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Motocross 3D Stunt Simulator 1.1
Motocross 3D Stunt Simulator is a challengingmotorbike game in which you control your own motocross bike.Navigate your way across ten difficult levels and pull jumps andback flips and you pass objects in your path. Make sure you don'thit your head or fall off your motocross bike or the game will endand you will fail! The best motocross stunt simulator availableon-line!Features:Your very own unique Motocross Bike.Beautiful yet difficult levels.Great graphics.Movable objects to make levels more challenging.Extreme Motocross Stunts!
Formula Racing 2016 1
Formula Racing 2016 brings insane speeds andfast racing car challenges to your mobile device as you drive toensure that you are champion of the formula arena.Get your gear on, into your car and out onto the track and raceyour heart out at speeds close to 200 kmph, win first place andbecome the grand champion.Featuring:Insane speeds and well designed racing tracksA select of formula racing cars to drive1st and 3rd person camera modes to race how you wantNitro to close the distance and gain the edge.
RC Racing 1.0
RC Racing has all the speed and fast pacedaction of a real racing car but without all that dangerous driving.Don't be fooled though, the tracks are fast and your opponents arefurious. Race, crash and jump your way into first position andfinish in this place to progress to the next levels. As youprogress you will encounter more jumps and even faster racingenemies. Continue to overcome the obstacles and truly show thatwhen it comes to RC Racing, you have no equal.
Quad Bike Racing 2
Quad bike racing is the challenging but fundirt experience that pits you against the forces of nature and thecruelness of man.Race over the tracks and hit the checkpoints in the brutal offroad tracks and reach the finish line in as little time aspossible. Didn't like your time? Race again.With jumps that will blow your mind and stunts to make even themost seasoned daredevil sweat, you're sure to play nonstop on quadbike racing.Quad features:Your own ATV vehicle, sweet.Superb graphics deserving of your device.Regular updates, adding new features and levels.The insane quad bike racing experience.
Trial Racing 2015 2
Trial Racing 2015!Get on the seat of your very own trial bike and train to be asgood as the pros in this difficult trials game.Set in the mountains, you have to overcome all the obstacles inyour path and reach the end of the levels to progress, a game ofpure skill, you will soon realise that trial bike stars make itlook a lot easier than it is!Watch your head and try not to crash or you'll be sent to thestart of the level again until you become a trial bike master!
4x4 ATV Challenge 1.1
4x4 ATV challenge is an off-road ATV game inwhich you must drive your way over difficult terrain and reach theend of each level.Sounds easy doesn't it? Well it isn't. Each level presents youwith a new obstacles and challenges to overcome ranging from epicjumps to falling boulders, you must stay prepared to pass eachlevel with your 4x4 ATV intact!Set in a snowy environment, your limits will be challenged andyour skill tested.Use the buttons at the level side of the screen to tilt and theones at the right side to control gas.Features:The absolute best levels for an off-road gameChallenging game playUnbelievable graphicsIntuitive camera system, making the action feel realYour very own ATV!
Motocross Xtreme 1.0
This is Motocross Xtreme! A game of difficultyand skill!If you wish to be challenged then you have found the right bikegame right here. In Motocross Xtreme you must navigate your bike tothe end of each level without falling off it. Yes this sounds easyenough but it really isn't. The terrain is treacherous and you'llneed a large amount of motocross skill to reach then end, try ityourself and see!Features:A unique trial bike of your own!10 challenging levelsUnrivalled graphicsMotocross Xtreme Challenge!
Turbo Racing 3D 1.0
Turbo racing is an action fuelled drivingadventure that pits you against the greatest drivers ever to getbehind the wheel of a car.Hit the nitro and race your way through 5 different levels inthe busy streets of New York, drift around corners and slam yourfoot down to finish first in each race. If you don't place firstyou don't progress, so good luck and get racing!
Bike Trial Racing 1
Bike trials is a fast paced dirt bike gamebased in the oriental wonderland of China. Wearing your best ninjaoutfit you must extend your skills as a warrior in motocross style.Overcome obstacles in your way and perform stunts you neverthought were possible, pull back flips and control your bike instyle in this thrilling game.With excellent performance on mobile devices you'll wonder whyyou hadn't downloaded bike trials sooner.
