metro citytrain stations.Drive this London train and feel the thrill of Indian train as wellas of Russian train on the Russion rail tracks.Enjoy this railwaytrain journey with your family and kids. We bet that thios is thebest rail simulator train game that is kid friendly rail sim game.Enjoy the train transportation with this train simulator and proveyourself as a skillfull rail drivrThis is train parking india train luxury train uphills, train racertrain racing reading train train race bharat ke veer modelrailroader train parking train travel in usa bogies aircraftdriving indian train drive train crazy train india game flamboyantimpossible train train operator 정시 train conductor train operatortrain driver games 3d play train train racer train racing trainetrain game train games free tran tren trenes kereta api train runeuro train simulator euro train train simulators europe train trainrunner.This treni pakistan railways train status railway advantagesplay train train drive train games train simulator 2017 trainracing games train driving games rail rush games rail way trainsimulation euro train game impossible euro train train racing 3dtrain racing game train driving train.
Star Basketball Challenge 1.0
Enjoy the basket single player where youcangain experience as real life basketball.There are threedifferentmodes, in each mode there are 10 levels.As you know there are many sport games in the world but fewgamesare very famous in the world such as cricket, Hockey and soon. Inthese games basketball is the third one in the world.Everyone likeand play this game.This basketball game is single player in which realistic cityofstreet environment as well as many fun modes where you can showofyour basketball skills.Basketball is a fully customization 2d players game and varietyofenvironments to play it.Basketball is an aggressive game so try to reach the hoopsbykicking without referee.You have to need maximum score as possible as you make withinthegiven time table***How To Play***1- Touch the ball and kicking towards the hoops2- Struggle to get maximum scores***Game Features***1- 3 Different game modes2- Realistic graphics3- Customization & surprise features4- Simple & smooth controls
Amazing Smash Hit 1.1
Amazing Smash Hit an amazing arcade game forincrease your skills to hitting the 3D obstacles and break theglass real glass,glass break,most popular games,smash,smashgames,smash hit top ten games,awesome games,entertaining games,hitbreak good games,addictive games,cool free games,popular games,thebest games,balls,d,addicting games,top games,best games smash hithitting smasher hit,smash hit break glass smashit smashgame,laserbreak,luv shatter,glass smash,harmon,smacks real bestsmash hit.Amazing free premium,smash game,smasher hit,smashes,smashball,hit,racing smash,hit in balls smash kugel smashing superrealistic amazing smash hit,hit in balls,スマッシュ,smashing,glassbreak,smash pro,real smash hit best smash hit break glass,smashgame,bug smash real smashing,smashit,glass break,hit,super realsmash hit,smash hit best glass smash game real zombie smash game2018.Amazing Smash Hit is a real Smash Hit Power 3D game takes you agreat journey to move in different pyramids and beautiful obstaclesAnd amazing スマッシュ smash balls app, sting,smashit,insta whiz,bongrips smash hit glass glass smash real smash hit best amazing brealglass with best ball glass balls game.This realistic amazing bestsmash game,smashed,smash hit,smash game,smashes,hit it,smash,smashhit glass smashing patton smash 3d,hit in balls,bnm,glassbreak,glass smash,smash hit,smash hit glass like flappy realcrush,flappy smasher smash hit best smash hit smash hit glass ballsmashing pinball shooter,smash hit,الاهرام,smash hit,smash hitglass roll the ball умные игры gmae.The ball,roll,roll ball,rollerball,roll balls best fiends rolling the ball fast speed ball rollamazing puzzledom,bal,ball super ball game 2018 free smash hittingrealistic environment game.In Amazing Smash Hit you can increase your outstanding capabilitiesto hitting games,rolling ball,smashit,ball game gsme,lol,braingames laberinto balla super balls, bola maze games super skyroll,unblock,smash fu,smash hit glass best smash hit smash 3dflappy 3d matsu real double diamond amazing smash hit,doubleubingo,bigo free diamond best bingo amazing super hd bottle breakbottle cut smash hit stone shooting glass smash real smash hitsmash hit broken glass,farther, smash game,smash hit smash hitsuper broken glass,smash hit,smash ball,hit,cube maze,ball throwinggame,一発,smash hit,tank builder smash hit best smash hit,ballz racesmash hit smash balls app,ball smashing,smash hit glass smash gamesmash pro, crazy objects with real crystal smash ball.This amazingreal smash hit broken glass super game 2018. Smash hit adventuregame is also smash 3d vr gaming virtual realiy,スマッシュ,virtualreality games,virtual game best amazing virtualreality,realities,smash hit vr game badminton games,smash hit super