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Can you Stay Alive? 1.0
You have been challenged by your friendstospend the night at an old house, located half a mile outsideyourhome town.The house has supposedly been abandoned, not that long ago.Rumorsare, an unknown phenomenon occurred - moving objects, doorsopeningby themselves, footsteps during nighttime and sometimes evenasmoke-like figure moving through the house. The family thatlivedthere abandoned it one night, leaving their dead 10 years oldchildinside, saying "this thing is responsible, not us". Earlierthesame month, the inhabitants of the house were explaining, thattheyalways had to be very quiet, because the noise triggeredtheentity.Now you have to spend the night there.
Студентски Приключения 1.1
Бягай от лекции, събирай салфетки! Бъдигордстудент, както всички останали. Лекциите са тежки и са много.Бъдивнимателен.Run of lecturescollectnapkins! Be proud student as everyone else. The lecturesareserious and many. Be careful.
Гатанките 1.1
Сбор от български гатанки: някой лесни - някоине. Подходящи за всеки. Пиложението е лесно за контролиране и е смеки цветове, за да не оказва напрежение на очите, докато се чудишкакво е отговора.*Лично*С това чувство, в този дух и с тези спомени написахприложението:Спомням си как оставахме при баба ми понякога, тя ни разказвашенякои от тези гатанки ухилена. Понякога гърмеше, духаше силен вятъри цялото небе беше сиво, даже към черно биеше. Тогава сиразказвахме гатанки или страшни истории за да убием времето. Нямашеги тези телефони тогава, така ни минаваше времето. За страшнитеистории може в друго приложение да ти разкажа.Sum of Bulgarian riddles:someone easy - some do not. Suitable for everyone. Pilozhenieto iseasy to control and soft colors to have no eye strain while youwonder what is the answer.*Personal*In this sense, in this spirit and with these memories I wrote theapplication:I remember I stayed with my grandmother sometimes she told ussome of these riddles grinning. Sometimes blaring, strong wind blewand the whole sky was gray, even black to beat. Then we swapriddles or scary stories to kill time. Gone these phones then, sowe passed the time. For scary stories can in another application totell you.