GT Racing 2016 3
GT Racing 2016 is the latest in fast actionracing games, offering a realistic race experience not felt behindthe wheel of any other car.Race in 10 varied and beautiful cities located all around theworld and speed past land marks that will leave you in awe.A vehicle select system, nitro and unique amazing levels willkeep you coming back for more and racing until you drop. Placefirst position to pass to the next round and race to your heart'scontent.Features:Racing game physics that will blow you away.Nitro to cruise past your rival drivers.10 beautifully designed cities, including Paris and London.A truly realistic experience of racing.
Go Kart Racing 1.2
Go Kart Racing is a fast paced game set in themagical fantasy world of race tracks!Jump into your little Go Kart and knock all your opponents off theroad as you battle to place first and win the championship. Fallingbehind? Don't worry, the track is full of nitro to give you thatextra edge you need. Get racing now and don't look back!Features:5 Different environments, race in the desert, swamp, volcanoes andmore!Nitro!Challenging opponents.Time Trial Mode!Normal Go Kart Racing mode!
Star Pod Racing 3.0
Drop by the garage and choose your own podracing machine of speed and war as you take it for a spin againstsome of the most extreme racers in the galaxy!Cycle through different star systems and race on exotic ice,fire and sand planets. Avoid alien contraptions of war and raceyour fellow star pilots to the end of each track of faceannihilation. Be wary not to crash or it's back to the garage foryou and a sweet victory for your enemies.Features:8 Unique pod racing machinesFast tracks and obstacles to make it feel like you are in a racingwar!3 different star systems, including the land of lava, sand andice.Frequent updates, bringing new tracks, pod's and upgrades to thecommunity!Your pod will race and accelerate automatically, you havecontrol over the steering and breaks. Avoid colliding with anobject or you will explode and the race you are participating inwill come to an end, forcing you to start again. It's a toughpunishment but at speeds this high how can you expect to continueracing if you crash!
Motocross Racing 1.1
Motocross Racing is an exciting new gamefilled with daredevil stunts and difficult levels.Race your way through 10 varied and challenging levels, jumpover obstacles and race over jumps but whatever you do don't falloff or you have to start again!Set in the snowy wastelands, try not to fall off your bike!A game of skill and patience, it's guaranteed to keep you playingfor hours!Use the arrow buttons to tilt your bike and the brake to come toa stop if you are going to crash. Use accelerate to clear difficultjumps.Clean with good performance, for those looking for achallenge.
Offroad 4x4 Truck 1.0
Monster Truck Off Road is an infinite monstertruck game where you have to try and drive for as long as you can.If you slow down too much then the game is lost.Multiple obstacles and jumps help make the game challenging sothat there is always something trying to slow down your speed.Don't hit the edges of the track and stay away from mines if youwant to survive.The track is always different each time you play to give yousome variety. So try not to tip your vehicle and keep your monstertruck moving!
Dinosaur Sniper 1
Take a deep breath, line up the shot with yoursniper rifle and then shoot in Jurassic Hunt, the dinosaur shootinggame.Hired as the ranger for a park that breeds dinosaurs, it's your jobto respond to situations and faults that occur all across the park.Situations vary from T-Rex escaping their pens to raptors attackingother dinosaurs.Take with you your sniper gun and tranquilize the dinosaurs thatare causing trouble and prevent the coming of a second Jurassic eraonto the world.Take extra care to fulfill the parameters of any sniper mission tothe letter, these dinosaurs are not cheap!
Snow Road Truckers 3D 1.0
Snow Road Truckers is a great truck racinggame set in ice filled lands.Get behind the wheel of your pirate truck and race your way tothe finish line of each level, score first to progress to the nextrace.Enemy truck racers will try to ram you off the ice roads andtake the lead, do not let them! Use your skill and racing prowessto advance to the first position and become the ultimate ice truckracing master!Features:Amazing graphicsFreezing weather effectsYour very own Truck6 Difficult tracks.
