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Polygon Dodger 2.2.5
Polygon Dodger--------------Fly a cube through a 3D field of polygons. Your task is tododgethem for as long as you can. If you hit one, it's gameover.Inspired by similar dodging games, this one adds another axisofmovement, creating a uniquely challenging style ofgameplay.With 3 different difficulty settings and 4 different gamemodes,Polygon Dodger provides an addicting blend of challengeandfun.--------------Features:-Challenging gameplay-Tutorial to get you started-Classic Mode: constant speed, with polygon formations andhomingpolygons-Multicolor Mode: multiple colored polygons moving atdifferentspeeds-Levels Mode: increasing levels of difficulty-Tunnel Run Mode: fly through a treacherous tunnel ofpolygons-Online Leaderboards, high scores, and achievements usingGooglePlay-Accelerometer and joystick control with inverted option-Upbeat soundtrack
4Swipe 1.0.1
As you can probably figure out from thename,this is a game about swiping. In Rush mode, swipe in thedirectionof the arrow as quickly as you can, aiming to score asmany pointsas possible without making a wrong move. In Memory mode,you areshown a sequence of swipes and you have to repeat thesequence inthe correct order.With multiple game modes and challenging gameplay, thisgameprovides a fun and addicting experience.