Bryn Mawr Communications Apps

Advanced Ocular Care 4.1
Advanced Ocular Care provides generalophthalmic education on a variety of topics, particularly focusedon the integrated management of patients and surgical follow-upcare.
MillennialEYE is an all digital, app-basedpublication and online community targeting the future leaders inophthalmology.
Practical Dermatology 8.1
Read in-depth, practical coverage of clinical,cosmetic, and practice management from Practical Dermatology.Access full issue contents, and special interactive features tohelp you manage your patients and your practice more effectively.Content is developed with and for dermatologists to ensure thehighest quality and relevance.
Ocular Therapeutics Guide 4.0.11
Stay up to date on and learn the latestadvances in the medical science behind the effective use oftherapeutic agents for the treatment of ocular conditions. Includedin this comprehensive guide are principles for the management ofdry eye, ocular allergy, perioperative patients, ocular infections,glaucoma, and diseases of the posterior segment.
Cardiac Interventions Today 3.1
Cardiac Interventions Today is the premierpublication for all specialists engaged in interventionalcardiology. Published 6 times a year, each issue of CardiacInterventions Today features timely articles on new techniques,clinical trial results, case studies, and advances in technologyfor endovascular practitioners.
NewDerm MD 1.0.1
Learn what you didn’t learn in medical schooland acquire the skills to establish a thriving practice. NewDermMDis a unique publication dedicated to professional development andpractice management issues impacting dermatology residents anddermatologists new to practice.
Endovascular Today 7.1
Endovascular Today is the premier publicationfor all specialists engaged in endovascular therapies. Published 12times a year, each issue of Endovascular Today features timelyarticles on new techniques, clinical trial results, case studies,and advances in technology for endovascular practitioners.
Endovascular Today Europe 5.1
Endovascular Today Europe is the premierpublication in the field of peripheral vascular intervention.Published 6 times a year, each issue of Endovascular Today Europefeatures expert vascular specialists providing insights on newtechniques, clinical trial results, case studies, and advances intechnology for endovascular practitioners.
Modern Aesthetics
Modern Aesthetics is the source for expertadvice on patient retention and practice development for physiciansspecializing in minimally-invasive cosmetic services andprocedures. With content by and for clinicians, each edition offersunique perspective and insight regarding the latest developments inaesthetics—from skin care to advanced office-based procedures—andstrategies for clinicians to successfully incorporate them intopractice. New content is posted every other month to supportPlastic Surgeons, Facial Plastic Surgeons, Oculoplastic Surgeons,and Dermatologists in their aesthetic practices. Coverage includesmarketing, management, staff development, product sales,promotions, and optimized techniques for ensuring high-levelservice, patient satisfaction, and superior outcomes. Integratedmulti-media content enhances the value and benefit of theinformation presented.
Retina Today 9.2
Retina Today is a publication that deliversthe latest research and clinical developments from areas such asmedical, retina, retinal surgery, vitreous, diabetes, retinalimaging, pediatric retina, posterior segment oncology, and oculartrauma. Each issue provides insight from well-respected specialistson cutting-edge therapies and surgical techniques that arecurrently in use and on the horizon.
optomap® UWF™ retinal imaging 10.1
What is ultra-widefield imaging? Find out moreabout optomap through a series of interactive activities. Sponsoredby Optos.
CRST Euro 7.1
Cataract & Refractive Surgery Today Europeis not only concerned with what’s now but also what’s next. Ourreaders, more so than other subspecialists, are looking for thelatest in product releases and technological developments, both inEurope and other parts of the world. Surgeons investing in atechnology want to know what it’s long-term benefits will be, so welook beyond clinical approvals into potential futureapplications.
Cataract & Refractive Surgery 8.1
Cataract & Refractive Surgery Today is notonly concerned with what’s now but also what’s next. Our readers,more so than other subspecialists, are looking for the latest inproduct releases and technological developments, both in the UnitedStates and Internationally. Surgeons investing in a technology wantto know what it’s long-term benefits will be, so we look beyondclinical approvals into potential future applications.
New Retina MD 8.1
New Retina MD is a publication that deliversthe latest information on clinical and non-clinical issues that arepertinent to retina specialists in their first 5 to 15 years ofpractice. Areas of focus include surgical pearls, clinical researchendeavors, practice management, medical reimbursement and policy,continuing educational requirements, and financial planning. Eachissue provides insight from well-respected voices in appropriatefields of expertise and is designed to fit the needs of physiciansin the earlier stages of their careers.