Bread Cat Studios Apps

Star Empire: The Galactic Wars 1.0
Sit on your ship, grab the controls andprepareto take off. You better shoot down as many enemies as youcan if youwant to win this war against the Evil Martian Empire.Select the ship that better suits you. Prepare to facethefastest starship pilots, the biggest warships and the mostadvancedwar weapons of the entire Galaxy. Be sure to collect allbonusboxes to help you with classic improvements likeinvulnerability orbullet time. After this battle, you are going tobecome alegend!If you are a lover of fast smartphone games, sciencefictionmovies and old retro 8bits music, this is your game!
Fruits vs Sushi Go! 1.0.1
Fruits vs Sushi Go! HorizonTry to escape those Sushis who chase you. The horizon isthelimit.A long time ago, in a kingdom far far away, surly sushi held ahugegrudge against delicious danty fruits. It was such a biggrudgethat they decided to declare war on the throne and finishwith allfruits on the Smoothie Kingdom. But those charming perkyfruits hada different idea. It was time to prove they were not asdainty astheir maleficent attackers thought, so they started a rushrevelfight back.Now the streets are full of surly grumpy sushi who haveescapedtheir sushi bar. But Excalibur the bold brainy strawberry,Camelotthe hilarious playful pineapple and their perky juicefriends arefacing that regiment and showing them how though andsteady theyare! The horizon is the limit. Get on the HorizonChase!★ You control two charming fruits at the same time. Use themtofinish with the regiment of sushi.★ Smooth and accessible swipe/slide controls to move bothfruitsusing both your thumbs.★ Punch buttons to kick and punch the regiment of surlygrudgeholding sushi.★ Google Achievements so you can win delicious and tasty rewardsforplaying.★ Google Leaderboards so you can compete in a rush with yourfriendsand the rest of the World.★ Play as Excalibur the strawberry, Camelot the pineapple andtheirperky friends orange, peach and many more!★ Small size game! Only 10MB! It doesn't waste your Data, andyoucan start playing in seconds!Grumpy maleficent sushi have escaped their sushi bar andhavedeclared war on the throne of the Smoothie Kingdom. Theyheldgrudge against Excalibur the strawberry and his deliciousfruitdainty perky friends, so they are planning to finish them.Provethem wrong! Take part in the rush revel strike back and getthosesushis back to their sushi bar! Take control of yourfavoritedelicious charming fruits and start kicking that surlysushi out ofyour way!Chase the horizon while sushi chase you. Start the horizonchase!Start playing this revel game, get in the clu, grab yourjuice andtake control of Excalibur the strawberry, Camelot thepineapple andtheir charming delicious friends in their rush battleagainst theregiment of maleficent surly sushi. Stop the war againstthe throneand restore the peace in the Smoothie Kingdom.Fruits vs Sushi Go! Chase the horizon with Excalibur, Camelotandthe Smoothie Kingdom! / Created by Bread Cat Studios 2015
Minotaur Labyrinth 1.1
Minotaur LabyrinthLeave those maze games where you play as a ball on a wood maze.Nomore tilting your phone. Now you can play as the Minotaur!You’vebeen left in the center of the biggest and most complex mazeeverdesigned, hoping you’ll never escape. Prove them wrong!Now prepare to run! You need to find the Golden Skull hidden intheMaze, and escape as soon as you can!Featuring:50 different maze levels (labyrinths) that will test yourabilitieswith increasing level difficulty.Find the hidden Golden Skull and escape the maze in record timetoget 3 stars on each level.The most recent Flat Design meets the art style of Ancient Greecetodeliver this amazing adventure.High-Poly models, High-Resolution textures and advancedAntialiaseffects for a unique graphical experience in Full HD1080p.The most advanced resource management offers you an optimalgamingexperience on every device, and the fastest level loading.The endof endless loading screens.And the most important: In this maze game, you play as theMinotaur!(Now that's an action hero).Do you feel like you've already driven over all kinds ofasphalt,fight all past, present and future posible wars, crushedenoughcandy and shoot down all those green pigs? Let's trysomething new!Let's try the Maze!Minotaur Labyrinth / Created by Bread Cat Studios 2015
Stapp - Don't touch your phone 1.0.1
Stapp - Don't touch your phone!Tired of notifications everytime you try to study, read abook,watch a movie or go to a park? It's difficult to getdisconnected,right? Tired of your friends texting and takingpictures instead oftalking to you? Maybe there's a solution. Maybethere's an app thatlet's you compete to see who stays longerwithout touching thephone.With Offline and Online modes, Stapp is the best app forallthose who don't want to depend on their phones all the time.TryOffline mode to check how long you can stay without checkingyoursmartphone. App's gonna detect when you switch to checkyourmessages and you would have to start again.The same goes with Online mode. Create a Bluetooth host andconnectwith all your friends. Check who stays longer withoutchecking hisphone. The loser pays the tab!Compete with the whole world in offline and online modes.UnlockGoogle Play Achievements! Get to the top of GooglePlayLeaderboards!And best of all... Enjoy your life without using your phone!
Gus the Cactus 1.0.2
Gus the Cactus vs The Evil MutantPlants.Run to the hills! Run for your lives! The new runner gameishere!Help Gus the Cactus fight the Evil Mutant Plants jumping fromthebottom to the top, double jumping and running!Stick to the floor. Stick to the ceiling. Don't stop running!Onlythis way you will avoid those maleficent evil MutantPlants.With a new and intuitive way of playing. So easy to learn andreallyhard to master.Reach the highest score in the whole World and unlock sometrophieswhile you run to your destiny!Feeling like playing some 8 bits game like in the 80's? Try GustheCactus vs The Evil Mutant Plants and remember those times whenyouwere playing old school games on your sofa! With classic 8bitmusic and pure real 8 bit graphics (no rotating images ordifferentscaled graphics like in other games). Everything in hereis pureand authentic, just like a real 8 bits game.Try the latest runner game and run, run, run!