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Hearthstone 7.1.17994
DECEPTIVELY SIMPLE. INSANELY FUN.Pick up your cards and throw down the gauntlet! In Hearthstone, youplay the hero in a fast-paced, whimsical card game of cunningstrategy. In minutes, you’ll be unleashing powerful cards to slingspells, summon minions, and seize control of an ever-shiftingbattlefield. Whether it’s your first card game or you’re anexperienced pro, the depth and charm of Hearthstone will draw youin.JUMP RIGHT IN: Fun introductory missions bring you into the worldof Hearthstone’s intuitive gameplay.BUILD YOUR DECK: With hundreds of additional cards to win and craft- your collection grows with you.HONE YOUR SKILLS: Play in practice matches againstcomputer-controlled heroes of the Warcraft universe. Thrall, Uther,Gul’dan - they’re all here!COLLECTION TRAVELS WITH YOU: Your card collection is linked to account - enabling you to switch your play betweentablet and desktop with ease.AND FIGHT FOR GLORY: When you’re ready, step into the Arena andduel other players for the chance to win awesome prizes!Post feedback about the game in our forums: requires at least 2GB of installed space on yourdevice.Languages Supported:* English* Français* Deutsch* Español (Latinoamérica)* Español (Europa)* Italiano* Português* Polski* Русский* 한국어 (Korean)* 简体中文 (Simplified Chinese)* 繁體中文 (Traditional Chinese)* 日本語 (Japanese)* ไทย (Thai)©2017 Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved.Hearthstone, and Blizzard Entertainment are trademarksor registered trademarks of Blizzard Entertainment, Inc., in theU.S., and/or other countries.
World of Warcraft Armory 7.0.1
The World of Warcraft Mobile Armoryletsyoustay connected to aspects of World of Warcraft even whenyou'renotlogged in to the game. You can view all of yourcharacters(alongwith their stats and equipment); use the AuctionHouse;search forcharacters, items, and guilds; chat with yourguild; andmore, allfrom your Android mobile device.FeaturesCharacters and Events* View all of your World of Warcraft characters, alongwiththeirstats, equipment, achievement, and more.* Access key guild stats, your in-game calendar,andotherinformational and planning tools.* Browse the full complement of items available in the gameandusethe talent calculator to decide the best specforyourcharacter.Remote Auction House* Browse any Auction Houses your characters have access toandviewthe status of their current bids and auctions.* Post items up for sale from a character's bag, bank, ormailboxonyour faction's Auction House or the realm'scross-factionAuctionHouse.* Place bids or make buyout purchases on the Auction House.* Collect the gold earned from a successful auction orreclaimthegold from an unsuccessful bid.Remote Guild Chat* Participate in guild chat and officer chat.* Initiate one-on-one conversations with fellow guild members.For more information, visit the World of WarcraftMobileArmorywebsiteat support, contact us through our Mobile BugReportForum: or Wi-Fi connection is required for use. Pleasenotethatyou must have a World of Warcraft account orBattle.netaccount tolog in to and use this application. To account,go to You can try WorldofWarcraft free Supported:* English* Français* Deutsch* Español (Latinoamérica)* Español (Europa)* Italiano* Português* Русский* 한국어 (Korean)* 简体中文 (Simplified Chinese)* 繁體中文 (Traditional Chinese)©2016 Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved.WorldofWarcraft is a registered trademark of BlizzardEntertainment,Inc.,in the U.S., and/or other countries. Authenticator
Protect your Account and yourBlizzard games using our free Mobile Authenticator app!The app offers two factor authentication, protecting everythingfrom your most storied World of Warcraft characters to yourmeticulously crafted Hearthstone decks. The authenticator appprovides a one-touch button experience so you can approve ordecline any login attempt. With the Mobile Authenticator, you canrest easy knowing that your account is moresecure.Internet connection required. For more information on how to addthe Mobile Authenticator to your account, This app requires access to Photos/Media/Files so youcan save a screenshot of the Serial Number and Restore Code. Thismakes it easier for you to restore the Authenticator appwhen you get a new device or reinstall.Note: This app is not compatible with classic games(StarCraft, Diablo II, and Warcraft III).Languages Supported:* English* Français* Deutsch* Español (Latinoamérica)* Español (Europa)* Português* Italiano* Polski* Русский* 한국어 (Korean)* 繁體中文 (Traditional Chinese)* 简体中文 (Simplified Chinese)©2017 Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. All right reserved. Android is atrademark of Google Inc. All other trademarks referenced herein arethe properties of their respective owners.
BlizzCon Guide 2.3
The BlizzCon Guide mobile app is a fast andeasy way to help you make the most of your BlizzCon experience.With it, you can:Plan your Day:We are heralding in BlizzCon 2016 with a revamped schedule:- Review the details of the official events taking place atBlizzCon.- Browse and save events to your favorites on the app. Anyfavorites update will automatically sync via to theBlizzCon website.- Watch event live streams or the archived video directly from yourschedule.- Sort your schedule by franchise or stage all without leaving theschedule screen.- Add custom alerts and Chromie will notify you to make sure youget to your event on time.Level Up your Shopping:New this year – Blink Shopping. You can now place orders via theweb before the show, and pick up on-site at the BlizzCon StoreThursday through Saturday – come whenever the line is short.Get instant updates on the BlizzCon Gear Store including up-to-datewait times for Blink Shopping and the regular line, plus sold outitems.Chart your Path:Zoom in on the exhibit hall floor with the BlizzCon map. Use it toquickly find a panel, meet up with friends, or just figure outwhere you’d like to go next.Live Streams - Access the free and paid BlizzCon video streamsvia the mobile app. Now you'll have eyes everywhere!Video Archive – Missed an event? Or just want to relive someepic hype? Now you can access on-demand free and paid videos andevent recordings.©2016 Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved. World ofWarcraft, StarCraft, Overwatch, Diablo, Hearthstone, Heroes of theStorm, and BlizzCon are trademarks or registered trademarks ofBlizzard Entertainment, Inc., in the U.S., and/or othercountries.
