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Escape the Lighthouse Island 1.3
Big Bad Bros
You just woke up with a terrible headache. Youdon’t remember what happened, where you are, not even your name. Inthe distance you see the unmistakable silhouette of a lighthouse.There must be someone who can explain what has happened or at leastyou can shelter from the cold.Test your skills throughout the puzzles you'll find on the island,pick up objects and use them to find your path to the lighthouse.Will you be able to reach the end?WARNING: Third party ads networks may ask for the call adminpermissions (READ_PHONE_STATE)
Starpaths 1.1
Big Bad Bros
From time immemorial only the best andmostcapable explorers were able to see the constellations. Travelwithus through centuries of history and help us find the starsthatmake up our sky.Exercise your memory, connect the stars that form theconstellationsand discover the mythology that humanity painted inthe nightsky.Did you know that... Orion was a giant warrior capable ofcrossingthe sea on foot or that Pegasus was born from the head ofthe Hydrawhen Perseus defeated her. Do you want to know what storyis behindyour zodiac sign?.WARNING: Third party ads networks may ask for the calladminpermissions (READ_PHONE_STATE).