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Hack Ex - Simulator 1.2
Become the ultimate hacker under youraliasinthis hacking game simulation. Hack other players'virtualdevicesand defend yours to build a reputation in the hackingworld.Crackplayers' virtual bank accounts, upload viruses togeneratemoney,manipulate their logs and more. And remember to clearyourdigitalfootprint... that’s what being the ultimate hacker isabout,afterall.☠ This is not real hacking. It's only a game.Features:☒ Quick to learn. No real hacking knowledge required.☒ Upgrade your virtual device to improve processing speed.☒ Upgrade your utility apps to better your defenses andattackwithmore success.☒ Hack into players’ virtual bank accounts and transfertheirfundsto your account.☒ Upload viruses on other players’ devices to earn you moneyandspyon their activity.☒ Hide your activity from your in-game logsormanipulateothers.☒ Add your friends to your in-game Contacts and transferfundstothem.Note: This game requires an internet connection.Parentsshouldcaution user-generated content in the game.