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How To Play 13.1
Can't remember the rules? Don't know what game to play with 5people? United States Playing Card Co. is proud to present How toPlay - USPC.It's exactly what it sounds like: the complete rules to over 75card games, new and old, step-by-step. Search our database for agame you know to eloquently explain the rules to others, or find anew game someone else suggests. Have an extra player? Search forgames by the number of people who want to play. Have a variety ofkids and adults eager to play together? You can search games thatwork for both age groups.The possibilities are endless. Pull it up at your next pokernight when a newbie isn't sure how to play Hold'Em. Find a game foreight when you pull out a deck of cards at a party. Clarifygrandpa's rickety rules on gin rummy. Teach your parents to playPresidents. Finally get into the nuances of Bridge and start yourown Bridge Group.You ready to learn How to Play?Features:• Detailed rulesets of over 75 playing card games, conveniently atyour fingertips.• Quickly find games to accommodate your player group: searchacross size, type, and/or a custom search function.• Fun, authentic shuffling sounds make page transitions ajoy.• Visual “trump key” accompany game explanations of the “poker”variety. A great reference for new or rusty players.How To Play - USPC is developed by The United States PlayingCard Co.Note: Physical playing cards not included with app download.
Bicycle® Jacked Up!™ Саrd Game 1.0.7
Bicycle® Jacked Up!™ Interactive CardGamesOur Cards + Your Smartphone = New Rules in Every Hand!Jacked Up!™ card games is a new interactive twist on traditionalplaying card games. Jacked Up!™ card games combine traditionalplaying cards that when scanned with the digital applicationchanges the rules with every hand. In the digital application the“Joker”, known as Jack, interacts with players throughout the gametwisting the rules.Jacked Up!™ Interactive Card Games is more than an app – it’s amulti-media gaming experience.Jacked Up!™ game packages range from timeless classics like Warand Solitaire, to Hearts and muchmore. Our app is only the tip of the iceberg when paired with itscompanion pieces – special Jacked Up!™ game decks which include aunique smartphone stand - it’s primed to turn your next card gameinto a virtual adventure complete with twists, comedy, andvibrantly engaging animation!Where to Buy: Jacked Up!™ interactive card game packages areavailable at major retailers and online atwww.shopbicyclecards.comDon’t have a game package yet? Use the Jacked Up!™ applicationto keep track of players and their scores for your traditional cardgames with friends. Plus you get to enjoy Jack’s jokes andinteractions.Features:• Digital-integrated live card games via the Jacked Up!™application and exclusive companion card decks.• Wild in-app host - Jack the Joker - that interacts with playersthrough their devices in real-time as they play.• Spontaneous hand-by-hand rule changes to keep your gamesentertaining, fresh, and exciting!• Customized smartphone stand to optimize the Jacked Up!™Interactive Card Game experience during live play.• Intuitive user-friendly interface.• Score saving and sharing features for multiple players atonce.Jacked Up!™ Interactive Card Games is developed by The UnitedStates Playing Card Co.Now let’s start playing!