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Magnus Chess Clock 2.3
A chess clock so pure and simple thatevenJonathan Ive could love it.Magnus Chess Clock is as easy to use as a touch of yourfinger.Tap anywhere to switch turns, while its great design keepstrack ofwho's clock is ticking. In all, it allows for your fulldedicationto the game.Handmade in Norway, this chess timer gives you the edge youneedto win that blitz game against the next chess champion.The chess clock includes the following features:* Minimalist design.* Tap anywhere to switch turns.* FIDE official time controls.* Design keeps track of who's clock is ticking.* Create your own time controls (normal, fischer, bronstein).* Immersive mode on newest Androids.The chess clocks name is a tribute to the world chesschampionMagnus Carlsen.
Crypt 1.0
Are you afraid of Facebook and the NSAsnoopingyour messages over an unsecure channel such as Facebookchat, sms,or Hangouts? Manually encrypt your messages with Crypt,and even ifthe NSA intercepts your message via their convenientbackdoor intoFacebook, they will not be able to read its contents.Easily encrypt text with 256-bit AES. Share the password usedforencrypting with your friends through a secure channel, and usethepassword to decrypt the messages again.
Sykler 1.0
Fast and lightweight app to checkwhichcity-bike stations are available near you, and the number offreebikes available at each. There is only support forTrondheim,Norway at the moment