smashvery addictive best top game like action shooting adventure arcadebest game 2018.Amazing Smash Hit is a real best action shooting hitting adventurebreak glass smash hit best free game only for you.So now be ready.You can concentrate on the obstacles, focus on the right aim andshow your reflex physical power with hitting the real crazy ballsand smash hit quantum dots,smash dots annoying brain smash hitdoubleu bingo best super amazing real vegas fever slots bingo blitzmobile bingo bash,smash game super best smash 3d smash hit realglass mash game smash bugs best glass balls スマッシュ amazing smash hitsmasher hit game 2018.Amazing Smash Hit is a super real smash proWhen the super smash hit game is start many pyramids and obstaclesappearing in your path. Avoid to clash with these 3D objects. Youhit the amazing 3d balls on the obstacles to increase your physicalpower and smash points.Break the fantastic smash obstacles,beautiful mirrors, 3D models and other targets appearing in yourway with smash balls. Every level has different amazing 3D graphicsand real break glass smashes. Music of this game gives greatpleasure for the lover of smash free game 2018.
Commando Jungle Shooter 1.0
Commando jungle shooting is one of the bestaction and thriller war game. This is very addictive for the loversof action and battlefield games. This is the story of the bravefront line army commando . In this game you have join thebattlefield as a trained sniper commando.You have all the skills of battlefield. Now your enemy attack onyour country. Every cities, palaces, jungles, desert are becomebattlefield. Your country declared as war zone. Enemy forces Attackon your country and peoples. The entire city is cordon off. So youare a well-trained sniper commander.You have also rifles, sniper guns, launchers, missiles and otherammunition to destroy your enemy. you fight against your enemy tosurvive in jungle and every war zone palaces. Your enemy forceshiding deep in jungle desert and other palaces to attack on you andpeoples. So destroy all the ammunition and kill your enemy forcesto stop bloody war.This is very amazing and addictive action game. In this gamedifferent war zone and battlefield environment. You improve yourshooting skills with this action war game. You are brave soldiersin this war game.So play this amazing war action game and enjoy it.Features:Amazing 3D shooting game.Two beautiful environments and game play.Best sniper rifle.Every part has 4 levels.HD zoom level of sniper gun.Have a fun for youStay and good luck
Tank General War 3D 1.0
*** Game Idea ***Get to the battle field and prepared as a real tank warrevolution.One of another thrilling adventure war game. It combinesa secretmilitary base and diversified land forms shooting game.Tankgeneral war is give you a chance to become a part of realworldwide war. Get ready to engage in using the best strategies ofa wargame.• Challenge 1.You have a powerful aiming skills. Protect your belovedcountry.Your country is looking at you because their brutal enemiesattackon your country. Enemy enter in you homeland to destroyeverything.Get ready to attack at enemy and kill them before theykill you.Take a powerful offensive approach and blast into theenemy’sstronghold.• Challenge 2.You have a variety of missions and location. Now get ready to arealbattle war. There are many enemy tanks and Apache helicopterattackon you, but you have already focused on them and destroyenemies byevery mission. You have loaded tanks with fully equippedmissilesand machine gun. You can attack on enemy against to defendyourcountry.• Challenge 3.In this game you most advance technologies to use their declarewar.You are a smart commando to destroy enemy tanks as long aspossible.Let’s capture their enemy tanks and destroy with latesttechnologiesand dominate on them. In this game you can usepowerful tanks thatenables you to extra staggering vision.Complete the all missions to gain the control againstperilousenemies. Spectacular game that will impress to everyone.There arecatchy 3D stunning graphics, realistic war environmentsandengaging game play for you. Simple and intuitiveunderstandingcontrols.• Features:• Super and powerful tank of battle field• Realistic and excellent control to adjust the positionoftank• 3D war zone environment• Most adventure and addictive game• 360 movements to control the tank canon• 5 different mission levels
18 Wheeler Truck Parking Sim 1.0