WoW Legion Companion
The new World of Warcraft: Legion Companionapp for Android lets you make the most of your time in the game,wherever you may be.TRACK WORLD QUESTS: View your active world quests and emissarybounties from directly within the app! You can check out therewards and figure out which quests to do once you’re in-game.MISSION CONTROL: See which missions are available to you in yourClass Order Hall and get them started, all while you’re on the go.You can complete your missions and collect your rewards, as well asmanage your followers, upgrade their gear, and recruit troops forfuture missions.ORDER HALL PROGRESS: Conduct research and track the status ofyour Order Hall tech tree to maintain the momentum of your in-gameprogression.**To use all the features of the app, you must have an activeWorld of Warcraft subscription and characters of an appropriatelevel. World of Warcraft accounts on Starter or Veteran Editionswill be able to log into the app but will not be able to select anycharacters.Languages Supported:* English* Français* Deutsch* Español (Latinoamérica)* Español (Europa)* Italiano* Português* Русский* 한국어 (Korean)* 简体中文 (Simplified Chinese)* 繁體中文 (Traditional Chinese)©2016 Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved.Hearthstone and Heroes of Warcraft are trademarks, and Battle.netand Blizzard Entertainment are trademarks or registered trademarksof Blizzard Entertainment, Inc., in the U.S., and/or othercountries.
히어로즈 오브 더 스톰 한국 공식 앱 2.0.0
히어로즈 오브 더 스톰™의 대회와 게임 정보를 손쉽게 확인하세요.히어로즈 대회* 공식/커뮤니티/PC방 대회 정보를 살펴보고, 참가 신청해보세요.* MY대회에서 관심 대회와 참가 대회 정보를 살펴보세요.* 대회 장소를 지도에서 확인해보세요.* 히어로즈 대회 개최 사이트에서 직접 대회를 개최해보세요.주간 무료 영웅* 메인 페이지에서 주간 무료 영웅 정보를 확인할 수 있습니다.알림 서비스* 히어로즈 오브 더 스톰의 주요 소식을 알림 페이지에서 확인보세요.앱 전용 이벤트* 여러 보상을 증정하는 특별 이벤트는 오직 히어로즈 오브 더 스톰 한국 공식 앱에서만 참여할 수 있습니다.블리자드 PC방* 내 주변에 있는 블리자드 PC방을 찾아보세요.* 블리자드 PC방에서는 전체 영웅 무료 이용, 경험치/골드 20% 추가 획득, 무료 탈것 등특별한혜택이가득합니다.스마트폰 배경화면* 히어로즈 오브 더 스톰의 멋진 영웅을 내 스마트폰에 담아보세요.사용 시 이동통신망 혹은 WI-Fi 연결이 필요합니다. 계정으로로그인할수있습니다 계정을 생성하려면Battle.net웹사이트(를방문하시기 바랍니다.지원 언어* 한국어 (Korean)©2017 Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved.모든권리는Blizzard Entertainment에 있습니다. 미국 및/또는 다른 국가에서 Heroes oftheStorm과Blizzard Entertainment는 Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.의상표또는등록상표입니다. 여기서 언급된 다른 모든 상표는 각 소유권자들의 자산입니다.Heroes of the Storm™Checkout more easily in the tournament and game information.Heroes Convention* Look at the official / community / PC informationConferenceroom,try applying participate.* Take a look at the competition in MY interest incompetitionandtournament participation information.* Check out the venue on the map.* Heroes competition, try to hold direct competition heldatthesite.Free weekly Heroes* You can view the free Weekly Hero information onthemainpage.Notification Services* Heroes Read more confirmation of the highlights of the stormontheNotifications page.App-only events* Special event presented several compensation canonlyparticipateonly in Heroes of the Storm Korea officialapp.Blizzard PC room* Find Blizzard PC room in my surroundings.* Blizzard PC in the room is full of special offers suchasfreeaccess to the entire hero, experience / gold added20percentobtained, free ride.Smartphone Wallpaper* Heroes of the Storm look more put great heroesinmysmartphone.WI-Fi or a mobile network connection when using. You cansigninto your account To createaBattle.netaccount, please visit thewebsite( languages* Korean (Korean)© 2017 Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. All rightsreserved.Allrights Blizzard Entertainment. The United States and /orothercountries Heroes of the Storm and BlizzardEntertainmentareBlizzard Entertainment, trademarks or registeredtrademarksofInc.. All other trademarks mentioned herein are thepropertyoftheir respective owners.
Blizzard AR Viewer 1.0.2
The Blizzard® Augmented Reality Viewer app brings select images inthe Diablo IIl®: Reaper of Souls™ Collector’s Edition art book tolife through the power of animation. Airtime or Wi-Fi connection isrequired for use.©2014 Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved. Reaperof Souls is a trademark, and Diablo and Blizzard Entertainment aretrademarks or registered trademarks of Blizzard Entertainment,Inc., in the U.S., and/or other countries.