Micro Bike 3D 1.0
Micro Bike 3D fits into the genre of trialbike games but unlike those games you command a micro version of atrial bike. Set in an office you must navigate your Micro Bike overbooks, computers and projectors in order to reach the end of eachlevel. Filled with poster of office humour you will not only feedthe challenge of a motorbike game but the humour also.Features:Hilarious posters, each level has its own Easter egg.Challenging levelsGreat 3D graphicsFantastic Micro Bike Physics
Winter Sports Racing 1.0
Winter sports racing is a first person racinggame set in the snowy landscapes of winter.To pass each level you have to race past each opponent and placefirst if you manage to do that then you unlock the next level andprogress.The game features:1st and 3rd person camera angles, although 1st person isrecommended.Realistic blizzard weatherGreat performance5 Realistic race tracks
Dirt Rally Racing 1.0
Dirt Rally Racing is an exciting driving gamewhich you control a rally car and try to finish first in each race.Set off road you have to complete three laps of the course andfinish in first position to pass onto the next level.Each race increases the difficulty of the game, helping improveyour skill as a rally driver.Place first for each race to win the game and change cameraangles to switch it up and really give the race some variety!
Hummer 4x4 Parking 3D 2
Hummer parking is a 3D car game set in averycartoon like village.The objective of the game is to control your hummer as you trytoget by objects in the city and park it in the correct spottocontinue to the next level. It seems easy enough but theobjectsare varied and the size of the vehicle makes parkingdifficult atthe best of times.A parking game that is sure to keep you challengedandentertained, with beautiful graphics and a small learning curve,wehope you enjoy hummer 4x4 parking!
Winter Off-road Survival 1.0
The Simulation truck driving gamewinteroff-road survival is all about riding through the roughharshwinter terrain and showing that you can control the power ofthetruck.Based in a very icy environment, the objective is to collectfueland travel for as long as you can before you run out andsuccumb towinter's embrace.Physics so real you'll question if it is a truck simulation orifyou are truly behind the wheel yourself. Switch camera anglesfor aless intense experience and choose your truck's paint jobbefore youtake to the road and begin the simulation.
RC Flight Simulator 1.0
RC Flight simulator is a fun take onyouraverage flight simulator games by putting you in control ofaremote control plane.Take off from different desks around the office and fly yourwaythrough difficult objects such as chairs, tablesandcubicles!Challenging but difficult, it really puts a unique spin onthesimulation genre and allows you to fly in a less serious waybutwith way more fun.So grab your RC and prepare to procrastinate as you take totheoffice sky and fly your plane the way it was meant to be flowninfull 3D simulation.
Truck Hill Climbing 1.0
Knock it down a gear and prepare to climbsomehills in this epic Truck driving game.Drive up and down hills and try to avoid falling off the clifftoyour fiery doom by tilting your phone left or right andcontrollingyour speed. Be wary though as the mountain side road isa dangerousplace and your truck is a big vehicle. Watch out foravalanches andfalling objects that wish to destroy your truck orpush you off themountain. Hill climbing is a whole lot of fun whenit's done frombehind the feel of a truck!
Off-road Desert Driving 1.0
Off-road Desert Driving is a simulationgamethat allows you to control and drive your own truck around abumpydesert environment.Start up, choose your paint job and get behind the wheelbecausethe simulation is bumpy and is guaranteed to be a game thatkeepsyou coming back to play more.Drive around the off-road environment and collect fuel to keepondriving. If you run out then it's time to start again and showyoucan reach the max distance.Featuring Amazing off-road physics and fun, it's definitelyasimulation game you don't want to miss!