*** Game Idea ***18 wheeler truck parking sim is one of the great game ideas todrive a real truck parking game for you. A great simulatoradventure for the lovers of truck parking In This game you are atruck driver and your target is that to drive a truck safely, reachto parking point and chase the level.*** Duty ***In this game there have three game modes. These are hill climb,snow and desert modes. Drive is carefully to reach the parkingpoint safely. Truck parking simulator brings you the best truck andbus model and give you the nice realistic physics steering controlto make a more feasible result. This luxury truck gives you achance to increase your parking skills and driving capabilities onthe slippery off road.*** Environment ***This real sim cargo with realistic truck on highway with loadinside to give you real driving and parking experience. Enjoyingeach mode without traffic. In this game you have to protectyourself from hurdles and otherwise your target mission should befailed. There are three types of environments. These are hillclimb, snow and desert modes*** Sound Effect ***Realistic and beautiful sound effect provided inside the game isreally entertaining and give you a great pleasure. You will keepyou busy and entertained with hand free in your head moving on theroad or standing on subway in wait of your real off road truck andbus simulator. Truck simulator drive on off-road extreme mountaincargo with highly bluff path with objective drive is ready for youto get duty of park.*** Camera View ***The control of the bus or truck is very realistic and sleek todrive on you can enjoy different camera views of road during thedrive this game. This truck parking game are really entertainingand will keep you busy and entertain with hand free in your handmoving control.*** How to Play ***- Start the Game- Press the accelerator for speed- Control steering & move left right- Press hand break for stop truck*** Game Features ***- 3 different game modes-beautifull bus and truck modle- Customize different camera views- Steering wheel control- Hand break used for stop truck- Good sound effect- 3D graphics & realistic environmentsPlease feel free to tell us if you find any error. We will fixit as soon as possible.Your feedback is more valuable for us.
Real Archery 3D Master 1.0
***Game idea***Get ready to play the latest and amazing archery shooting game.RealArchery 3D Master is the best 2d game to increase your artskills.Shoot the target with the crossbow to burst your feelingsand becomethe expert bowman in the world of archer. Take a breathto aim theright target and shot the arrow at the bull eye. Feelyouself-skilled master shooter in the cross bow archer game. Chasethegiven target and unlock the next archery mission. It’s give youaplenty of pleasure and relaxation while archer shooting.Exerciseyour archer shooting skills and become the bow expert oftheworld.***Aim and control***Control of the game is easy and ultra-realistic. Be a best bowman;aim the accurate target angle at the bull eye with the nozzleofcrossbow. Stretch the crossbow string and press the trigger.Soleave the arrow to hit on the target. If the arrow hit on thebulleye of the target plate, then you safe the shot and increaseyourscore. Earn more points and raise your shooting skills withplayingthis game.*** Sound and level***Stunning graphics and sound of this game give you a great fun.Enjoythe realistic archery shooting game and become the super starin theworld of archer. Maximum 20 levels give in this game.Environment ofthis game is like an ancient time. Just burst upyour archery skillswith playing the amazing levels of thisgame.Everyone plays this ultimate Real Archery 3D Master game.Sodownload the free Real Archery 3D Master game and enjoy theArcheryCrossbow Shooting.***How to play***Putt the arrow in the cross bow.Take a breath and set your aimTouch the finger and press the crossbow triggerRelease the arrow and hit on the bull eye***Features***20 varied difficult and amazing levelsRealistic 2d archery gameBeautiful and ancient environmentLatest arrows and bowDownload Free for playing
Elevated Bus 3D 1.1
Elevated bus 3d***Latest futuristic elevated bus***Drive the world best, first realistic, endless and latest elevatedbus to make your transport easy. Get ready to ride on the modernbus in every road of the city without worrying for the trafficjams. You have chance to get this latest elevated technology. Youraim is to pic the passengers from check points or signals and dropsthem to their destination. Enter into your new airborne elevatedbus, ride in city and feel like fly in the air. This is the nextnew generation idea for the passengers and its better than othertransport. You need expertise to ride this new purposed simulationbus concept. This is the first ever new simulation concept, that’syou never seen before*** Futuristic 'straddling bus' that’s hit the road***The transit elevated bus is a proposed, newborn idea with a guidedcontrol above the traffic. This is the first epic bus modeldesigned by the chines architect. This bus has a fixed route andtrack, and its passenger’s compartment spans the width of twotraffic lanes. Through this bus you can move towards yourdestination in less time on above the vehicles. Ride on this busand feel a new flying experience. This bus has electrically poweredtechnology and using overhead lines.Get maximum passengers, drive above the traffic and vehicles, reachto the final destination and feel the new experience. You can visitmany cities and countries through this elevated simulation bus.This is the next generation bus and better then the double deckerbus. The biggest advantage of the bus in this game is that the buswill save the lots of road space.It is also known as 3d express bus, transit bus 3d, land air bus,straddling bus, and amazing tunnel bus.