Boniis Apps

Spin The Bottle XtrM 0.1
One of the best Spin the bottle apps.Gives you the same type of experience you would like when itcomesto spin the bottle, but with a little extra to spice thingsup.With this spin the bottle app, you will be on your toestheentire game.Features:• Up to 7 players• 8 different tasks• Most exciting spin the bottle game you will have• hug, kiss, french, massage and lick the ear is just some ofthetasks.
Happy Stick Run 1.2
Help the happy stickman to get as faraspossible. Jump and slide past objects. The further you gotheharder it gets.How to play: Touch right to get the stickman to jump, touchleftto get the stick man to slide.Features:- Endless running- Challenging game play- Speed increase the further you go- Share your score with friends- Help the stickman to get as far as possible- Line runner style game- Great sound- Fun and challenging runner game