Moto Racer 2016 1
Moto Racer 2016 lets you ride your motorbikeatinsanely high speeds on a packed highway! Dodge the trafficandcollect cash rewards along the way. Ride close to other driverstoearn bonus cash rewards which you can then use to eitherupgradeyour motorbike or buy one with better statistics.You'll have 2 modes to choose from in this Motorbiketrafficracer game. Choose either One-way, which is the easier mode.Or,choose Two-Way. In Two-Way mode you'll have both lanes oftrafficto ride on. Whether you choose to ride your motorbike onthecorrect side you will still earn cash rewards, but on thewrongside with the traffic oncoming driving towards you, you willearn alot more cash for this. Drive your motorbike as close as youcan toother vehicles to earn even more cash!FEATURES-5 Motorbikes to ride on-Stunning 3D vehicles and highway.-2 game modes (Choose from Endless One Way Racing orTwo-WayDriving)-Plenty of traffic to get up close and personal with.-The Quicker you dare to ride your motorbike the more pointsyouwill earn.-Ride dangerously close to other traffic to earn bonus cash.-Customize & Upgrade your Motorbike however you like.GAMEPLAY-Touch OR Tilt controls available to steer your car.-Touch gas pedal to accelerate (Bottom Right of Screen).-Touch brake pedal to brake (Bottom Left of Screen).
Moto Racing 1
Moto racing is a traffic dodge game whereyouget to choose your own motorbike to weave between traffic onthebusy motorway.Select either a superbike, dirtbike or chopper and rev your biketogain bonus score. Get more money by driving on the wrong sideofthe road but be careful, that's dangerous!Save enough money to upgrade your moto and get more controloverthe road. Be careful not to crash and avoid the police chasesthathappen regularly! Goodluck and enjoy the great moto racing!
Cartoon Traffic Racing 1
Cartoon Traffic Racing is a leader amongtheendless racing simulator game scene. Get behind the wheel ofyourcar and drive up the highway avoiding all traffic atallcosts.Collect cash pickups while traffic dodging at extremespeeds,driving as greater distance as you can. Earn higher cashrewardsthe further you dodge past the traffic.FEATURES-5 Cars to race through the traffic.-Stunning 3D Environments.-2 game modes (Choose from Endless Racing or Two-Way Driving)-Plenty of traffic to avoid (Includes trucks, taxis, sportscars& many many more...)-The Quicker your speed, the more cash you will earn.-Drive as close as you can whilst over-taking or intooncomingtraffic to earn bonus cash.-Customize & Upgrade your vehicle your own way!GAME PLAY-Touch OR Tilt controls available to steer your car.-Touch gas pedal to accelerate (Bottom Right of Screen).-Touch brake pedal to brake (Bottom Left of Screen).
Mini Golf Midnight 1
Mini Golf Midnight takes golf games to awholenew level of fun. With 30 levels of challenging mini golfcoursesto battle through, you'll be hooked from the start. Can youbecomethe next mini golf star by putting under par on every hole inthisnew mini golf game?Challenge yourself, pass your device to a friend, challengethemto beat your score!FEATURES-30 Stunning 3D mini golf holes.-Challenging Obstacles to pass!-Smooth Gameplay-Realistic physics will make you feel like you've got thegolfputter in your hand and you're playing it for real!-Completely Free Mini Golf Game.HOW TO PLAY-Drag your finger across the screen to aim the golf ball inthedirection you wish to shoot. Use the power bar to decide ontheperfect power you'd like to hit the ball.
Street Traffic Racer 1
A Traffic Racer game with plenty ofhighperformance street and rally cars.Choose your vehicle and start driving, dodge traffic on the roadandwatch out for accidents and roadworks such as oil spills, manholesand high speed police pursuits.Save up money earned on the road and enhance your car tohavegreater speed, handling and breaks. See how far you can travelonthe open road before you crash and beat your score!Get traffic racing!
Traffic Racing 1
Traffic Racing is a top free traffic racinggame available on the playstore. Race your car among the traffic inthis game to score as many points as possible to begin your cashpile.You will be awarded extra points for close encounters & bydriving on the wrong side of the road into the oncoming traffic. Ifa lane on the road appears to be highlighted blue, avoid that laneat all costs as that lane needs to be free for an emergencyservices vehicle.Once you've earned enough cash you'll be able to use that hardearned money to upgrade your current vehicle's speed, braking &handling. Otherwise, head down to the car garage and purchaseyourself a new set of traffic race wheels.Race any of your purchased vehicles on either side of the road!It’s all your own choice. While you’re racing, aim for near misses,the bonus cash pickups and avoid the police!How far can you race in this traffic racing game? With a choiceof 5 cars to race with, how daring will your traffic racing skillsbe.