***Control and environment***This is endless, latest and new purposed elevated simulation busfor new generation. Control of the bus is very realistic, easy andused electric technology. Sound of this game gives you greatpleasure and enjoyment. You can use different cameras to visit theexternal and internal HD environments. This bus is able to carry up300 peoples. New elevated bus game is the amazing simulation gameoff the world. You can ride on this bus like a double decker busabove the traffic. Amazing physics is used in this gameDownload free this elevated driving bus from goggle play and enjoythe driving like a flying in air.***How to play***Control the bus through electrical handleWarn the heavy traffic with sirenBe care full on turnsStop on signals at right time***Feature***Electrically control technologyAmazing pic n dropIntelligent traffic system3d stunning graphicsLatest new born busAmazing dashboard and camera views
Metro Train Drive Simulator 1.0
***Drive the bullet train***Get ready to become the best train driver of the world. Thisamazingtrain simulator is the latest and cutting edge for thelovers ofsimulation ride. Challenge the incoming trains. Your dutyis todrive the in the right direction and stay on the railwaystations.You can fulfill your driving dreams and become the experttraindriver of the world from this simulation games.***Driving mission***Your mission is to drive the train carefully to reach theplatform.Get ready for the great journey in the world of simulationgames.Passengers are waiting for you and your train in thestation.Choose and control your favorite driving train. In everylevel hasdifferent station to pick and drop the passengers. It is agreatfun for you to increase your driving skills. Start the trainengineand push the siren button. Pick the passengers and drop themontheir final destination. Stop the train on the givingrailwaystation to complete the mission.***Environment and gameplay***Three stunning and amazing environment for drive the train.Thissimulation train has Underground and hilly environment. Controlofthe train is very realistic and easy. Many historical andlatesttrains are available for train drivers. Your target istoconcentrate on specific route, pick and drop the passengersonrailway stations. Enjoy this simulation driving game for thefunand increase your art of skills of train driving.***How to play***Press the accelerate handle to drive the trainPush the halt to stop the train***Features ***Two amazing and beautiful environmentStunning graphicsRealistic and easy control to drive the trainHD soundDifferent trains to drive3d camera viewFree download on play store
Hospital Heroes 1.0
***Rescue the hospital***Hospital rescue is ever thrilling and action packed game forthelovers of shooting games. Get ready to attack on thebrutalenemies, blasting cars, trucks to save the hospital. Thisactiongame is offered you an enjoyable time and fun while playingit. Youshould need to shoot fast the enemies. Defend yourself;defeat thecruel terrorist with your sniper techniques to secure thepatientsand hospital. In this game your aim is to blast the carbeforereaching to hospitals. Hospital is now very busy withpatients. Theterrorist make a plan to attack on hospital withblasting vehicles.Be an expert sniper and hospital hero, shoot theterrorist vehiclesand save hospital. This is a rescue mission basedgame.***Emergency rescue mission****As a frontline best sniper, your mission is to rescue theterroristholding hospital and save the patients. This is the storyof abrave sniper commando. Terrorist are making a plan to destroythehospital of the city. They sent many bombard vehicles to attackonhospital and destroy it. Ready to attack, prepare yourlatestsniper gun. Navigate the positions, Shoot every bombardvehiclesbefore reaching to the hospital and complete thecombatmission.*** Sound and graphics***Enjoy the best rescue mission with amazing environments. Controlisvery easy and realistic of this game. Sound gives you agreatentertain. 3d Stunning graphics, fabulous environments givesyou agreat enjoyment, fun and increase your art ofshootingskills.***How to play***Navigate the bombard car positionsSet your sniper rifleShoot the terrorist vehicle***Feature***Realistic and easy controlThe Latest sniper rifleFree to playModern sound effectsUse weaponFPS shooting game
Limousine Drive Simulation 1.0
