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Dog Days 1.1
The age old battle of cats vs. dogs takes ustoa near future where Agent Apollo's world is plagued by theevilC.A.T Corporation. Everywhere Apollo turns there are C.A.TCorpsoldiers armed and ready to neutralize anyone who does notconformto their sinister ways.Dog Days begins just as Apollo and the rest of the K9 Forceunitare taking shelter in their training facility. Apollo,equippedwith the latest suit K9 Force's engineers have created,will go outto confront the evil C.A.T. Corp minions. On thisadventure Apollowill journey around the world, to the deep depthsof the ocean, andthe far reaches of outer space to confront the CEOof C.A.T. Corp.Along the way enemies of every size and magnitudestand in hisway.Features:Free To Play!!Take control of Apollo through over a dozen levels as you dodgeandvanquish C.A.T. Corp enemies with your fearsome barksCustomize Apollo's abilities with 30+ different combinationsofarmor suits and barks from the K9 Force Armory Experiencemusicbuilt for every worldPlayable by everyone, children through adults