Extreme Traffic Racer 1
Extreme Traffic Racer is a free cartrafficsimulator game. Drive your car on the packed highway anddodge anycar drives on either side of the road.With realistic car simulation physics you will experience themostrealistic car game available on your device. Drive closetooncoming traffic to earn some extreme extra cash topurchaseyourself an epic new vehicle, or to upgrade your currentvehicle.FEATURES-5 Cars to choose from-2 game modes to avoid traffic (Choose from Endless RacingorTwo-Way Driving)-Plenty of traffic to avoid (Includes Super Cars, Busses,HeavyGoods Vehicles & many many more...)-The Quicker you drive, the more cash you will earn at the endofeach round.-Drive as close as you can whilst over-taking or intooncomingtraffic to earn bonus cash.-Customize & Upgrade your vehicle your own way!-Extreme & realistic traffic simulation.GAME PLAY-Touch OR Tilt controls available to steer your car.-Touch gas pedal to accelerate (Bottom Right of Screen).-Touch brake pedal to brake (Bottom Left of Screen).
Police Crazy 3D 2016 1.0
High speed chases and catching bad guys,that'sall part of the job of a cop. Experience it yourself inpolice crazy3D, a fast paced high speed pursuit game that has youchasing downcriminals in fast cars and arresting them!From behind the wheel of your cop car you'll be chasingdownsuspects, staking out suspected deals and deactivatingexplosivedevices, be fast and be the first officer on thescene.10 unique levels and missions will have you racing tointerceptcriminals and get them off, try not to damage your cop carandenjoy the crazy 3D police experience!Features:10 unique levelsA variety of police vehicles to drive, be a state trooper or acitycop!High speed pursuits
Drift Derby 1.0
Derby games are awesome. Crashes areawesome.Drifting is awesome. So why not combine all three?This is Drift Derby, choose your car and drift your wayintoother cars, causing as much damage as you can to try and takethemout of the competition. Slam, drift and collide then watch astheircars fall to pieces and you reign supreme of king of thearena.Avoid the explosive barrels so you take less damage anddon'ttouch the way, you're driving a car not a boat!Finish in first and collect fuel to unlock more rides andbringgreater carnage to the drift arena!Features:A selection of high performance cars made for destruction.Sweet drifting physics, just get some speed then turn!Awesome explosionsDestructible cars, really see the damage and feel it!Drifting!
Crazy Racers 1.0
Welcome to the Crazy Racers, a competitionsowacky you'll be both entertained and confused!Select your car to race with and choose one of the three gamemodes,race, time trial or task mode. After that the only rule isthat youfinish first!There are traps everywhere, power ups to give you an edge andblowyour opponents of the tracks, even barrier to slowopponentsdown.The rules are loose, sometimes you'll be first the last in thespaceof a second. Use the map to your advantage and save yournitro forwhen you really need it. Crazy Racers is confusion andonly the mostadept racers will excel.Race!
Monster Truck Destruction 2
In Monster Truck destruction you get todriveone of the most destructive machines ever built! Forgetyourordinary truck and your little racing cars, get behind thewheel ofa real vehicle! Real power and real destruction beneathyou.Perform some insane jumps and flips but watch the gas! Thatstuffisn't cheap. If you find yourself in a jam you can burn somegas tojump your monster truck but be warned, fuel is limited.Race to the finish line and look stylish whilst doing it!GoMonster Trucks!
Mr Moonshine 1.0
The folk down the farm are thirsty for adrink,a drink only Mr. Moonshine can deliver in his trusty pickuptruck!Load up your truck with crates of moonshine and deliver themtovarious locations around the farmlands for our good patronsbutdrive careful and watch out for Johnny Law! It ain't exactlyanabove ground operation if you know what we mean.Drive careful so you don't lose your cargo, if all six barrelsofmoonshine fall out of your truck then you won't want to beshowingup to the delivery spots empty handed. The location todrive toappears on your mini-map so there are no excuses forgetting lost.Now get trucking and deliver the good stuff!