OFFROAD LIMOUSINE DRIVING SIMULATORPlay this mountain Limousine car drive simulator game gives youmany adventure of nonstop game fun. Feeling like a Luxury VipExpensive Car driver has never been this much fun.Let's start your Limo driving on montage city and carefully yourdrive to cross the auto route and transport parking duty. hilltourist limo transport truck driving challenge begin on city offroads.You have limited time to reach at the target and road is alsosmooth as highway. It is a hilly road. Speed plays an importantrole in driving a Large cars on hilly or mountainous. You can helpyou make safe driving decisions on your route. Whenever you areentering a curve in the road, you will definitely need to slow downon negotiating a turn.HILL TOURIST MOUNTAIN LIMOUSINE PARKING10 epic missions levels a splendid addition to transport games.let’s play the most realistic Off Road Limousine euro Driving game.Tourist Limo is full of thrill and adventure to transport touristpassengers to their destination.Pick and drop the tourist from different hill station to their nextdestination. Off-Road Limousine Driving Simulator Excitement:GAMES OFFROAD HIGHWAY MISSION AND ENVIRONMENTAmazing Game Play and off road environment with hill. This is not aracing game but you drive like a Racer and complete the missionsuccessfully and become a good driver.The game play is very simple and so exciting To transportpassengers you have a limited time to drive. So Drive with highspeed along fast moving Cars on high and in streets of grand cityto reach a destination with a limited time table. On this game have50 exciting levels on which Take a passenger from one place tootherhow to play:Camera control:- Vertically camera view controlled through the slide bar given onextreme left of tha screen.- Horizontal camera view can be change by sliding the finger on themiddle of screen from left to right Gear:- There is a gear on the extreme right of the screen.- If user slide it to up car will get to forward gear and will goahead on accelerate it.- On sliding it to down car will get to reverse gear.********* How To Play ********- Press start button- Press accelerator for speed- Press brake button for stop- Press steering for Move the rickshaw********* Game Features ***********- Realistic Environments- Different Routes- HD Graphics- Sensor control, Brake , Accelerator and Pedal- Change camera view
Crazy Off Road Truck 1.2
We would like to introduce you with CrazyOffRoad Truck Racing game.Climb over hill by amazing Truck andenjoysmoothriding.Control of your truck to climb hills with mostrealisticcontrol to face the challenges of unique uphill& downhill environments. Gain bonuses from tricks andcollectcoins to upgrade your Truck and reach even higherdistances.The Game Consist Of Three Levels and manydifferentEnvironment you really Enjoy the Feature of thisGame.So,Are you ready to enjoy one of the best adventureracinggame?FEATURES:Super accurate Physics game With 2D Environment..Simple and smooth controls.Cool Trucks.HD quality graphics.Tablet support.Hours of FUN FOR FREE!
Royal Archery Crossbow Master 1.2
Archery is the art or skill to propel arrowsusing crossbow. Everyone love to play this game. Through this gameyou will become an archer or bowman by practicing archerygame.Awesome controls and realistic 3d graphics will make you feel likean archer man.It's very simple but amazing game. It has 24 levels and many morefeatures. In each level there are 10 arrows to shoot the target. Ineach level there are different targets.In some levels targets have moved. If your arrow will not hit thetarget than your arrow should automatically waste and decrease theone arrow in given arrows.Aim the target, take a breath, shoot with arrow and hit into thetarget. When your arrow hit into the center of target you get 50scores and its good shot.Grab the arrow get ready for shot the challenging game and becomethe master of this 3d archery game. If you accurately hit main aimcenter point then you got extra score and one arrow.Test your skill by playing 3d royal archery shooter and traininggame. Hopefully you like and give feedback after first play.This game is compatible with all mobile devices of androidphones.***How To Play***- Touch the screen- Move your finger to aim you target- Release the arrow***Features***- 3d graphics & different targets- Intuitive controls & stunning environments- More than 20 levels- Wind effect- Optimized game play
Truck Parking Legends 1.1
**game idea**What a nice idea to drive a real truck in the cabin of truck andenjoying each movement on the highway without any traffic intrudingthe drive to maximize the fun. Ultimate truck challengedriving/parking now begins with the click on screen. Pak cargo withrealistic truck on highway with load inside to give you realdriving and parking experience. Not bragging about features someare described below.**camera views**Game continues and you can enjoy different camera view of road anddrive with ease and get to the destination and deliver the cargo onits parking palace. Delivery cargo truck maybe is not in the rightcamera view of your choice and you are not able to drive and parkproperly so you can change the camera view for your ease and at theend achieve high end results in the game play.**truck**We have tried to provide you with best truck model available to usand we have given you nice realistic physics control to makeresults more feasible and provided you with different truck in eachenvironment as per requirement of the season in the scene. you canuse this ultimate parking truck. You enjoy the experience off-roadbig wheel truck parking.**environment**Kid and parent are very sensitive to environment some want to playin snow but some not and short to say every one want to play truckcargo parking in his or her desired season with specific conditionbut we have provided you three different weather with differentvehicle on board. These heavy vehicle have properties of their ownand are not like other games as you have played before. Every drivehas a purpose and this drive has purpose to amuse you. Truckparking legends help you learning traffic driving and parking tobecome old school driving master.**sound**Realistic physics and realistic sound effect provided inside thegame are really entertaining and will keep you busy and entertainedwith hand free in your head moving on the road or standing onsubway in wait of your real school bus simulator. Truck simulatordrive on off-road extreme mountain cargo with highly steep pathwith objective drive is ready for you to get duty.**duty**Be a responsible driver and carefully drive on the twist of roadlike a pro heavy transport driver in real hill climb. You shouldcarefully drive the truck for parking in its right palace and avoidto clash with stones. Rugged terrain may give you some hard timebut you have to be prepared for land sliding and road block withoutdropping your luggage being transported for the relief of peopleyour job is to reach at required point carefully steering yoursmooth drive with brake and be the road king. Each achievement ofgoal will open a new exciting level think it like your job anddrive American version of euro truck on Pak motorway acrossdifferent cities. We guarantee you will not be tired or feelfatigue by driving this amazing game with madness until your mobilebattery die out without getting any damage to truck. Interior viewand sky view both are provided and unlimited fuel make this gameaddictive and you will be an amazing trucker driving bump over roadand avoid accident with hydraulic brakes.**characteristics**• Nice sound effect• Continuous supply of fuel so you can carry on till the end ofbattery• Best cargo simulation truck parking game in store• No need to pay real money it is free for kids and all ages in allover the world• 3 different amazing game play• Every game play have 11 Different challenging levels forparking• 22 wheeler and other large trucks• Customize camera view according to your need• Game screen adjust to all device types and all resolution devicesto give extra ordinary result• Hand break used for drifting• Steering wheel to control the truckdisclaimer game includes ads for meeting the expanses of team andwe appreciate your positive reviews and rating and value yourcontribution in making this game great. Write us in the mail
Highway Traffic Racing Fever 1.0.2
Ever wanted to try a sports carsimulator?Now you can drive, drift, race and feel a racing sports car forfree in Highway Traffic Racing Fever game.highway traffic racing fever is a milestone in the genre of endlessarcade simulator racing games.Drive more your car through city, subway, snow and desert highwaytraffic to earn cash, upgrade your car and buy new ones.Enjoy the cutting edge 3D graphics with realistically createdenvironments and amazingly detailed cars.Try to be the fastest drivers .Pick your favorite car and join the ultimate challenge!Now it's time to hit the roads with the most beautiful and stunningcarsCar racing crazy moto GP drift based arcade simulation rallytraffic racing game.Car racing crazy moto GP is one of the best thrilling highwaytraffic racer arcade simulation game for driving lovers.This is a gift for highway traffic racers to enhance their drivingskills while driving car on traffic jam highway.With gorgeous game graphics, superior game experience and exquisiteracing performance.Drive the car along city, subway, snow, and desert highway withyour drifting skills as long as possible to become a highscorer.Are you fond of thrilling and drifting car? then Car racing crazymoto GP game is designed for the players like you to test yourdriving abilities.Check your driving skills while playing the best Car racing crazymoto GP game.Car racing crazy moto GP brings you the most amazing top-speeddodge.FEATURES;** Stunning Eye looking 3D environment.** Smooth and realistic car handling.** 10+ heavy sports cars to choose from(new sports cars on theway).** 4 detailed environments: subway, desert, snowy and city.** Challenging game modes: one way, Two Way, Time Trial,*** Rich types of traffic including trucks, buses, cars, jeeps andSUVs.** Real car sounds recorded from real carsGAMEPLAY;** Choose your desired vehicle.** Choose your desire environment.** Choose your desire game mode.** Touch gas button to accelerate.** Tilt to steer.** Touch nitru button for more speed.** Touch brake button to slow down.** Tap camera button to change the camera view.HELP;** The faster you drive the more scores you get.** Driving in opposite direction in two-way mode gives extrascore.** Overtake cars closely to get bonus scores.** avoid traffic in racer experience on real roads.Traffic Racer will be updated constantly. Please rate and give yourfeedback for further improvement of the game.FOLLOW US;