Kart Racing 3D 1
Kart Racing is a fast paced racing game setina fantasy environment, enjoy ramming other drivers off the roadandinto the trees as you cruise on by in first place!Use your nitro to race your way into first position and besureto stay there if you want to win and progress to the othertracks.Race in castles, forests and sky track!Customize your Kart and prepare to go when those lightsturngreen or be left behind in the dust of your opponents!Features:Vehicle select, race your own way with your own style!6 unique and beautiful tracks, with new ones added allthetime.Amazing racing game physics.
V8 Racing 2015 1.0
V8 Racing!Get behind the wheel of that powerful V8 Muscle car andprepareto never experience racing games the same way again.Fantasticlevels and nitro power ups make the racing experienceaction filledand adrenaline packed.Try first person mode to put yourself right where the racingishappening and run the opponent muscle cars off the road!Nitro to close the gap between the competition and enjoyracingin locations such as London, Holland, Spain and more!
BaseJumper 1.2
Base Jumper will ensure you become askydivingsimulator legend. Skydive off the top of buildings andavoid theobstacles on the way down!Fly through the rings in Base Jumper while skydiving to earnextrapoints per level. You'll be witnessing extreme and scaryconditionsas you dive down to the ground with only your parachuteto saveyou.Once you're near the ground you will have to manually deployyourparachute or you'll crash into the ground and it'll be gameoverfor you. Control your speed, which direction you're going,avoidobstacles, collect rings, go insane speeds in thisextremeskydiving flying simulator game.SKYDIVING FEATURES• Realistic Gameplay! Feel like you're actually skydiving!• 20 Levels of fun• Fly like an airplane or a drone.• Manual parachute deployment
Pickup Offroad Adventure 1.0
Offroad games just took a giant driveforwardwith pickup offroad adventure, the 4x4 simulator than takesyouinto the wild and behind the wheel of your own truck for thekindof thrill only this game can offer.Drive your way around the track and experience theunrealsimulation physics, you'll feel like you are really there.Pulljumps and pick up fuel to keep your adventure going, chooseyourpaint job and hit the gas!Unbelievable physics - Feel like you are really driving apickuptruck with the 1st person mode and moving hands.Fantastic and realistic terrain, experience the bumps and skidsyoucan only feel when driving offroad.Tilt or wheel controls let you drive your way and experiencetheoffroad simulation how you want to.
Boat Racing 1
Forget your standard traffic racer game,boatracing gives traffic racing a whole new look! Race your speedboatup this organised 2 way congested boat racing river to scoreasmany points as you can.Driving your speed boat, race past other boats and gainpointsbased on how fast you are racing your boat. If you’re braveenoughwhy not cut onto the oncoming boats sailing in theoppositedirection. You will be award extra points for sailing closetoother boats and racing on the wrong side. Pick up the cash pickupswhile dodging the traffic for extra bonus cash andquickerupgrades.Your points in this speed boat game will award you with cashsoyou can either upgrade your speed, braking and your handling.Youcan also use your cash to purchase yourself a brand new boattosatisfy your boat racing thrills. Take the traffic racer in youtothe waters in this boat racing game. How far can you racethroughthe traffic of boats and ships, will you become a sailingtrafficracing game master!
Bunny Run: Easter Adventures 2
Help Lucky bunny collect as many eggs aspossible in this fun and addictive bunny running game. Watch outfor the cute, yet deadly chickens that are furious that Lucky bunnyis stealing their eggs! Run from the chickens as you collect theeggs by using any or all possible routes.Bunny run will have you glued to your screen with so many ways togo. Imagine a runner game where you can go in so many directions!Bunny run has that feature! Run left, run right, jump up or falldown. With so many platforms and eggs to collect, will you evermake it to the end alive? Or will the chickens stop you fromgetting to safety with their eggs?With so many different directions to go and so many portals to gothrough and trampolines to use to escape from the angry chickens inbunny run, you'd be silly not to enjoy this adventure runninggame.Bunnies don't only collect eggs at Easter, all year around they arerunning for eggs, running from chickens. Help this bunny get hisfill of food in this one of a kind bunny run adventure runninggame!