Water Power Boat Racer 2.1
If you love blue water boat games then enjoythis new breed of water racing games & Jet Ski riding simulatorgames. Water power boat racer is super-fast and most popular 3Dmotorboat racer game. For all who love fast water boat and Jet Skiriding games. This game contains lots of challenging missions andfastest Jet Ski! Which can you ride and win your challengingmissions. Jet Ski in a Jet Ski simulator is too delicate, but theJet Ski in this water power boat game is fast, strong and powerfulfor the speed Jet Ski race. Driving a Jet Ski in water racing gamesand a power boat racing game is typically exciting and verychallenging.Ride your Jet Ski through sea, races your Jet Ski with realisticphysics, eye-popping, and breathtaking Jet Ski stunts on ramp. Getthe amazing experience of extreme Jet Ski game with our new waterpower boat racer. This Jet Ski rider offers a thrilling mix ofcrazy stunts and intense challenge.Not only you will have to be the driver of water motorbike, youwill have to ride across the circles in stunning levels of thisgame using your Jet Ski riding skills to unlock other levels. Ifyou leave any circle while riding then your level is incomplete.So! Your first priority is that ride your Jet Ski across allcircles. You’ll ride your Jet Ski struggle to retain control andreach the finish line in specific time. This water power boat racerwill give you the real experience of controlling a water motorbikerace as the stunning ramp environment realistically simulates beachwater and waves for your Jet Ski to perform crazy stunt and becomea real Jet Ski wave runner.lets have a taste of racing a power boat in pani.Try to survive inthis mad river on this skijet and propel and speed up yourself bywater jetting in the crazy river. After playing this water game youwill feel that this is the best jet boat racing game. There is avariety of different jets in this water jet game, you can selectany power boat after paying respective reward and can enjoy in theopen sky, an exciting drive of water boat. Prove yorself a perfectjet master in this water power boat raser game.Try to controle this uncontroleable water jet and become the masterof this super boat. Among all the water jet games this is the bestwater jet game. Try to avoid wave plus and dangerous waves andobstacles to complete missions. Among all the boat racing gamesthis bot game is full of thrill and excitement. In this sea racinggame have a seat on the top boat and speedup your jet ski boat towin the tough compitition of water boats. Among all the popularboat racing games this is the best top new boat stunt game of theusa.Scrool down all the simulator games, at the end you will find thatthis is the best water jet boat simulator game of the play store.In this water boating game there is different top boats to buy andplay with them in the water. Get your speed boat and splash the seawater around the corners and from all the racing simulator gamestry this racer simulator game and enjoy a lot in the rainy boatrasing compitition. Controle the boat speed and enjoy this bestboat game.By having a perfect controle over your water scooter withbreathtaking speed try to reach finish line as soon aspossible.Download our water power boat racer game and enjoy the best Jet Skisimulator available in the best games on play-store. Completelyfree on Google play store!--- Features of Water Power Boat Racer ---• Superb Jet Ski Driving Physics• 10 stunning Levels contains different challenge• Powerful Jet Ski for stunt• Awesome 3D Graphic effects• Wonderful Sound Effects• Realistic and Very Smooth Jet Ski Control• Jet Ski riding game is suitable for both adults and kids
Real Snow Drifting Racer 1.0
Get ready for the thrills of Real SnowDrifting Race which held on snowy mountain!Let's speed off in beautiful winter graphics with norestrictions.Driving become more fun in winter on hill roads. Beta games studioexclusively presents Real Snow Drifting Racer.Where you are the king of your luxury cars and can enjoy driftingon a clean frozen roads in.Real Snow Drifting racer is a professional drifting game where youcan stimulate your drifting and driving in a chilly snowyenvironment.Real Snow Drifting racer has a variety of cars, To be the bestdriver you have to drift your car on a hill snowy environment witha lots of strategies.Driving a car around mountain is a real adventure and a big task solet's drift your car on your android device to reveal the realadventure.You have to be skilled diver to drift your car. Be aware! Roads areclean but quite slippery.Don't let fall off the cliff and control your vehicle properly. Soshow your driving skills to get a max score.Real Snow Drifting racer is a real journey which gives you the feelof extreme road trip.Goal of the game is to collect score and unlock the cars. Score canbe collect from drifting around barriers.Are you ready for a winter drift ? Let's play Real Snow Driftingracer and enjoy the real fun.Download this free game on a google playstore and give usfeedback.How To Play- Download free game,- Start engine, Boost acceleration and drift around scorecheckpoints.- Use Forward and revers buttons.- Use brake for skid.Features- Smoothest Game play.- Outclass drifting.- Loads of traffic.- Real driving experience.- Amazing 3D graphics.- Multiple cars to choose and play- Fantastic music.- get score to.- Completely free game.- Challenging track.- Compatible with all tabs and mobile devices.About Beta Games StudioBeta Games Studio collected the best rating games ever. All gamesare tested by Android Experts.Give Feedback;
Real Golf Championship 2017 1.2
Get ready for the most addictive and best gameReal Golf Championship 2017. Experience is that the most authenticaddictive and exciting real golf tournament game available in playstore. Real Golf Championship 2017 3d is the most realistic golfingtournament game with amazing 3D golf environment.Real GolfChampionship master 2017 is equipped with perfect and excellentgolfing smooth controls to give you ultimate golfing thrilling golfsports experience. Feel the real excitement when golf stickman ofevery target golf hit with precise best touch smooth controls nowin our game. It is very amazing and easy to play golf champion progame. Now you can Show your best master skills of desert goolf tomake a impossible hole. you can play all hole with real display parscoring system with kids golfing game.In our real golf club games update also comes when play the topfree real golf game with a real cloud save ever function so youcannot lose any progress and missions, and new best coin packagesyou can buy or purchase to use them in the mini golf game stick manand blocky game. Get ready to join the competitive tournament andbe the super gateways mini golf master and champion in sport.youcan flick with golf stick your golf ball to sink or put in aperfect hole in one add with spin hitting and curve using our bestsignature after using touch controls in our real Golf Championshipmatch 2017 thrilling game. Real Golf Championship 2017 have mostfun you can enjoy fairway.super real Golf Championship 2017 is not ordinary top free's actual and real an award winning best physics sport top freegame of can use all your special possible abilities tohelp you par in all courses in nitro balls sticky balls ice ballsand air brakes. If you can stop your shot in mid air then you arethe best player of golf match.This golf betting game is the best game. There are many golftraining equipment like golf ball sticky baseball ground holes. Nowyou can become a golf player in three legged race game. Now you canplay on beautiful amazing courses against best golf skills playersaround all over the world in real time as you can compete in golfchampionship tournament. Upgrade your real clubs and unlock golftours missions as you master your golf championship skills in thequest to be the Real Golf Championship 2017.we Introducing you real professional Golf game 3d featuringrealistic graphics and awesome animations golfing techniques andreal addictive game physics. Play this Real Golf Championship 2017in realistic 3d Golf courses to become super Golf Champion. Playshot with touch to power button and swipe the mechanic and shotshaping realistic controls Play complete 10 holes withinternational PAR System.Game Features:* Different game environments: Golf Ground, Green Meadows, GreenParks* Complete real looking 3D environment ground* Realistic 3D shots and realistic power controls* High score board for each mode* Stunning comic inspired game presentation* User friendly navigation* Excellent SoundsGame Play Modes:* Time attack mode* Different distance base mode* Each successful shot will give you 500 1000 2500 and 3500+Scores.* if you achieve 3500+ score then you will give you extra 10seconds in total time.* Bonus scores for hitting fix targets.* The game start with 100% target Bar and will start todecrease.* Make scores as much as you likeHow to play:At the play screen hold the right button with considering belowpower bar then flick your finger in the direction you want to shotbut keep your eye on the swing,it will change in strength and direction with each shots and caneffect your accuracy.