Monster Truck Challenge 1
Are you read for the Monster Truck Challenge?Get behind the wheel of your very own monster truck andnavigateyour way through the difficult yet action packed wintercoursechallenge that waits ahead. Be given a different monstertruckevery time you play and see how far you can travel before yourunout of fuel.The Off Road changes every time you play, so you are alwaysgivena new track to play with new obstacles to overcome, restartthe gamefor your favorite 4x4 monster truck and then begin.Features:★ 5 Different 4x4 Monster Trucks.★ Randomly generated Off Road Tracks.★ Stunningly HQ graphics.★ Extremely fun game play.★ Non stop 4x4 Off Road Challenge
Mini Golf Winter 1
Mini Golf Winter will give you all thechillsand thrills that you require from any mobile golf game. Thisgamewill have you thawing at the chance to become the best minigolfgame player around the world.Play skillful and cool shots by using the easy to usecontrolsbuilt into this game. Experience this legendary mini golfgame byshowing us all how good you are.FEATURES-20 Stunning 3D mini golf holes.-Challenging Obstacles Set Out In Your Path!-Smooth & Unique Ball Control-Realistic physics!-Completely Free Mini Golf Game.HOW TO PLAY-Drag your finger across the screen to aim the golf ball inthedirection you wish to shoot. Use the power bar to decide ontheperfect power you'd like to hit the ball.
Monster Truck Mayhem 1
Monster trucks, destruction and mayhem!Getready to run down vehicles and pull some amazing stunts in themostinsane monster truck game available this year!Rev up that powerful engine and drive over all the obstaclesinyour way and reach the end of each level before your fuel runsout,if anything gets in the way of your 4 wheeled destructionmachinethen simply run it over! You have a monster truck, go crazyandcause some mayhem!
Jurassic Sniper 1.3
In the world of Jurassic sniper, the dinosaurshave all broken free from their confinements and are roaming aroundthe island without any supervision!It is up to you to take your sniper rifle and tranquillize thedifferent species of Jurassic dinosaurs and return them to theirenclosures. The world will not be a safe place if you are notsuccessful, so aim true and use your scope wisely. The sniper rifleis your only ally and you may not make it back alive ifhesitate.Features:An amazingly detailed prehistoric worldJurassic dinosaurs in 4 varieties to huntBeautiful game play and physicsYour own sniper rifle
ATV Quad Racing 1
ATV Quad is a difficult but fun game inwhichyou have to drive your all terrain quad over the mountainsandthrough the highlands!Reach the end of every level and overcome the obstacles in ordertounlock more exciting levels.The steering is difficult and the quad is fast, so pay attentionandbe ready to have your reactions testing. Finish all 10 levelsto beking of the ATV.Beautiful scenery and great physics make this a truly greatandunique ATV game.
Sports Car Racing 1.0
Sports cars are expensive, it's the dreamofmany to race one. Now you finally can from the comfort of yourownphone!Get behind the wheel of your own sports car and go head toheadagainst competitive opponents that want nothing more than torunyou off the road and claim racing victory for themselves.Five levels of pure action and first person mode put you rightatthe front of the race and at the head of the action. So buckleupand get racing!
Speed Racing 3D 1.0
This is Speed Racing 3D, the nitro filledracing game that sits you behind the wheel of your own speedy racemachine!Get on the track and race against 3 other opponents in 4 iconicglobal locations, including London, UK and Paris, France. Eachlocation is varied and graphically beautiful with top performancefor your device. To progress to another level you must place firstin your chosen race.Features:Beautiful and diverse race tracks in Britain, France, Greece andIceland.Nitro for that extra racing boost.First and third person cameras to bring you closer to theroad.A diverse and fast Racing car!
Cargo Delivery Simulator 3D 1.0
Get into your truck and prepare for somebumpyroads! This Is Cargo Delivery Simulator 3D and you've got ajob todo!You can be transporting oil, milk, cars or fine art. Don'taskwhat the cargo is and there will be no problem. Drive smoothlytoyour delivery destination and park the car well within thetimelimit or you will not be paid for the order and will failthelevel.If you fail to drive your truck smoothly you will lose cargo,ifthis happens the level will be failed and the simulation oversodrive with speed and care!Features:10 epic levels with different cargo.4 Different delivery trucks.